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    I'm going to have to check this to be 100% sure, but AFAIK only Valve can issue VAC bans, we are issuing game bans. Sorry for the mixup! This one is one me, I'll make sure to fix this in the WR as well. As for my absence, I'm taking some time off community work as it's impacting my sleep and work overall and I need to focus on making sure the game is done, I'll come back as soon as possible ^^
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    This one is mostly focused on bugfixing and small improvements, mainly in the game stability. We've done some work with streaming data and it seems to help with both crashing and stuttering, but we'd prefer to test it first. PTE 0.8.10 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed crashes related to streaming, Fixed Quad and Buggy map limits, Fixed not gaining XP for repairing friendly vehicles, Fixed some minimap markers staying on the map after parent object is destroyed, Fixed canted red dot reticle not appearing after switching from main one, Fixed no punishment points for destroying friendly BCV/VAB, Fixed Battle Robot max speed, Fixed Zuni HE rockets not dealing damage to UAV, Fixed TPP/FPP HUD for Drones, Fixed overlapping HUD when in vehicle, [IMRPOVEMENTS] Compass widget improvements, Gadget refill progress bar will now autohide when not updating, Improvements to air vehicle HUDs, Improved kill list.
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    Hello Soldiers, This one is a small one, but also important. We have spoken in our latest weekly report, about merging Master Servers into one, to give our players accessibility to use all servers with their main profile so no progress will be lost. Keep in mind that playing in different regions will have an impact on your ping, more about that here. Update Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Region Merge ( All regions and profiles has been merged )
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    Just wanted to give my view & thoughts as a new player to the game (26 in game hours played since last weekend when I bought the game). I’ve read most of the recent posts on the game in this forum, nearly all from people who have been playing awhile. So would like to give a ‘noob’ perspective from someone with fresh eyes. I don’t know all the history to the game; promises from devs, roadmaps, previous versions, known bugs etc. In summary I’ll start off by saying that I love the game, it has various parts of other games that I enjoy rolled up into one. The player customization is great, the weapons and modifications look brilliant (tho allot of it is cosmetic). Maps are fun and provide a good mix of cover and open areas, and they are not too big to the point that you feel you’re running miles before contacting the other team (I don’t like or use vehicles in these type of games). TTK; is very nice however limb damage could use some work (see further on below) and the weapons feel lethal (yes I’m looking at you bullet sponge COD). So far I’ve not had any crashes or bugs (maybe apart from getting stuck on objects while being prone). The ONLY real criticism I can give so far is the poor latency and ping on the EU servers (I have a top spec computer and top internet speeds) but this can be attributed to the fact the whole global player base is using the EU servers I guess. Allot of the BS I am seeing and experiencing could be down to this (so will reserve judgement); such as being killed while in cover, killed by people either in full sprint or not looking at me, appearing to be ‘one tapped’ by non-sniper weapons even with full protection on head and chest, people being bullet sponges or hits not registering at all. Just some general thoughts which stick out to me, I’ll hold back on more comments until I’ve experienced the game more; · Weapon Mods - Would prefer of all changes had an impact on weapon performance (For example changing stocks will change weight, recoil and ADS speed or handle grips improved handling speed, control etc). It appears allot of the mods have no impact or at least noticeable to me. · Limb Damage – Allot of time the TTK has been extremely fast to then see that all shots hit my arms or legs, would prefer to see TTK to limbs be reduced but in its place penalty’s until healed such as arms (slower reload, ADS, more recoil) or legs (slower movement speed, unable to sprint, transitions to prone, crouch, stand slowed down and unable to climb). · MCS & Bullpup Pecheneg – Both of these weapons have stuck out for me for different reasons, while I’ve not used them it’s their use on me that has me puzzled. The MCS seems to have extremely long range for a shotgun, the amount of times I’ve been sniped by this thing is confusing. The Bullpup Pecheneg for a LMG this seems far too accurate, more often than not when being killed by this it’s always headshots and 100% hits to my head, I wish I had the data of times killed by this gun and where on my body it’s hit me as I’m sure it would be 95% to the head during my whole time. (not sure if this is a weapon thing or just the very experienced people using it.) Maybe I’m just unlucky : ) · Sounds – I get of allot of people ghosting up to me without making a sound, yet other times I can hear people moving clearly. Just a bit inconsistent but not sure if this is linked to latency/ping. · Calling