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    This is PTE only! Expect crashes, disconnects and other problems while we're testing! How to get to PTE? Check here: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/4406-instructions-how-to-get-to-pte/ Soldiers! We're beginning testing of the November Update. This time we've got some big changes and a lot of new content in the game. We've got a new game mode, new map, new vehicle, new weapon, new outfit and that's not even all. To play TDM just click Warsaw on War Map and select TDM from the gamemode list on the left and click Deploy. TDM maps are smaller, so people with poor performance might want to check them out, the game should run MUCH better on TDM. Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Guided Missiles (RCWS Anti Tank and APFSDS GLM shells) temporarily have their guiding abilities disabled and work similar to RPG launcher; this issue will be resolved in the next patch, Some players might not have statistics panel available and not get rewards for playing - we're working on that, [NEW CONTENT] New gamemode: Team Deathmatch, New map: Warsaw Shopping Mall (TDM only), New weapon: MSBS Bullpup, New vehicle: IFV Boxer, New uniform, New vehicle armor: RPG nets for IFV Boxer, New vehicle armor: RPG nets for IFV Bumerang, New spawn system (TDM only for now!), [FEATURES] In-game grenade selector (just like gadget), Backend: Progression system (first pass), Thermal scopes (first pass), Backend: Item unlocking, Backend: Server authentication, First tests of the changing day/night system (TDM map only), [GAMEPLAY] Added Thermal scopes: Medium-magnification scopes (Thor SM, MM) and high-magnification (Odin LM), Added a new assault rifle: MSBS-B. It’s chambered in .300 Blackout giving it better damage than other Western rifles but at the cost of much bigger bullet drop, high damage dropoff and strong kick, Vepr nerfed again with increased recoil, Tor damage reduced, making it only slightly more powerful than the G29. However, due to .50 cal’s AP performance it should deal more damage when hitting the enemy directly into the chest plate, Sniper rifles had their bullet velocities lowered (turns out they were bugged and behaved like hitscan weapons), they should be comparable to ARs now, RPGs nerfed: Reduced blast radious on basic warheads, reduced damage and damage falloff on Frag warheads (this should make them used primarily for weakening and injuring enemies over a larger area and not for killing them with a cheap shot), Adjusted the Frag RPG warhead to make it more easily recognizable (it’s brighter, more gray/brown-ish in colour), New prototype weapon muzzle flashes. They should have slightly better performance and look better, please give us feedback wether or not do they hinder your visibility while shooting. If anything will be off we will be tweaking them, New particle effects for Support Strikes: Artillery, Airstrikes, Carpet Bombings, now it's easier to differentiate which one is being used, Fixed splash damage for >25mm caliber rounds, now splash damage decreases properly with the radius of the explosion ( the further from the center of explosion the lesser the damage), You can no longer vault while reloading, Tweaked spawn locations on all maps, Added optimized light to all TPP muzzle flashes, And more, [BUGFIXES] Fixed item names and descriptions on popups, Radar Equipment for UGV works as intended, Mini UGV does not receive decals from the environment, Lance RC turret smoke grenades' shoot properly, T90 turret hatch attaches properly, Proper destruction meshes for Falcon turret optics, Lower attachments count on certain vehicle armors (Anders, Marder, and T72). It should result in a slight performance boost, Fixeds in left hand position on certain handguards, Marking should be fixed now, Fixed broken materials on some emblems, Fixed ammo display in customization, Weapon calibers should now display properly, Fixed animations for Glauberyt SMG, Various chat fixes, And more, [OPTIMIZATION] Reworked muzzle particles to reduce FPS drops when firing, New impact particles, Lowered attachment count on certain vehicle armors, Level streaming improvements, Collision optimizations, Continous optimization effort on all fronts, [TWEAKS] Changed "Performance Boost" to "CPU Performance Boost" to better reflect what it's for, Tweaked RPG explosion, Flash hiders are now functional, Added chat window to summary screens, Adjusted blast radii for >25mm rounds to the fixed splash damage values, AntiTank mines damage reduced to 600, now 2 mines are required to destroy a vehicle, Improved UGV durability against RPG projectiles: 1 Tandem or 2 Single Stage are enough to destroy a UGV, Reduced smoke grenades uses from 5 to 2, Reworked armor pricing and masses, Changed P: to L: since we're showing latency to the server, not straight ping, Tweaks to thermal vision postprocess, Menu thumbnails updated, Various animation tweaks (idles, reloads), Matchmaking improvements, Many more minor tweaks and improvements.
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    Soldiers! There's a small, but important patch being deployed now! It's not the big 0.1.1 (we're still testing that) but we've decided to push the new Master Server patch earlier. It's live right now and will require you to update the game. This is the last part of the ninja patches we were pushing for the last two weeks, marking the end of the old Master Server. Patch notes [GENERAL] • New Master Server, [IMPROVEMENTS] • Vastly improved connection times. As always, keep us up to date on any problems this change might introduce. We've been testing the new backend for a week now, but we tested the last one as well. Happy shooting!
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    Kept ya waiting, huh? We've got some more stability changes in this small update, in line with our focus on fixing the crashes as the first priority. We think that most of the crashing issues should stop after this update, but some still might lurk under the surface, so keep vigilant and keep sending us the crash reports. They not only let us fix them faster, but also let us know where the most frequent problems occur, so we can prioritize better. We're currently in closed Recon testing and we've just came back from IEM 2019, both of which took away some of the time. Now we can focus back on crashes, bugfixing and - last, but by all means not least - optimization. Patch notes might not look very appealing, but this update does make a difference in game stability. As usual, please don't hesitate to send us your feedback and let us know if you're having issues after the patch. 0.4.3 Stability Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed a few crashes related to object serialization, Added a nullptr check that otherwise resulted in a crash, Fixed one garbage collector crash that occurred due to bad variable UPROPERTY setup, Fixed a few other crashes.
