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    it would be nice to play on a map set in an airport (parking, runway, luggage storage, checkin, gate) all the games create the usual maps. Shopping centers, parking lots, metro. The airport would be a nice big and innovative map. or a large map like this, where you can also use land vehicles in wide open spaces as well as fighting in a closed place.: or a small and simple map:
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    I think you are misunderstanding him. tynblpb's argumentation is, that if there is an even faster movement speed introduced with the new movement system, then this makes only sense if the current normal sprinting speed is reduced. This does not mean, that your max speed as a light soldier ist reduced, but you need to use the turbospeed for it. Light soldiers are already very fast (as they are meant to be). If the turbo speed would be a significant increase over the current sprinting speed it would make them absurdly fast. Edit: Just went back to the movement preview report and it says that the turbo sprint will last only for a couple of seconds. Depending on the cooldown times it would be an interesting question if you would cover a certain distance faster with a hypothetically reduced normal sprint and a couple of temporary turbo sprints, or with the old sprint. Given that you raise the weapon to point at the sky while turbo sprinting (in the preview) I would argue that the turbo sprint duration could be linked to the weapon's weight. Surely, it is less exhaustive to run like this with a Glock than with an MG5. This would lead to an interesting decision than, because you might be faster with your secondary gun out but it will leave you a lot more vulnerable for the time.
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    Initially theme was created in Ru-segment. The idea is to give us the ability to turn our gun and look over it like we are doing it now with alternate scopes, but without actual scopes attached. I mirrored and cropped the screenshot when leaning with MCS to more or less visualise it. Just take into account that when ADS ur weapon would be even closer. Why I want to add this? 1.Sometimes it's rly inconvenient to enter CQC while having weapon with only high-magnification scopes. But sometimes there is no other way and u need to do it. And while IRL u can somehow do it holding the rifle against the shoulder while looking above the scope, in WW3 u unfortunately can't do it. 2. While holding the weapon against ur shoulder and "sidescoping" without the sights there finally is the room for LASER usage. Currently laser is "oh,so tacticool" thing that has no meaning whatsoever. It only shows enemies that there is guy with laser pointer who is going to appear from behind dat corner. But with this feature u can go ADS without the scope but with pointer that shows u approximate line of fire.
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    tbh its kinda strange to wonder whether the game become competitive or not while its not even finished and has very low online due to that. So for now its like "the chance is 50% - it can be and it cant be"
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    As I have already written in the suggestion of @tynblpb about nerving the sprint ability on difficult surfaces, I think the new turbo-sprint animation which is going to be introduced with the animation system overhaul allows for an interesting opportunity. To let it not go down unnoticed I decided to turn it into another suggestion which I see as a complement to tynblpb's idea. To get everyone on the same page I am referring to Weekly Report #43 (https://worldwar3.com/en/2019/12/24/weekly-report-43-new-movement-system-preview/) and more specifically to the improved sprints. As one can easily see, during the turbo-sprint ability the weapon is raised so that the gun points to the sky. Further, the Weekly Report states that the turbo-sprint will be a temporary action. From my perspective its use is thus defined by two variables: the duration and the cooldown. My suggestion is to let the duration of the turbo-sprint vary with the weight of the weapon one is currently holding. I.e. I use an MG5 and a Glock 17 and have a heavy loadout. The loadout weight bracket defines my standard movement speed and normal sprint. But the turbo-sprint will be longer with the Glock equipped compared to the MG5. The rationale behind this would be for one that it seems realistic to me, that this kind of sprint is more exhaustive while holding a heavier weapon. From a gameplay perspective this has an interesting opportunity. Equipping the secondary weapon then can become an worthwhile alternative while running from A to B to make use of the prolongued turbo-sprint while risking to be caught off guard with your secondary weapon out which I think is an interesting tactical decision to be made repeatedly during a match. As a side effect, pistols would be indirectly buffed, as players will be incentivize to actually equip them and not only put them in their loadout for the sake of a low weight. Likely, this will lead to more situations where pistols are actually used out of necessity and the equip speed statistic would probably become more important. On the other hand I am not sure if this would be possible from a technical perspective in the first place, but I am keen to hear feedback on the idea. Have a nice evening and a good start into the week everyone!
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    Im with you the movement sucks sometimes and also that you can sprint over theses things. I just recoded a video yesterday where Majestec killed me in the Stairway while sprinting and he did not even has his gun up ... looks like this Lets see what the new movment system brings. But I hope they dont change the movment speed of a light soldier with light gun!!! If they do i am out. I take the risk of NO ARMOR and want to be fast. I don´t hope its gonna end like in some other games!!!! Where the community starts cry because others throw C4 at them... Result was C4 throw disabeled for all *WTF * just an example...