in Strikes – For ones such as UAV or UAV blockers it would be nice if our guy could just call this on his location (hot key). So holding down ‘6’ would make him use his radio and call in a UAV on his position. Only because I’ve been killed a number of times on my iPad while capping a point looking for my position to place a UAV on it. (If this is already a thing, great, just not clear if this is currently possible). So on a whole I’ve really enjoyed my experience so far, and while the learning curve has been made more difficult by a small experienced player base. I feel like I’ve picked the game up quickly. The one thing I would stress to the development team is to make attempts to get more players into the game (free weekends, events, get some streamers to play it) and get those Steam reviews of no one is online moved on. As I was reluctant to pick up the game due to the comments of no one is playing, until I made the effort to come here and ask if it was possible to get games. An I’m glad I did because I have never had an issue getting a game (I’m EU based). However the average person will see those reviews about dead game and move on, while the population is small it’s by no means as dead as the reviews make out. Look forward to the next update and seeing you all in game. L
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    As the titel says since the last Patches where Farm 51 added GPU booster i get movement problems and more and more inputlag. Gamebuild 4651670 ╔═ My Rig ════════════════════════════════════╠ CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K @5 GHz | Cooling CORSAIR HydroH100i Pro╠ Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING Z390╠ Hard Drive: Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD 500GB + 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO╠ RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200 Ripjaws╠ GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 AMP!..next to be changed╠ Screen: Acer Predator XB272 1920x1080@240Hz╠ Headset: Beyerdynamic 300MMX╠ Keyboard: Tte Sport Challenger Edge╠ Mouse: Logitech G502 Protheus Core @400-450DPI╚══════════════════════════════════════════ This just makes me damn mad because of this i have teleporting enemies in front of me or enemies that just apear magical in front of me. This is how it looks before i changed the GameUserSettingsconfig.ini and this is after i changed the GameUserSettings I changed this OneFrameThreadLagEnabled=Disabled FinishCurrentFrameEnabled=Disabled GPU booster OFF ...now i hope the performance is as good as before Patch Hope i did not missed anything and this will help some guys... // How to find this file : \Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\GameUserSettings - Rozmo
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    Initially theme was created in Ru-segment. The idea is to give us the ability to turn our gun and look over it like we are doing it now with alternate scopes, but without actual scopes attached. I mirrored and cropped the screenshot when leaning with MCS to more or less visualise it. Just take into account that when ADS ur weapon would be even closer. Why I want to add this? 1.Sometimes it's rly inconvenient to enter CQC while having weapon with only high-magnification scopes. But sometimes there is no other way and u need to do it. And while IRL u can somehow do it holding the rifle against the shoulder while looking above the scope, in WW3 u unfortunately can't do it. 2. While holding the weapon against ur shoulder and "sidescoping" without the sights there finally is the room for LASER usage. Currently laser is "oh,so tacticool" thing that has no meaning whatsoever. It only shows enemies that there is guy with laser pointer who is going to appear from behind dat corner. But with this feature u can go ADS without the scope but with pointer that shows u approximate line of fire.
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    BF3 introduced many things that are triggering me. One of them is that u CAN'T flip over quad bikes. No matter how hard u try it's like there is something like a rubber band attached to its bottom that prevent it from flipping over. And that fact that WW3 has the same casual gameplay feature is triggering me rly hard. U can't flip over quad bike when u r riding it. But when it's empty - no problem. So it is definitely an intentionally added feature. Plz, devs, could u make so that I could flip over Quad Bike and happily die squashed by it.
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    I believe this philosophy as well. I do see players sometimes complain that fast TTKs means "whoever sees first, wins." But... isn't that how it should be a lot of the time? Why should you be able to run into a completely open field with no cover and still win that gun-fight? And if someone shows up behind you and you fail to hear their footsteps... why should you be able to win that gun-fight? If the players see each other at the same time and trade shots, the more skilled player should still win more consistently anyway, right? So I don't see "whoever sees first, wins" to be a big problem. It's still about skill, just a different type of skill than recoil/fire control. Just because someone is a great shot, doesn't make them a great player. Maneuvering the map and using assets are just as important (possibly more important).