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    After a weekend of testing, we've got some fixes to make 0.4 even better, as it seems that most people like it over the Live version even as it stands now. That being said, we want to make it good, not just better than 0.3. Here they go! PTE 0.4.1 Patch Notes [GENERAL] Removed waiting for players from PTE builds (will stay as it was on Live), [GAMEPLAY] TDM timers tweaks (wait times etc.), Moscow senate spawns adjusted, Helmet balance pass, Global hipfire accuracy decreased due to lower TTK, [IMPROVEMENTS] Updated strikes stats in customization menu, Updated stats for warheads, HUD optimization, Changed autowin conditions (can't be tested on the PTE), Fixed some weapon positions on the screen, Improved lighting on Moscow Senate map, Weapon sounds polish pass, Claymore sounds improvements, Polish commander VO, [BUGFIXES] Another batch of crashes fixed, Fixed healthbar becoming empty sometimes, Fixed strike cost locked to 1000, Fixed BTR front right exit, Fixed ammo showing as 0 (only display bug is fixed, the proper ammo bug is still there), Fixed quick radio chat opening when in state different than play, Morphine animation fixed, Fixed the AK15 iron sight showing up to attach on weapons without iron sights, Fixed FPP sprint animation with TOR, Fixed the new SMG not coming with a sight, Around 20-30 minor bugfixes with materials, stat tweaks and others.
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    Another one! We've decided to change some stuff again due to player feedback we got yesterday - we all want 0.6 to be the best experience, so one more day is definitely worth it. Some small, but vital changes in this one! PTE 0.6.8 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Sometimes another player icon was not visible, Heli-Combat Drone is now on cooldown so you can't spam one after another, Fixed level up screen, Marking enemies and vehicles on map was not working sometimes (again), Probable fix for auto spawn, [GAMEPLAY] Removed some additional neutral vehicles on maps, Limb damage reduced from 80% to 67%; hand/foot damage reduced from 60% to 57% - sniper rifles should no longer be 1-hit kill on limbs, Improved damage dealt by RPG and tank shells vs Heli Drone, Heli Drone HP decreased by 25%, Tweaking Leopard2 speed in reverse and custom turbo force, Tweaks in Abrams speed curve, Tweaking T72 speed in reverse and custom turbo force, Adjusting capture points to enable capturing by vehicles + minor vehicle placement adjust, Buggy and Quad cameras now follow the vehicle rotation, increased Quadrocopter's hitbox, [IMPROVEMENTS] Enabling option where buggy and quad camera takes vehicle rotation in FPP mode, Events for updating settings on ui while Quick Quality has been changed, Warsaw map textures update.
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    Guys, chill out, please! We know 0.3 has its problems and we are fully committed to fixing them ASAP. To address complaints that PTE player numbers are too low and that it's not enough to fully test the patch, I just wanna say that our entire team is also using PTE to test things out in their respective fields we have also expanded our internal testing team and expect to limit the number of issues in any patch to minimum. Perhaps pushing a 0.3 patch before the Christmas period wasn't the most thoughtful idea, but hey! we are learning our lessons and I can assure you that future updates will be better executed.
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    Hello, this hotfix is aimed at fixing a bug with joining the game with a squad. Thanks for reporting it! [BUGFIXES] Fixed an issue that prevented people from joining a game when in a party.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 Christmas is a special time to enjoy with family and your loved ones. To spread the divinity and cheer around, Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! From The Farm51
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    Hello guys, i tried some progress on the performance of ww3 with some trick i wanted to share with evrything i discovered these days to lower the stuttering in game. First method, devote more cpu to the game so as to improve the performance stuttering and fps drop, ww3 does not use much power of your cpu and I think this is one of the many problems of low optimization, so what we do will be to dedicate more power cpu to WW3 with this method: (STEP 1) GIVE MORE CPU POWER Hold Press Windows Key+R or type in windows search bar "run" In the run search bar type "regedit" and now fallow this directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options create a new folder/key with right click in Image file execution options and call it WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe Create a new folder under the WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe folder and call it PerfOptions now right click inside PerfOption Create a new DWORD (32 bit) rename it CpuPriorityClass now double click on CpuPriorityClass and change in 3 (STEP 2) FIX WINDOWS MEMORY LEAK *ONLY FOR WINDOWS 10* with this passage we improve the consumption of ram by windows and dedicate the maximum to ww3. Always in regedit fallow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Ndu now double click on Start and set value on 4 (STEP 3) EDIT ENGINE.INI FILE *BIG IMPROVEMENT* Navigate in this directory C:/users/youpcname/AppData/Local/WW3/Saved/config/WindowsNoEditor *if you can't see AppData folder enable hidden folders* it's pretty easy to do, but if you have no idea how to do here quick youtube tutorial for how enable hidden folder TUTORIAL Find and open the file called Engine.ini delete all and paste this script (IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 12GB OF RAM EDIT r.Streaming.LimitPoolSizeToVRAM=1 IN r.Streaming.LimitPoolSizeToVRAM=0 now restart your PC to apply the changes if everything went as expected you should see the game much more fluid and with less stuttering. And do not forget to enable in the game settings one frame thread lag this feature will greatly increase your fps by defoult is disabled but I recommend keeping it always enabled. I hope that all this can help you let me know if you also notice improvements with these changes and I wish the developers good luck, hoping that they can improve the performances of this fantastic game!
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    WW3 Optimization / Increase FPS Guide October 2018: (Last Edited 10/23/2018) This guide will help you use your computer to the max to play this amazing new game. In the future the game will be optimized but it's just the beginning now and not everyone has a $3000 system, so this might help a lot of people. Step 1: Windows Optimization / Hardware Optimization Install CCleaner and clean everything on your computer. This makes a lot of things fairly easier. Install Driver Booster (Checks for New Drivers Easily all over your computer) Optimize Windows 10 for Performance Open Windows Explorer Right Click "This PC" and go to "Properties" Click "Advanced Settings" Click "Performance Options" Click the button that adjusts windows for best performance (uncheck all buttons) Click Apply and Exit Make sure all of your CPU Cores are no parked and are being used (youtube.com/watch?v=4fKxZ1mq9KA) Make sure to install your GPU Drivers (Nvidia and AMD) Step 2: In-Game Optimization Put all graphics on high-ultra except put textures, shadows, viewing distance and post processing on low. This will put more of the load on your GPU rather than your CPU. Also put Anti-Aliasing on Medium-Low. Set these as your game launch settings, without the brackets: [-high -USEALLAVAILABLECORES] Go to your Steam Library and make sure WW3 is closed. Right Click on World War 3 Click Properties Click on Launch Options Put Your Settings in and Save Start World War 3 In the Video Settings, Turn On Motion Blur. This will create the illusion that you are getting more FPS. I will keep updating this thread when I get more things to add but this is how much I know so far, have fun playing soldiers!
