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    As the Title says I would like to hear some news ,and I guess a lot of others too, WE the players would like to hear anything from the Devs of Farm51 or maybe from MY.GAMES!!! Please no old copy/paste news... give players who still have confidence in your product and still play it some news for god sake...they deserve it! Just something like "Yes we are working on movement also performance and the engine...here is some teezer footage....!!! Something like that.
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    I'm 400 hours wasted into the main game, I don't even know how many into the test server, drafted onto their failed community based bug finding team (you don't want to know what we've found wrong with the game that they haven't fixed, and the stuff we did find wrong, we were told wasted their time because they had to go fix it instead of working on other things) and many months passed the deadline we were promised. They told us the game was fully funded before release - then they partner with the European EA games for money. My hopes are cast far from WW3 and F51 I get more excitement eating breakfast than I get from this dead game. "We are watching WW3 transform from a genuinely passionate indie game project into a corporate-run product" DoctorBatman, who I've played with and have known since day one of the early access, sums this up well WW3 is no longer the passion project I believed in. It's what happens when people sell out.
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    tynblpb did say the most important things already but let me add a thing or two: I don't know about anyone else of course but I am not asking for any date at all. No really, if you need more time and the game will only be published in October 2021 that's absolutely fine for me ... as long as there is some proper communication and contact to the community. When the Weekly Reports where cancelled in early February it was announced that dev logs are going to replace them and since then we have gotten - brace yourself - one! And that did not really incorporate anything new about the game itself. I understand that the pandemic also has a huge impact on your work as game developers and in some post I asked for the impact on your work if I recall correctly. But until today it was not confirmed by the team if and how the work is affected by COVID-19. Why not? And as much I understand that the work suffers from the situation I can't help but think that if the developing process is slowed down this should give more time to write something about the progress or a proper dev log and if that is not the case AT LEAST the team could have lost a word on why we are not getting a new dev log. To directly respond to your question @weedtime - what kind of answers did I expect? Some hints can be found in a post I wrote in early April: But let me quickly sketch out a couple of things we could have gotten information on: - After the preview of the new animation system some requested to get another preview showing the new animation system as a viewer rather than from 1st person perspective. - A solution to the headglitching problem was promised to be high on the prioriy list (or even found already). Writing something about the technical solution would be interesting for some I guess. - A rework of the spatial audio system was promised and again some notes on what is reworked exactly would have been welcome for sure. - A rework of the weapon balance on a macro level was announced which instantly begs the question: What is your idea for said new macro level? What role do you have in mind for which weapon class? - You could give some insight on the remaining work to do and in what order it is approached and why - just to give the community an idea on what you are working on at the moment. This list could easily be extended. In my opinion each of this topics would be fit for a dev log but we have gotten none and the team has fallen almost completely silent. So again, I am not asking for any date. I am not even demanding anything but I am asking for some minimal communication. Why? Because as tynblpb pointed out that is what the team promised. It was said that the game is to be finished in corporation with the community but that is simply impossible if there is no communication at all and because it was your promise it feels disrespectful. (Especially since there are community managers by now.) @weedtime let me add this even if it earns me a warning: I understand that reading this thread can be frustrating but it mostly shows valid complaints. The fact that you are not responding to any of them but instead argue with "solid dates" nobody asked for implies to me that you either: 1. did not really read them, 2. did not really understand them or, 3. just did not really care about them. 4. I may not know the answer for those? /weedtime 5. Then you could have said that instead of arguing with something nobody of us asked for /HeiligeRobbe And that perfectly proves my complaint of disrespectful treatment of the community right so thanks for that.
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    Initially I was thinking about creating this theme after the new patch(whatever it will be) will hit the PTE/Live and seeing are there any of my previous suggestions implemented or not. But I ran out of patience much faster then I expected. So, I'll create this theme with my demands and let it hang here to be able to check it later. Why I'm creating it? IMO some of my suggestions should not be voted, but implemented(I'm arrogant, yes). Simply because I think ppl do not understand how much some features affect balance/gameplay/QoL. Don't know, mb some things are fixed/reworked already, but having nobody to ask, here are my DEMANDS. Icon visibility. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11228-feature-few-additions-to-current-worldmarkers-part-of-settings/ Ppl here and there complain about "clunkiness" of HUD when playing WW3. Solution is to give as ability to disable/change sizes of CP/Soldiers/vehicles icons separately. Ppl do not want to up-vote this theme, so I demand this to be added. As example under the spoiler are screenshots of how WW3 screen looks like when u trying to attack B1 Warsaw WZ from A1. Last pic shows how it looks like when CP icons are disabled. Fow me CP icons in the left upper corner is enough. Gunplay. The more I play after writing my thoughts in this theme https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11625-gunplay-my-thoughts-1-year-later/ the more I want to see the idea of adding armor properties to arms to be implemented. Because now steel armor being the more restrictive gives u NO(?) bonuses. Don't know will it change after attachment/ADS rebalancing but currently being in the heavy tier gives u only disadvantages without buffing ur survivability. Reduced movespeed, weapon equip(?) time, higher dmg when falling off the height, much longer time to stand up after jumping from the height. And all this for increased protection of only half of ur front torso projection when at best only 1 out of 5 bullets hits it. Expanding customization of voiceovers in game. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11561-feature-expand-enemyallied-voiceovers-in-game/ Currently u r limited to 2 nation voiceovers in game + 1 for commander messages. IF we believe Roadmap there will be Chinese/Japan voiceovers too. I demand the ability to create "multi-national voiceover alliances" in game. I want to create some exotic [Russian + Polish + Chinese] vs [American+British English + German + French] voiceovers. The situation when game is having 5+ voiceovers and in the same is limiting u to only 2 active is genuinely wrong IMO. Deployment screen management. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11775-featureadd-sl-and-msp-icons-to-the-bottom-line-of-the-deployment-screen/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11547-vehiclefeature-fix-the-mrap/ Ability to spawn on ur SL by choosing his icon at the bottom of the deployment screen was previously in the game. Mb it will be implemented but I'm going to remind about it. Moreover I want first feature to be expanded to MRAP/MSP too. And the latter should be fixed, so its icon wouldn't be inactive half of the time it's on the map when some another noob is trying to use it as the battle vehicle. Balancing SA-80. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11534-weaponfeature-balancing-sa-80/ Currently best AR. M4, G36, MSBS-K are comparable with it, but SA-80 is still the best choice weapon that can compete even with shotguns in CQC. And if it will not be nerfed in next patches it'll be most frequently chosen weapon in pub. The ONLY solution I see is to limit it's choice of magazines to 30 rounders and less with it being still ultra-effective but for a limited amount of time. End-game screen info. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11662-feature-add-score-graph-to-endgame-scoreboard/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11819-feature-add-best-enemy-squad-tab-to-endmatch-screen/ Currently, when match ends u can fap to how awesome ur soldier model looks on the screen and how awesome ur squad is if it was the best. And only when enemy squad was the best u can compare ur with it. IMO u should be able to do it regardless how the match has ended. And scoregraph can show u what was the flow of the battle. Weapons and their firemodes. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11772-weaponfeature-give-ars-their-real-life-fire-mode-selectors/ 99% of players do NOT use the burst fire modes. And in the same all the ARs do have them. Even those that do not have bursts IRL. I want them to be matching their IRL prototypes. Melee attack range. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11801-feature-melee-attack-range-increase/ Absolutely useless when ur target is moving. And I'm talking not only about when hitting enemy from behind. There is one "funny" thing. Because of current melee attack range when enemy is lying on the back - u can NOT kill him from behind. Ur hit simply doesn't reach... Reworking reconnaissance UAVs. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11789-featurestrikes-reworking-reconnaissance-uavs/ Idea of giving 3D spot to Barracuda UAV was very controversial for forum inhabitants when it was added in last year. Currently it gives too much advantage to attacking side because defenders are usually sitting still and with 3D spot rombs attackers can appear from behind the corner with pre-fire that, with WW3's BTK, gives almost no chances to fight off. Plus, smokes do not save from 3D spot. Idea is to reduce effectiveness of the UAVs. Impact grenade. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11599-weaponfeature-fixing-absolutely-disastrous-immersion-breaking-bug-№2/ Currently more the firecracker than a grenade, with it's lethal radius of 0.1 meter and splash radius ~2 meters. In comparison with frag/sticky grenade ~4 meters LETHAL radius. Impact grenade is in NEED of buff. Rocket strikes. Currently too many obstacles block effect/dmg of the explosion because rockets explode at ground level. Idea is to lift the center of explosion few meters above the ground. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11845-strike-reworking-rocket-strikes-explosions/ Closing statement: The suggestions above are there because they, I genuinely think, will make game better and not because of my selfish desire to see them in game.
