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    Here we go again! After the 0.7 technical update, we can now start sharing content we've been working on during the technical work on the engine. Easily the biggest one is the new Breakthrough game mode, about which you can read more here. It's a very dynamic, quick-paced mode, with no time to stand around. Your split second decisions matter and one soldier can win the game with a good plant or last second defuse. It's available on all Warzone maps, some of them in the Large variant - so you'll be fighting in places that are normally not available in Warzone - like the school and train station on Warsaw or shopping mall on Moscow. Important: Breakthrough is going to have the Retreat mechanic expanded in the coming weeks to make it something unique and cool. Supporting this game mode is the new infantry HUD. It's not finished yet, the Strike Bar, Chat, Kill Feed and Score Feed are going to be refreshed as well, but it works a lot better and has a couple new features, like markers on the compass and animated icons with progress bars for gadgets. The respawns are also a lot better finally, but bear in mind that there's a few things coming to the respawning system during the time in PTE that will make this a lot better (like marking people that you can't spawn on and possibly people under fire being marked as dangerous spawns). Let's all test the new game mode, especially when it comes to spawn placement, station placement, possible exploits and overall balance for attackers and defenders. [KNOWN ISSUES] There's no warmup on PTE (so testing is easier) - this means that Breakthrough match balance will be skewed, If clicking Deploy on another player doesn't do anything, keep trying - this means that the game didn't find a suitable spawn for around them. If this happens on a point, report! PTE 0.8 Patch Notes [CONTENT] New game mode: Breakthrough, New Infantry HUD (WIP), Napalm Strike is in, [BUGFIXES] Fixed spawning in a wrong place when there's no space to spawn around selected player, Fixed being able to look inside a building with Mini Done gadget, Fixed lasers staying while throwing grenades, Other bugfixes.
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    We will take and share the questions for you, we won't be able to answer everything in one hour but it's not the last AMA and your questions might be answered at a later date if needed. Don't worry too much. Your questions will be answered by Kamil Bilczyński (Kamil Bilczynski), Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Farm 51, and Alexey Larionov(Curtainman), Producer at MY.GAMES. Some questions was answered, supplemented by community managers: [CM] Halth, [CM] Tyrell, [CM] ajem. [CM] Halth: Questions about Roadmap, content and development will be for another time. [CM] Tyrell: The issue is that we wanted to do this AMA fast to answer questions about MY.GAMES partnership. As everyone was worried about it. *** about F2P and P2W *** MY.GAMES do F2P projects. WW3 will become F2P with microtransactions? Who will observe microtransaction. Do the decisions remain with the F51? Or will the publisher dictate pricing? Will prices be regional? Curtainman: The details of the distribution model will be revealed later in 2020. However it’s important to mention that F51 will have full control over development process and the vision for World War 3. Additionally, in any case, we are not going to introduce pay2win elements to the game and we’re adamant in this decision already. [CM] Halth: Answers about "F2P", "partnership" were answered, but we can't answer to a question if we don't have the answer (such as release date) or if it's not related to the current AMA (content and development) [CM] Halth: But the answers will arrive sooner or later [CM] Tyrell: Yep, definitely won't be P2W *** about dates *** To Farm 51: When do you plan to release 0.9 update? Kamil Bilczynski: We will release new updates when they will be ready. Where answers about concrete dates? [CM] Halth: You prefer hearing about a random date then a lot of delay without being sure about anything? Giving hope is nice but if we are not sure about any release date, lying to the community or disappointing you all is a no-no [CM] Tyrell: Hey hey everyone! I get your feeling. As I said at the end of the AMA, I don't think sharing dates for the sake of sharing dates will be a good idea. I remember being very very disapointed when one of my favorite game shared a false date *** about MY.GAMES and partnership *** Will My.Games going to help you in other way than resources and expertise? What role will MY.GAMES have in development? Will they contribute staff, funds or leave it entirely up to F51? Will this deal help accelerate the development of new content like maps and weapons? Does the partnership have any personal consequences on Farm 51's side? I.e. have F51 employees been replaced by MyGames guys Kamil Bilczynski: A lot of questions In general - My.Games will help us in any aspect of WW3, to make this game more bigger and better. Thats why we chose My.Games as our strategic long-term partner for WW3 project new content like maps, weapons will come for sure How did the team and the people over at MyGames handle the significant backlash, angry comments and concerns they got from the community on the forums and discord? Kamil Bilczynski: I’m pretty sure that My Games is a perfect partner for WW3 project Before we sign a deal i had a lot of discussion with them, they really understand WW3 as game and player expectation as well. We have a solid plan how to improving WW3 together - don't' worry Why did you choose WW3 for a game to support if you are a producer of Warface (simillar FPS shooter game). Isn’t WW3 a competitor for your own title? Curtainman: We feel that World War 3 is already a great game and we want to work on it together with Farm 51 to make it even better as well as to attract new players to it! As for the Warface title. we are sure that both games provide unique gameplay experience and won’t interfere much with each other. Will mail.ru related to partnership? How? [CM] Halth: MY.GAMES is the gaming section of Mail.ru , so we are part of Mail.ru What My.Games will give WW3. 3 main items [CM] Halth: You mean what MY.GAMES will bring to the game? I won't consider myself as a "main item" but you got an exemple Help for publishing : Community management, Marketing and other things alon these lines How many years will your (Farm51and My.Games) cooperation last? Curtainman: You don’t usually put an expiration date on things like that, in this regard it’s like marriage:) But seriously, we trust this is going to be a long and fruitful cooperation. Is there a team at my.games now working or helping on the development of WW3? If yes, is there a specific area(s) which they are working on? Kamil Bilczynski: Yes - we are working pretty close together on many key areas! We will share more details about our cooperation when we will be ready to to that...we just starting Any chance for Partnerships or Partner Programs with content creators? [CM] Halth: Oh There will be Partner Programs with content creators (Yeah my words have less impact than Kamil or Alexey, but you can expect it for sure) Maybe some details regarding the partnership? What can we expect [CM] Halth: I guess it's the usual relationship between developers and publishers. Developers makes a good game, Publishers makes it known to a lot of people so it becomes a success Will there be any collaboration with other games that my.games published (for example Armored Warfare)? [CM] Halth: It might be an idea in the future but I guess we will want the game to be released first before proceeding to such a cross-over /collaboration. It's quite difficult especially when the two games are so differents What does my.games see for the future of World War 3? Curtainman: We think that as soon as the game is complete it has full potential to be a hit on Tactical FPS market and even the FPS market in general. As a publisher we will apply our resource and offer all the help to Farm51 to make this happen. *** about steam and access*** Why will the game be "on hold" for purchase exactly? When we loose opportunity to buy a game ? Curtainman: Players who have already purchased World War 3 in early access will be able to play it indefinitely. However, the game will no longer be available for purchase on Steam until further notice. We will certainly reveal full details about that later. Will there be any patches, big and small, before release? Can we update the game and play? How long it is going to stay in EA version? Curtainman: Game will be available on steam but will not be available for purchase until final release. We have some plans to share and test new improvements with players before 1.0 release, but for sure we don't want to show unfinished/untested updates. If people bought your game via Steam in an Early Access Phase for 99pln, what will they get when the game goes f2p and will it be worth the previous price? Curtainman: You'll definitely keep access to the game and you'll receive rich amount of game's content regardless of our distribution solution that is still to be announced later this year. With the professional QA team support from my.games can we still have access as players to the PTE environment maybe a bit before launch?, online players always find more bugs than QA teams [CM] Halth: Players who bought the game will have access to the game during the development so I expect you will be able to be our super wonderful QA What will veteran ww3 players receive during final release? Kamil Bilczynski: All early access players will be recognised as veterans and will receive special gifts when the game launches. Any purchases of in-game content made during the Early Access period will be transferred or refunded as in-game currency as appropriate. *** about game and new patch *** Do you believe that the key weaknesses of the game, I mean optimisation and servers can be finally repaired to satisfy players? Kamil Bilczynski: In my opinion together with My Games we have a much better starting point to polishing and improving the WW3 game and launch successful final release ! How many new maps are your team currently working on? Kamil Bilczynski: You will be surprised (we hope) Will you implement a complete and easy to follow tutorial? Kamil Bilczynski: Yes, we have such a plans Would you consider adding map voting after each round? Would you consider adding map rotation? [CM] Halth: I won't put this question in priority, as it's more of a good suggestion than a question Are we going to get a large "Arma" style map? [CM] Halth: I'm curious too, do you mean a map for a lot of players or more of a sandbox map? What part of development was so far the hardest one? (again without obvious ones i.e. release disaster or 0.3) Kamil Bilczynski: Creating a multiplayer FPS game is a constant challenge, every day...this is a nice story for another long conversation in the future (after successful final release) Will there be any DLC´s? Curtainman: We are certainly planning to release a post launch development roadmap as well as production plan later this year. When can we expect new teased content like animations to turn up? Kamil Bilczynski: When new stuff will be ready to release on live update Thanks to our cooperation with MyGames we will have access to professional QA team, which (we hope) help us a lot on bugfixing stage. Will there be more diversity for character customization? Kamil Bilczynski: I think today we have a lot of the options for character customization comparing to other fps game But Yes - more operators and outfits will come in future If you have any suggestions just send us an email what you want Is there a rework plan for some maps like Berlin, which is quite a weak map visually, compared to Smolensk or Polaryn. Kamil Bilczynski: We are improving old maps in terms of gameplay and visual part - you will be surprised What will be the weight for single player experience vs multiplayer? Kamil Bilczynski: Right now we are focusing on multiplayer..but who knows ? Maybe in the future we will release some pure-hard tactical single player campaign...but right now we are focusing on multiplayer How will be the WW3 protected against cheaters? Nowadays every FPS has tons of cheaters. Curtainman: Yes you’re right it’s an important issue to handle. However, both MY.GAMES and Farm51 have experience in managing FPS games and dealing with this problem accordingly and that’s exactly what we intend to do As far as how exactly it goes, we will reveal the details as soon as they are set, prepared and finalized. *** about consoles and other platforms *** On what conslole will be the game? Ps4 or xbox ? [CM] Halth: Consoles are not on topic as we want the game to be ready and running on PC first (it's in the answers) On what type of consoles do you plan to release the game and when? What is the role of My.game in porting process? Curtainman: We are very excited for the new generation of consoles as well as the possibilities of console release in general, but we want to first focus on delivering the best possible experience to PC players. Currently we don’t have any announcements to share regarding bringing WW3 to other platforms. *** about communication*** What happened to communication over the last three months? Kamil Bilczynski: We were working pretty hard on project and talking about cooperation details with My Games. Is Ragir still working on this game or he is fired? [CM] ajem: yeah, Ragir is still working on this game Can we expect some regular information/communication again or will the development go on "in the dark"? Curtainman: We will certainly keep you informed of our progress. We are going to release WW3 development roadmap and production plans later this year. Will you release past videos, photos, etc. of development from early on, before EA release? Some fun stuff, some serious stuff, both? Kamil Bilczynski: Sure,why not *** about regions *** What are your expectations regarding to chinese market release? Do you think My.games can help with it? Kamil Bilczynski: Definitely, asian market is very important for us and for our strategy a i’m pretty sure that My Games as global publisher will help us to manage WW3 on asian regions The game will become regional? Russians play only with Russians, Chinese only with Chinese, Europeans only with European e.t.c.? Kamil Bilczynski: At this moment we don't have any plans to have a different "region-separations" comparing to today WW3 servers. *** about technical *** To Farm 51: Do you still plan to replace microsoft servers with linux servers? Kamil Bilczynski: Yes, we are considering linux servers as sold alternative for windows servers. RTX and DLSS 2.0, will be support for this? Kamil Bilczynski:Sure, why not - to be honest, we are evaluating this possibility *** *** Can we expect answers to unanswered questions after this AMA? Curtainman: We are going to be posting a summary of our today’s AMA this week and we’ll try our best to add some more info there:) However, you see, some things are still in production or under discussion and we will be sharing them as soon as we can. [CM] Halth: Please note that few questions will be answered later and you will receive a recap of this AMA soon [CM] Tyrell: We will be back soon with the recap from the ama and some more questions answered.
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    Hello, Soldiers! It's been a while, but there are good reasons for it: we're working on some big stuff in the background and we're very excited to share those things with you at a later date. While that is going on, we wanted to make some improvements to the current state of the game, so there are a few big items on the list below. Mainly, the PhysX crash has been fixed. It seems to be a bug in how UE4 handles collision and we can't be 100% sure our fix will cover all cases, but from our internal testing we've had 0 crashing related to this issue. We've also fixed some long standing bugs, like the dark parking lot and some minor issues. There's a few improvements as well, like the new Breakthrough Station sounds, client update speed and the Continue button sending people off to far away lands on a laggy adventure. The last one is just a temporary fix while we work on the matchmaking, so don't worry - it's coming back one way or another. Update 0.8.7 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed the PhysX crash, Fixed Warsaw underground parking lot postprocess, Fixed capture point icon going grey on Warzone, Fixed SCAR-H having no sight in the default loadout, Fixed character becoming invisible when possessing Mini UGV or Mini Drone, Fixed repair station not repairing vehicles if repairing was interrupted, Fixed OTV strike granting too many Battlepoints, FIxed damaging enemy vehicle with suicide drone not adding points when the player is not controlling it at the moment, Fixed not being able to place AT Mines, Fixed Semtex grenades not detonating other Semtexes when exploding, Fixed smoke grenade mesh and marker disappearing halfway through the smoke animation, now the mesh disappears in the moment of activation. Fixed the tablet not hiding after using OTV, Fixed claymore explosion not triggering other explosives, and claymore itself, FIxed not being able to edit equipment configs when using special characters to name them, Fixed some meshes that were clipped through by the camera, Fixed the Battle Robot top speed being too high, Fixed mouse cursor if the game finishes while the player was using the tablet, Fixed thermal scopes not working on Berlin Warzone, [IMPROVEMENTS] New Breakthrough sounds, Added XP notification for repairing friendly vehicles, Improved the invisible character situation (it still needs more testing), Problem with "Continue" after match - temporarily all matches end by sending players to the menu, Improved update speed - might be noticeable after the next patch and it's still not 100% there.