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    The release was not rushed, we just didn't even consider such huge player numbers possible as well weren't aware of a possible master server bottleneck - We didn't rush anything, there was no other way to check this without releasing the game to a wider public. Currently the team is working hard on fixing the server issues for 100% as well as with most important fixes (the first patch test cook was finished just today). The roadmap is currently in the works with most of it is already complete. Sorry if we're not as active as we used to but there's a ton of stuff happening for us, some people are working 24/7 on the servers and are exhaused, we will return to constant posting once we finaly manage to fix everything's that most important right now (and get a good sleep after that). On top of that we had another event (Warsaw Comic Con game show) just this weekend. It's barely over a week since the game was released, give us a moment to catch our breath.
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    Next bunch of tweaks , fixes and improvements is on the way! PTE 0.4.2 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Server browser improvements, showing detailed error messages, Improved auto-rotation. It should be more reliable now, Added a map to Moscow Senate TDM map, [BUGFIXES] Fixed wrong strikes naming, Fixes for spawn selection on deploy screen, Fixes for collisions on Moscow TDM map, Fixes for strikes collisions with soldiers.
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    ... I have, no idea how anyone would ever come to the decision either of these were a good idea to implement in the fashion they did especially when they seem to be talking about nerfing all AR's... jeez. Vepe 12 This is a shotgun that literally outdamages rifles at 60-70 meters, often causing one shot kills at these ranges and frustrating the every living hell out of players all over from every server. If you did a weapon poll I am betting that the Veper and Tor would no doubt be the most used guns because they are cheesy, cheesy and just overpowered to the extreme. The Veper 12 has a very easy fix, increase the spread at 20-30 meters to the projectiles so you aren't firing a man-sized grouping at 60 meters. This thing fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and out damages AR's, being former service I can tell you that this weapon is just bullshit in its current form even in real life performance. If we're going to assume that plates can actually stop a 7.62mm round (very unlikely btw, you're lucky if it doesn't just travel through and helmets provide almost zero bullet protection) then the 12 gauge that the veper 12 is firing should have almost zero chance at penetration at these ranges or even getting through kevlar past fifty meters because that's very close to how ineffective it is against any form of armour. But even in a game balance and design direction, this thing makes no sense. I don't see how Farm 51 feels AR's need a nerf while this thing is quite literally the worst balanced gun I've seen in a game to-date and that's including BF3/4 shotguns that could be snipers at 400 meters with a slug. Tor I understand you guys went to ranges and had consultants from the military? I am going to ask you... who the &%#@ told you that they could fire a .50 caliber rifle on the move without throwing your shoulder out is a complete shitter. If you want someone who won't bullshit you I know about a dozen guys looking for military consultation work on these kinds of projects including one with heavy experience working with TV and other media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyjo5BObCPE Being able to HIT something with one of these while standing is a feat on its own, do you not realize you are literally lugging around damn near 22 kilograms (though the Tor looks like it might be lighter which will be WORSE for recoil) which is NOT something any normal human being could ever do even standing still to fire these things, again, is a feat on its own if you hit something. But moving could literally throw your shoulder out. There's a reason this guy is done after two shots, having fired a .50 cal properly I can tell you, you feel each shot. If someone is moving with a TOR, this thing should be swaying like a mother, if they are STANDING, it should be swaying like a mother, and bolting this thing should take having to crouch, put the rifle down, and then bolt it. I don't care how much of a badass the guy who told you guys this was possible thinks he is, no one is bolting this rifle without dropping its muzzle down or more likely dropping the whole rifle out of his hands and likely damaging it. Also, why in the hell is a .50 cal damaging LAV's!? I saw two teamates with TOR's take out an IFV in only 10 shots... you know how many shots a .50 cal should take to actually disable a LAV? It should NOT be possible, not from a realism standpoint or even a gameplay standpoint... knock our their optics, that's cool and realistic, whack out components mounted to it? Oh heck yeah that's really nifty from balance and realism! But you have basically made the TOR into a Railgun with zero recoil and no consequences to using it over top of ANY other sniper rifle. It invalidates the G29 etc... this thing is ridiculous and being former service actually turned game developer... this thing, and the Veper-12, make zero sense in either aspect. These two things are just horrificly "balanced" if you can even call it that, and don't hit on the "semi realistic" gameplay you are trying to create either.
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    Considering how bad the launch of the game was it would be nice to hear more from dev's for some reassurance. There are small updates released but we have not been told what they are for or what they attempt to fix? I know we do not need to know every detail but it would be nice to know what is being worked on currently and what priority is. Are we going to get to see a roadmap? A list of features and the order they will be attempted to added? Most games give this before they go early access or as soon as the game launches publicly.. It gives us the info we need to know where the game is going to head and to know if we actually want to invest and buy the game at this early stage. It would just be nice to hear from actual dev's and not forum mods so we know our money is in good hands, being put to good use and not just going to end up like most other early access games, Money grab and then don't hear from the dev's from 1 month to the next.
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    Revive mechanics won't make its way into Warzone mode. We never wanted to make a "mil-sim" game, but we also never wanted to make mechanics that feel out of the place. In real life (and in common sense) you don't go to dead people and revive them using defibrillator or syringe - I think that if a medic class in any game can do that, then it should be renamed to Necromancer I guess.
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    Hey, I just wanted to add that Team GiD is giving away 3 GiD T-shirts on top of us giving away World War 3 keys! The rules are simple: All clips that get into the trailer are entered to win shirts, A jury comprised of GiD members and F51 devs will choose 3 clips that they like the best, 3 people get a customized, high quality T-shirt. Good luck!