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    Their just waiting for the next animation overhaul that coming.
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    Hey Folks Time for the start of round of 2 of "Vehicles that could enhance WW3" and this time around for the AFVs I will be covering the BMD-4. Now, before I get really deep into this, I would to cover something real quick I suspect I will probably be asked and that is- Why not cover the Kurganets-25 instead of the BMD-4? It fits the AFV bill better than the BMD-4. The reason is very simple. Much like the Leclerc MBT I had covered in round 1 of "Vehicles that could enhance WW3". I suspect the Kurganets-25 is a Vehicle that we are very likely to see added to the game at some point. I usually don't cover things that I suspect are already on their way, unless I have a particular reason to cover it like I did with the Leclerc. I will likely cover the Kurganets-25 later on in round 3. But, for now, I really wanted to find something that brings something really different to the table and the BMD-4 brings a lot of differences with it. On top of this, I have another suggestion post coming up as well that will have some connection to the BMD-4... If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the BMD-4. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - BMD-4 - Real life information about the BMD-4. Section 2 - Differing the BMD-4 from other AFVs - Suggestions to differ the BMD-4 from other AFVs. Section 3 - BMD-4 Stats & Comparisons - Suggested Stock Stats for the BMD-4 and comparisons. Section 4 - BMD-4 Customization - Customization Options for the BMD-4. Section 5 - 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Turret Customization & Features - Customization Options & features for the BMD-4s stock Turret ---- Section 1 - BMD-4 Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the BMD-4. BMD-4 - Matsimus Extra Information sources. BMD-4 - Military Today BMD-4 - Wiki In the Cold War Era the Soviet Union had the largest amount of Airborne forces in the world and they needed a Vehicle that could transport those Airborne Troops once they were on the ground. They needed something that was both light enough to be airdropped onto the battlefield and amphibious to cross any potential bodies of water. In 1969, the first BMDs would enter service with Soviet Airborne Troops, bringing with it many innovations that made it a rather unique Vehicle for the time. Fast forward to 2005, the fourth generation of BMDs would enter service with the Russian Military with the BMD-4. Today the BMD-4 serves as the most heavily armed vehicle in the world in it's class, featuring a 100mm gun, 30mm coaxial cannon, 7.62 coaxial machine gun, and can have a 9k113 Konkurs anti-tank guided missile mounted on the Vehicle's hull along with other weaponry. On top of this, the Vehicle's 100mm/30mm weaponry can even be elevated to a point to engage low flying, slow moving Aircraft even while traversing water. Currently BMD-4s are in low production, primarily because BMD-3s are being upgraded into BMD-4s. But, even BMD-4s are being upgraded. In 2008, the BMD-4M was revealed by Kurganmashzavod and in 2017 the new BMD-4M Sinitsa was unveiled with it's modernized Sinitsa turret that adds a top-mounted panoramic sight with a thermal imaging channel. So, if the BMD-4 was added to the game, how could it differ itself from the other AFVs beyond it's stats? ---- Section 2 - Differing the BMD-4 from other AFVs Much like with my previous posts, in order for the BMD-4 to really differ itself from other AFVs it would need some unique passive abilities. Luckily the BMD-4 features a Autoloader system which I've already covered before. But, it also features the ability for the Commander to take control of the main armaments of the Vehicle. However, because of how things work in WW3, I've made a slight modification to that Commander ability I'm calling "Primary Weapon Remote Override" which (in my personal 2 cents) isn't an overly uncharacteristic change of the real life Vehicle. BMD-4 Autoloader System- Increases the reload speed of current selected ammunition by half while decreasing the AFV's ammunition change speed by half as well. BMD-4 Primary Weapon Remote Override - When both the Gun & Commander Optics are destroyed, the RCWS seat is able to fire the Primary & Secondary weapons of the BMD-4 while using the RCWS sights (If a RCWS is equipped.) Once the Gun or Commander Optics are repaired or the RCWS is disabled, will the RCWS seat lose access to the Primary & Secondary weapons of the BMD-4. ---- Section 3 - BMD-4 Stats & Comparisons Because Vehicle stats are a little more tricky to handle than gun stats, I've covered only the stats I felt I could comfortably attempt to offer some sort of balance suggestion to. Yes that means there are stats that I'm