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    @OkaniYoshiii Bonjour, bienvenue sur nos forums. Mon français est limité mais j'ai approuvé votre message. Des traductions incomplètes existent dans toutes les langues, même le polonais natif de Farm51. Le jeu est fait en anglais. Ils seront corrigés, mais j'aimerais dire que nous obtenons un nouveau menu dans le jeu, donc ceux-ci pourraient ne plus exister dans la version de développement. Merci pour votre rapport et votre contribution, veuillez profiter de votre séjour. Si vous parlez anglais et souhaitez de l'aide ou des réponses, je peux vous aider davantage dans notre section anglaise
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    I'm not gonna lie, I lol'd at this one
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    There is a big misconception of cheating going on right now. Usually, it is a matter of people who, lightly said, aren't the best at the game playing against people who packed hundreds or sometimes even thousands of hours into the game. Sometimes, it is a game fault, notably the sync between shots and animations is off, with the damage coming to the end user first, because that's what the server processes first. Then, you on the client side see the animations, so it can seem as someone just aimboted you mid sprint. Now, there is a server issue which seems to be connected with EU players on NA servers. You shoot at them, and they do not take damage, they hit you from time to time, and you keep spraying but only sometimes get a hit marker. Some may even notice, that while that happens you have infinite ammo. Now, the same is happening on the other end. You appear for them as they appear for you. You're spraying, and for them you're not shooting. You get the occasional hit, and that's when you shoot for them. This is a server issue, and chances are 99% of whatever you think are cheats are not cheats. If you have any solid evidence, email hacks@worldwar3.com with names and videos of said hacks. Leaderboards and often pictures are not proof. Name and shame is banned on the forums too, all that should be contained within the email.
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