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    Somsiedzi i szwagry! Dzięki uprzejmości studia The Farm 51 (szczególne podziękowania dla kierownika @Ragir), wraz z kolegą @Lugresky pragniemy was zaprosić na event, który odbędzie się dnia 19.04.2019 o godz. 22:00 Założeniem tego eventu jest przede wszystkim wspólna zabawa przy jednoczesnym sprawdzeniu możliwości innego systemu rozgrywki. Mapa: Strefa zielona - obszar dostępny dla atakujących Strefa czerwona - obszar dostępny dla broniących i atakujących Strefa czerwona przekreślona - dostępna dla drużyny broniącej do momentu utrzymania w kontroli punktu C2 ZASADY OGÓLNE I ZAŁOŻENIA ROZGRYWKI: Event "PRZEŁAMANIE" polegał będzie na podzieleniu się na dwa zespoły (drużyna atakujących oraz drużyna broniących). Odbywać się będzie na zamkniętym serwerze PTE na mapie Warszawa WZ. Na mapie wyznaczono strefy oznaczone kolorami oraz obramowaniami. Strefa zielona, jest dostępna wyłącznie dla drużyny atakującej (broniącym nie wolną się nią poruszać). Strefy czerwone są dostępne zarówno dla drużyny broniącej i atakującej. Około godziny 22 zbieramy się na discordzie gdzie otrzymacie hasło na serwer. Po zalogowaniu się wszystkich osób na serwer drużyna broniąca przejmuje punkty B1, B2, C2, C1 i udaje się do punktu C2. W fazie przygotowania nie strzelamy do siebie i dodatkowo obydwie drużyny rozstawiają swoje mobilne punkty respawnu. Po fazie przygotowań na czacie będzie odliczanie i ruszamy do boju. DRUŻYNA BRONIĄCA Zadaniem drużyny broniącej jest oczywiście obrona własnych punktów. Podczas obrony: drużyna broniąca nie może korzystać ze strefy zaznaczonej na zielono i porusza się w obrębie dwóch pierwszych bronionych stref. Dla przykładu w początkowej fazie rozgrywki poruszacie się w obrębie Stref C2 i C1 plus strefy od respawnu ale nie poruszacie się np. strefą B2. W momencie kiedy drużyna broniąca utraci punkt obrony może ona już korzystać z poprzedniego punktu czyli np. C2 i B2 plus stref od respawnu i analogiczne aż do punktu A2 po przejęciu przez drużynę atakującą punktu C1 i C2 teren mapy oznaczony zakreskowanym na czerwono polem nie jest już dostępny dla drużyny broniącej po przejęciu przez atakujących punktu B2 drużyna broniąca może zająć punkty A1 i A2 drużyna broniąca nie może przejmować utraconych stref za wyjątkiem ostatniej czyli A2 (strefa, którą można odbijać kiedy przejął ją wróg gdyż aby wygrać musi ją utrzymać przez 5 minut) mogą używać JAMMER-ów w każdym miejscu mapy DRUŻYNA ATAKUJĄCA Zadaniem drużyny atakującej jest przejęcie wrogich stref w kolejności pokazanej na mapie żółtymi strzałkami. Warunkiem zwycięstwa jest utrzymanie punktu A2 przez 5 minut, przed upływem czasu lub ticketów każdej ze stron. Atakujący: mogą poruszać się po wszystkich strefach mapy muszą przejmować strefy w kolejności zaznaczonej żółtą strzałą (zakazane jest przejmowanie następnego punktu bez przejęcia poprzedniego bądź zajmowanie dwóch jednocześnie) - C1, C2, B2, B1, A1, A2. muszą obronić przez 5 minut punkt A2 aby wygrać. W tym przypadku broniący mogą go odbić. Po odbiciu punktu i ponownym przejęciu przez drużynę atakującą zegar 5 minut biegnie od nowa. atakujący mogą użwać JAMMER-ów tylko na strefie obecnie atakowanej, zabronione jest zagłuszanie stref poprzedzających MOBILNY PUNKT RESPAWNU: Dozwolone jest korzystanie z mobilnego respawnu tylko i wyłącznie jako miejsca odrodzenia. Nie korzystamy z jego właściwości bojowych. Pamiętamy, że używamy go tylko w strefach do których mamy dostęp (opisanych w zasadach) STRIKI: zabronione jest używanie strików w postaci: wszelkiego rodzaju pojazdów bojowych (LAV, czołgi) dronów bojowych (quadcopter, battlebot, heli combat drone) Pozostałe STRIKI są dozwolone ZASADY ZWYCIĘSTWA: Drużyna broniąca: silna obrona punktów i utrzymanie co najmniej ostatniego punktu do: 5000 ticketów dla własnej drużyny końca czasu meczu uzyskania 5000 ticketów przez drużynę atakującą (tj. tickety wpływające na konto drużyny atakującej działają na jej niekorzyść gdyż w momencie rośnięcia liczby ticketów czas do przejęcia punktu A2 stale maleje) Drużyna atakująca: wygrana po utrzymaniu przez 5 minut punktu A2 Jeżeli jesteście zainteresowani na taką rozgrywkę zapraszam do zapisywania się w tym temacie. Ewentualne uwagi mile widziane. PROSZĘ PAMIĘTAĆ ABY WEJŚĆ NA GŁOSOWY KANAŁ NA OFICJALNYM DISCORDZIE. NIE MUSICIE Z NAMI ROZMAWIAĆ (lecz jest to mile widziane) ALE WAŻNE ABYŚCIE SŁYSZELI INNYCH. o7
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    Hey there, we've decided to get some more people in to get some fresh eyes on the game mode and see what comes out of it. Due to a lot of confusion we had last time, please make sure you read this post very carefully. Reply in this topic (even if you did in the previous one and didn't get in), Make sure you know your SteamID64, this means a number like this: 76561198050043123, it will be useful later, Make sure you know your DiscordID (with the number after the nickname, like this: Ragir#6666) - it helps with communication as Discord has all the info first, Signups will close in 48hrs! YOU DON'T HAVE TO REAPPLY IF YOU ALREADY GOT IN, READ THE FIRST POINT AGAIN UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND
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    To nie tylko wrażenie, patch 0.3 wprowadził nowy system ładowania (optymalizacje RAMu i czasów ładowania), co zaowocowało większą niestabilnością gry. Wiemy o tym i testujemy już poprawioną wersję, która niedługo powinna trafić na serwery testowe PTE a później do normalnej wersji. Jeśli chodzi o problemy z rejestrowaniem trafień - naprawione. Niestety, w związku z tym, że mówimy o grze multiplayer, czasami przy skoku pingu różne rzeczy mogą się wydarzyć - to jest coś, czego nie da się przeskoczyć. Niektóre gry rozwiązują ten problem zawsze ufając temu, kto strzela - dzięki temu rzeczy takie jak "lag pedal" działają, a osoby z wysokim pingiem są niemożliwe do trafienia. W WW3 nie ufamy w 100% temu, co gracz wysyła, przez co jest trudniej hakerom, ale jeśli ktoś ma słabe połączenie, musi celować przed przeciwnika (kompensować). Przyjrzymy się temu, tak samo jak osobom, które używają kucania do 'omijania' pocisków, też nie chcemy takiego zachowania w naszej grze. Zrozumiałe, ale zachęcam do spróbowania za kilka tygodni ponownie, będziemy dalej pracować i ulepszać grę
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    I've said this in the Steam forums as well. With 0.6 patch, the game is so stable and smooth. Sure, there are still rough edges that will get ironed out as the game evolves but I think F51 showed everyone that they are committed and serious about building a great game. There are plenty of players all day long now in the USA after 0.6 patch. Very nice! If F51 keeps this up, I am sure we will have a CLASSIC shooter in our hands that will define the future of other shooters. Thanks F51! PS - I am very dismayed with all the FAKE NEWs being spread by people who don't even own the game. If they play 0.6, I'm sure they'll realize how great the game has become.