leaving off the list purely because I wasn't sure how to approach them exactly and I felt it was better to just leave them in the hands of the Developers to figure out the best path. The stats I have left off the list are as followed. Mobility - Pivot Speed Mobility - Acceleration Main Armament - Armor Thickness Main Armament - Burst Damage Main Armament - Damage per minute As for the stats I did cover, the old rules still apply only in this case I'm comparing a stock Vehicle vs. another stock Vehicle to avoid making an even larger wall of text. Down below you can see the color code I will be using. Green - The Vehicle is better compared to this Vehicle in this particular stat. Yellow - The Vehicle is equal or competitive compared to this Vehicle in this particular stat. Red - The Vehicle is worse compared to this Vehicle in this particular stat. (S) - Anything with a (S) before it's name is something I have suggested, but is NOT in the game currently. Please note: I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE. Basic Stats of the BMD-4 vs Ajax, Marder, Anders, & (S) CV90 BMD-4 HP: 840 Ajax HP: 850 Marder HP: 900 Anders HP: 1000 (S) CV90 HP: 870 BMD-4 Frontal Armor: 7 Ajax Frontal Armor: 5.4 Marder Frontal Armor: 5.71 Anders Frontal Armor: 6.35 (S) CV90 Frontal Armor: 6 BMD-4 Side Armor: 4.25 Ajax Side Armor: 4.72 Marder Side Armor: 5 Anders Side Armor: 5.56 (S) CV90 Side Armor: 4.72 BMD-4 Rear Armor: 2 Ajax Rear Armor: 2.22 Marder Rear Armor: 2.35 Anders Rear Armor: 2.61 (S) CV90 Rear Armor: 1.85 Mobility Performance of the BMD-4 vs Ajax, Marder, Anders, & (S) CV90 BMD-4 Top Speed: 43mph Ajax: 43 mph Marder: 47 mph Anders: 45 mph (S) CV90: 43 mph Main Armament of the BMD-4 vs Ajax, Marder, Anders, & (S) CV90 30mm/100mm Sinitsa BP Cost: 1600 Ajax 40mm CTAT BP Cost: 200 Marder 30mm HFLT BP Cost: 0 Anders 30mm HFLT BP Cost: 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A BP Cost: 200 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Weight: 1,350.0 Ajax 40mm CTAT Weight: 1,000.0 Marder 30mm HFLT Weight: 500.0 Anders 30mm HFLT Weight: 500.0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Weight: 1,150.0 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Clip Size: 10 / 1 Ajax 40mm CTAT Clip Size: 10 / 0 Marder 30mm HFLT Clip Size: 10 / 0 Anders 30mm HFLT Clip Size: 10 / 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Clip Size: 16 / 0 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Reload Speed: 3 / 5 Seconds Ajax 40mm CTAT Reload Speed: 3 Seconds / 0 Marder 30mm HFLT Reload Speed: 5 Seconds / 0 Anders 30mm HFLT Reload Speed: 5 Seconds / 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Reload Speed: 5 Seconds / 0 30mm/100mm Sinitsa RPM: 200 / 10 Ajax 40mm CTAT RPM: 100 / 0 Marder 30mm HFLT RPM: 150 / 0 Anders 30mm HFLT RPM: 150 / 0 (S) CV90 40mm B.A RPM: 200 / 0 30mm/100mm Bakhcha-U Rotation Speed: 4 Ajax 40mm CTAT Rotation Speed: 7 Marder 30mm HFLT Rotation Speed: 7 Anders 30mm HFLT Rotation Speed: 7 (S) CV90 40mm B.A Rotation Speed: 5 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Smoke Grenades: Yes Ajax 40mm CTAT Smoke Grenades: Yes Marder 30mm HFLT Smoke Grenades: Yes Anders 30mm HFLT Smoke Grenades: Yes (S) CV90 40mm B.A Smoke Grenades: Yes 30mm/100mm Sinitsa RCWS Optional: Yes Ajax 40mm CTAT RCWS Optional: Yes Marder 30mm RCWS Optional: Yes Anders 30mm RCWS Optional: Yes (S) CV90 40mm B.A RCWS Optional: Yes 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Coaxial MG: Yes Ajax 40mm CTAT Coaxial MG: Yes Marder 30mm HFLT Coaxial MG: Yes Anders 30mm HFLT Coaxial MG: Yes (S) CV90 40mm B.A Coaxial MG: Yes ---- Section 4 - BMD-4 Customization Much like with the Gun posts, this section will go on by quickly since I don't plan to cover the actual stats. Mostly because there are little to no stats to work with beyond weight, so just like those stats I skipped above, I leave that all to the Developers to figure out. Turrets All IFV/AFV Turrets optional. RCWS Turret All RCWS Turrets optional. Chassis Armor Basic Armor - Self Explained RPG Nets - Self Explained Hull Plates & Skirts - Adds an additional layer of passive armor to the sides of the Vehicle. Kurgan Hull - Special lightweight armor that is more durable without adding a lot of weight. Active Armor All Active Armors optional. Grenades All Grenades optional. Observation All Observation sights optional. ---- Section 5 - 30mm/100mm Sinitsa Turret Customization & Features Normally I would be wrapping up the post after the customization section. However, because this Sinitsa turret is so unique compared to other turrets that are currently in the game. I wanted to give it, it's very own spot light of mention that way People can get deeper details on what I think it should have, and how I think it can be balanced out. 30mm Cannon & 100mm Gun - The Turret should have both of these in one turret naturally