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    it would be nice to play on a map set in an airport (parking, runway, luggage storage, checkin, gate) all the games create the usual maps. Shopping centers, parking lots, metro. The airport would be a nice big and innovative map. or a large map like this, where you can also use land vehicles in wide open spaces as well as fighting in a closed place.: or a small and simple map:
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    I think you are misunderstanding him. tynblpb's argumentation is, that if there is an even faster movement speed introduced with the new movement system, then this makes only sense if the current normal sprinting speed is reduced. This does not mean, that your max speed as a light soldier ist reduced, but you need to use the turbospeed for it. Light soldiers are already very fast (as they are meant to be). If the turbo speed would be a significant increase over the current sprinting speed it would make them absurdly fast. Edit: Just went back to the movement preview report and it says that the turbo sprint will last only for a couple of seconds. Depending on the cooldown times it would be an interesting question if you would cover a certain distance faster with a hypothetically reduced normal sprint and a couple of temporary turbo sprints, or with the old sprint. Given that you raise the weapon to point at the sky while turbo sprinting (in the preview) I would argue that the turbo sprint duration could be linked to the weapon's weight. Surely, it is less exhaustive to run like this with a Glock than with an MG5. This would lead to an interesting decision than, because you might be faster with your secondary gun out but it will leave you a lot more vulnerable for the time.
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    Hey Folks Time for another light suggestion post and this time I felt like suggesting something we don't have in the game in any shape or form. I'm calling it the Active Explosives Detection System, or AEDS for short. Nothing super original, but for what is suppose to be a light suggestion post, I don't see any reason to go too nuts with the naming, and the Developers can always come up with something different if they desire to do so. Anyways! If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Active Explosives Detection System (AEDS) ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - AEDS - Concept behind the Active Explosives Detection System (AEDS) Section 2 - Proposed Stats - Proposal for the Stats of the Active Mine Detection System (AEDS) Section 3 - Special Features - Special Features of the Active Mine Detection System (AEDS) ---- Section 1 - AEDS The concept of the AEDS is very simple and straight forward. It's an Explosives Detector for UGVs, IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs that detects enemy Landmines, C4, and any sort of equipment like that in a area that the AEDS is scanning in, giving the driver both an audio based warning, and physically marking the exact location of the Explosives for both the Driver & near by Allies to see. The AEDS should not stop the Explosives from exploding when a Vehicle runs over them/player activates them/etc etc...it just reveals their location so they can be avoided, destroyed, or whatever. However, this should come at the cost taking up the Active Armor customization slot with the IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs and the Equipment customization slot for the UGVs, this way Players have another customization option they can consider taking. ---- Section 2 - Proposed Stats BP cost: 200 APS Type: Scanner (Detection) Detection Type: Continuous Scan Range: 20m ---- Section 3 - Special Features Marks Enemy Explosives Location - Marks the location of the enemy Explosives for both the Vehicle Driver and nearby Allies. Audio Alert for the Vehicle Driver - Self explained (Suggestion from @NeoOrNeon) Enemy Jammer Interference for the AEDS - Enemy jammers should be able to disable the AEDS for the duration of the jamming. And with all that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of the AEDS, or at least the general idea of it. I know this post is far shorter than what I normally make, but this really isn't anything that I see needing extensive amounts of research, and given that the game is set in the year 2026 I don't see why there could not be a little "Future Tech" justification to put behind it. Anyways It's not a big, outlandish suggestion, and I don't see how it could throw any balance out of whack to any major degree, so ideally there should be no real major complaints about it. But, I could be wrong also of course. Till the next suggestion post however... Have a good one folks!
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    @Enigma Ok, so this is kinda a good thing you've found there. As you might've noticed, you get over 200fps at times. This is a well know bug in UE4 that causes it. It's not because of those two settings, it's because you have over 200fps. To verify this, please try this: Set both of those settings back up to 1, Verify that you hit over 200fps and this happens again, Turn on frame limiter and set it below 200fps. If the problem stops, this is exactly what happens. We have plans to fix this UE4 bug, but for now there's not many people that have over 200fps constantly, so it's low on the priority list.
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    I just got rotated from a EU server to an NA server. I understand the rational behind the region merge. But I don't think that it is a good idea to rotate a server full of mainly European players to a NA server.
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    Will there be any information on when the Movement patch will come out on PTE besides soon?