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    When will the large map game modes come back?
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    Hey, we're still 100% commited to WW3 as I outlined in the post @weedtime linked - WW3 team is I think over 3 times bigger than Chernobylite and we've grown since the new year considerably (and I mean the WW3 team has grown). We're still 100% on track for releasing the game 12-15 months after the start of Early Access (like we said before), so 1.0 will be out with everything we wanted it have (and more) late this year or early 2020. We, of course, will push this back if we decide we have something cool to add or there are some major bugs, but overall we didn't change our plans. As for 0.6, it will be out when it's ready, we pushed 0.3 out and it was kinda bad, so it's better to wait a bit and make sure it's solid.
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    I would personally like the VOIP to be enabled by default, however, have it as a push to talk option. Also having two different channels, Squad and Team, would lessen hassle, improve squad and team teamwork, and also add the ability to mute one of these channels in case there's a bit too much of nonsense screaming people unrest going on in Team chat, or mute Squad so your squad can cooperate with the entire team at once. This, as well as the obvious option to mute individuals. Also perhaps a way to have a channel with more than one squad in it, but not an entire team? E.G. Invite squad Delta into squad Alpha's comms?
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    That's easy, we don't have a publisher that will force us to make as much money as possible, so we don't have to repeat the Battlefront mistakes. While our company is well established, we never had a game this big and we're just starting to create a following, so for us it makes much more sense to be genuine and care for our players, we don't care about making money, but making games. That all said, we can't do this for free, so we have to think about stuff like this, so we can keep making games, just trying to figure out how to go about it with our players. This is why we went with EA - so we can all change and shape WW3 so it's a game for the players, not for the publisher I'm not surprised you're skeptical, we've all been burned by both early access and predatory monetization, so it's only natural to be wary, but we're commited to proving we're different, think more CDPR rather than EA
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    Друзья, мы опубликовали первый выпуск Блога разработчиков! Сегодня на повестке: почему мы были не слишком разговорчивыми с момента выхода игры в Ранний доступ, и как мы планируем это изменить; что же произошло 19 октября, и как мы с этим справились; ну и несколько слов о наших планах на ближайшее будущее и в долгосрочной перспективе. https://worldwar3.com/ru/2018/11/11/блог-разработчиков-1/
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    Maybe its just me, but i was a day 1 buyer of WW3. i feel players that stuck with the game and had faith in the developers deserve a custom emblem made for them. "Launch Day WW3 Survivor, I Survived WW3 Day 1 or Soldier Since October 19". Something cool or along those lines. just a thought, feel free to disagree.
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    My ideas on a revive system A few of my personal opinions: 1. The advanced ballistics system in world war 3 is a feature that enhances immersion. 2. Adding a willy-nilly revive system, I my opinion, would completely destroy the immersion created by said feature. a. Showing you where you got hit, and then someone reviving you, would just be silly and make it less realistic and immersive. So, instead of having to add one that doesn’t compliment the other, why don’t we build the revive system off of the ballistic system? I am a developer and a programmer of sorts, and this is how I imagine it working, and how it could work well. We have a built in ballistic system here that provides rich context on the data of where our bodies were impacted with incoming rounds, as well as the damage that occurred in a specific area. As most players have said, headshots and vitals should be an immediate cannot revive. However we can go much deeper into this, and beforehand, I would like to say that I view shots placed center mass that impact the spinal region as vitals- CANNOT REVIVE. Each body part should have a standard treatment time built into the code. If 100% of the damage caused in killing the player is dealt to the leg, that would be a 10 second revive If 100% of the damage caused in killing the player is dealt to the arm, that would be a 5 second revive. These base line measures will play in further in a second. However, if 25% of the damage to the player is to the leg, and 75% of the damage is to the arm, than the combined percentage of time would be added (25% of damage to leg = 2.5 seconds/75% of damage to leg = 3.75 seconds), MEANING the total time to revive the player would be 6.25 seconds. This could then be extrapolated to multiple body parts (Hands, feet, shins, thighs, forearms, upper arms, etc), ultimately creating a unique time value for how long it takes to revive each player (With a potential max set into the code), depending on the wounds to the body part. This is extremely doable in my opinion by just BUILDING ON TOP OF the fantastic hit detection and ballistics built into the game. This aids in immersion because you’re encouraging your players to take active, risky decisions on the battlefield, rather than act like a bot that can just expect the same scenario over and over again. Things like concussion damage, and explosion damage would have to be brain-stormed a bit more with your design team. Adding any further treatment IMO, such as Arma ACE would be FAR too complicated, and I think implementing it this way alone would be a fantastic addition to the game. It’s not complicated, it can be integrated relatively easy into the game, and be taken out or re-defined just as easy.