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    release date: Q4 2019 @ well, ok Q4 2019 - Q1 2020 @ wellll... definetly Q1 2020 @ ok ok ok, 1st half of 2020 ------ WE ARE HERE (end of 1st half of 2020, still no even 0.9 update) ------
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    Emmm, deeevs? When long time ago I tried to attach flash hider to my Pecheneg and it didn't work i thought: okay, too powerful cartridge, so flash hider isn't working for LMG, I need to ask for something. And I made a theme. This. Devs kindly implemented this feature and now Suppressors hide all flashes. Then was 0.8 patch, where stats for flash hiders, compensators were adjusted to fit new horizontal recoil meta. And flash hiders reducing only vertical recoil, was the balancing feauture for the hiding the flash, right? So, I didn't care that much about it, but recently I decided to replace suppressor with flash hider. Because, u know, x3-x4 scopes, flash blocking the vision and all that stuff. What can I say... Flash hiders DO NOT WORK on LMGs, BRs, SMGs. With the exception of ARs. Flash hiders work on ARs. Work... They INCREASE muzzle flash for ARs. 2 gifs below. This is how Vepr-18 30 rounds burst looks like.x4 scope. Left gif - AK-15 Compensator attached. Right - SA80 muzzle break. See the difference? For me it's obvious that flash hider is actually increasing muzzle flash. Tested on SA80 and Vepr-18. Devs, plz, fix this nonsense. And make so that flash hiders will actually work. On all weapons.
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    Sorry not sorry, this is a WW3 forum about WW3. What Farm51 does with their other games doesn't make up for lack of content updates and community silence.
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    Hi! Please consider adding Singapore in the Asian Theatre of War update. It’ll be AMAZING. Reasons why: -Size: 729km square. Very small. Can be used as whole in Tactical Royale or open world modes. -Places Marina Bay: Jewel@Changi (opened in 2019) Changi Airport (4 terminals, #1 rank in Skytrax for years in a row, almost a decade now) Marvellous places to look up to. -Weapons: Sar-21 (600rpm, Low recoil, AR, 1.5x built in scope and laser) Ultimax 100 mk8 (600rpm, LMG, NO recoil, mainly black, 100 rounds drum mag or STANAG mag 30 rounds) *The guy is shooting a mark II variant with one hand with much accuracy. CPW PDW (1100rpm, SMG, concept weapon currently) BR-18 (900rpm, 30 rounds) Please accept my request fo Singapore to be featured. Thanks. (edit: So is my request accepted as a future in-game content? Please forward to the devs and answer. Thanks a lot. )
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    Sadly, but in addition to lack of data from devs, game is in a perfect storm itself. Worst perfomance from the start (I have FPS drops and microfreezing even with 9900K+ overclocked 1070), absurd gunplay decisions like long barrels deal less damage, than short barrels, unfinished new HUD, removed map queue, 170 ms ping and quite often crashes make very bad combination. In other words, we, players, not only have no information about future, but also now stabile game build to play.
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    Don't worry, I won't give you a warning, well people mostly (especially on discord) demand dates, when a new patch will drop, when the game will be released, when this, so I just wrapped it up... because that's what people asking for. I can do nothing about lack of communication, also I can't provide any informations about things which you and others mentioned - I do not have them/I'm not allowed to post them unless I'm asked to do so. I only participate in this topic, because I've been mentioned, also trying to be nice, by reacting since I always respond to the mentions. Community managers/Developers > Moderators - We're always at the end of the line, and most of us work at home, not in the F51 HQ like Dev's or CM's. If people above me decide to respond here, they'll do it, if not I can do nothing about it, but I'm sure they read most of the topics, instead of participating in them, they might work on the game, 5 min. here, 10 min. here it takes their time. I cannot be responsible for their decisions which is a lack of communication. I know some people take a break from socials, so they can focus on development, as F51 & My.games are in partnership now I guess they need share with all the information's about WW3 (progress, plans, etc.) then will start working on better communication with the community. As they mentioned in the last AMA, they're very busy at this moment and also COVID situation delayed everything (Developers had to work from home, which makes everything even harder). There is a few quotes: I know it's been a month, but they will give you the same answers as in the AMA and I will give you the same answers. As soon as everything will be settled and ready, they will share any relevant information's about future content. Who knows, it could be the biggest update since EA. Full AMA - I know probably everyone has seen it, but I will post again. I understand people were disappointed about this AMA (Yes, I've seen your edit), but it was their call and decision, please do not involve me strictly in company decisions, they try as best as they can. I'm here only a Moderator, as soon as they start sharing with us (moderators) more, and allow us to post more stuff, I'll be happy to keep you all informed. Unless there will be people responsible for that, and my only job will be to keep this forum clean Also, my personal opinion - This is a Company, they can't throw information's left and right, it may harm company stock, investors might be disappointed, silence could be also a good sign, maybe they preparing something big? Games are one thing, but companies who made them also want to earn money, more money means more resources, more people who can be employed - if company fails they will lose, also there will be no profit. This is not EA, Activision, Ubisoft etc. F51 is small comparing to them, if EA releases a bad game, they'll make another, if F51 fails with WW3, well it could be a huge loss for them, they can't let that happen, so in my opinion they'll do everything to make the game successful. We have no choice, we have to be patient.