along with it's Coaxial Machine Gun. 60 degree Gun Elevation - The 30mm/100mm guns should be able to be aimed up to a 60 degree angle, allowing the Turret to engage low flying air based strikes. With that out of the way, lets begin to tame the beast a bit. One type of Ammunition for each Primary Gun - If the Turret was able to bring 2 types of Ammunition for both guns for a total of 4 different types of ammo. That would be a pretty overpowered turret and make it a very obvious choice to take during gameplay. So, I would suggest limiting the 30mm & 100mm guns by only being able to bring one type of Ammunition for each of them. 1600 BP Cost - I know I already stated this above in Section 3, but I wanted to bring this up in the event that someone thinks 1600 is a steep cost. Yes, it is a very steep cost. But, look at it this way; For a 1600 BP cost increase on the Vehicle, you will be able to field a Vehicle with a turret that has a 100mm gun, 30mm coaxial cannon, coaxial machine gun, can have a RCWS mounted on it, and can have the primary weapons elevated into the air at a 60 degree angle to double as a Anti-Air Vehicle. I think that is a pretty fair price for so much firepower and versatility. Hell, one could even argue that maybe 1600 is still too cheap. High Turret weight - By making the Turret Heavier it can ultimately make the Vehicle a bit slower, so players using Sinitsa turret will need to play a bit more cautiously when engaging enemy targets as it makes them slower. This brings us to the next side effect of increased weight- Slow Turret Rotation Speed - By making the Turret heavier, the Turret would ideally have a slower rotation speed as well. This will force players to play a little bit more defensively rather than rushing around recklessly, especially since the BDM-4 has fairly weak armor on it's sides & rear compared to other AFVs. ---- And with all that out of the way we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the BMD-4 or at least the general concept of it even if not exactly how I suggested it. I know, I should have covered the Kurganets-25 instead. But, the BMD-4 was just waaay too cool to ignore and again I already suspect the Kurganets-25 is something the Devs are considering adding (It's a gut feeling kind of thing, no evidence to support it beyond maybe pointing at the 30mm ERA Light turret which both the Kurganets-25 & Bumerang use.) With the BMD-4 being the world's most heavily armed Vehicle, that turret was just waaay too tempting to ignore, and ultimately fills the one major goal I always seek with these kinds of posts; something that brings something different to the game than what we already have. The BMD-4 fits that bill like a glove. But, till the next suggestion post comes around... Have a good one folks!
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    As it is title. Happens sometimes for me when teammates call in UAV. It's in the air, it's showing enemies on big map, but minimap doesn't appear. Unfortunately, do not know how to reproduce it, but it surely isn't one-time occurence.
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    I hate the idea of turbo sprint for a few seconds.... always feels very clunky, doesn't matter which game
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    Very controversial and unpopular/unwelcomed suggestion/opinion. One of the problems that WW3 has(BF3/4 kiddos opinion) - insufficient smoothness of the movement. All those stutters when u r running on the rugged terrain or when there are obstacles/rocks/wreckage on ur path, "It's breaking the immersion when I'm getting stumbled when sprinting" and so on. Upcoming movement update should fix this somehow(?). I never did understand all these whines. I mean, do ppl rly think that they would be able to sprint on rugged terrain without any problems? Look at pics under spoiler. Striped lines show the paths where u can run while sprinting without any problems. Say it frankly: do u rly think someone can run there without stumbling? And when player is using lightweight kit he is almost rocketing himself. My suggestion is(don't know how and can it be implemented at all, but my job is to make a suggestion on the rugged terrain/wreckage/slopes/stairs ur soldier can't sprint. U move with base speed. Entering "no-sprint area" doesn't interrupt ur sprint - if u leave while holding Shift button u'll start sprinting again. What benefits it'll add. IMO: reduced run'n'gunning as ppl would be able to use sprint much less frequently and game temp would lowered a little. Much less "behind the corner jumping". Especially with the lightweight kits. It'll fix much hated by me ability to slide upwards on the slopes/stairs. I know it's rly unlikely to be implemented, but I'm rly pissed off by ppl who want to sprint on 45 degree slopes full of rocks. Hon Gil Dons, my ass.