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    Another one! This one has a lot of bugfixes and we hope that it will make the game a bit more fun. We're still working on fixing some of the most annoying bugs for 0.7, but overall it's coming along nicely. We've also added new challenges - let us know if they work and if some of them are too annoying to complete! Important: Warsaw Warzone will be unavailable in 0.7.3 due to lighting errors, but it won't impact testing and would push patch back if we were to fix it! PTE 0.7.3 Patch Notes [KNOWN ISSUES] Warsaw is missing from the Warzone playlist, There is still some grenade desync, White box instead of hit data texture, Spawning on MSP's can result in getting stuck, JDAM strike has the upcoming napalm particles, Resupply packs are still disappearing sometimes, Shotguns are OP, Some vehicle HUD bugs are present, [BUGFIXES] Switching a weapon by picking it up sometimes triggers a gunshot, Fixed a crash related to Audio Components, Crash fix for FSlateApplication::ForEachUser(), Changed replication priorites and merged replication graph priorites, Fixed DistanceRelevantCharacter replication issue, Fixed vehicle HUDs drawing on top of Quick Map, Fixed projectiles dormancy, Fixed character replication pausing too soon, Tweaked collision mesh for electric tower / poles and fixed no-collision param for foliage (poles) on Smolensk, Fixed IFVs acceleration, max speed and climbing, Sound positioning fixes, Rocket 'penetration' fix, Fix for music lowering volume randomly, Fixed Moscow TDM missing loading screens, Fixed bug with not sending match end event on TDM, Fixed bug with not saving TDM kills and deaths in player statistics, Random map rotation on TDM fixed - Warsaw will now be randomized as well, Fixed PSS emblem, Fixes is SCAR lowers, Many visual fixes in weapon menu - socket positions, explode positions, attachment categories, Fixed phantom bullets and repeated reloading after picking up weapon with different ammo type than default, Fixed Seat Widget taking color from settings when it shouldn't, Warsaw - Collision fixes, Warsaw - Floating paper fixes, Warsaw - Level streaming fixes, Warsaw - Map holes fixes, Warsaw - Draw distance fixes, Polyarny - Decal scale fixes, Polyarny - Collision / stuck point fixes, Polyarny - Map hole fixes, Polyarny - Streaming fixes, Polyarny - Physical material fixes, [GAMEPLAY] Increased MBTs, AFVs, and IFVs HP, Decreased IFVs rear armor thickness, Moved Helicopter Drone to CUAS category and updated it's stats, Adjusted AJAX's suspension, Tweaked summary screen time (30 seconds) and looking for new server time (30 seconds) for all game modes, [IMPROVEMENTS] Network optimization - Claymore & Semtex C4, Network optimization - action replicator, Added armor stats for vehicles in menu and updated the previous to match the current balance, Voip ducking, new warmate sound, Local player voiceover effect, Removed projectile distance check because it is checked inside Replication Graph itself, Projectile cull distance setup for Replication Graph, Barks distance tweaks, [NEW CHALLENGES] Basic Training: Spotting: Spot 10 enemies, Basic Training: Vehicles: Destroy 5 vehicles, Basic Training: Healing: Heal 5 allies, Basic Training: Ammo: Resupply 5 allies, Basic Training: Drones: 5 drone kills, Top Gun: Kill 10 enemies with flying drones, Airwolf: Kill 10 enemies with the Heli Combat Drone, Morning smell: 10 airstrike kills, Every Breath You Take: Spot 10 enemies, Senor Wingman!: 10 enemy kills from RCWS, Got your back: Spawn on leader 25 times, Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Kill 25 enemies as a LIGHT soldier, Regular Everyday Normal MFer: Kill 25 enemies as a MEDIUM soldier, Juggernaut: Kill 25 enemies as a HEAVY soldier, Whether It Storms Or Snows: 10 Tank kills, Steel Hail: 10 AFV kills, Support the Troops: 10 IFV kills, Last Resort: 10 kills on last healthbar, Tremor: Kill 5 enemies with RPG.
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    100% agree, loved Smolensk even without the textures. Was my favorite map to play by a decent margin. Comments like this are unproductive and a waste of time. They only serve to flaunt your anger and make you feel like your feelings are expressed justifiably. You're entitled to a view, but phrasing it like this helps no one. " Blind support and excuses for mistakes made by developers got the games industry where it is today" Bullshit. Publishers noticing Chinese mobile gaming MTX schemes is what got the games industry to where it is today. That, combined with the fact that in the early/mid 2000s gaming as a market started growing rapidly and capitalists began to sink their teeth into it (I'm not anti-capitalism at all, just saying this is how it happened). Developers over-promising or outright lying IMO didn't really start until the late 2000s and then it got a bit rampant in the 2010s. Making games is very complex and as technology improves, that difficulty actually increases because it allows developers to do more complex things in games. Developers have a vision in mind for a game and they advertise that vision, and the product sometimes falls short of that vision. Sometimes that advertising is purposefully misleading and a lie (Anthem), but sometimes it is genuine. And TF51 have clearly shown they are a genuine developer. They aren't beholden to a publisher, they don't appear to have aggressive monetization schemes, and they maintain direct contact between developers and players. Honestly, I can't understand why they get so much criticism. Sure, launch was a mess and the Christmas patch probably did more bad than good, but this dev team is working really hard and making improvements and still brainstorming ideas. I believe it was said about 50 people work on WW3, do you know how many people made the newest BF or CoD games? I don't know an exact number, but it was certainly in several hundred area, if not more. All of that being said, I don't agree at all that TF51 has lied or misled anyone. "Early Access/Alpha "actually it is a solid excuse for certain issues in the game. It is still in development, EA allows gamers to be part of the development process AND THEN once it's released you get the game for no further charge. You are not buying the game now, you are buying the right to be part of the dev process and then you get the game when it's done. Video games of this nature are rarely polished or perfectly playable while in development. Most major games really come together in the final ~6 months of development, sometimes less than that. People throwing vitriol at the devs for not delivering a finished and polished product a year before official release, is ridiculous. Uninstall the game and come back in several months or keep playing and giving your feedback. But coming to the forum to say "devs are bad game is dead" is a waste of everyone's time and these developers don't deserve that.