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    I think they are demanding at least something. For example pic with part of some building, vehicle, weapon, etc. so those who're waiting will be able to keep themselves busy trying to find what are these things that were being shown. Teasers, I'll say. Because devs being absent/silent for what 6 months already(?) is forcing ppl to start thinking the devs do not care. Me, seeing some of my suggestions being implemented, knows that devs are working. But for majority it's opposite. It was said ~2 years ago that devs want to create a game in cooperation with players, where the latter will give their feedback and say what they think is right and what is wrong. And now, when game is (supposedly) in final stages of realization what it will look like and how it'll be played and ppl on the forum do not see even a smallest thing. As if now their opinion doesn't matter that much and we'll see only the more or less "final" version of the game when it'll be too late to express opinions. Me, personally, has few things I want to ask about, but seeing devs not appearing on forum, all I have to do is to wait for new version to appear. And when this new version will appear and there MAYBE will be things I wanted to change or at least ASK about changing them and wasn't able to do it because , u know, nobody to ask, I'll be a little toxic.
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    Hey Folks Took some time off to recharge my metaphorical WW3 batteries and handle some real life matters that demanded my attention (Life yo...So cruel.) Wanted to start something new, but I still have to finish my suggestions for the WW3 Metagame, my 3rd round of gun suggestions, and some other stuff. So, I figured I would start off easy and cover a Shotgun today for my 3rd round of weapon suggestions. A pretty neat little bit of Thunder from Down Under, the MAUL out of Australia. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the MAUL ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The MAUL - Real life information behind the MAUL Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game Shotguns and suggested Shotguns with the MAUL. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the MAUL should have. Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the MAUL should have. ---- Section 1 - The MAUL Standalone variant of the MAUL Shotgun with loaded tube (left) and unloaded tube (right) Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the MAUL. Still looking for good videos of the MAUL, most of them right now are related to COD, and that really doesn't tickle my fancy... Extra Information sources. MAUL - Gun Wiki MAUL - Wiki The MAUL is a lightweight, semi-automatic, electronically initiated, superposed-loaded shotgun created by the company Metal Storm out of Brisbane, Australia. The weapon comes in two forms; a standalone variant and a underslung variant which can be mounted to a weapon system that allows for it (typically an Assault Rifle or Battle Rifle.) The weapon is loaded by inserting a munition tube in the weapon barrel (think of it like loading a Muzzle Loader rifle), then is fired out of that same munition tube via an electronically initiated trigger system (IE: there is no hammer striking a primer to ignite the gunpowder to fire off the shots in the shell), and because of this electronic trigger system the MAUL is capable of firing a mixture of lethal & non-lethal ammunition. So if the gun was to be added to the game, what playstyle would the gun favor, and most importantly where exactly would it stand when compared to the other Shotguns? ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons The Playstyle the MAUL shotgun would favor is no different from other Shotguns, by it's very nature it would favor more aggressive players. To both balance this weapon and differ it from the other Shotguns however, I would suggest a slower reload speed, higher than average hip fire spread, a reduced shot count, and I wouldn't allow it to carry 1 extra round in the tube (It's factually impossible for the gun). This would make the Shotgun favor players that are accurate shooters and not People that like to hip fire around corners. Outside of this, the MAUL should be one of the lightest shotguns around (if not thee lightest shotgun), have very little recoil, a faster firing speed than the MCS (though lower than the VEPR-12 and yes I know the two have the exact same fire rate, but I feel pretty confident that the VEPR-12's ROF is mislabeled), and as a bonus have a little bit of a noise reduction (not saying silence the weapon, just make it a little quieter than other Shotguns.) Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the MAUL vs. the MCS, VEPR-12, and the suggested AA-12 & SAP-6. I made some changes to my color coding system and I think it will give a better picture than the older color coding system I was using prior to this. (S) - The weapon is one I have suggested but isn't actually in the game currently. Cyan - Suggested Weapon is at a notable advantage compared to this Weapon Green - Suggested Weapon is at a advantage compared to this Weapon Yellow - Suggested Weapon is either equal, at a marginal advantage, or at a marginal disadvantage compared to this Weapon Orange - Suggested Weapon is at a disadvantage compared to this Weapon Red - Suggested Weapon is at a notable disadvantage compared to this Weapon Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and avoid making a massive amount of variables to take into consideration. Special Note: Muzzle Velocity & Bullets to Kill are not listed in game for Shotguns currently, thus I will not try to balance around these stats. However, I will not fully remove them from this post in the event that something changes. MAUL proposed and compared stats. MAUL Effective ranges: 10m (24 damage.) Damage decreases at 11m - 30m (19 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 45m (10 damage.) Damage decreases at 46m - 75m (0 damage.) MCS: 15m (24 damage.) Damage decreases at 16m - 30m (19 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 45m (10 damage.) Damage decreases at 46m - 75m (1 damage.) VEPR-12: 15m (16-15 damage.) Damage decreases at 16m - 30m (12 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 45m (7 damage.) Damage decreases at 46m - 75m (0 damage.) (S) AA-12: 15m (12-11 damage.) Damage decreases at 16m - 30m (9 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 45m (4 damage.) Damage decreases at 46m - 75m (0 damage.) (S) SAP-6: 10m (24 damage.) Damage decreases at 11m - 30m (19 damage.) Damage decreases at 31m - 45m (10 damage.) Damage decreases at 46m - 75m (1 damage.) MAUL Weight: 4.5 MCS: 8.9 VEPR-12: 11.4 (S) AA-12: 14.5 (S) SAP-6: 7.0 MAUL Recoil: 1.2 MCS: 2.7 VEPR-12: 2,0 (S) AA-12: 0.85 (S) SAP-6: 2.3 MAUL Spread: 0.9 MCS: 0.5 VEPR-12: 0.7 (S) AA-12: 0.14 (S) SAP-6: 0.8 MAUL Reload time: 2.9 Seconds MCS: 2.3 Seconds VEPR-12: 3.1 Seconds (S) AA-12: 3.7 Seconds (S) SAP-6: 1.8 Seconds MAUL Rate of Fire: 425 MCS: 400 VEPR-12: 400 (S) AA-12: 500 (S) SAP-6: 350 MAUL Caliber: 12 Gauge MCS: 12 Gauge VEPR-12: 12 Gauge (S) AA-12: 12 Gauge (S) SAP-6: 12 Gauge MAUL Muzzle Velocity: MCS: VEPR-12: (S) AA-12: (S) SAP-6: MAUL Bullets to Kill: HDPE: / PTLN: / Cer: / STL: MCS: VEPR-12: (S) AA-12: (S) SAP-6: With this out of the way we move on to special features which is going to be pretty short because there isn't a lot to cover. ---- Section 3 - Special Features Limited Barrel & Magazine Options - The MAUL's barrel length is determined by the munition tube put into it, that tube also determines the amount of Ammunition the MAUL can fire per-tube, and so far I haven't seen anything that suggests that the MAUL has any larger munition tubes beyond 5 stacked shells that currently come stock with it. So it should be default limited to a Short barrel & 5-round tube. No Muzzle options - Again the weapon fires it's ammunition directly from the munition tube that is inserted into it, so there is really no point in having different muzzle options for the weapon as it wouldn't realistically benefit from them that I can see (I could be wrong also.) (And before you swing that "But video game" response at me, I don't even support the fact that Shotguns lose close range damage just because they use longer barrels. So "But video game" isn't going to sway me.) ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything like that as usual. Just a quick mention of what customization options the MAUL should and should not have access to in my opinion, Primary Sights All Sights optional Secondary Sights All Sights optional Barrels Short Barrel (Stock) Muzzles None Lower All Lowers optional Side All side mounts optional Magazines 5 Round Magazine (Stock) Ammunition N/A till Shotguns get their special ammunition As for different bodyparts for the gun itself, there doesn't seem to be anything special on offer. However, I can see the devs giving additional options for pistol grips & stocks from current weapons and maybe some custom stuff for the upper rail & lower rail to give it a little more character while also allowing for the usage of foregrips & side mount attachments. Outside of that though, nothing special. And with that this brings another weapon suggestion post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of seeing the MAUL Shotgun being added to the game, even if maybe not exactly how I think it should be added. I really think the Developers should consider adding the MAUL shotgun at some point primarily because of the ability to get two entirely different uses out of it as either a Standalone Shotgun or as a Underslung attachment for certain weapons. Beyond that you have a visually unique weapon, it would require a unique loading animation because of the munition tube (small differences are nice after all!), and it gives another Nation of the world some unique representation in WW3. But, for now and till the next suggestion post... Have a good one folks!
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    While I asked for a Singapore map previously, I would also like to request the following: -Glock 18 (This gun cannot be left out, remember to make it full auto) FAST Helmet without Mohawk or cover, with goggles and no-goggles variants. And also, leather gloves are cool. Shooting ones especially: Please accept my requests. (edit: So is my request accepted as a future in-game content? Please forward to the devs and answer. Thanks a lot.)
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    Yes, and do you remember the very next game..? After he got his macros down and learned to start using his chats...? Again, it is not how many deaths/kills you get, it is HOW they are happening, that shines a light on a cheater. Like a guy who ALWAYS sweeps a room with people in it, but will blow pass rooms that don't. Not once, or twice, but his entire playstyle relies on it. (ie: knowing the information of what is behind a whall). Because you can see them snap to the next person behind a well.... in the kill cam. Again, my "hackusations" are not off-the-cuff responses, but scoped moments that are repeatable, when you present yourself to a cheater in a certain way... or watch him, take out others, etc. Not once, but repeatedly.. Then you can publically lay suspicion on them. Odd thing is, often when I do call out others, they leave, or even people here... "curtail" their macro-cheats to dire situations. But even then, you can see the patterns. Funny thing here is Astroooh is that you are trying to make it personal, or about me... or about someone killing me. I've never not once in 30+ years of gaming, have gotten upset about someone getting the best of me... it's not about me kid, it is about someone's gameplay. And when I do make accusation, I sit the whole game with my scope on them... and they know it, because their software tells them they are in LOS, etc.. If you are good, you are good and you gameplay is organic.
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    Almost a year ago I made a theme where I was pointing out things I don't like / that are wrong regarding HeliDrone mechanics. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10220-featurevehicles-rework-few-things-about-helidrone/&tab=comments#comment-49244 Seeing some changes were applied I think my concerns have been heard. Or I'm again thinking too high of myself. Again I don't know are/were works on HeliDrone being done already or not. Still, it will not stop me from creating this theme were I'll show things that aren't working well. Hope they will be taken into account by devs. Warning. Expect longread. Note. In this theme I will not touch the matter about nerfed rocket pods dmg. It was done in this theme and answer was given there too. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10645-devs-why-did-u-kill-helidrone/&tab=comments#comment-50869 Durability. IMO current HeliDrone's durability if not perfect is still really close to be called balanced, when experienced players can still go for 20-30 killstreaks even with machineguns if ppl on the ground don't want to make an efforts to shoot it down. With one important BUT!: HeliDrone is ULTRAWEAK against 12.7mm machinegun. Usually 10 hits is enough to destroy HeliDrone. I think HeliDrone should be buffed in that matter. Weaponry. This bug is still hindering us, so it should be taken into account that HeliDrone is not that effective as it can/should be. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/8946-helidrone-crosshair-jumping-up-and-down-when-strafing/ We were talking about 12.7mm gun, let's continue doing this. 12.7mm HeliDrone machinegun. ABSOLUTELY useless thing. U use it if u want to: a) give handicap to enemy team.b) if u want to fast destroy enemy HeliDrone and continue playing. Otherwise there is no point in using 12.7mm MG. Here is why: Shots placement. It can be clearly seen that there is some space between hit marks. Well, to be expected as we are talking about two separate machineguns hanging on two winglets. The problem is that this space is big enough so that only 1 bullet(left or right) will hit the body of the infantryman. Rate of Fire. 0.8.7 patch RoF of the 12.7mm TWO-barrel machinegun of the HeliDrone is... 240 RpM. Yes. 240. Same as all the other 12,7mm MGs mounted on ground vehicles, even though it has 2 barrels. For example 30mm BMPT and Bumerang cannons have 200 RpM, and Hydras rockets have 500 RpMRoF. SO, if only every 2nd bullet is hitting enemy infantryman that is staying still, u need no less than 0.5 secs to kill him. And it is with that remark that u need to aim to the left or to the right from the target or u can simply miss the target landing hits to the left and to the right from it. Shooting at enemy vehicles with that RoF is totally useless too. My suggestion is to fix this, I'm sure it's a bug, and let dem HeliDrone 12.7mm MGs have at least ~500 RpM RoF. Or it will continue to be useless and almost nobody will use it. 7.62mm machineguns. The same problem as with 12.7mm MGs. Space between hit marks and damage per second. For those who don't know: bodyhit is 35 dmg. So, if u hit the limbs it's no less than 4 hits to kill infantryman. Yes, experienced "pilots" can do even headshots, but still, MRAP RCWS machineguns is much more intimidating than HeliDrone machineguns. IMO, their RoF should be increased too. Note: HP ammo is a must for 7.62mm MG pods. While I wasn't going to talk about rocket pods dmg I'll talk about other issues with 1 particular pod that almost nobody uses. FZ233 guided rockets. They were