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    Breakthrough game mode supports 10v10 players in every match. At the start, the teams are split into two groups: attacking and defending. Attacking team starts with only one respawn point: their main base. Defenders have all points captured and can spawn on any of them, setting up defenses or just trying to get to the frontlines as soon as possible. Each point represents an objective (a Radio Station) that the attackers have to destroy. They can do it by planting an explosive charge [default: F] and defending it for 40 seconds or by just destroying the Radio Station with normal explosives – RPGs, tank shells, airstrikes, C4 and even grenades. Not all Stations are in the open, so ranged explosive attacks won’t work on some of them. Map is divided into 4 areas (A -> D) with 2 Radio Stations in each of them, called 1 and 2. As an example, here’s a look at Moscow at the start of the game as the defender: The attackers start on the bottom of the map and go through A to D, having to destroy both points before advancing. This means that if the attackers coordinate, they can easily pin down the defenders and let the other squad take one of the points. Every Breakthrough match starts with 15 minutes left on the timer. When the timer reaches 0, defending team wins. Each time the attackers destroy a Station, if the timer was below 5 minutes, it will set the timer to 5 minutes left. This means that in the case of dominance of the defending team, the game will end after 15 minutes, but if the attackers break through, they will still have time to use that momentum to push further. In theory, the game can go up to 30 minutes if the fight is really fierce, but we’ve mostly seen it ending in 15 or 20 minutes. Every time a pair of points is captured, the area becomes locked for the defenders, giving them 60 seconds to retreat to the next defensive position. During retreat, all defenders are marked as long as they stay in the closed zone. After 60s elapse, they will get the out of bounds message. Attackers can only attack the closest pair of points to them, they can’t go further into the enemy territory. Attackers win when all Radio Stations are destroyed and the timer has not run out. Breakthrough works on all current and future Warzone maps, using the Large variants on some of them, so as an example, on Moscow you get to fight in the shopping gallery to the north. All strikes are available in Breakthrough, but scoring Battlepoints is not as quick as in Warzone. This means working with your squad is more important than ever to gain an advantage in the form of strikes, vehicles and other support. Remember to mark objectives as a leader! Breakthrough is fast, dynamic and very intense compared to Warzone, which is exactly what we’ve been looking for for the third game mode. It sits somewhere between Team Deathmatch and Warzone in moment-to-moment intensity but it’s not as simple as TDM – you still need to flank well and think about your approach, because each respawn is costing you valuable time.
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    Hey, I just wanted to add that Team GiD is giving away 3 GiD T-shirts on top of us giving away World War 3 keys! The rules are simple: All clips that get into the trailer are entered to win shirts, A jury comprised of GiD members and F51 devs will choose 3 clips that they like the best, 3 people get a customized, high quality T-shirt. Good luck!
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    As the Title says I would like to hear some news ,and I guess a lot of others too, WE the players would like to hear anything from the Devs of Farm51 or maybe from MY.GAMES!!! Please no old copy/paste news... give players who still have confidence in your product and still play it some news for god sake...they deserve it! Just something like "Yes we are working on movement also performance and the engine...here is some teezer footage....!!! Something like that.
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    Not optimization, not content, not meta/balance changes. WW3's biggest issue to this day, IMO, is the October 2018 launch. Somewhere over 10K people tried to play, and very few could get in. It left a very poor and defining reputation on the game. I still see this issue referenced above all others in forums/reddit when anyone mentions WW3. It was very unfortunate and arguably poorly handled, regarding the launch. But I think it's a real shame that people are ignoring the game because of that. The EA period hasn't been totally smooth, and that hasn't helped. But I really think if that launch issue didn't occur, the game would have grown a decent-sized core community that stuck around. In a gaming industry of billion dollar corporations (and even some indies) compromising their games to sell MTX, ignoring players to chase trends, etc., TF51 is genuinely trying to make an uncompromised game that both they and the players want to play. Black Matter with their WW2 game is doing something very similar. So I just wanted to remind players: Even though launch was poor, even though you may be disgruntled with balance changes or content, even if performance isn't good for you... The Farm 51 are the good guys. Abandoning and ridiculing them is not good for gaming. I know market forces are more powerful than one forum post, but those of you still checking in, please consider this and potentially defending WW3 when you see negative comments on forums/social media. The game deserves critique in certain areas, but it deserves praise in many others and it is very deserving of a second chance. Not confident about this anymore. Big red flags with the my.games deal and that AMA.
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    Pograłem chwilkę w WW3 i dołożę tutaj kilka swoich przemyśleń (bardziej o całej grze, aniżeli o samej aktualizacji 0.8, bo w tryb przełamania miałem przyjemność zagrać trzy razy, za każdym razem przy niepełnej liczbie graczy). 1) Pozytywne aspekty: a) map design - dla mnie mapy są skonstruowane świetnie. Na każdej z nich znajduje się wystarczająca ilość wolnej przestrzeni, którą mogą zdominować pojazdy/snajperzy, jak i odpowiednia ilość miejsca, gdzie pojazdy nie dotrą/mają utrudnione dotarcie i piechota zyskuje na przewadze. b) nie kojarzę drugiej takiej strzelanki, w której tak przyjemnie strzelałoby mi się z broni. Pewnie składa się na to przyjemny TTK (nie grałem w WW3 przed 0.8, więc nie mam porównania ze wcześniejszymi) jak i sam rozrzut i kilka innych składowych c) przyjemny balas piechoty względem pojazdów- tutaj mam na myśli po pierwsze możliwość uszkodzenia optyki w pojazdach, co jest super zabiegiem, jak i czas reakcji samej wieży czołgowej i podobnych rzeczy w innych pojazdach naziemnych. Dodatkowo poprzez design map, pojazdy nie są aż tak śmiercionośnie, bo nie każdy punkt da się nimi zdobyć, a nawet jeżeli dotrzemy do każdego z nich, to dużej szansy na walkę z piechotą nie mamy w ciasnych korytarzach, gdzie nie ma możliwości na jakiekolwiek manewrowanie nimi. d) customizacja - wiem, że ma być zmieniane całe menu (no chyba że się mylę), ale mimo wszystko to co teraz jest (pomimo błędów jakie posiada) jest bardzo, ale to bardzo przyjemne i rozbudowane. Idzie się w nim zgubić, ale jego obszerność to wielki plus, można tam przesiadywać godzinami. 2) To były te najważniejsze aspekty pozytywne. Jest ich znacznie więcej, ale nie chce pisać elaboratu na ten temat. Będzie jeszcze czas żeby was wychwalać za to co osiągniecie jeżeli dopracujecie to co macie i dociągniecie projekt do końca. Także pora przejść do tych negatywnych rzeczy: a) optymalizacja i poruszanie się- wrzucam to w jeden punkt, gdyż pierwsza część jest zawsze robiona pod koniec projektu, gdzie wszystko jest gotowe co jest dość zrozumiałe (ale zawsze o tym warto wspomnieć, żebyście nie zapomnieli), natomiast to drugie będzie zmienione razem z aktualizacją 0.9. Zapowiada się wybornie po krótkiej prezentacji z tygodniowego raportu, więc trzymam kciuki! Mam też nadzieję, że prócz samego wizualnego aspektu poruszania się ogarniecie takie rzeczy jak blokujące krawężniki, przyklejanie się postaci do pojazdów, cofające się postacie wyskakujące z okna, blokowanie się na skałach (głównie smoleńsk i polyarny), brak możliwości przeskoczenia zwykłych przeszkód (chociażby pojazdy na mapie Moskwa, które są między C1 a C2, jak czołg, który jest niższy niż płotek, a nie da się na niego wejść, aby go sprawnie ominąć), brak możliwości wyskoczenia z niektórych okien, oraz brak możliwości wejścia do niektórych budynków przez okna (głównie mapa smoleńsk)- to dla widoku pierwszoosobowego+ mam nadzieję, ze widok trzecioosobowy również ulegnie całkowitej zmianie, bo chwilowo te postacie biegają jak drewniaki. b) kolizje/poruszanie się pojazdów- praktycznie na każdej mapie gram pojazdami (głównie czołgi), mniej więcej wiem jak już jeździć, żeby poruszać się płynnie, ale początki to było istne piekło. Zaczynając od podjazdów pod strome góry (smoleńsk/polyarny), gdzie w połowie górki czołg staje i nie idzie wyjechać dalej, ale wystarczy się obrócić i wyjechać tyłem, to wtedy w czołgu pojawia się napęd odrzutowy i pod górę tyłem wyjeżdża szybciej niż przodem (no chyba że to tak ma być). To samo tyczy się wszystkich większych dziur/lejów po pociskach, gdzie wjechać łatwo, ale wyjechać się nie da (no chyba że tyłem). Płotki/murki- wiem że ciężki temat, bo UE4, gdzie destrukcja jest prawie znikoma, ale niektóre rzeczy irytują, jak murki na Warszawie/Berlinie/Moskwie gdzie nie da się ich zniszczyć (choć są mniejsze niż te betonowe, przez które przejeżdża się jak przez masło) i pojazd bardzo często blokuje się w dziwacznej pozycji- strasznie irytujące. Kolejna rzecz to kolizje z pojazdami, w szczególności własnymi. Najpierw było śmieszne, teraz już lekko irytujące, jak przypadkowo ktoś w Ciebie wjedzie i nagle łączycie się jakimś klejem w jeden pojazd, którego nie da się rozdzielić. Albo inny czołg przepycha cię na respie, bo też chce się naprawić, po czym dostaje dziwnych drgawek, by zaraz wystrzelić w kosmos . c) błędy (tak wiem, wczesny dostęp, dlatego przymykam na nie oko i staram się robić wszystko, żeby mi się nie przytrafiły)- ale te najbardziej irytujące to: penetracja powierzchni- to generalnie pozytywny aspekt gry, bardzo mi się podoba możliwość strzelania przez cienkie ściany, drzwi, beton, blachy itd., ale żeby nie dało się strzelać przez krzaki na Warszawie, czy choinki na Moskwie albo kabel z prądem między dwoma słupami na polyarnym (przy c2- nad garażami)? Kolejna rzecz, to penetracja powierzchni przez artylerie i tym podobne- schowasz się w blaszaku przy A2 na Moskwie, to jesteś bezpieczny, ale już betonowa konstrukcja obok żadnej ochrony nie zapewnia (oczywiście wszystko do poprawy i połatania, zrozumiałe). Dodatkowo nie raz miałem sytuacje, iż pociski wystrzelone z czołgu wybuchają tuż obok gracza, który wychyla się zza osłony, a mimo to nie zadają żadnych obrażeń, bądź pociski (wystrzelone z armaty) przez niego przenikają. Kolejną rzeczą, która chwilowo irytuje to brak możliwości zniszczenia niektórych pojazdów innymi pojazdami- wczoraj miałem sytuacje na Moskwie, gdzie przeciwnik wjechał respiarką na A2 na piętro- władowałem w niego 13 pocisków z armaty czołgowej, które nie zadały żadnych obrażeń, trochę dziwne. Respiarka stała tam z 10 minut, dopóki, ktoś nie zniszczył jej nalotem, bo RPG też nie działało. Co prawda zdarzyło mi się tak raptem dwa razy na ~30 godzin spędzonych w WW3, ale bardzo irytujące i dające ogromną przewagę przeciwnikowi. Nie da się wprowadzić jakiegoś mechanizmu, gdzie do pozostawionej respiarki da się wsiąść i uruchomić chociażby autodestrukcje, jak w przypadku innych pojazdów? Jeszce jeden błąd bardzo irytujący, to często psujące się pojazdy, na które wydaje ciężko zdobyte punkty- zdarza się że wezwany czołg nie ma gąsienicy i nie da się nim jeździć; po otwarciu kontenera z pojazdem leży on na plecach, by po 5 sekundach wybuchnąć. Albo blokujące się naboje/pociski- zdarza się że nie wiedzieć z jakiego powodu nie da się strzelać z armaty czołgowej/działka przy innych pojazdach, mimo że pocisków jest pełno. d) dźwięki- tutaj na ogromny plus dźwięki z broni/pojazdów, mnie się bardzo podobają, więc gratulacje dla Pana dźwiękowca/ekipy odpowiedzialnej za dźwięk. Bardziej rozchodzi mi się o gościa, któremu nie zamyka się jadaczka (narrator, czy jak tam go nazwać) i ciągle go słychać, dla mnie spory natłok informacji- tracimy punkt X, przejmujemy punkt Y, respiarka zniszczona, respiarka się pojawiła, jesteśmy zagłuszani, dron zwiadowczy dostępny, dron wroga cośtam cośtam, nalot, twój czołg dostępny. Niektóre z tych informacji są jak najbardziej przydatne (typu nalot wroga) ale inne dla mnie pozbawione są sensu, przecież mam mapę/jest HUD i wszystko widzę. Co do dźwięków, zdarza się równeż że niektórych brakuje, jak odgłos niszczenia tych małych betonowych płyt jak rozjeżdża się je czołgiem. Wydaje mi się również, że jak przeciwnik podchodzi od pleców, to nie słychać kroków (jak się porusza kucając, to i tak zawsze coś słychać [przynajmniej jak moja postać się porusza kucając], a tutaj nie słychać nic, przy względnej ciszy otoczenia). e) respy- hm, jakoś ujdzie, przyzwyczajony jestem po BF3, gdzie nie były one jakieś super, no ale zdarzy się zrespić na punkcie i zginąć od razu. Dodatkowo, ten resp, który pojawia się od czasu do czasu w jakimś losowym miejscu na mapie aby wspomóc drużynę przeciwną jest super pomysłem, ale wykonanie całkowicie do dupy. Nie raz jak tak się respiłem to przeciwnik czekał sobie z boku i wszystkich zabijał, bo respiliśmy się w tym samym miejscu f) serwery/rotacja- serwery jak serwery, wiem że do dopracowania, ale chyba nie zdarzyło mi się dograć mapy do samego końca na polyarnym czy smoleńsku, bo mniej więcej po 20/30 minutach gry wywala serwer. Rzadziej się to dzieje na starych mapach, ale jednak też się zdarzy. Co do rotacji, to też trochę dziwne. Nie raz grałem w nocy, gdzie na warzonie było ~20 osób, a rotacja po skończonej mapie rozdzielała nas na dwa serwery po 10 osób. Aktualny system wydaje się okej przy większej liczbie graczy, ale o tym przekonamy się dopiero po patchu 0.9/darmowym weekendzie bądź premierze. Natomiast dla mnie całkiem przyjemne rozwiązanie mają BFy, gdzie po skończonej rozgrywce można zagłosować na inną mapę, bądź mapę losową i wtedy przerzucało by wszystkich graczy na taki serwer. Oczywiście podejrzewam, że może to być dość trudne do napisania i czasochłonne, także liczę na to, ze przy większej liczbie graczy, ta rotacja, która teraz jest zaimplementowana będzie działała lepiej. g) netcode- generalnie bardzo solidny, ale dla mnie największą bolączką jest to, że zdarzają się momenty wymiany ognia z przeciwnikiem, gdzie trafiam w niego 5 razy, on we mnie raz (przynajmniej tak wynika z wizualnego i dźwiękowego aspektu), a jednak to ja ginę pierwszy. Po chwili na killcamie okazuje się, że jednak trafił mnie 5 razy, co jest dość sprzeczne z tym co widziałem i słyszałem. Podejrzewam, że tak zostanie z tego co wyczytałem z discorda, czy może jednak będziecie coś w tym kierunku jeszcze próbowali robić (o ile jest to możliwe)? To by było na tyle, przynajmniej z tych ważniejszych. Oczywiście cała ekipa zasługuje na wielkie brawa, bo projekt wygląda bardzo ambitnie, sam 'szkielet' gry jest bardzo rozbudowany, dla mnie dorównuje to innym produkcjom AAA, przy dużo mniejszej liczbie osób zaangażowanych w jego tworzenie i pewnie przy jeszcze bardziej ograniczonym budżecie. Obyście dowieźli go do końca, bo ta gra naprawdę wygląda solidnie i jeżeli uporacie się ze wszystkimi jej bolączkami to zasługuje na drugą szanse.