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    I'm not sure if this is going to be exactly an overhaul because I may still consider keeping the mercy respawn system that losing teams will have, but I do want to at least add something to it. A problem with a lot of matches I'm seeing is that gameplay very quickly becomes uncompetitive because one team is able to capture the majority of objectives earlier than the other, or there can possibly exist a skill gap or a ping advantage between players, or poor teamwork on the part of some team players. Players should try to work as a team and with their squads, but sometimes this can prove fruitless especially when the other team has greater skill or happened to join the server early in larger numbers. For instance, West team could have earned so far 250 points from capturing objectives, while East team could have earned around an excess of 3500 points, with under 15 minutes of time to spare. I believe these gameplay situations are as common as or sometimes slightly more frequent than more competitive scenarios (where one team can be stuck earning under 1000 points or even nothing, and the other usually up to 2000 or 3000 points before their enemy team can catch up over a majority of the match's play time), and this is affecting my enjoyment of the game quite significantly. A solution I have come up with is to allow squad leaders to create mercy spawns anywhere in the map (but at a certain distance away from the objectives) for an unlimited number of times; this will work akin to the Tactical Insertion perk/equipment in the Call of Duty games. This should happen only when the difference between the team's points reaches 1000 or more points (this number can be changed if necessary, but I think no more than 2500 points). When the difference between the team's points are narrower than that number, this ability must be disabled - players would no longer be able to spawn on them and squad leaders cannot place any new mercy spawns. I would like this system to be applied in addition to or instead of the current mercy spawn system, which can be memorized easily after a few gameplay attempts across the maps.
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    Why mostly the ppl from NA are those who are against this feature? What we don't know about them?
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    I don't get it why this is so controversial? Do you think this will lead to a significant number of bans by any means? Following Ragir's description I can't remeber a single incident where someone qualified for a ban for toxic behaviour. Furthermore, why does F51 have to justify themselves for banning toxic players and not the toxic player for being toxic? Some trash talk for sure has to be considered normal, but we are talking about serious toxicity. Is this something you consider normal? How can I ensure I don't get VAC banned? In this context the answer cannot be simplier: Behave like an adult and keep your temper in check. If you can't do that you can't blame anyone but yourself for it.
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    toxic behavior is not something that you may do accidentally (like TK for example). You do it intentionally. And if you dont understand that its inappropriate even after 3rd temporary ban you should get permanently banned imo
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    That's a interesting idea, I like how visually @Dunabar described it, what I can say is that armor is the main core of defense and vests and helmets are cosmetics, and I think that's the direction designers are going. I can forward this idea and we shall see if developers will go with the idea.
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    Wouldn't it be much better for the whole game if you explained to them what to do instead of calling them idiots? Overall, just to clarify, we're not doing anything else here, we've been banning toxic people since the game launched in Early Access, we've just streamlined the process of reporting behaviours to the team, nothing more. Up until now, we've been getting reports via email, on Discord PMs, forum PMs and forum posts, and it's easy to just miss them for a few days, so now we've got a form that you send your stuff to and we have a single spot to check for new reports. We're not going to ban people for just trash talking, but some people go way overboard with the insults and are making the game worse for it. We're especially targetting TKs as there's no good system to stop them in the game right now (there was, but then we added a server browser, so matchmaking delays are worthless). This is going to change, but for now we have the reporting form. Nobody gets a permanent ban on their first or even second offense and we're giving out 24/48/72h bans for different things. For example, if you spend a whole match teamkilling, that's CLEARLY trying to make the game worse for everyone else and being intentionally a dingdong, so that's at least 48h. For calling someone's mother names (or generally just being a dingodng again, but verbally), there's 24 and so on. With the chat abuse it's really hard to tell sometimes, so we try to stay on the side of not banning, but sometimes it's clear that someone has to chill out for a day. Let me know if you have more questions about it.