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    double this. We need speed for surface multiplier. Like on Smolensk you can run over swamps or uphill with no penalty
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    Hey dude i have a question how many hours playtime do you have tynblpb??? Watch in slowmotion im So sorry for my high ping of 9ms Clearly No if they change max move speed as a light soldier im definitly out.Like the rest of my friends!! The max speed is okay with very light soldier. I like to play with a light fast Attacker soldier.I dont like clumpsy slow ass movement. If i want this i can go back to ARMA. What i mean is this stutter movement across obstacles. Or even movement stuttering when you ADS like this But that is just an incidental thing i think more important to me is the netcode,hitreg,ttd ... region or high Ping lock...auto kick players above 250msPing.
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    Happens for me regularly. Somebody on Discord said that this "being killed when enemy is not pointing gun at u" is because game has priority in sending packets with shooting info. Dunno, is it valid or not. IMO, it will be reduced. Overall sprint speed I mean. Because in movement update there was so-called "turbo-sprint" introduced. And again IMO there is no "space" for it unless all the normal-sprint speeds are reduced. Or it will be ridiculous to have turbo-sprint with current lighweight kit's sprint speed.
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    The game is filled with casuals who are ignorant about skilled gaming, I feel your pain. 60 frames v 120< is night and day and really helps you aim better. The game feels so bad at the 75-100 ping the US players got premerge. Having ping in the 20s must of be nice. You really start to feel the issues in this game with the quick TTK and high ping. With 300 ping is faster then the TTK and even human response times meaning that you can have no way to counter a high ping player using peakers advantage because he will be almost half a second in the future to you perception. When you lag you have a advantage of being in the future compared to other players but you also have the disadvantage of having your reaction all appearing to happen in the past. Its good for those players to have a server to play on but it kills the game for the people who were playing it already.
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    I noticed many people facing input lag issues and stuttering so i decide to make guide to fix these issues or reduce them as much as possible. this guide should be useful for ww3 and any other games. 1. firstly, disable HPET (High Precision Event Time): for me this was the most effective way to make any game lighter and more responsive. you can do this by: - first, open Device manager then go under System devices and right click on High precision event timer and click disable this device. - secondly, type on windows search CMD and run Command Prompt as Administrator and type: - bcdedit /set useplatformclock false then hit enter - same for this command - bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes then restart pc. - run command prompt again as admin and type bcdedit /enum to check if the changes happened, you should see these at bottom: useplatformclock No disabledynamictick Yes 2.update nividia driver or radeon driver. - in last nividia drivers there is option under manage 3D settings called Low latency mode and set it to Ultra. - i dont have radeon, but i believe there is setting called anti lag which is similar to nividia. 3. ryzen users and SMT (simultaneous multi-threading). - disable SMT in bios, it depends on game, you might gain or lose fps.. how ever the games will feel snappier. 4. disable superfetch. - go to windows search and type services, look for service called SysMain and right click then click properties and change startup type to Disabled 5. disable full screen optimization - navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\Binaries\Win64 or where u installed the game files and right click WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe properties and click compatibility then tick Disable fullscreen optimizations 6. enable high performance power plan - go to power and sleep then on the right corner click addtional power settings and tick on high performance plan 7. disable unnecessary start up programs - go to windows search and click startup apps and remove unneeded programs from startup 8. disable all Xbox services and game bar recording - Xbox services and game bar recording well known for eating resources in your pc - click services on windows search and navigate to last services and you will find 4 Xbox services click on each one right click then properties and change start up type to disable - next go to windows search and type game bar the set record games to off 9.empty standby memory list 10. increase paging file if you have 16gb or less memory ram and getting crashes after while of playing. do this : - go to window search and type this pc then right right click on it then properties then advanced system settings on the top left side of screen. after that, click on advanced >>> performance [Settings] - then advanced again, you will see option called virtual memory then click change. - tick system managed size then click set >>> ok then restart. 11.disable CPU core parking 12. use Windows 10 Debloater to remove pre installed programes that you dont need. link: https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater as for rest check Weedtime post, he almost mentioned everything you need. my spec: gtx 1070ti mini, ryzen 2600, 16gb 3200hz ram and SSD 500gb 860 EVO. . . . it might make your pc way better or worse, test on your own risk .. however, all of these settings are revertible. i highly recommend trying them out. my in game settings: leave an up vote if you find this guide useful please and feel free to ask anything. see you in the field soldier ?