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    It's time of the year. World War 3 Team want to wish everyone of you Merry Christmas, make sure in that special day you spend time with your loves ones and think about people that can not be here with you. - World War 3 Team
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    After some time on the PTE, we finally got one. It's still not perfect, there are some bugs, but nothing is game breaking and it should be a lot better than 0.8.2. Let us know and happy shooting! Update 0.8.3 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] New Icons for Ammo, Equipment and Med packs to increase visibility, Added Spawn Warnings (Suppressed/No space) for Deployment Widget, Added Markers Objectives Border to ignore progress color, Added new HUD animations and information for Breakthrough, New altitude widget sliders in Heli Drone, Suicide Drone Layout improvements, Static part for tilt widget in Heli Drone, Added new animations for Breakthrough messages, Changed some HUD layouts: (strikes position, inventory widget, player status widget), [BUGFIXES] Leviathan should no longer crash the game, SCAR-H should no longer crash the game, All TPP and FPP vehicle HUDs are working properly now, Anders is back after extended maintenance, Fixed detonation timer not working properly on Breakthrough, Fixed not being able to plant charges on Breakthrough, Fixed opacity on capture point display on the map, Fixed progress offset for capture points, Fixed opening ESC Menu with opened scoreboard allowing you to control the player, Fixing repair station (out of battle zone) placement on Moscow Warzone, Deleting problematic blocking volume and fixing boundaries of battle zone in east side of Warsaw on Warzone, Removed an option to change role on Breakthrough, Fixed Mini Drone icon on the map being visible for all players on the server, Fixed character leaning too much when next to a wall, Fixed suppress effect not working correctly, Fix for Commando not dealing damage, Stop peeking location of the pawn to spawn on, when character already spawned, [MISCELLANEOUS] Added holiday flair to the main menu, Added holiday sweaters to customization, Customization - Added missing flag thumbnails, Customization - character skin thumbnails rework, Added challenge modifier for killing enemies with shots in specific bones (no new challenges yet, just an option for us to add them),
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    Witajcie Żołnierze! Obecnie pracujemy nad aktualizacja 0.8 na serwerach PTE, wraz z nowym trybem Przełamanie (Breakthrought). To nie znaczy że na obecnej wersji na serwerach Live nic się nie będzie działo, głównie wprowadzamy poprawki z problemem replikacji graczy ( wiąże się z tym brak markerów albo nieodpowiednie kolory markerów) no i oczywiście poprawa wydajności. Przygotowaliśmy dla was listę zmian która nadchodzi z aktualizacja 0.7.2. Aktualizacja 0.7.2 Lista Zmian [DEBUG] Dodano TeamManager do debugowania tego co znajduje się po stronie klienta i serwera, ma to nam pomóc w znajdowaniu większej ilości błędów, [NAPRAWA BŁĘDÓW] Wiele poprawek do replikacji druzyn ( brak oznaczeń, błędne kolory ), W silniku Unreal Engine zmieniono jak aktorzy replikują się aby zredukować crash'e serwerów, Naprawiono Serwerowy Crash powiązany z debugiem danych, Poprawki do okluzji dźwiękowej i przestrzenności, Naprawiono brak cząsteczek zniszczonych obiektów na początku rozgrywki, [OPTYMALIZACJA] [UE] Naprawiono ścinki OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() na wątku renderowania, [UE] Naprawiono ścinki wątku renderowania kiedy aktualizują się parametry skalarne materiału, [UE] Poprawki do przeładowania assetów, które już zostały przeładowane ( zredukowanie ścinek ), [UE] Wyłączono potwierdzanie w kilku aktorach, [UE] Wyłączono obliczenia DoF (depth of field - głębia ostrości) dla zdalnych pojazdów. - Zespół World War 3
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    Welcome to the first installment of the World War 3 Devlog! Following the announcement of our new partnership with MY.GAMES, we still have some exciting news for you - let’s jump in. Strategic Partnership We know we have been a bit quiet lately, but there’s a good reason for all this silence - finding good partnership is not easy if you are looking for one. This took a long time and we had to keep it under wraps until we could tell you about it. We are very excited about our new partnership with MY.GAMES, an industry leading publisher with a global reach and years of experience, specifically with online multiplayer shooters. We have talked with many potential partners, but it was MY.GAMES that seemed to understand World War 3 the best, which was the most important thing for us. It’s crucial to work with someone you can trust, who understands games, how they are developed, and what makes them work. That kind of partner can be a valuable ally instead of taking control and not knowing what to do with it. Creative Control The most important requirement we had for working with someone was retaining control over what is being put into the game. We know our game best, and we wanted to make sure it is not being changed for any reason than to make it better for our players. You can read more in our official press release, but these words from Kamil Bilczyński, Project Lead and Creative Director of World War 3, tell the story best: “We are happy to announce the partnership with MY.GAMES and benefit from their wealth of experience in publishing multiplayer shooters. Our collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that we can take a truly global approach to publishing World War 3, while remaining faithful to our original vision for the game as we work on enhancing its core gameplay, polishing mechanics, and pushing the boundaries of the overall scale of the project.” The point about us retaining creative control is one of the most important ones. This partnership lets us focus more on the game itself, the gameplay, the overall experience, while the experts take care of publishing, marketing, community management, customer support, and backend infrastructure. Of course, this does not mean that we will be excluded from these areas - we will cooperate on all fronts. The second major point is the time for polishing and optimizing the game. Thanks to the partnership, we will have more time to make sure World War 3 is the best game it can be. We all see the big potential in our game and we are sure that the MY.GAMES support will help us awaken this potential and realize our vision fully. The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES AMA To share our excitement about this partnership, we hosted an AMA for our community on May 12. You can now find the transcript on the official website here. In summary, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for World War 3. With the additional support from MY.GAMES and us being able to focus on the game side more, we hope to see our game flourish and become one of the top shooters on the planet. We are still working hard on bringing you more content and updates, and we are not going anywhere any time soon. If you’re here reading this article, it’s mainly to learn more about the future content. Without further ado, here is the 2020 roadmap. 2020 Plans Asian Theater of War So far, World War 3 has been limited to Europe, but that was never the plan. This year we are expanding into new territories and adding new maps and gear from Asia. More information on the specifics of the Asian theatre of war will be coming later in 2020. New Maps, Strikes, and Weapons Apart from the themed Asian Theater of War content, we will also update the game with more content from all around the world. More toys to play with, new vehicles to drive around in, and new things to drop on the enemy. We are also planning to look back at existing maps to implement some of the feedback we got from you to make them a better experience for everyone, and better places to fight. New Movement System The already-previewed movement system is crucial for us in terms of gameplay and pushing forward with more content. We have done a lot of work in preparation for expanding the game and we are really happy with how it turned out. New movement system will elevate World War 3 in terms of gunplay, the movement itself, animation quality, and future expandability. Real-time Weapon Customization A lot of our players asked about the mid-match weapon customization. This will be now possible with a new real-time weapon customization system. You will be able to switch weapon attachments in and out depending on the situation around you. New UI and HUDs We are tirelessly working on updating the HUDs and developing new Customization UI – we hope that both of them will make the game feel much better. Our goal here is to make them easy to use when dealing with the new complexity of customization systems. We are also working on tuning it to give us more options to expand and improve in the future. New Progression System The main goal of this change is to give all players something to do each time they log into World War 3. It does not matter if you are a new player or you’ve been playing the game for thousands of hours, there should always be something meaningful for you to do and the new progression fulfills this goal. Overall Polishing and Performance Improvements With the core gameplay being near complete, we want to focus on making sure the game is as fun and playable as possible. While we have been constantly working on this during the Early Access phase, with more and more features being completed, we can put more resources and people into the polishing work that needs to be done. Fixing bugs and polishing, balancing and overall optimization are things that will benefit the most from the additional time we have thanks to our partnership with MY.GAMES. We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that supported us during Early Access. We know it’s not always easy to trust a company and developers, but we are making games because we love them and we want the best for you, us, and the gaming industry as a whole.
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    Hello again! We've had some major reworks completed this week, so able to push the newest update your way, with some cool fixes. There also has been some hardware changes on our machines to make sure the game is more stable, so let us know if you have any issues. Update 0.8.6 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed Anders PhysX crash, Fixed Quad and Buggy summon limit, Fixed not gaining XP for repairing friendly vehicles (they still don't show up on HUD, but are calculated properly now), Fixed Breakthrough Radio Station being marked after destruction, Fixed Breakthrough Radio Station being marked as objective after destruction, Fixed Breakthrough Station markers interfering with using strikes via map, Fixed Zuni rockets not dealing enough damage to destroy UAV, Fixed UGV summon limit not being counted properly, Fixed some minimap markers staying on the map after parent object is destroyed (Mini Drone, UGV Battle Robot, UGV Leviathan), Fixed canted red dot reticle not appearing after switching from main one, Fixed Battle Robot max speed, Fixed TPP/FPP HUD for Drones, Fixed friendlies appearing on compass widget as red markers, Fixed overlapping HUD when in vehicles, SCAR-H: Fixed wrong default handguard appearing after clearing the CASV handguard, Fixed Screen Space Reflections setting being reset on game restart, Fixed music volume setting being reset on game restart, Fixed debug .dll files being included with shipping build, making playing on Windows 7 crash the game, Fixed Battle Robot with radar map circles staying on the map after BR is destroyed, [IMRPOVEMENTS] Changed some hardware on the server hosting machines - let us know if this helped! Markers rework (this is a WIP, please let us know about any bugs you find), Added "Bombing Kill" and "Artillery Kill" to kill feed icon list, Gadget refill progress bar will now autohide when not updating, Improvements to air vehicle HUDs.