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    All imma say about this is here, from our internal tracker:
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    tbh its kinda strange to wonder whether the game become competitive or not while its not even finished and has very low online due to that. So for now its like "the chance is 50% - it can be and it cant be"
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    As I have already written in the suggestion of @tynblpb about nerving the sprint ability on difficult surfaces, I think the new turbo-sprint animation which is going to be introduced with the animation system overhaul allows for an interesting opportunity. To let it not go down unnoticed I decided to turn it into another suggestion which I see as a complement to tynblpb's idea. To get everyone on the same page I am referring to Weekly Report #43 (https://worldwar3.com/en/2019/12/24/weekly-report-43-new-movement-system-preview/) and more specifically to the improved sprints. As one can easily see, during the turbo-sprint ability the weapon is raised so that the gun points to the sky. Further, the Weekly Report states that the turbo-sprint will be a temporary action. From my perspective its use is thus defined by two variables: the duration and the cooldown. My suggestion is to let the duration of the turbo-sprint vary with the weight of the weapon one is currently holding. I.e. I use an MG5 and a Glock 17 and have a heavy loadout. The loadout weight bracket defines my standard movement speed and normal sprint. But the turbo-sprint will be longer with the Glock equipped compared to the MG5. The rationale behind this would be for one that it seems realistic to me, that this kind of sprint is more exhaustive while holding a heavier weapon. From a gameplay perspective this has an interesting opportunity. Equipping the secondary weapon then can become an worthwhile alternative while running from A to B to make use of the prolongued turbo-sprint while risking to be caught off guard with your secondary weapon out which I think is an interesting tactical decision to be made repeatedly during a match. As a side effect, pistols would be indirectly buffed, as players will be incentivize to actually equip them and not only put them in their loadout for the sake of a low weight. Likely, this will lead to more situations where pistols are actually used out of necessity and the equip speed statistic would probably become more important. On the other hand I am not sure if this would be possible from a technical perspective in the first place, but I am keen to hear feedback on the idea. Have a nice evening and a good start into the week everyone!
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    Im with you the movement sucks sometimes and also that you can sprint over theses things. I just recoded a video yesterday where Majestec killed me in the Stairway while sprinting and he did not even has his gun up ... looks like this Lets see what the new movment system brings. But I hope they dont change the movment speed of a light soldier with light gun!!! If they do i am out. I take the risk of NO ARMOR and want to be fast. I don´t hope its gonna end like in some other games!!!! Where the community starts cry because others throw C4 at them... Result was C4 throw disabeled for all *WTF * just an example...
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    Their just waiting for the next animation overhaul that coming.
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    I dont like the Server merge also the idea to get servers full with 350+ Ping player. In that case bot support would be better XD. I also would like to know how this Ping 150 thing works?? Is it like in good old Bf2 times where in the config the latency was fixed at a value about 100ms?? There was the same problem.Shoot at someone and can not kill them because I have a Ping of 9ms but the config makes 100ms of it. To play ESL or competitiv i had to change the config to my real Ping after that the hitreg was "AWESOME". But I have found a solution against the China high Pingers that you can not kill...!!!! Just leave the game and play Bf4,Squad,Insurgency,ARMA there you dont have to bother with Ping punishment XD See first Shoot first Kill first... For everyone who wants to see my connection speeds HERE: 146.xxx.xxx.xxx | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%| ----------------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ + Cached Name | 0,009 | 0,010 | 0,014 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,011 | 0,031 | 0,236 | 0,040 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,015 | 0,018 | 0,030 | 0,003 | 100,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ XXXXXXXXXXXXX MYLOC-AS, DE...best performance servers!!! 80.xxx.xxx.xxx | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%| ----------------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ + Cached Name | 0,008 | 0,010 | 0,017 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,015 | 0,045 | 0,228 | 0,052 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,016 | 0,019 | 0,034 | 0,003 | 100,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ I do not use Google or other DNS ...to slow But this is ridiculous sometimes No Headshot No kill China player and another China player i was not able to kill with my high ping of 10ms XD Or like this I was shooting He was sprinting and he allready taking hits ... and he is taking more hits but at the end he just stops takes his weapon and instand kills me with Headshot...aaah Yeah Personal record is i shoot him 3times in the face with M417 and than i get instand killed by him with a oneshot ...did not hear the shoot just white light and dead It was like WTF??? looks like this ... I recorded the hole match because it was absolute redicilous how the performance sucks when China players with a ping around 400 join EU servers. As i count in this match was around 16 players from China and in total 30 players It feels as if i am playing with a crap latency... I think maybe this will end like in PUBG where the community try to force a region lock for China...cos of Cheats and Pingabuse... This Patch make me actual play WW³ waaaaaaaaaaaay less than before because it does not make Fun any more... sorry but thats the truth... I personal never get the idea to join an Asian Server with high Ping in ANY GAME EVER!!!!...exception if want to troll people I would like to prefer a Ping lock... ping above 150 NOT ABLE TO JOIN THE SERVER...That would be fair*point*
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    Finally we`ve found all (both) these guys who has >200 FPS in WW3
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    orly? O_o The first project for me where you can ping devs on the forum, in discord and even in their own game
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    I think it's in the game since the start. Read the dev's answers in the linked theme. More or less it is in the game as u r flinching a little when being hit. It's especially clear when u r ADS with medium-high magnification scopes. There was a short period of time when base ammo pool was decreased. Never before and never after teamwork was this high in WW3. The more ammo has player from the start - the more he thinks of himself as "one man army". Me personally would like to see current ammo pool to be decreased a little.