useless when rockets were powerful. They are useless now. Here is why. 1st. @Rozmo, @weedtime, don't know who to poke now, but count this as bug report. There is NO explosions shown and NO sounds of explosions when FZ233 are hitting the target further than 200 meters from ur HeliDrone. Though the rockets actually explode and deal the dmg. Gif below. Equipping guided rockets when u don't know where u are hitting? No, thx. Second issue with FZ233 rockets. I don't know how actually they are working. Is there any invisible pointer and rockets follow this "light spot" or there is some another mechanic, but I must say that FZ233 are half-broken and they work as guided only when ur HeliDrone is hanging still and u use ur mouse to guide the rockets. Yes, then they will follow ur crosshair. But when u try to strafe while shooting them... they suddenly forgot that they are guided and literally don't care. I'll repeat, I DON'T know how this guiding is working, but I can say for sure that when u strafe while shooting and trying to keep one spot in ur crosshair this "guiding" isn't working. Gif below. Equipping guided rockets to shoot them only when u aren't moving? No, thx. Devs, plz, do something with FZ233 rockets. Or there will be absolutely no point in equipping them. Bombs and miniMap. There is one "issue" with bombs momentum. I think it was purposely implemented that they do not have momentum and fall vertically when u drop them. And here come the problem: u CAN'T see what is actually below. And then u can drop bombs only approximately. IMO, there should be one thing done to make bomb drops more precise and more "playable": when equipping bombs or packs there should be miniMap permanently enabled. And it will look like this. Not long ago I made a theme about icons of the strikes/gadgets not appearing when there is miniMap active. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11796-strikesgadget-and-their-visibility-on-mapminimap/ On the gif above we see that when flying above the tank we can only approximately see that enemy vehicle is below, so I suggest that should be or HeliDrone icon added to the miniMap or some kind of crosshair, that will show us the exact point where bombs will fall. Something like this. Decided to create a theme in Suggestions. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11856-strikefeature-minimap-enabled-for-helidrone/ And last. Optics hitboxes. If all above I see as the must have features, that should be added for the greater good this one is my egoistic request. Currently we have MiniDrone as the gadget, right? And while it's a REALLY small gadget it's quite easy to destroy it if u have spotted it. Why? Hitboxes. They're quite large for this tiny thing. My last(controversial) suggestion is to increase the hitboxes for HeliDrone's OPTICS. It's rly rare to see ur optics damaged and it NEVER was disabled completely. It's almost no point in having the optics to be destructible because chances for it to be hit are extremely small. I'm making this suggestion so that even if it will be hard to destroy enemy HeliDrone with handheld weapon's fire, infantry will be able to force it to retreat to base for repairs. And that is all what I have to say about HeliDrone in patch 0.8.7.
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    Strange question if you askme sshould be pretty obvious that there is none. And what would be to discuss there anyway.
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    Yo bud, could you stop begging for upvotes and likes. This is just a forum for a game. If people like your idea, they will like it. There's a very little population on the forum, so don't expect tens of upvotes. When a topic is voted for, it's voted for. That's all it's about. It's just a game that's in the ICU and pretty much in a coma.
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    There is 1 problem with rocket-strikes. They are effective against vehicles and SOMEWHAT effective against infantry. And the all-in-all best rocket strike is the Stormbreaker. Hellfire has too small explosion radius. And Mephisto having huge 25 meters explosion radius that is a little less than SH artillery strike can kill only 2-3-4 guys on the fully occupied CP. And I'll show u why. Look at the gif. I'm dropping Stormbreaker on myself. It's explosion radius is 15 meters and it explodes 10 meters far from me. But I'm staying unscathed. Why? Because non-destructible environment is blocking dmg. And this is how it'll look like if someone will try to drop some Mephisto on B1 Berlin. Ellow circle - everyone in crater are dead, but that is all. Violet zone. Well, everybody, except the 1 or 2 guys that can fit in this tiny space, feel just fine. Green circle. Bad aim and almost half of the circle is safezone. So, my suggestion: for Stormbreaker lift center of its explosion few meters above the surface, so it will not be blocked by some barriers, craters etc. for Mephisto make the same thing as with the Stormbreaker, or make so that obstacles except the thick walls of buildings will NOT block its damage. 480 kg warhead it's said in strike's info. P.S. I expect to be praised for my outstanding drawing skillz. Upd. Suggestion was made late at night so I wasn't able to show everything I wanted. This is second part. Why even I decided to make this suggestion. Not only because rocket strikes aren't that effective as they IMO should/could be. There is 1 more thing that inspired me. Called cognitive dissonance. Stormbreaker explosion on gif below. U see it? If we look at how Stormbreaker explodes - everything below it in the explosion radius should be devastated. Of course higher dmg close to the center and lower on the sides. Like on the pic below. Mistake: 15 meters radius, not the diameter like on the pic. So, I demand that Stormbreaker and other rocket-strikes should have their damage spread matching to their explosion's visual effects. With that this suggestion is now completed.
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    I understand the acquisition and the various collaborations, but it is ridiculous to see how the staff, administrators and developers have disappeared, not responding anymore.
  20. 1 point
    Disastrous. Unacceptable. Warsaw WZ is being completely unplayable with this bug... To be precise there are 2 bugs. First bug. When I'm trying to capture for example B2 on Warsaw sitting in my AJAX, game doesn't allow me to do it as if I'm not supposed to capture this CP when sitting in vehicle. As if I must to do it as these lowly infantry peasants. Icon of the the capturing simply doesn't appear. Second bug. Even if reconcile to that injustice and humbly try to show enemies that even though I can not capture this CP it absolutely doesn't mean they are allowed to do it. And here second injustice is appearing. My SH shells that are exploding when hitting WOODEN floor do not deal any dmg. Splinter flying in the air, but that's all... No problem with stone floor though. But still! I can't play like this! I expect by the next time I'll decide to visit the mall in my AJAX these bugs to be fixed.
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    Actual for both TDM and WZ maps. When jumping out of the window or the steel ladder u can stuck in these 3 rods. U'll be like floating in the air and u can not get out of this trap.
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    Dunno will new movement/animation fix it, but seeing it appearing again I'll report it. Same kind of a bug as it was in 0.6PTE. When lying down with M417 in hands there is discrepancy in direction of where the barrel is pointing and the center of the screen.
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    What was the point in cooperating with My.Games then? IMO unjustified rumor.