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    you nailed the problem sir,a server browser and lobby system is needed now not in 1 or 2 months..in some months without it you will put toghter the ashes of what it is a great game with great potentials If they don't adress the problem asap there won't be anyone left to build a community upon. i don't mind the bugs,glithches and so on..but this..yeah i do a lot..
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    I was skeptical about putting down the $28 for this game a few weeks ago. For a while, it looked like WW3 was set to join the same fate as Battalion 1944, which was killed stone cold dead in less than a week because of its launch issues. Seeing how quickly The Farm51 has moved to address the issues, the communication they have with players, and the impressively detailed roadmap show me that they're really taking this seriously and doing everything they can to ensure that WW3 doesn't join the ranks of other failed indie shooters. Being honest, even with the game being in such an imperfect state, it's refreshing to see something that feels like it's being made for gamers and to see developers getting so heavily involved in the community. I remember playing games like Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 back in the day and it felt like any feedback being given was just people shouting into the void, and occasionally that void spits out a patch that addresses some of the complaints. Great as those games were, it always felt like the developers of those were just some nebulous force that didn't interface with the players. I'm committed to following this road with the rest of you folks wherever it leads, whether that's staring longingly at the game in my Steam library and wondering what could have been, or rejoicing as the community grows and knowing that I was one of the ones who helped it along. I know the folks at The Farm51 are working their rear ends off, and while I realize it doesn't mean much, I hope some kind words from the community can at least brighten up your day a bit ? .
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    Did you not know that Monday is the second best day to release a patch, right before starting the coffee machines after walking through the office doors after a two/two-and-a-half day absence from work? Second best I say, because it is only topped by Friday releases, potentially breaking the game for a whole weekend. ?
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    Yeah I'd like to have the option to combine gasmasks with headgear
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    It's funny when people who act like they're the best (when they're not) say things and act like children thinking their opinion is facts and logical when there is no facts or logic behind what they're saying. The direction where you died from is a good thing. If you think it dumbs the game down then stop camping. After you kill someone you move and change positions. I've been doing fine since early access release - present because I've adapted. It seems some "great" gamers can't and want it to be how it's good for only them specifically then come here to bitch and complain, why? Because your not as good as you claim? I think it's that but this is just my opinion :).
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    Hallo a friend and I love to play WW3, we joined i guess at a very early stage and never really abended the game, even in the hard times... but as we talk about the "new stuff" that were implemented in the game, we came to that point that the game is not heading in the direction of the beginning and what the dev original said what kind of game they want. World War 3 is a casual shooter, not hardcore, no mil sim. Has a casual and fast gameplay like BF3/4 but is way more in the detail in damage model, weapon handling, Armor and teamplay like no other shooters on the market. IT IS UNIQUE as it was earlier: damage model: skill based gameplay, you better you aim and the better you position that higher is your chance to win the fight damage is exact and on point net code is so extreme smooth and pretty weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. Armor: decided how you want to act on the field if you want to tank and be support fighter or be fast and flank the enemy lines. teamplay: you must connect 2 flags to win the game it is necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment to get you squad running. drop a flying eye to keep the point clear and save work together to get the tank, disturb it, confuse it and then get him kills don’t matter, get the connection as it is right now: damage model: it is extreme casual cause the time to kill is insane high, first shoot gets the kill, no chance to avoid damage and no need of skill. damage is extremely inconsistent and at some point, just random weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. (nothing changed) Armor: is now totally useless, Armor is just slowing you down. teamplay: 404 not found and not wanted it looks for me it is not necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment, because it is on every flag. you don’t need to make a flying eye just nuke them only cost 100 bucks more don’t need to work together to get the tank, just nuke it implementing a Helicopter that is not able to get a connection or support the team in any form. as you see I think the game is losing his soul, his heart, the core mechanics that makes it unique and not a normal copy of Battlefield 4. I am asking me the question am I playing it wrong when I play in team, because it looks for me the dev´s don’t want us to do so. Other question is the game heading in the direction the dev´s want their game or are they just pushing it to be more casual to get more and more players. Am i the only one of the veterans who think so? The game as it was, was exactly what I searched for, but nowadays I'm not sure if it still is and if it ever will be again....
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    They never said they are gonna be the same; light is gonna be slower and heavy a bit faster, that's it. (please don't use cancer for this, very unnecessary) What are you talking about? CoD has had flinch in every game and do you see people complaining? It'll just create a slightly bigger skill-gap and makes it a bit more realistic, you wouldn't just stand still when you got hit by a bullet would you. Randomness? You shouldn't spray and pray my dude, aim then shoot. If the recoil is too much then take a smaller magnification scope. Well I'm sorry this game isn't being tailored to your preferences, if you want that please go make a game yourself. The devs are doing their best and people like you who just shit on every little detail they don't like doesn't help anyone in the slightest. As they said, every change will first be tested on PTE and they move on from there; if people don't like the way the extra flinch impacts the game, they'll either scrap the idea or rework it. The devs are not just doing things blind and they are definitely not deaf when it comes to feedback, you'll just have to polite and concise. For playerbase, they haven't even started promoting the game big time with advertisements or anything.