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    After shooting long distances today, I realised even more, that current amount of sway is too high. Obviously, i9-9900k makes dreams come true. Got lots of pleasure without lags. Now, I'm waiting for better draw range, it's is not very funny, when grey goo on the horizon shoots you. And using 4x scope makes very few difference.
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    On the screenshot below it can be clearly seen that Medpack icon and soldier's icon are identical. With icons the can be seen through walls and obstacles it quite often is confusing when u see an enemy, but the pack that is lying somewhere behind him shows u that it's allied unit. And this allied soldier is killing u... SO, i Have 2 suggestions: 1) remove icons from the dropped packs, and make that they'll appear for 5-10 secs ONLY IF there is relevant request from u. U shout "need ammo" and allied ammo pack are highlighted. 2) or, devs, could u plz rework the icons of the dropped packs so we would not be able to confuse ourselves? Something like this.
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    Co sadzicie żeby wyłączyć widok z trzeciej osoby w pojazdach? Jeżeli chcesz grac pojazdem to musisz się liczyć z ograniczona widocznością, myślę ze zwiększyło by to imersje i zmieniło taktykę grania pojazdami. Jedynie respiarke bym z tego wyłączył, ponieważ resp powinien być bezpieczny wiec możliwość rozejrzenia jak najbardziej wskazana.
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    Was. Devs promised to think about something like this. PS.Before creating new theme u can always use search by keywords in titles.
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    btw recon can be a nice competetive gamemode
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    I sure hope everything is ok and that they are just too busy on the game to interact with the community.
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    unfortunately not because these system files cannot be replaced. But after deleting the dbghelp.dll file from the game files the game works again on windows 7
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    Hey Folks Time for the next "Weapons that could enhance WW3" post and this time around we have the Israeli Spike ATGM. A highly popular Anti-Tank Guided Missile with a large degree of adaptability & flexibility. After this I will move on with creating the final "Weapons that could enhance WW3" for round 2 and begin finding new weapons for round 3 (already have a few in mind that were very easy picks in my opinion.) Just a quick note: I didn't get too much sleep lastnight, so if anything comes off odd, broken, or whatever. Please by all means post a question over it so I can explain/edit this post to clarify what I was getting at after I get some sleep in me. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Spike. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The Spike - Real life information behind the Spike. Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game Special Weapons and suggested Special Weapons with the Spike. Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the Spike should have. Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the Spike should have. ---- Section 1 - The Spike Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the Spike. Spike - Matsimus Spike - Rafael Advance Defense Systems LTD Spike - Military Technology Extra Information sources. Spike (ATGM) - Wiki Created by Rafael Advance Defense Systems ltd, the Spike is a Anti-Tank & Anti-Personnel Guided Missile (ATGM) that first hit the scene in 1981 during a time when ATGMs were really becoming popular, and Israel was in need of a modern ATGM system. While several ATGMs were on offer, the Israelis decided to make their own ATGM instead, and ultimately what would be developed would result in a highly adaptable platform that is capable of being used by Infantry, Vehicles, Ships, and Helicopters. This impressive showing of adaptability & flexibility would ultimately result in the Spike finding service outside of Israel with the Nations of Australia, Canada, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Romania, Singapore, United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Finland, India, Poland, Latvia, and most recently the United States where the weapon system will be mounted to Apache AH-64 Attack Helicopters. Several other Nations have adopted the Spike and currently Estonia, Turkey, and Thailand are evaluating the weapon system for possible introduction into their armed services. One of the great features of the Spike ATGM system is it's ability to network with other Spike ATGMs in operation in the region, able to spot targets for other Spike Missiles that haven't been fired yet, and make course corrections should a need arise such as needing to avoid collateral damage, spotting a higher value target for destruction, avoid hitting the same target as another Spike Missile, and much more. ---- Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons If added to the game, the