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    Hey Folks Time for another light suggestion post and this time I felt like suggesting something we don't have in the game in any shape or form. I'm calling it the Active Explosives Detection System, or AEDS for short. Nothing super original, but for what is suppose to be a light suggestion post, I don't see any reason to go too nuts with the naming, and the Developers can always come up with something different if they desire to do so. Anyways! If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Active Explosives Detection System (AEDS) ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - AEDS - Concept behind the Active Explosives Detection System (AEDS) Section 2 - Proposed Stats - Proposal for the Stats of the Active Mine Detection System (AEDS) Section 3 - Special Features - Special Features of the Active Mine Detection System (AEDS) ---- Section 1 - AEDS The concept of the AEDS is very simple and straight forward. It's an Explosives Detector for UGVs, IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs that detects enemy Landmines, C4, and any sort of equipment like that in a area that the AEDS is scanning in, giving the driver both an audio based warning, and physically marking the exact location of the Explosives for both the Driver & near by Allies to see. The AEDS should not stop the Explosives from exploding when a Vehicle runs over them/player activates them/etc etc...it just reveals their location so they can be avoided, destroyed, or whatever. However, this should come at the cost taking up the Active Armor customization slot with the IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs and the Equipment customization slot for the UGVs, this way Players have another customization option they can consider taking. ---- Section 2 - Proposed Stats BP cost: 200 APS Type: Scanner (Detection) Detection Type: Continuous Scan Range: 20m ---- Section 3 - Special Features Marks Enemy Explosives Location - Marks the location of the enemy Explosives for both the Vehicle Driver and nearby Allies. Audio Alert for the Vehicle Driver - Self explained (Suggestion from @NeoOrNeon) Enemy Jammer Interference for the AEDS - Enemy jammers should be able to disable the AEDS for the duration of the jamming. And with all that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of the AEDS, or at least the general idea of it. I know this post is far shorter than what I normally make, but this really isn't anything that I see needing extensive amounts of research, and given that the game is set in the year 2026 I don't see why there could not be a little "Future Tech" justification to put behind it. Anyways It's not a big, outlandish suggestion, and I don't see how it could throw any balance out of whack to any major degree, so ideally there should be no real major complaints about it. But, I could be wrong also of course. Till the next suggestion post however... Have a good one folks!
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    Sometimes I'm thinking that having 4 bots that would shoot at enemies in line of sight, follow me and simple orders like "Capture this CP" or "Hold this Position!" would satisfy me much more than having living objects as teammates. And if I would be able to switch to each 1 of these bots and use their loadout strikes there will be nothing more I could ask for. And just a second ago I had a scary thought: Game is ready and devs start promoting. But what about streamers? Would they be forced by contract to play some time without streaming to learn the maps, loadouts, strikes, gadgets and mechanics BEFORE they actually would start showing ppl how game runs and works? Or it would be "some random entered the game and is being pwned" like it was with Zombierus with 10 keys giveaway during the freeweekend stream? It was... kinda pitiful.
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    Good idea let's hope they add it into the game on the next update
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    PLEASE ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING Here is what i use to make my latency as low as possibel. This will take a while but in my case i changed the DNS from my Provider to one i benched. Provider latency 33-40ms Mylock-AS latency + Cached Name | 0,009 | 0,010 | 0,013 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,010 | 0,033 | 0,216 | 0,045 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,009 | 0,014 | 0,023 | 0,004 | 75,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ MYLOC-AS, DE You have to change this settings inside the router. At AVM Fritzbox its called Internet /connection type/ DNS-Server and set it to your own there should be 2 fields for DNS 4 also dont forget to add them to you network adapter DNS on you PC Here is how the Benchmark looks. As you can see you can make and individual list of more than 4000+ Servers... I hope this will help some people Greetings ΞΠ|ƓMΔ⊨デ═一
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    I don't know if Jammers would Jam such a system. But, I will add it to the suggestion still.
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    Cool idea. I have a suggestion though, enemy jammers should disabled the AEDS for the duration of the jamming.