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    I've started some time ago theme about how beautiful, wonderful, superior are machineguns. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/8013-time-to-choose-machine-guns/ But I was laughed at.? But now, noooooow, it's time for my comeback!? Now it's time for me to laugh. Here and there i see whining about HeliDrone being OP and how the whole team can't even scratch him. And I was: I've just destroyed it with less than half of my machinegun's ammobelt? But they again: HeliDrone is so OP!!! And I thought: there must be something to it. I need to check this out. And I checked. So here is the story of Devious Devs and their Devious Plan. Plan How To Make Dem Noobs Suffer. I think in the dark-dark room there was the meeting where they were discussing the yet to be added HeliDrone. - So, they asked and we finally are ready to add the HeliDrone. But still, we have to find a way how to Make Dem Noobs Suffer. Any ideas? And then someone, mb it was even @Kony, said: - Imagine, that some guy found himself below the flying enemy HeliDrone. He is in safezone and thinks: Heh, I've gotcha. Soon, ye be dead, - He starts to shoot at HeliDrone with his AR. - Aaaand? - And we will make the armor plate on the bottom of the hull the thickest, so the full 100 7.62x54R rifle rounds ammobelt would deal only 50% of HP damage.? - Great idea. And what else? - We will make announcement, that rotor can be dmged too. - But? - But it will be as tough as the bottom armor. And even more, front armor will withstand up to 200 MG rounds too! - Isn't it more like flying AFV now? -Oh, don't worry, there will be weak zones. When shooting the sides there would be from 50 to 100-110 bullets needed to destroy HeliDrone. And the smaller will be angle the less dmg will be dealt. Though there will be ultraweak zone. All it takes is 40 shots to destroy HeliDrone if the bullets will hit here. From any angle. 40 bullets. But! We will say that the RPG is the best way to deal with Heli Drone, so almost noone would know that the MGs are the best choice weapon to oppose HeliDrone and only best players, who run with machineguns, would deserve this knowledge. - And what about Assault Rifles? - Who cares about Assault Rifle peasants? We will simply make 5.56 two times weaker. Devs when adding HeliDrone. Now who is laughing last? Now u understand that it's time to choose machineguns? P.S. Tail is a weak zone too.
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    Its common game design knowledge that this low of a TTK does not work well. At least reverse it. The game turned into CoD but worse, you prefire and spay as you turn corners and generally require no need to even aim just spray the enemies down. The game isnt worth playing with this ttk I have to force myself to play so I can give feedback. My KD has gone up a lot and I get longer streaks so its not that I suck at the new TTK its that its absolute trash and ruins any fun people who like to have skill based game play that requires effort. I dont see my self being able to put up with patch .4 the TTK is so horridly bad. Hopefully .5 comes sooner and this direction is reversed. Game is getting more and more casual and this TTK is another step. What happened to a hardcore game all the interviews were talking about, So far I see back peddling and catering to be accessible to as many possible which is a repeat of every game out there that puts the enthusiast out in the cold. I was hoping this game would be different and would take a stand that goes after making a good game instead of seeking to please the large crowd of casuals and hobbyist that dont generally care or play much.
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    Recon: All Radars and Jammers cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Radars and Jammers are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Combat Controller: All Artillery and Airstrikes cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Artillery and Airstrikes are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Motorist: All Vehicles except tanks cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Vehicles except tanks are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Tanker: All Tanks cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Tanks are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Technician: All Remote Control Vehicles/Gadgets cost 25% less BP, and everything else costs 25% more. Cooldowns for all Remote Control Vehicles/Gadgets are reduced by 10 seconds and increased by 10 seconds for everything else. Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
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    I made quick teaser video so anyone can check how new map looks like Minidrone needs to have smooth movement for video purposes only co players can make cinematics from the game What do you think?
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    If you take a look at the roadmap, we've got this beauty scheduled to go out by the end of this year: ASSET POINTERS (RAM USAGE OPTIMIZATION, LOAD TIMES REDUCTION) We're currently fixing bugs that this change introduced to the game (and trust me, it's a big change - we've redone how the whole game loads assets). After we're done with fixing those bugs, you will get to test this with us. From our tests so far it seems to drop RAM usage by at least 50% and speed up load times by 10 times. So don't worry! We know what we're doing Just keep playing and giving us feedback on the game, we will make it better and it will run well, there's still a lot to do, but with your help it could be one of the best shooters of all time - it just takes time to make it good!
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    Please buff armor, no reason to use anything other then light unless you are already heavy. This is meta now, just go light unless you are already heavy with the lightest armor. I'm going mid 40s in kills to low 10s to single digits in TDM. People are too easy. I really dont like just crushing people and I still really want side and back armor. Please nerf gut shots. Please nerf railing in the mall. Also fences are a solid barrier and can not be shot though at all. IDK about frames and warzone since I dont get any.
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    @BmP_SeeR We are working on a ingame cheat reporter. We also hear you about the spawn system. It's broken beyond repair, so we made a brand new system. It will be introduced in first or second big patch, so really soon (it depends on the inhouse tests). @E.A.R.N. No, we won't punish people for our mistakes. @HALCON4 We are aware of the problem with cheaters, and talking to guyz at EAC also prepering our own solutions to the problem (like ingame cheat reporter), I can promise you that when other burning issues we have right now will be resolved, the cheater ban hammer will strike...
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    Please don't add flir/nvg optics, like in battlefield 4?
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    Oglądam ludzi, którzy grają w WW3 i często komentują negatywnie pewne mechaniki gry. Na przykład to ze po skoku nie można od razu strzelać tylko trzeba czekać aż nasza postać pozbiera się z podłogi... albo ze nie da się zrobić headshot jak to w innych grach.... albo, że magazynki są małe. Wydaje mi się, że wielu graczy nie ma pojęcia o realiach wojskowych i ma złe przyzwyczajenia z innych gier. Efektem jest to ze przeciętny gracz nie zdaje sobie sprawy, iż prawdziwi snajperzy nie celują w głowę tylko ich zadaniem jest unieszkodliwienie celu wiec strzela się w tułów. Head shoty jak w Gears of War, gdzie głowa pęka jak balon, nie są realistyczne. Oczywiście to kwestia wyważenia realizmu w WW3. Jeśli gracze będą chcieli robić head shoty to pewnie będziecie musieli im to zapewnić. W przyszłości przydałyby się filmy z jakimś wosjskowym autorytetem, który wyjaśni jak to jest w prawdziwym życiu i dlaczego w grze zastosowaliście taka mechanikę. Krótki, kilkusekundowy film opowiedziany słowami zawodowca. Jeden film do jednej mechaniki... tematu. Mogłoby to zmienić nastawienie wielu graczy do gameplay'u Pzdr
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    Yeah female characters fit the lore well enough, fit the idea of heavy customisation and just allow the game to represent more people. That said, this is an indie studio and adding female characters would mean remaking/heavily altering a ton of assets, so it might just be way too much work unfortunately. It'd be nice to see though.
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    Minimap is activated when a soldier activates UAV. Otherwise its hidden, and this is how it should be. Also spotting BF-style would ruin a lot of the hardcore stuff that makes this game better than arcade shooters.
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