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    I'm going to have to check this to be 100% sure, but AFAIK only Valve can issue VAC bans, we are issuing game bans. Sorry for the mixup! This one is one me, I'll make sure to fix this in the WR as well. As for my absence, I'm taking some time off community work as it's impacting my sleep and work overall and I need to focus on making sure the game is done, I'll come back as soon as possible ^^
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    Hey Folks So, I finally managed to find enough free time to begin working on some Map rework suggestions for the new Breakthrough game mode. I really wanted to do this before Breakthrough left the PTE, unfortunately I just didn't have the time to do so, and needless to say the Devs don't work around my busy life (I know, what a magical shock lol.) Anyways! Using a combination of things from my small & large Breakthrough suggestion posts, I've come up with this suggestion to possibly improve the Breakthrough experience on Polyarny. I'm not a digital snake oil salesmen, I'm not going to make "Oh it will cure all the problems" promises. The suggestions are just that, suggestions. What the Developers do or don't do with them is up to them. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Polyarny Breakthrough Map Rework. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Main Goals of this rework. Utilize as much of the map as possible. Find places where Area Spawns can be placed for both Teams that require little to no large scale changes to the map. Make sure the Area Spawns are 100% or near 100% safe to spawn into with little to no changes to the map required. Find places where a variety of Objective Types and Targets can be placed that feels fitting to the map. Give faction friendly Vehicles to the respective teams. Create a light story to go with the Map, Objective Types, and Targets. ---- Starter Vehicles for the Teams. (West - Attacking Team starter Vehicles) VAB Command Vehicle Wolverine IFV (East - Defending Team starter Vehicles) Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV ---- Polyarny Breakthrough Story (West - Attacking Team) After a successful Amphibious Invasion on the local Shipyard. Western Forces are prepared to push deeper into the Town of Polyarny to expand their control over the region, and ultimately the Kola Peninsula. However, the East will not allow such a major port to fall without a fight and has sent reinforcements to take the Shipyard back. It is up to the Western Invasion Force to quickly secure Polyarny and establish defenses to prepare for the Eastern counter-attack or risk being pushed back into the Barents Sea. (East - Defending Team) With the loss of the local Shipyard, Eastern Defense Forces have been pushed back deeper into the Town of Polyarny, and now stand alone against a Western Invasion Force. Eastern Command will not allow such an important Shipyard to fall though without a fight and reinforcements have been dispatched to support the Defense force of Polyarny in recapturing the Shipyard. It is critical that the Defense Force holds out long enough for reinforcements to show up to counter the Western invasion and push them back out into the Barents Sea. ---- Polyarny redesign Concept Map and Markers. Much like with what happened with Berlin's Breakthrough map, I'd like to see the Attacking Team moved to opposite side of the map, preferably the Deployment zone for the West Team in Polyarny's Warzone map. From this zone the Attacking team will then attempt to capture the Alpha Sector, Bravo Sector, Charlie Sector, Delta Sector, and finally Echo Sector. Defenders will have a choice to either start in Alpha's Spawn Area located in Echo Sector (aka the Red bar) or spawn in their Deployment Zone if they wish to bring Vehicles up to the frontline. Inside each of these sectors you will notice one or more markings in them. The markings are as followed- White Star in a Black Circle - Attacking Team Spawn Area. Solid Colored Bars - Defending Team Spawn Area. A1/A2 - E1/E2 - The general location of the Objective Points in the Sector. The Spawn Areas above are a suggestion to replace the Objective Spawn System currently in Breakthrough. The Objective Spawning System is (in my personal opinion) extremely unfit for this game mode and is too easily abused against the Defending Team since their spawn zones can be camped to the point that Defenders are almost instantly killed upon spawning in. However, Spawning Areas do come with their own problems and these problems can already be experienced by the Attacking Team on Berlin where they can be pinned into their starter deplyoment area by the Defending team. So, having experienced life on both sides of the fence, I think I may have found a good balance of Distance & Security for Spawning Areas for both Teams. However, without actually getting to test this, it's pure speculation. But, with a mixture of trial & error and some prop additions or movement, I believe the Spawn Area can work for both teams just fine. Here are a list of screenshots of the areas I suggest for the Area Spawns if they're to be added. (West - Attacking) Alpha Sector Area Spawn after capturing Alpha Bravo Sector Area Spawn after capturing Bravo Charlie Sector Area Spawn after capturing Charlie Delta Sector Area Spawn after capturing Delta (East - Defending) Alpha Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Alpha Bravo Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Bravo Charlie Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Charlie Delta Sector/Echo Sector Area Spawns during Defense of Delta/Echo - The screenshots I took didn't come out very good and I've had a problem getting spawned on the Eastern Team to get the screenshots. Moving on to Objectives now however, things begin to really change. My 2nd biggest complaint about Breakthrough is that it basically feels like a carbon copy of Battlefield's rush right now in regards to Objectives & Objective targets. However, I know the Devs are using the Radio stations primarily because it's easier to move those than what I'm going to suggest. That said though, I do want to see WW3's Breakthrough be as different as possible from Battlefield's Rush. So, at the risk of being metaphorically lynched by everyone, here we go- ---- Alpha Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Alpha 1 General location Link Objective Type: Cache Destruction Objective Target: Supply Cache Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Supply Cache How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Cache or use explosive based weapons & gadgets. Bomb timer: 40 Seconds Note: I would just use the spot the current Radio Station is using. Alpha 2 General location Link Objective Type: Secure & Extract Objective Target: "Experimental" Battle Robot Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Supply Cache How to Capture: Stand in the capture zone Capture time: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.) Upon the Battle Robot being "Secured" a Helicopter Drone will fly down to "Extract" it. Special note: I'm not sure how easy it would be to make a prop using the Battle Robot, so...sorry if I just basically requested a lot of work on top of the coming suggestions of a lot more work. Alpha Sector Story (West - Attacking Team) Alright Team, advance on Polyarny and expect resistance from what remains of the Eastern Forces here. They have been moving supplies into the area in preperation of your arrival and have a strange new UGV there to assist them that doesn't seem operational at the moment. Secure the UGV, destroy their supplies, and get Polyarny under control People! (East - Defending Team) Reinforcements should be here soon, Team. We don't have a lot of supplies left, so make sure to protect your cache, and ensure the new UGV doesn't fall into enemy hands! ---- Bravo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Bravo 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Radio Station Objective: Destroy the enemy Radio Station How to Destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Radio Station or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new placement for the Radio Station. Special note: Radio Station should be where the flipped table is in my opinion and if a little extra cover could be placed in there Bravo 2 General location Link Objective Type: Intelligence Secure Objective Target: Computers & Server Objective: Secure enemy Officer Data How to Capture: An Attacker needs to stand at one of the enemy Computers in the Objective room and then upon hitting F they will begin "securing" the data. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from securing the data. Data Capture time: 40 Seconds Special note: Using the pool tables as some degree of cover, I would recommend placing the Objective Target somewhere around where the closest pool table is located. Bravo Sector Story (West - Attacking Team) Good job capturing Alpha Sector Team, but we have a situation. Bravo Team has come under heavy fire in Charlie Sector and are unable to assault the Officer's Club in Bravo Sector. We need you to head in there to secure Intel on local Officers that have recently been assigned to Polyarny and we need you to interrupt communications between their forces. Assist Bravo Team after you have completed your task! (East - Defending Team) Fallback to the Officer's Club and secure the Radio station & Server that are inside of the building! We cannot risk the West capturing our Officers or severing our lines of communications right now. Charlie Team is currently engaged with enemy forces near the checkpoint along with what remains of Bravo Team, assist them once the Officer Club is safe. ---- Charlie Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Charlie 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Kamaz-63969 Typhoon MRAP (Aka the original Spawn Vehicle) Objective: Destroy the enemy MRAP How to Destroy: Plant a Bomb on the MRAP or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, just a new target for destruction. Special note: I'm not sure how easy it would be to make a prop using the Typhoon MRAP, so pardon if I just basically requested 6 months worth of work...on top of all the other work I'm suggesting lol. Charlie 2 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Checkpoint Objective: Secure the enemy Checkpoint How to Capture: Stand in the capture zone Capture time: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.) Special note: I know this area is pretty far out of the way and the idea of adding more props might cause technical issues. But, this side of the map is kind of rough and hard to really put in a variety of Objective types & targets without making major changes. So, if it wouldn't cause a lot of technical problems, I think adding just a small Military checkpoint here might give the map a little more flavor and character to it. Charlie Sector Story (West - Attacking Team) Great job capturing the Intel that we needed and disrupting communications for the Eastern Forces. Unfortunately Bravo Team has suffered heavy casualties and lost four IFVs during their assault. We need you to push forward into Charlie Sector to destroy what looks like an Armored Command Vehicle and secure the Checkpoint so we can send another team in to assist you. (East - Defending Team) We needed that place secured People!...Fallback to the Command MRAP and Checkpoint to cover for Charlie Team while they retreat with their wounded. We'll try to get Communications back up with Command so we can see when our Reinforcements will arrive. Keep the West from advancing any further, we don't have much left to hold on to! ---- Delta Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Delta 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Supply Truck Objective: Destroy the enemy Supply Truck How to Destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Supply Truck or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, just a new target for destruction. Delta 2 General location Link (Outside view) - General location Picture (Inside view) Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Fuel Supply Objective: Destroy the enemy Fuel Supply How to Destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Fuel Supply or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, just a new target for destruction. Special note: I would suggest putting that cable wheel (not sure what to call it) into that far left corner, add maybe some crates or whatever for a little extra cover, and just basically make a stack of army green fuel barrels up against the center of the wall. Nothing too extreme that I can see. Delta Sector Story (West - Attacking Team) Bravo Team thanks you for capturing that Checkpoint and taking out that Command Vehicle. However, HQ reports that enemy reinforcements are closing in on Polyarny and I need People to get into position to intercept them, so no assistance is coming I'm afraid. Push on to Delta Sector Team, Eastern Forces seem to be moving supplies out of the area and into a Supply Truck. Destroy both and prepare for one more assault after! (East - Defending Team) We're losing too much ground here People! Reinforcements are almost here, just hold out a little while longer, and keep the Western invaders from destroying the fuel supply & supply truck that was left in the area. Reinforcements will need both in the push to recapture the Shipyard. ---- Echo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Echo 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Checkpoint Objective: Secure the enemy S-300 Anti-Air System How to Capture: Stand in the capture zone Capture time: 40 Seconds (for 1 person) so long as no enemy's are present. Works just like Warzone's capture zones (IE: More People in it, the faster it goes.) Special note: Alright, going to go a little nuts here. But, I would suggest clearing out all the Vehicles, putting up one of those S-300 models in the center of that slab of asphalt, and then just place other bits of cover around there like Sandbag walls, tank traps, or whatever that wouldn't cause a massive amount of technical issues. Make it look like the Eastern Military just rolled in and claimed the area as their spot. Echo 2 General location Link Objective Type: Intelligence Decryption Objective Target: Command Station Objective: Secure enemy War Data How to Capture: An Attacker needs to stand at one of the enemy Computers in the Objective room and while holding F begin "securing" the data. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from securing the data. Data Capture time: 40 Seconds Special note: And for the last bit of massive work I'm suggesting. I would suggest putting a little cover down in the lower levels of this apartment building. I know the screenshot is of the room I would like to see the objective placed in and not exactly showing anything else. But, I know the room is between the central & right side downstairs entryways. Place might be a CQC nightmare. But, it would more than like be the last objective and could make for a fun CQC slog for the final objective to capture. Echo Sector Story (West - Attacking Team) Alright Team, one last hill to climb before Polyarny is ours. HQ reports that the East has a high value SAM System in Echo Sector and they want it captured in order to effectively engineer counter measures against it. We've also been hearing Eastern Communication going on once even though it's not coming in very clear. Whatever is being said, there is clearly one Radio Station still operational in the area. Capture the SAM System, find that Radio Station, and get us information on what the Eastern Forces are planning! (East - Defending Team) Our Allies will need to ration their fuel supplies thanks to you People!...Fallback, we make our final stand here. Our Anti-Air System isn't fully operational yet and reinforcements are making their way here as fast as they can. Protect our Anti-Air system and keep the West away from our Command Station so that our allies can take them by surprise! ---- Polyarny End Story (West - Attacking Team Victory) Polyarny is ours People and enemy reinforcements will be here soon... Prepare to give them a "Welcome to Polyarny" that the Eastern Command will feel back in Moscow...After this we prepare to move on Murmansk, Severomorsk, and in time...Moscow. (East - Defending Team Defeat) Polyarny is lost...We have failed the East...and now our Allies are speeding their way towards certain doom thanks to our failure this day...The road to Murmansk, Severomorsk, and Moscow is now open to the West... (West - Attacking Team Defeat) All Teams fall back and prepare defenses at the Shipyard! We have failed to capture Polyarny before the reinforcements have arrived...Now we must try to avoid being pushed back into the ocean... (East - Defending Team Victory) You did it! Polyarny's defenses have held long enough and reinforcements are about to arrive! Take up positions People! Command wants Polyarny and the Shipyard back under control by the day's end! And with all of that out of the way, this brings this Polyarny Breakthrough rework suggestion post to an end. I hope you like the ideas I've put forward, or at least like the general idea of Polyarny getting reworked for Breakthrough at some point at the very least. I know I put a lot forward and basically just suggested massive changes to Breakthrough (even though I've already done that once in the Suggestions to enhance Breakthrough - Large changes suggestion post of mine) that more than likely won't happen/can't happen prior to 1.0 release. But, if nothing else, at least Polyarny might be a little more enjoyable on Breakthrough. Next up I will be covering what I think is the 2nd worst Breakthrough map, Berlin, and depending upon the reactions, comments, suggestions, and etc that happen here will determine what I do with the Berlin suggestion post. All that story stuff I suggested is more for a flavor enhancement for Breakthrough, it's not actually needed, I just think it would help make WW3's Breakthrough stand further apart from Battlefield's Rush. If anyone has any questions or suggestion, please ask/post them! But, till the next suggestion post... Have a good one folks!
