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    Players wanted an alternative to being one shot by snipers every 2 Minutes, which is why they were begging for some brain dead mass slaughter mode (TDM). However it was actually only a very small hand full of players who really wanted TDM. At that time most people were concerned about getting a Server Browser, which kept getting denied. It eventually made it's way in to the game by now, but at the time it came the player base was already that low, that it didn't really matter. I know i keep bringing this up, but it's one of the things that i simply can not understand - The SCAR-H. From the very first day it came it has been bugged and it's still suffering from the same bugs up to this day, but it's almost a mystery. You see at some point the weapon actually worked as intended, all the bugs were fixed. Then a new patch comes out and surprise the weapon suffers from the same bugs it had before. Why is this happening? How can a bug, that was fixed make it's way back in to the game this frequently? It's almost like somebody of the devs is deliberately trying to sabotage the development which would be absurd, right? Right? My biggest concern for the games future right now is the reply of this topic: Thinking of the HUD again. Nobody knew it was coming, nobody likes it and it was announced with a big bang. Is this the type of cool new things that are planned? If so then shoot me. But what do we know. There is no Information about it anywhere. Santa is bringing you gifts. Will it be coal or a present? You won't know until he's there. That's the lack of communication I'm talking about. PS: One reason i stopped visiting this forum frequently and posting feedbacks is because of one specific user, that has been verbally attacking people in almost every other post since 2 years. I can not understand how he is not banned yet, that's just unbelievable to me. His words: "talking about bunch of blind noobs who can't see "Early Access" and few more words" "Let me guess: u r relatively new to WW3, right?" It might sound harmless at first, but if every other player gets called a noob or inexperienced and at the same time devs say "We have the best community here - blah blah" then i can't help but laugh and take nothing serious that they say. I can guarantee you, that most people will know which person i was talking about. Changing constructive feedback for that seems to be the way to go.
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