Spike should serve as a Heavy Anti-Personnel/Anti-Tank Guided Missile launcher with a large degree of adaptability and flexibility brought on by two different fire modes. Though this adaptability & flexibility should come at a cost with the weapon being rather heavy, the missile fairly slow moving, the setup process being rather slow, and really only being able to be paired with the lightest weight weapons & body armor. But, for all those major drawbacks, the Spike should be a very deadly weapon that can lay down a level of destruction that few other weapons can. Putting fear into Infantry, UGVs, Light Armored Vehicles, Medium Vehicles, and even cause Tank drivers to be a bit hesitant about advancing outside of cover. Now, lets move on to comparing possible stats of the Spike vs. the RPG-7 and the suggested GM-94. Like always weapons with (S) in their name are weapons I have suggested that are not actually in the game and the color coding works as shown below. Green - The weapon is better compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Yellow - The weapon is equal or competitive compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Red - The weapon is worse compared to this weapon's stats on the list. Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and avoid making a massive amount of variables to take into consideration. Spike proposed and compared stats. Spike Weight: 28.00 RPG-7: 16.8 (S) GM-94: 17.50 Spike Recoil: 0.1 RPG-7: 6.0 (S) GM-94: 3.0 Spike Spread: 0.8 RPG-7: 1.5 (S) GM-94: 2.0 Spike Reload time: Doesn't reload RPG-7: 3.3 Seconds (S) GM-94: 4.0 Seconds Spike Rate of Fire: 1 RPG-7: 60 (S) GM-94: 130 Spike Caliber: Tandem-Charge HEAT RPG-7: 40mm (S) GM-94: 43mm Spike Muzzle Velocity: 150 m/s RPG-7: 300 m/s (S) GM-94: 100 m/s With this out of the way we move on to special features which is going to be a bit longer than usual. ---- Section 3 - Special Features (Suggestion from @nubbits) Spike vs. RCWS - RCWS of Vehicles should be able to shoot down the Spike Missile when it's in flight. Equipment Bag to resupply - Self explained Spike vs. RCIED Jammer & Phantom Jammer - These two Jammers should be the best options for Vehicle Drivers looking to the counter the Spike. They're best used against guided missiles and the Spike is definitely a guided missile. Spike vs. Incandescent APS & Land Electronic Defense System - The Spike was designed around countering these types of systems by coming in at a angle that the Active Protection Systems simply cannot scan. Should it fall into those scan areas however, then it should be fair game for these defenses to counter it. Spike vs. Smoke Screens - Should a Smoke cover be deployed on the field, the Spike should be incapable of directly targeting anything covered by the Smoke Screen directly or on the opposite side of it from the Spike user. Limited Customization options - While there are a variety of Spike guided rockets, their differences are largely relegated to their particular suited system platform. The weapon is very specialized also, so not a lot of room for customization. Special Reload Animation - Because the launcher tube is impossible to reload in the field (to my knowledge), the Player should go through a animation where they detach the weapon sight (aka where a degree of the weapon's brains are at work) from the launcher tube, and attach the sight to a new launcher tube acquired from an Equipment Bag. No Alternate Option during gameplay - Self explained, whatever Rocket the shooter brings is the rocket they have to work with. Fire-and-Forget Fire Mode - Rather than having a dumbfire mode like the RPG-7, the Spike should have a Fire-and-Forget system where the user needs to take roughly 4-6 seconds to lock-on to a solid target area, and only once the range has been calculated can they fire the Spike. After leaving the tube the Missile should then begin to fly up into a 45 degree angle till it reaches a certain point where it will come crashing down on the target from a 70 degree angle. The reason for coming down at such an angle is to help the rocket avoid being picked off by the Hard Kill APS systems as part of it's real life characteristics. This fire mode is also more ideal for when enemy Vehicles are in generally close range to the Spike user. Lofted Fire Mode - After going through the same general process as the F&F fire mode except being able to aim at the air, the lofted fire mode will quickly change the user's camera from the weapon's optical sight to a frontal view sight from the missile itself once fired (IE: Like the Suicide Drone does). The Missile will quickly fly up into the air in a auto-pilot mode for a brief period of time and eventually begin to come back down to earth where it will engage Manual control. Once Manual control is given to the user, they can begin making gradual course changes to the missile as it's coming down (just like with the Hellfire, Stormbreaker, and Mephisto missiles.) This fire mode is best used at long distances and will leave the shooter vulnerable in at least a crouched or standing stationary position while firing the missile in this