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    Exactly!!! I got same Gaming RIG and same bad performance... worst to me is the ping abuse and hard lagging. I quit playing this abadoned frustrating game and switched to Insurgency Sandstorm and i was impressed how good the performance is. I mean same Unreal engine right but why so much better?? I never get a server with a Ping higher than 15ms normal is around 4-10ms No lag ,no stuttering,no high ping abuse...maybe F51 should have ask these Devs HowTo I mean this is rediculous what serious Company act like this??? Was reading all the comments of the remaining people here and players. So the only one who answeres here was WEEDTIME???? a Moderator sry but wth?? i mean this NOT offensiv Weedtime but ME expect a Boss talking to Player/community If this was MY.Company i would at least do anything to sooth the Players and Community Or at least do something to reconcile the people who still stick to my product and support it with bug reports over and over like tynblpb does. I mean just a small performance patch or if to lazy just patch back to 0.6 the performance and gameplay was okay there. I promise IF they would do at least something the community and players will do this But the longer they wait...the less people will take care of any kind of patch or even the release of the finished game from a company with Devs that do not care in any ways... I got my own company and know how it works mostly people only talk about the bad things,failure and shit you did but not the good things you did. That speech of your company stays in peoples mind and this will stick also to the company MY.FARME.51
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    If we talk about numbers, I don't think we will see something before 1.0, and probably 0.9 is a past for devs, maybe they re on 0.10 or higher now., at least i hope so.
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    Hey Folks Still have a few more of these gun suggestion posts to complete for Round 3 of "Weapons that could enhance WW3" and I figured I would cover another weapon I have suggested once before to give it a chance for individual judgement like all the other weapons I have suggested. But, I wanted to go a little further and suggest a weapon that currently isn't operated by any Military or Law Enforcement groups, that could join the ranks of outsider weapons like that of the DMG Nine-Millie & Alpha (to my knowledge anyways.) So, today we will be covering the American Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR.) If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the MDR. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The MDR - Real life information behind the MDR Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game BRs and suggested BR with the MDR. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the MDR should have Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the MDR should have ---- Section 1 - The MDR The MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the MDR. MDR - Forgotten Weapons MDR - InRangeTV MDR - Garand Thumb MDR - Military Arms Channel MDR - IraqVeteran8888 Extra Information sources MDR - Desert Tech MDR - Modern Firearms MDR - Gun Wiki The Desert Tech MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) is a multi-caliber, Bullpup Rifle created by the Desert Tech firearms company. First seen in 2014, but not actually officially being produced till 2017, the company's goal was to create a highly ergonomic, ambidextrous, adaptable, and compact weapon system. While these features were achieved, it was internal problems that would give the MDR a bad reputation in it's early days, requiring the company to modify or entirely re-engineer internal parts of the weapon such as the Gas System, and Extractor which was breaking at a high frequency all of which have been resolved. Original prototypes of the weapon also featured a three position fire selector to allow for the weapon to either be set to Safe, Semi, or Fully Automatic fire. But, because there has been no interest from either Military or Law Enforcement, the modern MDR has only ever come with the capability of Semi-Automatic fire in the Civilian market. Current conversion kits allow for the usage of .223 Wylde, .308 Winchester, 300 BLK, 5.56x45 NATO, and 7.62x51 NATO. So if the gun was to be added to the game, what playstyle would the gun favor, and most importantly where exactly would it stand when compared to the other Battle Rifles? ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons In terms of playstyle, the MDR should largely be a medium-long range focused Battle Rifle that favors players with steady aim that like to keep the enemy at a distance or flanking their targets rather than fighting them face to face. The weapon should feature no fully automatic fire capability (to mimic that it's not a Military or Law Enforcement Weapon and add different weapon variety), have one of the highest muzzle velocities for a Battle Rifle in game using the .308 Winchester ammunition, and of course naturally have the positives & negatives that come with a being a bullpup weapon. To balance this out further however, I would suggest giving it a modestly high spread to discourage reckless spam fire, modestly long reload speed, and higher than average weight (for balance reasons not realistic reasons.) Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the MDR vs. the SCAR-H, M417, and the suggested BREN 2 BR & ASh-12. I made some changes to my color coding system and I think it will give a better picture than the older color coding system I was using prior to this. I'm still getting it all fine tuned as well, so I will be updating all my current weapon suggestion posts later on. (S) - The weapon is one I have suggested but isn't actually in the game currently. Cyan - Suggested Weapon is at a notable advantage compared to this Weapon Green - Suggested Weapon is at a advantage compared to this Weapon Yellow - Suggested Weapon is either equal, at a marginal advantage, or at a marginal disadvantage compared to this Weapon Orange - Suggested Weapon is at a disadvantage compared to this Weapon Red - Suggested Weapon is at a notable disadvantage compared to this Weapon Please note: Once again, I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and keep what little sanity I have left in me. MDR proposed and compared stats. MDR Effective ranges: 115m (44 damage.) Damage decreases at 116m - 135m (32 damage) SCAR-H: 0 - 105m (40 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (32 damage) M417: 0 - 105m (40 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (32 damage) (S) BREN 2 BR: 105m (40 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (32 damage) (S) ASh-12: 0 - 35m (55 damage.) Damage decreases at 36m - 135m (38 damage) MDR Weight: 19.0 SCAR-H: 17.6 M417: 18.3 (S) BREN 2 BR: 17.9 (S) ASh-12: 25.0 MDR Recoil: 0.66 SCAR-H: 0.92 M417: 0.95 (S) BREN 2 BR: 0.87 (S) ASh-12: 0.98 MDR Spread: 0.26 SCAR-H: 0.2 M417: 0.14 (S) BREN 2 BR: 0.22 (S) ASh-12: 0.28 MDR Reload time: 4.8 Seconds SCAR-H: 4.0 Seconds M417: 1.0 Seconds (S) BREN 2 BR: 4.8 Seconds (S) ASh-12: 4.8 Seconds MDR Rate of Fire: 620 RPMs SCAR-H: 525 RPMs M417: 430 RPMs (S) BREN 2 BR: 620 RPMs (S) ASh-12: 600 RPMs MDR Caliber: .308 Winchester SCAR-H: 7,62x51mm M417: 7,62x51mm (S) BREN 2 BR: 7,62x51mm (S) ASh-12: 12.7x55mm MDR Muzzle Velocity: 900 m/s SCAR-H: 714 m/s M417: 817 m/s (S) BREN 2 BR: 680 m/s (S) ASh-12: 290 m/s MDR Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5 SCAR-H: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5 M417: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5 (S) BREN 2 BR: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5 (S) ASh-12: HDPE: 2 / PTLN: 2 / Cer: 2 / STL: 3 With this out of the way we move on to special features. ---- Section 3 - Special Features This will actually be short since there isn't much that really needs to be said. No Fully Automatic Fire - The MDR hasn't been adopted by any Military or Law Enforcement and is strictly a Civilian weapon currently. To add more variety in weapon choices (In the sense that not all guns are the same), I would recommend keeping the MDR as a Semi-Automatic only Battle Rifle to reflect that primarily civilian owned weapon. Bullpup Weapon - The gun is a Bullpup and thus should (once again) have the benefits & drawbacks of a Bullpup weapon. .308 Winchester - While .308 Winchester & 7.62x51 NATO are not massively different from one another, the .308 Winchester ammunition has more pressure build up in it do to thicker walls (If I understood correctly in my research.) This extra pressure causes the bullet to fly faster and thus have greater impact on the target, so the caliber should do slightly higher damage than the 7.62x51 NATO ammunition, but not completely outclass it beyond effective range & muzzle velocity. Caliber Conversion - Should WW3 allow Players to convert guns to different calibers, the MDR should have access to 6.8×43 Rem SPC, 5.56x45 NATO, and ,300 Blackout. Otherwise I would just keep it as .308 Winchester. ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything. Just a quick mention of what the BREN 2 BR should & should not have access to (in my opinion) when it comes to customization options. Primary Sights All Sights optional Secondary Sights All Sights optional Barrels All Barrels optional Muzzles All Muzzles optional Lower All Lowers optional Side All side mounts optional Magazines 10 round Magazines 20 round Magazines Ammunition All (Gun) Ammunition Types optional And there doesn't seem to be any real noticeable aftermarket parts, so I think the Developers are pretty much in the open to make their own creative designs if they would like to do so. And with that we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the MDR, even if maybe not exactly in the way I have suggested it. I was going to cover the M14 EBR next since I wanted to cover a weapon I have suggested once before, one that could serve as the sort of the counter-ASh-12, where it was better for longer range engagements & terrible at close range engagements. But, I feel pretty confident that the MK14/M14 EBR/Whatever you want to call it will be coming to WW3 at some point without me further pushing my support for it. So, I figured I would cover the MDR instead to offer a Battle Rifle style weapon (In that it fires a full powered caliber of ammunition) that didn't need to necessarily be in 7.62x51 NATO, so it could be a little different from what we have currently by making it's ammunition perform a little differently, and the weapon itself be something a little more different. Sure it's not a massive difference, but every little bit helps overall. Plus we still don't have a Bullpup Battle Rifle, so that gave it another plus in my book. The Developers could also get more than one use out of this weapon because it can shoot multiple calibers and does come in a MDR-C configuration. But, for now it's time to bring this post to an end, so till the next suggestion post comes around where I will likely cover a Machine Gun next... Have a good one folks!
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    Feel free to drop in whenever you want, we're still there daily playing all kinds of games. Work is about to ramp back up for me so I'll be online a little less, but still available for weekend stuff like usual.
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    While this is what we've been told, I do notice the downhill trend in updates and communication from the WW3 dev team following the Chernobylite announcement. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe no. All I can say for sure is that it's not uncommon for a company to say one thing and mean another - or to just blatantly lie - and considering how my faith and trust in F51 has been betrayed, I'd sooner believe that there aren't separate dev teams than I'd take their word that there is.
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    Looks class for indoor battles. I wonder what map designers would say
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    Are you kidding me, or simply not able to comprehend? Chernobylite is developed by a different team! It does not take away the focus from WW3. The devs who work on WW3 are not working on Chernobylite. And finally: How would you know that nobody asked for Chernobylite? How can you even know? That's what I meant by saying you do not speak for the whole community.
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    I know it as someone mentioned it before, on this forum. Kinda strange devs focus on it although it is more of salvaging Chernobyl than saving the world from imminent doom.
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    Well, someone has to speak up. If I don’t, who would?
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    @Ragir @weedtime @Rozmo @Tyrell @Ajem We demand answers and a proper response NOW!!!!
  34. 1 point
    NO. Previously moderator, now part of dev team. Though currently he is the only remaining "bridge" between us(forum users) and dev team, as the other devs it seems are prohibited fron appearing here. Or are simply too busy.
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    We are watching WW3 transform from a genuinely passionate indie game project into a corporate-run product. Devs are now probably not allowed to really post/interact with the community, and dev communication that does come through probably has some bureaucratic approval process or other red tape. It's hard to know if the silence is due to them not knowing where tf they're taking this game, or if it's due to typical PR silence from corporate entities that have very strict marketing and player exploitation plans. One of the big appeals about WW3 originally, aside from gameplay, was the fact it was being self-published by an indie dev and we wouldn't have to deal with any of the typical corporate/big publisher bullshit. I just hope they don't go F2P and give those of us who spent $30 some worthless cosmetics as consolation, while turning the game into a MTX shop. And while I agree this is a bit disrespectful, this community didn't fund the game - TF51 said the game was always fully funded even without the EA period, though that then begs the question 'why sign an external publisher deal?' But we're not going to get any real answers from TF51 or my.games - it's been all corporate-speak so far, and I doubt that will change. I saw that new roadmap... was that made by my.games? It was one of the crappiest hastily put together looking roadmaps I've ever seen. Both of TF51's previous roadmaps looked better and had actual effort put into them. It's obviously not a big issue in the grand scheme of things, but like, with my.games being a huge company you'd think their digital image editing savviness would be a few steps above this? (I'm assuming they were the ones who produced it)
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    <Removed> Please do not disclose your email address /weedtime Yes
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    again the same problem
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    I like the game and don't doubt the devs put all they have into it. But the communication with the community which has in large parts already paid and funded the project is just unprofessional and disrespectful. What exactly is the sense of new community managers if they don't manage the community? The last news is one month old and it was a summary of things already known since the announcement of the partnership or even prior. Before that we had the AMA full of ... non-answers. Empty phrases and promises. Nothing specific, nothing useful, nothing fit for a community which has been patient and loyal for months. Wasn't the idea of the partnership that F51 can focus on the development process and My.Games takes over the PR department? Where exactly does this show any effect? The last really new information was given on Christmas. Since then has been any progress made? - no answer but empty promises and phrases. Has the backend work on the engine and servers provided any benefit we cannot see (because the performance is worse than it was with .6)? - No answer. Basically any urgent and valid question on the progress of the game is left unanswered for at least half a year - simply because the last true recognizable progress was probably .6 which was one year ago... Sooo maybe someone has the courage to report something about any progress made? If there is any. If there is none have the courage to speak about that.
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    Ppl vote IF they like the suggested idea, not because there is suggested idea. And for idea to be considered it usually needs at least 10 votes. U need to explain WHY ppl should vote for ur idea, there should be some "catch" in it, because almost all of the ideas, if they will be considered good enough, will require a big amount of work to be done by devs that have limited resources. The more ideas to be implemented - the later will be release. So, if there is no "catch" almost nobody will vote for it.
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    @RolePlayer69, please provide me with your steamID64 and we will see what is going on and make it work. Do you still experience the issue?
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    Just bought the game and cannot get past this initial screen. I tried disabling my firewall and antivirus but it did nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hey, Can you send me your steamID64, so we can look into it.