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    Na wstępie zaznaczę, że wg mnie przełamanie w takim stanie jaki jest spokojnie powinno trafić jak najszybciej na serwery Live. Rozgrywka jest szybka, dynamiczna i przyjemna. Oczywiście są pewne aspekty gry nad którymi należy się pochylić ale to już każdy ma indywidualne zdanie na ten temat. Nie mniej jednak wpuszczenie przełamania na Live da lepszy obraz na grę niż testowanie jej w kilka osób. Przede wszystkim brakuje mi jasnych informacji kim jestem czy atakującym czy broniącym. Wg mnie po załadowaniu powinien być duży napis, że jestem np. po stronie atakujących. Mi zajęło 3 mecze aby ogarnąć o co biega i kim jestem, brak jasnego statusu w jakim znajdują się punkty tzn. brakuje mi przede wszystkim komunikatów głosowych, że dany punkt został zaplanotowany/rozbrojony. Po zaplantowaniu punktu powinno być "pikanie" które przyspieszało by np. w momencie kiedy zostanie 20 sekund do detonacji, niszczenie punktów za pomocą wszystkiego - jak dla mnie najgorszy element rozgrywki. Np. napalm zdejmuje 90% HP punktu. Inne striki niszczą punkt nawet przez sufit itd. Wg mnie takiej opcji nie powinno być. Rozgrywka powinna być ukierunkowana na zaplantowaniu punktu a nie zrzucaniu strików czy wjeżdżaniu w punkt czołgiem i nieszczenie go w 15 sekund, mobilna respiarka - jak dla mnie zbędny element rozgrywki i niekiedy upierdliwy strasznie. Zamiast tego widziałbym punkty spawnu, które może rozstawić SL i osoby z jego drużyny mogą się tam respić. A obecnie mamy sytuację, że respiarka wjeżdża na punkt a ludzik wysypują się z niej jak cukierki z piniaty, brak jasnej informacji czy dany obszar mapy jest dla mnie dostępny. Nie widać czy mogę tam iść czy nie. Obszary na których znajdują się kolejne punkty powinny być dla atakujących niedostępne, w momencie zniszczenia punktu obrońcy powinni mieć 30 sekund na przegrupowanie i w tym momencie atakujący powinni mieć zablokowaną możliwość przejścia w strefy gdzie znajdują się kolejne punkty. Dopiero po 30 sekundach obszary się odblokowują. Ale w momencie kiedy następuje faza przegrupowania główny licznik czasu powinien stawać i ruszać ponownie dopiero po 30 sekundach, respawny... jeden z gorszych elementów gry. Respawny są stałe przez co atakujący mogą skutecznie je zablokować i przejąć punkt. Respawny powinny być dookoła punktów i broniący powinni mieć możliwość wyboru gdzie chcą się zrespić. Dodatkowo dochodzi kwestia spawnów tworzonych przez SL o czym pisałem wyżej, markery na punktach - moim zdaniem we wszystkich trybach markery powinny znikać całkowicie kiedy znajdziemy się np. 20 m od nich umiejscowienie punktów - nie rozumiem ich rozstawienia na otwartej przestrzeni ale rozumiem, że zostały one tak umieszczone z uwagi na możliwość niszczeniach ich całym arsenałem (z czego bym zrezygnował). Mamy tyle świetnych miejsc gdzie mogły by stać punkty a one stoją w najgorszych. Przykład mapa Polarnyj. Są świetne budynki np. willa z kilkoma kondygnacjami a punkt stoi przy autobusie. Innym razem stoi koło wejścia do supermarketu a mógłby stać na jego piętrze wewnątrz poniżej przykłady To tyle o7
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    This time we've got a bunch of Breakthrough changes, from the core gameplay to the visual information layer, to let you know better what's happening. It's mainly focused on changes to Breakthrough, but we also have some other changes, too, including some performance updates. This one has two issues we're still working on, but there's no point in delaying it longer - we need more information on those two problems, so let us know if you see any pattern in when the server starts to lag and when packs disappear. PTE 0.8.1 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Invisible packs are back, we're aware of them and are working on this bug, From time to time the server is starting to lag for a while, we need more info on this one, After spawning on a Mobile Spawn Point you can get a low HP effect, [GAMEPLAY] Breakthrough: after a successful retreat, Defenders will gain points (10 * seconds left), Breakthrough: after a successful retreat, Attackers will gain the seconds left as additional time for next objective, Breakthrough: attackers can no longer get to the next objective before the retreat is over, Breakthrough: Radio Station will now blink and emit beeping when planted, Breakthrough: added new statistics collection: bombs planted, defused, radio stations destroyed, longest attack, longest defence, fastest plant, successful retreats, retreating enemies killed (not available from the menu yet, but are being counted), Breakthrough: moved point marker position up to no longer block visibility of the stations, Breakthrough: reversed Berlin point order, Disabled an option to skip Warmup on PTE for proper BRE testing, Disabled not being allowed to join when the match is ending, Napalm strike visual overhaul, Allowed joining to server when match is ending, Adding Leopard2 Gepard anti-air vehicle to BRE base spawns, [IMPROVEMENTS] Collimator glass is less dark now, HUD: new in-game chat window, HUD: new strike bar, HUD: hiding armor status icons if armor is not present, HUD: added current soldier weight class, HUD: changed inventory status widget, HUD: added laser/flashlight status icon, HUD: improved kill feed, HUD: added headshot indicator to kill feed, HUD: destroyed vehicles will now show up on the kill feed, HUD: changed icon resolution to sharpen them up, HUD: added plant, defuse and destroy icon notification to the Breakhtrough HUD (still work in progress!), [BUGFIXES] Breakthrough: fixed missing status widget on Smolensk and Polyarny, Breakthrough: fixed Radio Station collision, Breakthrough: fixed improper marker text colors, Audio attenuation and occlusion fixes, Claymore spawning fix, Fixed destroyable objects not having particles at the start of the round, Fixed some minor issues with mudflaps and other addons, Removed redundant markers on compass widget, Fixed RPG Nets issues of Leopard 2A6 Body Armor, Fixed wrong gib mesh in Commando turret, [OPTIMIZATION] Fixed OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() hitches on the render thread, Fixed hitches on the render thread when updating material scalar parameters, Fixes for reloading assets that were already loaded (reduced hitching), Disabled ticks on multiple actors, Deleted empty skins to reduce hitching, Disabled DoF calculations for remote vehicles.
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    Initially I was thinking about creating this theme after the new patch(whatever it will be) will hit the PTE/Live and seeing are there any of my previous suggestions implemented or not. But I ran out of patience much faster then I expected. So, I'll create this theme with my demands and let it hang here to be able to check it later. Why I'm creating it? IMO some of my suggestions should not be voted, but implemented(I'm arrogant, yes). Simply because I think ppl do not understand how much some features affect balance/gameplay/QoL. Don't know, mb some things are fixed/reworked already, but having nobody to ask, here are my DEMANDS. Icon visibility. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11228-feature-few-additions-to-current-worldmarkers-part-of-settings/ Ppl here and there complain about "clunkiness" of HUD when playing WW3. Solution is to give as ability to disable/change sizes of CP/Soldiers/vehicles icons separately. Ppl do not want to up-vote this theme, so I demand this to be added. As example under the spoiler are screenshots of how WW3 screen looks like when u trying to attack B1 Warsaw WZ from A1. Last pic shows how it looks like when CP icons are disabled. Fow me CP icons in the left upper corner is enough. Gunplay. The more I play after writing my thoughts in this theme https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11625-gunplay-my-thoughts-1-year-later/ the more I want to see the idea of adding armor properties to arms to be implemented. Because now steel armor being the more restrictive gives u NO(?) bonuses. Don't know will it change after attachment/ADS rebalancing but currently being in the heavy tier gives u only disadvantages without buffing ur survivability. Reduced movespeed, weapon equip(?) time, higher dmg when falling off the height, much longer time to stand up after jumping from the height. And all this for increased protection of only half of ur front torso projection when at best only 1 out of 5 bullets hits it. Expanding customization of voiceovers in game. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11561-feature-expand-enemyallied-voiceovers-in-game/ Currently u r limited to 2 nation voiceovers in game + 1 for commander messages. IF we believe Roadmap there will be Chinese/Japan voiceovers too. I demand the ability to create "multi-national voiceover alliances" in game. I want to create some exotic [Russian + Polish + Chinese] vs [American+British English + German + French] voiceovers. The situation when game is having 5+ voiceovers and in the same is limiting u to only 2 active is genuinely wrong IMO. Deployment screen management. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11775-featureadd-sl-and-msp-icons-to-the-bottom-line-of-the-deployment-screen/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11547-vehiclefeature-fix-the-mrap/ Ability to spawn on ur SL by choosing his icon at the bottom of the deployment screen was previously in the game. Mb it will be implemented but I'm going to remind about it. Moreover I want first feature to be expanded to MRAP/MSP too. And the latter should be fixed, so its icon wouldn't be inactive half of the time it's on the map when some another noob is trying to use it as the battle vehicle. Balancing SA-80. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11534-weaponfeature-balancing-sa-80/ Currently best AR. M4, G36, MSBS-K are comparable with it, but SA-80 is still the best choice weapon that can compete even with shotguns in CQC. And if it will not be nerfed in next patches it'll be most frequently chosen weapon in pub. The ONLY solution I see is to limit it's choice of magazines to 30 rounders and less with it being still ultra-effective but for a limited amount of time. End-game screen info. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11662-feature-add-score-graph-to-endgame-scoreboard/ https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11819-feature-add-best-enemy-squad-tab-to-endmatch-screen/ Currently, when match ends u can fap to how awesome ur soldier model looks on the screen and how awesome ur squad is if it was the best. And only when enemy squad was the best u can compare ur with it. IMO u should be able to do it regardless how the match has ended. And scoregraph can show u what was the flow of the battle. Weapons and their firemodes. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11772-weaponfeature-give-ars-their-real-life-fire-mode-selectors/ 99% of players do NOT use the burst fire modes. And in the same all the ARs do have them. Even those that do not have bursts IRL. I want them to be matching their IRL prototypes. Melee attack range. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11801-feature-melee-attack-range-increase/ Absolutely useless when ur target is moving. And I'm talking not only about when hitting enemy from behind. There is one "funny" thing. Because of current melee attack range when enemy is lying on the back - u can NOT kill him from behind. Ur hit simply doesn't reach... Reworking reconnaissance UAVs. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11789-featurestrikes-reworking-reconnaissance-uavs/ Idea of giving 3D spot to Barracuda UAV was very controversial for forum inhabitants when it was added in last year. Currently it gives too much advantage to attacking side because defenders are usually sitting still and with 3D spot rombs attackers can appear from behind the corner with pre-fire that, with WW3's BTK, gives almost no chances to fight off. Plus, smokes do not save from 3D spot. Idea is to reduce effectiveness of the UAVs. Impact grenade. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11599-weaponfeature-fixing-absolutely-disastrous-immersion-breaking-bug-№2/ Currently more the firecracker than a grenade, with it's lethal radius of 0.1 meter and splash radius ~2 meters. In comparison with frag/sticky grenade ~4 meters LETHAL radius. Impact grenade is in NEED of buff. Rocket strikes. Currently too many obstacles block effect/dmg of the explosion because rockets explode at ground level. Idea is to lift the center of explosion few meters above the ground. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11845-strike-reworking-rocket-strikes-explosions/ Base Vehicles. Replace base vehicles with call-in mechanics. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11930-vehiclesfeature-expanding-call-in-mechanics-on-the-base-vehicles/ UKM angle grip. Weakening UKM grip's horizontal recoil reduction. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11960-attachment-ukm-angle-grip/Closing statement: The suggestions above are there because they, I genuinely think, will make game better and not because of my selfish desire to see them in game.
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    There should be no need for any partnerships for WW3 according to what the devs have said in the past. Multiple times in this forum the devs have come out and said that they have enough money to get this game through to 1.0 and advertise it when people voiced concerns about the game. What's happened? There's no way the Chi-na Flu bled the funds dry. Were the funds mismanaged? Was it a bluff / lie to not scare any potential buyers / gamers away? Or is it something else? I ask because like many of you out there I bought and still support the game and deserve answers. People that bought and no longer support it still deserve to know as well. Not only have I put a little bit of money into buying this but more importantly I've invested a good bit of time (not as much as some though). I originally thought the partnership was for bringing WW3 to multiple platforms at launch. Then I remembered seeing where the devs said in the past that they wanted to see how the game did after launch on Steam before deciding to bring it to multiple platforms. So partnership can't be for that. I'm honestly not currently upset with the partnership. I just don't see true point of it through what the devs have said. If what has been said is true then there is no need to make the game F2P or adding micro transactions into it or whatever My.Games plans on doing to possibly ruin a game with great potential. I only say that about My.Games because of their track record.
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    Thank you for understanding! Developers are working every day to bring 1.0 closer to release and you guys will be surprised how many cool things are planned to come with 1.0 and after that.
