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    Sorry, I figured our talks on discord have figured this one out. In case one of these ends up being related to the NDA, I avoid talking about it across the board. I will give you a blanket statement that I am watching all that you post, and investigate the problems you find myself, or send to QA, whichever is more convenient. It is really hard for me to be any less vague because of the nature of the NDA, and continued and unique statements will eventually run me into a corner that is simply not something I can escape from without sounding weird. You'll have the guarantee that I investigate your bug reports though. We can chat after the NDA is lifted as to what the conclusions of your bug reports are/were
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    Yes, I'm still playing it. No, I've stopped testing it thoroughly more than a year ago. It's just when I find a bug or remember if I didn't report back then - I do it. Though yes, I'm a little disappointed why there are no more "we'll send it to QA team" replies, as it has IMO no connections to NDA stuff. Bugs are still there because it's almost 1.5 years old version of the game. And me being a little perfectionist somewhere deep inside will never stop reporting them. Mail.ru is not a Chinese company. Only ~15% of its stock belongs to 2 chinese companies. Voting part is much smaller. Company is controlled from Russia. I play WW3 because current version it's to my liking, the moment I will be disappointed - I will leave. I don't care about other ppl playing it and never will lure ppl into playing it. Much higher chances has the situation where I say "get lost and never appear here again".
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