mode. ---- Section 4 - Customization Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything like that. Just a quick mention of what customization options the Spike should and should not have access to in my opinion, Primary Sights Unique sight with the option for a Clear screen Sight or some sort of Thermal option Barrels None Muzzles None Side None Magazines None Ammunition Tandem-charge HEAT - Anti-Tank focused Rocket High-Explosive Fragmentation - Anti-personnel focused Rocket As for bodyparts there is nothing to add since the weapon platform wasn't meant for these kinds of customization options. And with that out of the way we're done. I hope everyone likes the idea of the Spike ATGM being added to the game, even if not exactly how I suggest adding it. This is one of the few weapons I have stumbled across where I can see multiple applications for it beyond being just a Infantry level weapon. The Developers can create UGV & Vehicle based versions as well as Helicopter Drone based version if they so choose and it would all be characteristically accurate of the weapon system itself in real life. Variety is the spice of life and the Spike is definitely a spice that can bring a lot of variety to the WW3 table should the Developers look to adding it. But, that is enough for now, I have a Sniper Rifle post to make and more weapons to find for future suggestion posts. Till the next suggestion post... Have a good one folks!
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    im a simple man: i see Dunabar`s weapon suggestion, I upvote
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    Fair enough, but if they don’t you’ll be driving that AFV around an empty map ;)
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    Idea is simple. The heavier weapon is, the longer ADS time it has. 1) It will nerf MG5. 2) It will nerf drums (maybe, a little extra ADS multiplier, when using large magazines and vice versa). 3 It will balance long barrels with short without absurd damage nerf for them. 4) Can be coded by weight itself or giving, additional properties to attachments to differ ADS time. 5) While having weight, some grips can reduce it (if it is their special feature. Short, agile carbine for CQC. LMG for middle-far ranges. Extra stability, but bulky.
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    I've previously posted this theme in PTE part. Copypasting it because of curiosity would it receive any upvotes or not. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10941-hackthrough-breakthroughs-submode-and-variable-rewards-for-completing-the-tasks/
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    If this feature would be added and even if it would be monetized - I'll gladly pay for it. Even with all the variety of camo patterns, almost all of them have only 1 painting set. For example this is how ICU camo looks like. Even though I like it, it is doesn't suit to all maps. So the idea is to add redactor that would allow u to choose the different painting so that camo pattern would look absolutely different and adjusted to ur liking. OF COURSE with limited set of fixed "camo' colours , so that there would not be "firefighters" with red-yellow or gold camos on the battlefield. For example this is how can ICU camouflage look. I've tried to make 2 "greenery" and 1 "urban" colour set in addition to default. See it urself how different 1 camo can look.
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    or just spread across the map - like 8-10 random spawnpoints on the edge of the map 100m away from nearest control point
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    Would be one way to get players to run iron sights over the standard optics. Of course they can always do the whole CAR-15 carry handle riser which allows the mounting of optics on the carry handle itself. I'd love to do that on the M4 lol.
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    немного треша
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    We've been tracking down the server issues and we've got some crashes and disconnects figured out, so here's one for the weekend. There's still at least one client crash that we've found, but without proper testing we don't want to risk pushing it to Live, so expect those issues to be resolved later. Update 0.8.5 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed deploy screen not showing up sometimes (especially on TDM), Fixed the death fade to black sometimes happening again after respawning, Fixed a crash in the challenge system, Fixed a crash in the HUD, Fixed a crash that occurred on changing cameras in vehicles, Fixed a reload widget crash that sometimes happened when reloading vehicle weapons, Fixed vehicle ammo replication bug - now the ammo count should synchronize properly, [IMPROVEMENTS] Small improvements to hit replication on the character, Disabled lowering replication rate while dead (should remove unstable timer and low refresh of the deployment map among other things), [MISCELLANEOUS] Removed holiday flair from the customization menu.
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