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    Hello Soldiers, This one is a small one, but also important. We have spoken in our latest weekly report, about merging Master Servers into one, to give our players accessibility to use all servers with their main profile so no progress will be lost. Keep in mind that playing in different regions will have an impact on your ping, more about that here. Update Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Region Merge ( All regions and profiles has been merged )
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    Just wanted to give my view & thoughts as a new player to the game (26 in game hours played since last weekend when I bought the game). I’ve read most of the recent posts on the game in this forum, nearly all from people who have been playing awhile. So would like to give a ‘noob’ perspective from someone with fresh eyes. I don’t know all the history to the game; promises from devs, roadmaps, previous versions, known bugs etc. In summary I’ll start off by saying that I love the game, it has various parts of other games that I enjoy rolled up into one. The player customization is great, the weapons and modifications look brilliant (tho allot of it is cosmetic). Maps are fun and provide a good mix of cover and open areas, and they are not too big to the point that you feel you’re running miles before contacting the other team (I don’t like or use vehicles in these type of games). TTK; is very nice however limb damage could use some work (see further on below) and the weapons feel lethal (yes I’m looking at you bullet sponge COD). So far I’ve not had any crashes or bugs (maybe apart from getting stuck on objects while being prone). The ONLY real criticism I can give so far is the poor latency and ping on the EU servers (I have a top spec computer and top internet speeds) but this can be attributed to the fact the whole global player base is using the EU servers I guess. Allot of the BS I am seeing and experiencing could be down to this (so will reserve judgement); such as being killed while in cover, killed by people either in full sprint or not looking at me, appearing to be ‘one tapped’ by non-sniper weapons even with full protection on head and chest, people being bullet sponges or hits not registering at all. Just some general thoughts which stick out to me, I’ll hold back on more comments until I’ve experienced the game more; · Weapon Mods - Would prefer of all changes had an impact on weapon performance (For example changing stocks will change weight, recoil and ADS speed or handle grips improved handling speed, control etc). It appears allot of the mods have no impact or at least noticeable to me. · Limb Damage – Allot of time the TTK has been extremely fast to then see that all shots hit my arms or legs, would prefer to see TTK to limbs be reduced but in its place penalty’s until healed such as arms (slower reload, ADS, more recoil) or legs (slower movement speed, unable to sprint, transitions to prone, crouch, stand slowed down and unable to climb). · MCS & Bullpup Pecheneg – Both of these weapons have stuck out for me for different reasons, while I’ve not used them it’s their use on me that has me puzzled. The MCS seems to have extremely long range for a shotgun, the amount of times I’ve been sniped by this thing is confusing. The Bullpup Pecheneg for a LMG this seems far too accurate, more often than not when being killed by this it’s always headshots and 100% hits to my head, I wish I had the data of times killed by this gun and where on my body it’s hit me as I’m sure it would be 95% to the head during my whole time. (not sure if this is a weapon thing or just the very experienced people using it.) Maybe I’m just unlucky : ) · Sounds – I get of allot of people ghosting up to me without making a sound, yet other times I can hear people moving clearly. Just a bit inconsistent but not sure if this is linked to latency/ping. · Calling in Strikes – For ones such as UAV or UAV blockers it would be nice if our guy could just call this on his location (hot key). So holding down ‘6’ would make him use his radio and call in a UAV on his position. Only because I’ve been killed a number of times on my iPad while capping a point looking for my position to place a UAV on it. (If this is already a thing, great, just not clear if this is currently possible). So on a whole I’ve really enjoyed my experience so far, and while the learning curve has been made more difficult by a small experienced player base. I feel like I’ve picked the game up quickly. The one thing I would stress to the development team is to make attempts to get more players into the game (free weekends, events, get some streamers to play it) and get those Steam reviews of no one is online moved on. As I was reluctant to pick up the game due to the comments of no one is playing, until I made the effort to come here and ask if it was possible to get games. An I’m glad I did because I have never had an issue getting a game (I’m EU based). However the average person will see those reviews about dead game and move on, while the population is small it’s by no means as dead as the reviews make out. Look forward to the next update and seeing you all in game. L
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    Who wants stupidiest content?
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    Hey guys, So I've noticed that for as long as I've been in the WW3 community, people have discussed the merits of different game reload systems. Having thought through this myself, I have my own suggestion. Although it has the potential to be a bit clunky for new players, I think there are good reasons for it. The idea I propose is to have two different types of reloads available to a player. A player can either do a "tactical" reload, in which case their ammo count remains the same, or a "speed" reload in which case they lose all the ammo left in that magazine but reload much faster. (This doesn't change your maximum ammo capacity or anything). The main idea of this system is to give more choice to players and have another gameplay element that may require mastery. This feature will also be much more important to people using high capacity magazines. The reload time for a drum mag would be high enough for a tactical reload that players may end up trying to survive on the last few rounds in the drum, and will have to time their reloads, raising the skill requirement for larger size magazines.
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    Small one, just some improvements to Breakthrough. We're still tracking down the lags that happen sometimes on Breakthrough and we're improving the HUD, stay tuned! PTE 0.8.2 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Invisible packs are back, we're aware of them and are working on this bug, From time to time the server is starting to lag for a while, we need more info on this one, After spawning on a Mobile Spawn Point you can get a low HP effect, [IMPROVEMENTS] Changed camera position and rotation on leopard 2 to make it work better with the new Gepard turret, Breakthrough: defenders can no longer go back to retreat zone after leaving, Breakthrough: Zone placement improvements, Breakthrough: minor spawn fixes, Breakthrough: Reversed C and D points on Smolensk, [BUGFIXES] Breakthrough: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented retreat from ending early when all defenders left the zone, Breakthrough: Fixed wrong Leopard version in the base on Polyarny,
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    That's what I said we're planning to change It's still being made, still being fixed up, we've just upped the peorformance and we're finishing up a new gamemode. We've never said WW3 was a BF killer, that's what the community came up with. If you have a specific problem with the game other than player count and performance, please specify - those two thing will be better for 1.0, which is the main reason for the whole Early Access release - to make the 1.0 version as good as possible. Next Battlefield was confirmed to be released no earlier than April 2021, so it's a non-concern for us at this time. Thank you for the long support, I know you've been playing since the beginning and I realize that there's not been massive updates lately, but that's because the engine change took more time than aticipated. We've just pushed 0.7.2 patch and we will continue to update the game and make it better. I'll be happy to welcome you and your team back when you think the game is good enough
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    We are well aware that there's an opening, we're still working hard on making the game as good as possible and we're nearing 1.0 version. The focus is gradually shifting to bugfixing and optimization, there's a lot of cool new stuff coming, so I'm personally pretty calm about 1.0 being awesome ^^
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    I'm 400 hours wasted into the main game, I don't even know how many into the test server, drafted onto their failed community based bug finding team (you don't want to know what we've found wrong with the game that they haven't fixed, and the stuff we did find wrong, we were told wasted their time because they had to go fix it instead of working on other things) and many months passed the deadline we were promised. They told us the game was fully funded before release - then they partner with the European EA games for money. My hopes are cast far from WW3 and F51 I get more excitement eating breakfast than I get from this dead game. "We are watching WW3 transform from a genuinely passionate indie game project into a corporate-run product" DoctorBatman, who I've played with and have known since day one of the early access, sums this up well WW3 is no longer the passion project I believed in. It's what happens when people sell out.
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    Hello everyone! I'm Tyrell, one of your new community manager from MY.GAMES Nice to meet you all. To celebrate, let me give you a good news! JOIN THE FARM 51 AND MY.GAMES AMA ON MAY 12! In case you missed it, The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES have joined forces! Our two teams are working together to move World War 3 into the future, and we’d like to share more information about our plans with you. On Tuesday, May 12 at 18:00 CEST, we will be hosting an AMA session on the official World War 3 Discord with Kamil Bilczyński, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Farm 51, and Alexey Larionov, Producer at MY.GAMES. – https://discord.gg/ww3thegame There will be two new channels on the Discord server: you can use the first to submit questions, while the second will host the live AMA. Questions and answers will be conducted in English only to ensure that participants can easily answer, and to make the AMA accessible to a wider audience. The session will last for about an hour, so don’t miss out! The World War 3 AMA is a great opportunity to find out more about the new partnership between The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES, plus more awesome features and details about the game. We’ll try to take all questions into consideration, but please note that we may not have all the answers yet! We will do our best to answer these at a later date as our plans for the future become more precise. Start thinking about your questions, and we’ll see you on Tuesday! Find the news here: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/05/08/ama-the-farm-51-my-games-may-12/ EDIT May 15. Links of the recap are here! EN: https://worldwar3.com/en/2020/05/15/recap-of-live-ama-with-the-farm-51-and-my-games/ PL: https://worldwar3.com/2020/05/15/sprawozdanie-z-sesji-ama-na-zywo-z-the-farm-51-i-my-games/ RU: https://worldwar3.com/ru/2020/05/15/краткое-содержание-live-ama-с-the-farm-51-и-my-games/ FR: https://worldwar3.com/fr/2020/05/15/recapitulatif-de-lama-en-direct-avec-the-farm-51-et-my-games/ DE: https://worldwar3.com/de/2020/05/15/zusammenfassung-live-ama-mit-the-farm-51-und-my-games/
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    I had the exact same thought so I double the question. Further, although I am not entitled to anything, it feels utterly disrespectful to me to fall silent for months about any kind of real progress, especially because the small core community credited the devs with patience and trust probably beyond the point of wisdom. So maybe we could at least get a return to some form of communication.
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    Soldiers, we have really great news for you! Global publisher MY.GAMES and The Farm 51 are proud to reveal their brand-new publishing and development partnership on World War 3, an upcoming online military shooter coming to PC in 2020. This collaboration will give The Farm 51 the necessary resources and expertise to expand the scale of their upcoming title, while retaining creative control and vision. “We are happy to announce the partnership with MY.GAMES and benefit from their wealth of experience in publishing multiplayer shooters,” said Kamil Bilczynski, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Farm 51. “Our collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that we can take a truly global approach to publishing World War 3, while remaining faithful to our original vision for the game as we work to enhance its core gameplay, polish mechanics, and push the boundaries of the overall scale of the project.” In a few days, Kamil will host an AMA session where he will answer fans’ burning questions about the game. The time and virtual venue of the session will be announced soon.
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    Day by day we are getting closer to deadline of "release date" (1st half of 2020) and there is still no 0.9 update. I`ve got it... As it was with iPhones - there was no 9th (6, 7, 8,... 10!), same for Windows (7, 8, 8.1,.... 10!). The same for ww3, so stop waiting 0.9, lets just wait 1.0
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    Hey guys, I know game development is no easy thing, but it would be great if we could have some time frame for the next couple of updates. It seems to be pretty much radio silence when it comes to the movement update as it has been "coming soon" for months now. I would like to at least have some idea what "soon" is if that is at all possible, as I am quite hyped for it but am now a little confused as to when it is supposed to happen.
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    As the titel says since the last Patches where Farm 51 added GPU booster i get movement problems and more and more inputlag. Gamebuild 4651670 ╔═ My Rig ════════════════════════════════════╠ CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K @5 GHz | Cooling CORSAIR HydroH100i Pro╠ Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING Z390╠ Hard Drive: Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD 500GB + 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO╠ RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200 Ripjaws╠ GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 AMP!..next to be changed╠ Screen: Acer Predator XB272 1920x1080@240Hz╠ Headset: Beyerdynamic 300MMX╠ Keyboard: Tte Sport Challenger Edge╠ Mouse: Logitech G502 Protheus Core @400-450DPI╚══════════════════════════════════════════ This just makes me damn mad because of this i have teleporting enemies in front of me or enemies that just apear magical in front of me. This is how it looks before i changed the GameUserSettingsconfig.ini and this is after i changed the GameUserSettings I changed this OneFrameThreadLagEnabled=Disabled FinishCurrentFrameEnabled=Disabled GPU booster OFF ...now i hope the performance is as good as before Patch Hope i did not missed anything and this will help some guys... // How to find this file : \Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\GameUserSettings - Rozmo
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    Limited time events for large holidays such as Christmas, along with special items or skins would be a great addition. The themed items once unlocked you would be able to keep even once the holiday event has ended, however only players who completed the challenge to unlock them would get to have them, and the following years would have different rewards. This way, players who adopt early are able to obtain cool items to symbolize their time spent on the game, and it would also be a good way to bring less consistent players back in periodically during these special events since they will want to unlock the cool items while they are available. For example: Reward: Santa Hat helmet/hat skin Availability: Christmas 2020 Event Period How to Unlock: Complete three challenges - Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer: Get 5 Roadkills with a quad bike Lumps of Coal: Get 25 kills with napalm The Gift of Giving: Heal 25 teammates with the First Aid Kit Reward: Leprechaun Beard face or hat skin Availability: St. Patrick's Day 2020 Event Period How to Unlock: Complete three challenges - Pot of Gold: Earn a total of 50,000 currency (starts at 0, currency already owned doesn't count towards the 50,000) The Luck of the Irish: Get 15 kills with a Sniper Rifle without aiming down your sights (hipfire kills) Four Leaf Clover: Get four headshot kills in a single life Challenges shouldn't be too difficult, but should require some degree of dedication, and shouldn't be immediately obtainable in general. The numbers could always be changed at the discretion of the devs.
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    The amount of ignorance and intolerance is unbelievable and i'm not surprised at all, that the community numbers are so low, when everybody gets greeted with "noob" and other stuff that almost looks like a hatemail. @Devs - This dude is destroying your forums and he has been doing this ever since i first saw a post from him.