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    90% пунктов меню однотипны во всех играх, а уж всякие "качество мешей" или "антиализинг" и вовсе не переводятся, а используются те же самые англицизмы
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    I'm going to have to check this to be 100% sure, but AFAIK only Valve can issue VAC bans, we are issuing game bans. Sorry for the mixup! This one is one me, I'll make sure to fix this in the WR as well. As for my absence, I'm taking some time off community work as it's impacting my sleep and work overall and I need to focus on making sure the game is done, I'll come back as soon as possible ^^
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    This one is mostly focused on bugfixing and small improvements, mainly in the game stability. We've done some work with streaming data and it seems to help with both crashing and stuttering, but we'd prefer to test it first. PTE 0.8.10 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed crashes related to streaming, Fixed Quad and Buggy map limits, Fixed not gaining XP for repairing friendly vehicles, Fixed some minimap markers staying on the map after parent object is destroyed, Fixed canted red dot reticle not appearing after switching from main one, Fixed no punishment points for destroying friendly BCV/VAB, Fixed Battle Robot max speed, Fixed Zuni HE rockets not dealing damage to UAV, Fixed TPP/FPP HUD for Drones, Fixed overlapping HUD when in vehicle, [IMRPOVEMENTS] Compass widget improvements, Gadget refill progress bar will now autohide when not updating, Improvements to air vehicle HUDs, Improved kill list.
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    i agree with you. however, this post was made in patch 0.6, recent preformance issues i believe they are related to server more than hardware it self.
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    It would be cool to have editor so people could make maps just like in Red orchestra or Cs GO.
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    @HALCON4 Squad is also made in UE4 and they have a mod tool released on the EGS for map creation and many other stuff. The SDK is very complicated but there are some awesome mods in the works for that game, from different factions with weapons to gamemodes and even the Tournaments rules they use are from a mod in the Steam Workshop.
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    @BoomCZ Farm 51 have plans to release an SDk or MOd tools at later, dono about a level editor, but first let them " try " to finish to develop the damn multimedia Product, it's been a year and this is not looking good , but to your question YES indeed , maybe the community, ( if there's still one ) at the end of this roadmap, will give LIFE again to this game , maybe , just maybe , we can even FIX the damn thing !! make it better , in the MOd community there's a very talented ppl. even devs, and artists from another multimedia products in the market just saying . lol .\ Ya this is just SAD and frustrating. LiBeR PrImUs
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    Hey Folks Well I double timed it like I said I would in Discord and got this suggestion post for a Berlin Breakthrough rework all completed for the most part. But before I get deep into this, just like to start by saying thanks to @Ragir, @Morp, @Rozmo and everyone for their kind responses over my Polyarny Breakthrough map rework suggestions. All those kind words inspired me to go a extra mile with the post down below. So...sorry ahead of time for the massive wall of text, links, colors, and etc you're about to see. I wanted to do some SketchUp work to go along with all this also, but my Laptop is giving me some issues that need to be resolved first. So, once I get those issues resolved, I will edit this post & the polyarny post to include the SketchUp works. Like I said to Morp; they won't be the most graphically pleasing, but they will be better than me trying to explain stuff in text when I'm just about asleep at my desk. Please note: I cannot promise this will improve the gameplay/general Breakthrough experience on Berlin. Without the ability to test these changes myself, it's pure speculation. All suggestions are perfectly welcomed, all I would ever ask for though is criticisms be constructive, not destructive. In the end these are just suggestions, what the developers choose to do or don't do with them is ultimately their choice. If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the Berlin Breakthrough Map Rework. ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Main Goals of this rework. Utilize as much of the map as possible. Find places where Area Spawns can be placed for both Teams that require little to no large scale changes to the map. Make sure the Area Spawns are 100% or near 100% safe to spawn into with little to no changes to the map required. Find places where a variety of Objective Types and Targets can be placed that feels fitting to the map. Give faction friendly Vehicles to the respective teams. Create a light story to go with the Map, Objective Types, and Targets. ---- Starter Vehicles for the Teams. (East - Attacking Team starter Vehicles) Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV (West - Defending Team starter Vehicles) VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV ---- Berlin Breakthrough Story (East - Attacking Team) After weeks of Strategic Bombing to weaken the City's defenses, Eastern Command gave the order to start the second Battle for Berlin with a combined assault of Airborne, Armored, & Mechanized Infantry. At first the East was gaining ground with little to no resistance. But, as they moved deeper into the city, the resistance became increasingly frequent, and increasingly devastating as time went by. Eastern Airborne Operations had been effectively halted and ground forces were forced into intense street to street fighting without most of their close-air support there to assist them. There