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    What do you mean?? Just a tip shut up without having any clue how a cheat look or proof of cheating in any way. SO I HAVE PROOF FOR NOT CHEATING and you?? I record my gameplay over 1 year now since i left Battlefield and its cry babys Bann to Win NOOBS. You cry like the WBKS Server guys ...here some of my CHEATING Bf4 Accounts https://bf4db.com/player/1003837927259 before anybody ask NO IM NOT HeXe hes a buddy of mine One last thing Dude I saw you play the other day ...and i am sorry to say but bots play smarter than than you
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    I will not write here much. Just this two pics as example and one question: why not?
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    Welcome to the first installment of the World War 3 Devlog! Following the announcement of our new partnership with MY.GAMES, we still have some exciting news for you - let’s jump in. Strategic Partnership We know we have been a bit quiet lately, but there’s a good reason for all this silence - finding good partnership is not easy if you are looking for one. This took a long time and we had to keep it under wraps until we could tell you about it. We are very excited about our new partnership with MY.GAMES, an industry leading publisher with a global reach and years of experience, specifically with online multiplayer shooters. We have talked with many potential partners, but it was MY.GAMES that seemed to understand World War 3 the best, which was the most important thing for us. It’s crucial to work with someone you can trust, who understands games, how they are developed, and what makes them work. That kind of partner can be a valuable ally instead of taking control and not knowing what to do with it. Creative Control The most important requirement we had for working with someone was retaining control over what is being put into the game. We know our game best, and we wanted to make sure it is not being changed for any reason than to make it better for our players. You can read more in our official press release, but these words from Kamil Bilczyński, Project Lead and Creative Director of World War 3, tell the story best: “We are happy to announce the partnership with MY.GAMES and benefit from their wealth of experience in publishing multiplayer shooters. Our collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that we can take a truly global approach to publishing World War 3, while remaining faithful to our original vision for the game as we work on enhancing its core gameplay, polishing mechanics, and pushing the boundaries of the overall scale of the project.” The point about us retaining creative control is one of the most important ones. This partnership lets us focus more on the game itself, the gameplay, the overall experience, while the experts take care of publishing, marketing, community management, customer support, and backend infrastructure. Of course, this does not mean that we will be excluded from these areas - we will cooperate on all fronts. The second major point is the time for polishing and optimizing the game. Thanks to the partnership, we will have more time to make sure World War 3 is the best game it can be. We all see the big potential in our game and we are sure that the MY.GAMES support will help us awaken this potential and realize our vision fully. The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES AMA To share our excitement about this partnership, we hosted an AMA for our community on May 12. You can now find the transcript on the official website here. In summary, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for World War 3. With the additional support from MY.GAMES and us being able to focus on the game side more, we hope to see our game flourish and become one of the top shooters on the planet. We are still working hard on bringing you more content and updates, and we are not going anywhere any time soon. If you’re here reading this article, it’s mainly to learn more about the future content. Without further ado, here is the 2020 roadmap. 2020 Plans Asian Theater of War So far, World War 3 has been limited to Europe, but that was never the plan. This year we are expanding into new territories and adding new maps and gear from Asia. More information on the specifics of the Asian theatre of war will be coming later in 2020. New Maps, Strikes, and Weapons Apart from the themed Asian Theater of War content, we will also update the game with more content from all around the world. More toys to play with, new vehicles to drive around in, and new things to drop on the enemy. We are also planning to look back at existing maps to implement some of the feedback we got from you to make them a better experience for everyone, and better places to fight. New Movement System The already-previewed movement system is crucial for us in terms of gameplay and pushing forward with more content. We have done a lot of work in preparation for expanding the game and we are really happy with how it turned out. New movement system will elevate World War 3 in terms of gunplay, the movement itself, animation quality, and future expandability. Real-time Weapon Customization A lot of our players asked about the mid-match weapon customization. This will be now possible with a new real-time weapon customization system. You will be able to switch weapon attachments in and out depending on the situation around you. New UI and HUDs We are tirelessly working on updating the HUDs and developing new Customization UI – we hope that both of them will make the game feel much better. Our goal here is to make them easy to use when dealing with the new complexity of customization systems. We are also working on tuning it to give us more options to expand and improve in the future. New Progression System The main goal of this change is to give all players something to do each time they log into World War 3. It does not matter if you are a new player or you’ve been playing the game for thousands of hours, there should always be something meaningful for you to do and the new progression fulfills this goal. Overall Polishing and Performance Improvements With the core gameplay being near complete, we want to focus on making sure the game is as fun and playable as possible. While we have been constantly working on this during the Early Access phase, with more and more features being completed, we can put more resources and people into the polishing work that needs to be done. Fixing bugs and polishing, balancing and overall optimization are things that will benefit the most from the additional time we have thanks to our partnership with MY.GAMES. We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that supported us during Early Access. We know it’s not always easy to trust a company and developers, but we are making games because we love them and we want the best for you, us, and the gaming industry as a whole.
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    Uhh... just keeping this page active
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    Is this webpage dead? No conversation here...
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    Greetings! After reading this article (I don’t know how I came across it lol), a reasonable question arose in my head: why do the United States traditionally accuse of cyber attacks only those countries that do not agree with the White House agenda (Iran, China, Russia and North Korea?) I mean, don't you think that America itself carries out false flag operations, setting the world community against the above-mentioned states? All in all America has a whole Cyber Command, which like the rest of the army must also justify its existence. There’s no doubt the activities of this Cyber Command are not limited to just defensive operations. Best defense is a good offense after all. I can’t say much about Iran, China or the D.P.R.K. due to the lack of communication with the citizens of these countries, however, being familiar with the Russians, I can say that they are pretty funny and open-minded, despite their closed nature. And almost no one believes in conspiracy theories among them. Same can't be said for the United States. In the past year conspiracy theories have been taking center stage in American mainstream politics. At the same time, no convincing evidence was attached to any conspiracy theory, as well as to any large-scale cyber-incident. First, at the epoch of the Cold War American government scared its citizens by «hand of Moscow» and Russian mafia afterwards. With the fall of the “Iron Curtains”, everyone realized that the Russians, for the most part, are regular people who have common problems. Perhaps, with the rise of alternative media and development of information technologies as a whole, as well as realizing that the population is progressively losing confidence in national propaganda, the U.S. leadership has shifted to the area where it would be very difficult for an ordinary person to get to the truth – cyberspace. In fact, most cyber attacks do not require high skills or significant financial outlays, especially given the recent massive leak of NSA’s cyber tools (most likely NSA workers themselves dumped these tools). In my opinion, America and its allies themselves create conditions for accusation, presenting indirect evidence that can be interpreted as it wanted. Clearly, I admit that my (conspiracy) theory may be wrong or silly. However, I'm glad to read every single comment, especially if it is well-argued! Have a nice day everyone!
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    Why is there Heli drone in-game if this is confirmed?
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    It’s alright. But hey, at least the devs have an idea of some countries to include besides obvious ones like China. Still worth it!
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