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    Dzięki za opinię, już wyjaśniam co trzeba Taki jest plan, nowy system potrafi dynamicznie wyznaczać miejsca do przeskoków, dzięki czemu nie musimy ręcznie rozstawiać na mapach miejsc, które mają tą funkcjonalność. Spowoduje to pewnie parę ciekawych bugów, bo będzie można się dostać do dziwnych miejsc, ale stopniowo je załatamy a w ogólnym rozrachunku zaoszczędzi nam to dużo czasu. Wszystko, co wypisujesz powinno byc o wiele lepsze. Mamy w planach przerobienie fizyki pojazdów, natomiast ciężko powiedzieć kiedy, bo to kolejny duży system. Nie jestesmy zadowoleni z tego, jak pojazdy działają do końca i na pewno będziemy próbować to zmienić. Tutaj wszystko się łączy z tym, co pisałem wcześniej, aktualnie pracujemy nad poruszaniem się żołnierza, bo jednak większość graczy większość czasu biega i strzela, natomiast Strike'i (pojazdy / naloty / drony) są w kolejce do poprawek. Będzie poprawione To byśmy musieli sprawdzić, bo nie jest to wg założenia. W WW3 dźwieki kroków maja priorytet nad innymi, więc w teorii powinny być słyszalne nawet ponad eksplozjami, zwłaszcza od tyłu. Błąd może polegać na tym, że klient gry nie renderuje postaci za kamerą (dla wydajności), natomiast nadal powinien mieć informacje o pozycji i na jej podstawie odtwarzać dźwięk. Sprawdzimy. Respy w grze multi to zawsze problem, staramy się cały czas je poprawiać i zmieniać. W zeszłym roku wprowadziliśmy system, który sprawdza, czy w okolicy obszaru spawna są przeciwnicy. Jeśli tak, to wybiera inny. Problem pojawia się, kiedy wszystkie obszary danego punktu mają w sobie przeciwnika (o co dość łatwo, np. na B1 na Warszawie, gdzie często przeciwnicy są po prostu dookoła). Wtedy system jest zmuszony do wybrania losowego spawnu, co powoduje, że można się pojawić komuś przed lufą. Jeśli chodzi o dodatkowe spawny, to są one tylko opcją - nikt nie każe się spawnować tam, jest respiarka, są spawny na liderze i baza, więc po 4 śmierci w jednym miejscu, jak ktoś dalej się tam spawnuje, to czyja to wina? Wiemy, że spawny dalej są takie sobie, także w przyszłości pojawią się kolejne możliwości wyjścia z takiej sytuacji To akurat powinno byc w krótce poprawione. Jeśli chodzi o rotację, to w związku z tym, jak działa WW3, nie mamy technicznie gier, które stoją cały czas, tylko zamykamy proces i otwieramy nowy. Od technicznej strony więc, rotacja polega na tym, że tworzone jest party wszystkich obecnych na serwerze i wysyłane na kolejny, co jeszcze nie do końca działa (wygląda jak błąd Steama, ale nie będziemy na razie rzucać oskarzeń :P). Będziemy poprawiać, ale ogólnie nasz netcode jest bardzo solidny a dużym powodem tych problemów jest niski TTK i duża rozbieżnośc pingów na serwerach. Liczymy na to, że wraz ze wzrostem popularności ta druga część zniknie w większości. Dzięki za ciepłe słowa, zrobimy co się da
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    Hey Folks So I did small change suggestions last time, changes that I don't think would require any real considerable length of development time to achieve, and now I move on to the stuff that I'm very confident will require a good chunk of time to accomplish if it was going to be tackled. Do I expect any of this to be added? No, of course not. I merely make the suggestions and let the Developers do with it as they see fit. If they take it to the drawing board to make it happen, cool. If they take it to the trash can, fine. I just make suggestions and let the winds take over once I hit that Submit button for the most part. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Large changes ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" --- Suggestion #1 - Allow Defenders to build Defenses in Objective Areas. I know there has been talk about doing this on Warzone to make the Defense role a little more enjoyable, so it's not like this is anything extremely out of the ball park of thinking. In regards to Breakthrough though, this could make being on the defense a little more enjoyable as it can allow Defenders to explore some different means of protecting the Objective. Now depending on how nuts the Developers go with this, it could force the Attackers to change up their strategy depending upon how the Defenders build up their defenses in the area. This of course brings up the question of how far do you allow the Defenders to go with building stuff, what do you allow them to build, how do you keep them from spamming stuff to grind the attackers down with cheap annoyances, and etc? Well, using a little suspension of disbelief, here are some suggestions I have... Predetermined build locations - While I'm sure many would prefer the ability to place defenses anywhere they want, I suspect it could lead to a lot of issues, so I recommend doing predetermined locations to avoid any possible headaches. Though by making predetermined locations over free form, the Developers will need to ensure that the Defenders will have plenty of options for defending the objective points a little differently depending on their needs in each game of Breakthrough. Defenses cost Battle Points to Construct - While primarily to prevent Defenders from spamming up defenses around an objective, it also forces the Defenders to strongly consider if defenses or one of their Strikes is far more important to the team at a particular moment. Maybe the enemy team is running a lot of Vehicles, so instead of the player calling in their Battle Bot, they instead choose to build up some Tank Traps along the main road to help stall the attacking Vehicles, and in turn give one of their allies an easy Bombing Run target. As for what kind of Defenses the Defenders should be able to build...I think Sandbag Walls, Tank Traps, Machine Gun Nests, TOW Launcher Nests, and Barbed-wire barricades should be plenty. I could come up with a lot more than just that, but I rather keep this simple for the time being. If the Developers are actually interested in allowing the Defenders on Breakthrough to build defenses, then I will go into a much larger list of suggestions in regards to this particular topic. --- Suggestion #2 - Varied Objective Types. Now I suspect People are going to assume I'm trying to "destroy the concept of Breakthrough" with this. But, the one thing I had mentioned before in regards to WW3 getting a Rush Style game mode, was that I didn't want to see a mere copy & paste. Currently the Objective types are a mere copy & paste, which is fine for where Breakthrough is currently. But, not for something later down the road in my opinion when the game is to be released. The more Breakthrough looks like a mere copy & paste of Battlefield's Rush, the more People are going to give the Developers & the Game flak for it. So, while I do not expect this by any stretch of the imagination to happen over night, I do think WW3's Breakthrough game mode would benefit long term from having a variety of objective types beyond just "Destroy the Radio Station." These objectives do not need to change the outcome for either the Attackers or Defenders, but should at the very least feel different from what we have done before even if it's only a small change. Some Objective suggestions I have are- Target Destruction What we currently have. (This part is more for suggested naming for the Objective Type) Secure & Extract The Attackers seek to capture a designated region on the map where a High Value Target is located. Once the area is captured from the Defenders, a Helicopter will fly in to secure the Objective Target. Defenders seek to keep the Attackers from securing the designated area. Area Capture time: 40 Seconds unless a Defender is in the Capture Area. If a Defender is inside the capture area, the timer is paused. Intelligence Gathering The Attackers seek to capture intelligence from a designated area using a Device. Defenders seek to keep the Attackers from planting their Device. If planted, the Defenders can shut off the Device or Destroy it with their weapons. Intel capture time: 40 Seconds. Disarmament The Attackers seek to reach a target objective and from there must protect one of their own teammates while they try to disarm the objective. Defenders seek to keep the Attackers from disarming the target and can prevent them from doing so by simply killing them. Disarm time: 40 Seconds. Now if these seem bland on the surface it's intentional for the next coming suggestion. But, by adding multiple Objective types, it keeps the game from feeling repetitive too quickly, and helps WW3's Breakthrough mode stand out more from Battlefield's Rush game mode. The Objectives types don't even need to be exact same across all the maps (to my knowledge). Warsaw's Alpha Objectives could be say...Secure & Extract and Disarmament, then Moscow's Alpha Objectives could be Intelligence Gathering & Target Destruction. Smolensk's Alpha Objectives could be two Target Destruction objectives, and etc etc...This can help each Breakthrough map feel uniquely different from each other beyond just the layout of the maps. It doesn't even need to be what I suggested above, it could even be hybrid stuff like Disarm & Extract, Intelligence Destruction, or some other combination, or something entirely different. But, with different Objective types there should also be a variety of Objective Targets which will be my segue into Suggestion #3... --- Suggestion #3 - Varied Objective Targets. One of my big issues with Breakthrough right now (even though I know why the Devs went in this direction for the time being) is the lack of interesting Objective Targets. In Battlefield we've destroyed M-Com stations after M-Com stations, after M-Com stations, and after the 10,000th M-Com station has been destroyed you begin to wonder; should we target the factory that is producing these M-Com stations instead? With WW3's Radio Stations it currently feels like we're just destroying the next 10,000 M-Com stations that some random factory cranked out. Rather than destroying M-Com station after M-Com station like Battlefield does, WW3 should let us destroy Radio Stations, the Factory that produces those Radio Stations, everything in between, and everything beyond those. The more interesting and varied targets the Attackers have to deal with, the longer it takes for the repetitive feeling to kick in, and most importantly the more WW3's Breakthrough differs itself from Battlefield's Rush. If this happens one can just imagine the conversation between a WW3 player & Battlefield Player over their respective versions of Rush/Breakthrough. Battlefield Player: We destroyed a M-Com station...then another M-Com station...and another, then another, then five more after that... WW3 player: Oh...Well, we disarmed a Anti-Air System, then we stole some Prototype Tank blueprints, then we destroyed a fuel depo, extracted an Experimental UGV, and we wrapped it up by disarming a tactical nuke that was put in place in the event that our forces captured the city from the enemy. But hey, at least you destroyed 9 M-Com stations... And with that, this brings me to suggestion #4. --- Suggestion #4 - Light Story Narrative. Now when I say Light Story Narrative, I don't mean stories along the lines of a Call of Duty, Spec Ops: The Line, Homefront, or anything like that. I'm talking small Story Narratives that explain why our Team is currently doing what it is doing, why it's in the region, why it needs to take a certain path, complete certain objectives, etc etc...Some examples can be things like... "We're unable to get Close-Air Support into this area because of a Anti-Air System. We need you to remove the threat!" "If we're going to force the West to the Negotiating table, we need to capture Berlin from them. Lets make it happen team!" "The Officer Club keeps a Record of all Officers that visit it. Get us the Records and we can begin weakening the Chain of Command!" "Western Reinforcements are going to push us back if we don't destroy the northern bridge. Ensure they cannot cross that bridge, Team!" And you get the idea. This isn't anything of massive importance and really Breakthrough could do just fine without it. But, I do think it would enhance the WW3 experience if it went in. Speaking of enhancing the experience though..., I will now cover my last large scale suggestion. --- Suggestion #5 - Map layouts determined by Faction Control. As my last suggestion for this post, I wanted to cover something I felt wouldn't take long to explain, even though I suspect it would take a long time to implement, or just not really be worth doing. But, I wanted to bring it up all the same. I think it would be cool if the Breakthrough maps and their Objective Types & Objective Targets were determined by who controls the region on the war map. So, lets say for example... The East controls Warsaw...Rather than the East attacking from the top of the map and heading down, the West is instead attacking from the bottom of the map and heading up. This gives off the feeling of the ever changing battlefield and factually would go a long way in both keeping the gameplay feeling fresh as well as (once again) making WW3's breakthrough stand out when compared to Battlefield's rush. --- With that this brings my post to an end. I'm sure I will get some flak for this post. But, I just make the suggestion, what the Developers do with them is entirely up to them. All I really want in the end is for WW3's Breakthrough to NOT be a copy/paste of Battlefield's Rush and if these suggestions or some others can achieve that. Then I'm as happy as I can be. I did have a 6th suggestion in mind. But, I felt it might throw off the game balance generally speaking, so I figured it better to keep it off the list even if I still think it could possibly be a cool addition to the game mode a bit. I of course cannot confirm that without actually testing it, so I'm just speculating at best. Anyways, once Breakthrough goes through it's update on the PTE, I will get to posting my Breakthrough Map rework suggestions. Till then... Have a good one folks and remember; I just make the suggestions. What the Developers do with them is up to them.
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    We're going to support modding in some capacity, but we first have to finish the game. At this time there are some things that are being developed purely for this purpose, but it will take some time to release and we can't really promise stuff yet. Making maps might sound like something fun to do, but we're putting almost as much time into making sure they perform well as we do into designing them, it's not just a case of 'put stuff where it's cool to put stuff'. You have to take into account lines of sight, how you block view so you don't have to render as much (see: wall of Warsaw or Moscow, hills on Smolensk), you have strict limits as to how many draw calls you can have and how heavy they are (we try to keep it at below 2000 drawcalls). If you don't know what a draw call is, you will not be able to make a map for World War 3. And even if you know, there's a full PBR pipeline to get to know, a lot of lighting physics, there's physical materials, setting up of the spawns, the bullet penetration. Let's take the last one. There's literal thousands of objects on our maps, like 15 000. You have to make sure each of them has the bullet penetration set up correctly, so click each of them and set it up. How much time will it take you to set it up? Like a week, 8h a day most likely? And that's actually one of the easiest steps. Yeah, making guns will probably be easier, right? So you make the model and make sure it's set up for the customization system, so every attachment you want to fit on it, fits on it, and there's like 700 of them. You have to split the weapon into parts ofc, it's not a single model. Texture it, make sure it works well with other guns and their textures. Remember, there's skins, you have to make sure those work as well, there's a 100 of those. Now, you have to also animate the weapon. That's a new animation for each pose. How many poses are there? Well, there's base poses like prone, crouch, walk, sprint, back prone, but each of them also has stuff called aim-offsets (when looking left or right), so that's already 15 (I'm not an animator though, so I bet I'm missing something important). Now, that's just for simple idle animation. Now add reloads (there's 3 of them per pose, so 45), add animating of the weapon movement in each of the poses and in ADS, that's 45 + 45 + 45. the last 90 is set up in the editor using curves, so it's a bit faster, but getting it to look good is actually not that simple. Now, add sound design, so it works with the rest of the weapons in the game: that's FPP sounds, TPP sounds, far TPP sounds, tails, sounds for each of the environment sizes (small room, large room, outside and probably a few more). Reload sounds as well, don't forget, those also have to have variants. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE Did you know suppressors change how the weapon sounds? Yeah. And you have to make particles like muzzle flash too. This is even without considering balance and game design. All this said, we're fully behind having mod tools, but mod tools also require development time. If we want to make them usable for normal people, it will take more time. And making tools for a game that's still being changed a lot is also not smart. TL;DR; Making games is hard, making tools takes time, be patient
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    Here's a biggie, coming in just before the holiday break, we've got fixes for the most pressing issues and some quality of life improvements, like the revamped for clarity pack icons and a lot of HUD changes - most of them are more under-the-hood, but it also shows visibly. We're still tackling the newest iteration of invisible players, but other than that, most pressing issues should be fixed. We'll be testing this one for a day or two on the PTE and see if it's a good candidate for Live. * Notes with a star symbol need further testing, we weren't able to reproduce the issue, but it doesn't mean it's 100% fixed. PTE 0.8.7 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] New Icons for Ammo, Equipment and Med packs to increase visibility, Added Spawn Warnings (Suppressed/No space) for Deployment Widget, Added Markers Objectives Border to ignore progress color, New altitude widget sliders in Heli Drone, Suicide Drone Layout improvements, Static part for tilt widget in Heli Drone, Added new animations for Breakthrough messages, Changed some HUD layouts: (strikes position, inventory widget, player status widget), [BUGFIXES] SCAR-H should no longer crash the game, All TPP and FPP vehicle HUDs are working properly now, Anders is back after extended maintenance, Fixed key rebinder widget z-order, Fixed detonation timer not working properly on Breakthrough *, Fixed not being able to plant charges on Breakthrough *, Fixed opacity on capture point display on the map, Fixed progress offset for capture points, Fixed opening ESC Menu with opened scoreboard allowing you to control the player, Fixing repair station (out of battle zone) placement on Moscow Warzone, Deleting problematic blocking volume and fixing boundaries of battle zone in east side of Warsaw on Warzone, Removed an option to change role on Breakthrough, Fixed Mini Drone icon on the map being visible for all players on the server, Fixed character leaning too much when next to a wall, Fixed suppress effect not working correctly, Fix for Commando not dealing damage, Stop peeking location of the pawn to spawn on, when character already spawned, [MISCELLANEOUS] Added holiday flair to the main menu, Added holiday sweaters to customization, Customization - Added missing flag thumbnails, Customization - character skin thumbnails rework, Added challenge modifier for killing enemies with shots in specific bones (no new challenges yet, just an option for us to add them),
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    I`d suggest to redesign new HUD icons from scratch =\ They are completely unrecognizable. On the screenshotes you can barely recognize what gadget is it. And it becomes worse while moving If we look closer to them, we can notice that only ~20-25% of icon square bring a sense. Only few pixels in the center, while rest 75% are the same for all 3 icons Yeah yeah, you can say "just scale them in settings" but it doesnt help much as long as if you multiply 20 pixels by 2 times, it still will be too small. I suggest to make them as simple as possible where the gadget icon will occupy ~90% of the icons square. Also maybe add different background for each of them to make them clearly recognizible by its "foreground-background template". Like this (paint master is here, but these icons are only to illustrate what i mean):
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    I wish I could show you gameplays I recorded today from the new anim system playtest... I think you'll like the update once it comes
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    Hello again! This week, we've got some much needed fixes, mainly for the missing packs. Let us know if indeed, everything is ok. There's a lot of other smaller, but also important fixes and it should improve the game overall. Thanks to everyone that helped test the update on the PTE. We strongly suggest installing the PTE, as there is potential for 60 player battles if we get enough of you. Remember, it can only happen on the PTE. Update 0.8.2 Patch Notes [OPTIMIZATION] Asynchronous loading of replicated objects is now working properly (stuttering from loading other players should be reduced), [BUGFIXES] Fix for disappearing packs, and potentially for a lot of other replication issues, Fixed HUDs changing during Kill Screen, Fixed camera cliping while leaning against corner, Partially fixed auto exposure in thermal scopes, Fixed punishing after suicide, Possible bugfix for invisble players, Fixed laser not turning off properly, Fixed pausing Reliable methods when replication is paused, Disabled the ability to fire when interacting with objects using [Default: F], Breakthrough: Fixed a bug with not ending retreat when retreat time ends, Breakthrough: Fixed C2 spawn trap on Smolensk, Fixed detonation timer sometimes not showing up properly on Breakthrough, Fixed the map showing up on top of settings, Fixed wrong vehicle spawned on Warsaw Warzone, [IMPROVEMENTS] Small improvements in the team manager code, Breakthrough game code and replication improvements, Clamped sharpen to 0-1 range instead of 0-3, Added bCanAttachSemtexAndClaymore flag to mark vehicles to which semtex and claymore should not attach, Reduced explosion camera shake for tank shells, Breakthrough: Match timer will now pause during retreat, Fixed other player stutters when coming into player view, Gepard radars are no longer destructible, Gepard Shells + spread improvement, Improved vehicle LMG tracer visuals, Fixed major D3D12 issues (DX12 is still not supported fully and will degrade performance, but some of you insist on running WW3 in DX12 and crashing),
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    I know people have suggested this before, so I'm going to put a bit more detail into how I think this system should work. In the customisation screen, players should be able to change how many extra magazines/ammo boxes their soldier carries, with each magazine added or removed changing the weight of the loadout. Rather than separate "ammo type" and "magazine type" screens, both should be united into the one section. First players will choose what type of magazine they want (e.g. drum mag, rifle size mag etc). Then they will choose what primary ammo type they want. Even though all guns are currently locked to FMJ as their only primary ammo, this will allow for things like shotguns to have more interesting ammo types available. Once a primary ammo type has been chosen, a player will then have to choose how many extra magazines of primary ammo they want. Each extra magazine added adds a set amount of weight to the loadout for the magazine type, so moving from one to two extra drum magazines will add more weight than moving from two to three thirty rounders. Once players are done with this they can choose if they want to carry secondary ammunition of any kind. Secondary ammunition can then be added in increments of additional magazines of the same type, with the same bearing on weight. Hopefully this helps sketch out this idea for people
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    Honestly, I dont like the new HUD at all. It may have more information but it is overloaded and too big. What was wrong with the old one? It was minimalistic and sleek, which fitted the type of game WW3 is.
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    A small one before the weekend, just so it's a bit more fun to play. Keep letting us know about issues, we're working on the infinite loading (there's two new ones of those - we've got some leads to fix it definitive) and we have some intermittent lagging issues we can't track without more testing. Happy thanksgiving to those in North America and happy weekend to everyone else! Update 0.8.1 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Warmup widget should now be visible again while warmup is in progress, Potential crash fix in character spawning, Fixed not being able to enter vehicles sometimes, Proper fix for planting through walls, Reward for team switch not applying, Fixed bad configs on TDM - no more lags from weight mismatch, Fixed map rotation constantly choosing Berlin, Fixed HUD replacing deploy screen when player spawned for first time, Blocked bomb planting when retreat is in progress, Damage Type Modifiers for BRE station: nerfed bullet and strikes damage, Fixed destroyed point marker opacity on Breakthrough (won't look like selected spawn anymore), [OPTIMIZATION] Shadow Quality setup - should improve shadow performance.
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    Hey folks After leaving my first round feedback on Breakthrough, I decided I would start a small suggestion series regarding the new game mode, how I think it could be improved, and how I think the maps can be improved for it. That is a lot of text to type up, images I need to work on/have been working on, and I could easily fill up the Breakthrough feedback post with just a deluge of suggestions. But, eventually it would either turn into a single massive wall of text & pictures, or it would turn into discussion spam that would be all over the place, and overall hard to keep any real focus on. So, I'm going to start things off easy with small changes that I wouldn't imagine would take a lot of development time and then later on do the bigger posts that might take a considerable amount more development time to create. IE: Get the fast stuff out of the way, then get to the big stuff. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the small suggestions. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" --- Suggestion #1 - Increase player count from 20 to 30. This is easily going to be one of the big blemishes on Breakthrough if it goes to live. We know that Players have been wanting larger game modes and Breakthrough is going to look like a massive step backwards even if it just 10 players less than Warzone. While Breakthrough is still on the PTE, I think the player count should be boosted to 30 players in order for us to test it, and see how much of a impact having those 10 extra players has on the game. If the game ends up running bad/performing terribly, those that tested Breakthrough before it went to live can at least speak from experience when explaining to non-testers how Breakthrough benefits from having a smaller max player count for the time being. Will it be enough for everyone? More than likely no. But, it might be enough to soften the impact of some of the harsher criticisms that can be levied against the game mode for being smaller than Warzone. --- Suggestion #2 - Increase Standard Match time to 20 - 30 Minutes. As I stated in my original feedback post, the current matches feel too short even with the time being extended by the Attacking Team destroying the Objectives. Giving the Attackers a little more time to attack would not hurt anything in my personal opinion, so I think a standard 20 minute timer should be plenty to get a good fight in even if the Attackers get bogged down on the first Objective Area. If it's not, then I wouldn't go any higher than 25 to 30 minutes at absolute most for a standard timer. --- Suggestion #3 - Remove Objective Spawning and replace it with a Command Vehicle & Spawn Area for Defenders. Another possible blemish for Breakthrough is the current Objective Spawn. Now this isn't as much of a problem for Attackers as it is for Defenders. Players on Defense have a chance of being spawned right in front of Attacking enemies with little to no chance to react to the incoming enemy, sometimes even getting picked off by a waiting Sniper that knows that the Defenders can spawn in that general location. This causes a large amount of frustration and for the average player that frustration might be too much to deal with. So, my suggestion is to purely get rid of it and replace it with the Defenders getting their own Command Vehicle as their Fast - Risky Spawn (also in turn giving them Vehicle Support equal to that of the Attackers), and adding a Spawn Area that is far enough behind the Objective Area without both being inside the Objective Area and doesn't put the freshly spawned Defenders in direct line of sight of the attackers right away. Example: Turning the inside of the Bunker on Smolensk into a Spawn Area when the Defenders have been pushed back to the Radio Station and don't have a Command Vehicle or Squadmates in the Objective Area to spawn on. Of course the Spawn Areas should change (ideally) depending on what sector Objectives the Defenders are currently tasked with protecting, though this might be a challenge depending on the Map. --- Suggestion #4 - Objective Marker flashes when Bomb is planted. Simple and straight forward. When a Bomb is planted on a Objective, the Objective marker for the Defenders & Attackers should begin to steadily flash to act as another indicator that a bomb has been planted on the Objective or whatever. A little extra alert notification wouldn't hurt anything in the long run, sure it might annoy some People. But, if its the thing that made you realize that a bomb or whatever has been planted on a Objective, than the thing did it's job. --- Suggestion #5 - Different stock Vehicles based on the Map for the Teams. This is more of a suggestion for Immersion than anything really seriously wrong with the game mode itself. But, I would really like to see the Attackers & Defenders have Vehicles that really match their faction while also upping the firepower of their Vehicle Support based on the Map they're on. Here is what I'm getting at down below... Warsaw Defenders - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Wolverine IFV Attackers - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Berlin Defenders - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV Attackers - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Smolensk Defenders - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Attackers - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV Polyarny Defenders - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Attackers - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Wolverine IFV Moscow Defenders - East Faction Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV Attackers - West Faction VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV Overall I think this would make Breakthrough matches a little more immersive, not a lot more, but a little more at the very least. For the Attackers they will have a much more fearsome Vehicle support with a IFV over the 4x4 Commando. --- Anyways, I cannot think of anything else off the top of my head that I think needs fixing/improving that is minor. I had another which is a brief break during gameplay for both sides to prep for the next attack wave (match timer pausing for the break of course.) But, I think the Devs might already be planning this, so I will leave it off the list for the moment unless something deems otherwise. These are just some small suggestions that I think will improve Breakthrough and not require a lot of Development time (I'm sure a Developer can come in and correct me if I'm wrong on that.) Next post will be suggestions I'm pretty confident will require a lot more Development time to do, then I will begin map layout suggestions starting with Polyarny which is nearly complete as I type this. If anyone has any suggestions they would like to add to the list, let me know, and I will add it to the list with credit given.
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    Sliding, just like the whole animation system is currently under an "extreme makeover". I can confirm that sliding will be indeed shorter.
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    Defenders need time to move to another pair of points, after losing the zone. Attackers at this moment should not be able to "rush" new pair and plant bomb when nobody of defenders there. (Cos defenders did not have time to respawn, there leader not respawn - point already Under Attact, or they did not have time to run). For attackers, the new zone should be “out of the battlefield” for a few seconds. P.S. BF1 have nice system: u need kill all defenders on an already captured zone before attack next.
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