is only one path left open to reach the heart of Berlin and that path was through the gates of hell... (West - Defending Team) With Eastern Forces burning a trail into the Heartland of Europe and the lessons from the Battle of Warsaw still fresh in the minds of Western Command. Plans were put into place for the inevitable battle that would be waged in the city of Berlin. Weeks of costly stalling efforts, days of terror under the shadows of Bombers, and hours in waiting for the order to come down from the top. The trap would spring with the mouth of hell opening up to release advance anti-air fire on Eastern Airborne Forces, thunder shaking the earth as precision artillery strikes rained down on Eastern Ground Forces, and every building spewing hot lead upon those unfortunate enough to see it all with their own two eyes... ---- Berlin redesign Concept Map and Markers. Using my Polyarny rework suggestion as a guide, I've developed this rework suggestion for Berlin's Breakthrough map using most of the same ideas from Polyarny with some different spins, I'd like to see the Attacking Team moved to opposite side of the map once again, preferably the Deployment zone for the East Team in Berlin's Warzone map. From this zone the Attacking team will then attempt to capture the Alpha Sector, Bravo Sector, Charlie Sector, Delta Sector, Echo Sector and finally Foxtrot Sector. Defenders will have a choice to either start in Alpha's Spawn Area located in Bravo Sector (aka the Red Star) or spawn in their Deployment Zone in the upper left corner for Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, or the bottom left corner for Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot if they wish to bring Vehicles up to the frontline. Should the Defenders get pushed back to Delta Sector however, they will instead need to use the bottom Deployment Zone to bring their respawned Vehicles back to the frontline of the game. This is primarily to make traveling between objectives a bit shorter for them since I envision Vehicles to play a larger roll on this map. Inside each of these sectors you will notice one or more markings in them. The markings are as followed- White Star in a Black Circle - Attacking Team Spawn Area. Colored Star in a Black Circle - Defending Team Spawn Area. A1/A2 - F1/F2 - The general location of the Objective Points in the Sector. (Assuming People didn't read my Polyarny suggestion post) The Spawn Areas above are a suggestion to replace the Objective Spawn System currently in Breakthrough. The Objective Spawning System is (in my personal opinion) extremely unfit for this game mode and is too easily abused against the Defending Team since their spawn zones can be camped to the point that Defenders are almost instantly killed upon spawning in. However, Spawning Areas do come with their own problems and these problems can already be experienced by the Attacking Team on (current) Berlin Breakthrough where they can be pinned into their starter deplyoment area by the Defending team. So, having experienced life on both sides of the fence, I think I may have found a good balance of Distance & Security for Spawning Areas for both Teams. However, without actually getting to test this, it's pure speculation. But, with a mixture of trial & error and some prop additions or movement, I believe the Spawn Area can work for both teams just fine. Here are a list of screenshots of the areas I suggest for the Area Spawns if they're to be added. (East - Attacking) Deployment Zone - Will need to clear out the Tank Traps so the Vehicles can get through or place the Vehicles on the opposite side of the deployment zone straight ahead in the picture. Alpha Sector Area Spawn after capturing Alpha Bravo Sector Area Spawn after capturing Bravo Charlie Sector Area Spawn after capturing Charlie Delta Sector Area Spawn after capturing Delta Echo Sector Area Spawn after capturing Echo (West - Defending) Alpha Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Alpha Bravo Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Bravo Charlie Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Charlie Delta Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Delta Echo Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Echo Foxtrot Sector Area Spawn - Given how close Foxtrot was to the southern Deployment Zone and the layout of the map. I figured it would be too easy for the Defenders to return to Foxtrot if they had a closer dedicated Area Spawn. I can think of a place that might be a fair enough distance, but it would require a large amount of prop placement. Deployment Zone (North) Deployment Zone (South) Unlike Polyarny however, both Attackers & Defenders will be pretty reliant on keeping their Vehicles safe as much as possible. While they should not be critical to success, they should at least be a major supporting element to either team in my concept of Berlin Breakthrough. ---- Non-Objective based Prop suggestion changes/additions. Double Stack Hesco Barrier between Alpha Sector & Echo Sector - Now the main reasons why I would like to see this tall double stack hesco barrier wall between the two objectives sectors is- It gives the map a visual look to go with the concept that Western Forces are entrenching/have entrenched themselves in Berlin. It's to prevent the Defending team from moving their Command Vehicle or IFV into position to shoot over the wall while maintaining a low-risk defensive position. It prevents the Attacking Team from moving their Command Vehicle or IFV into position to shoot into the Defending Team's Delta Area Spawn. Destroyed Tanks blocking the road to push through the barrier wall ahead - The reason for this barrier of destruction is primarily to keep the Attackers from having Snipers waiting in their Attack Deployment Zone and picking off Defenders spawning in their southern deployment zone and visa versa. This way neither side can shoot at the other between these deployment zones. ---- Alpha Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Alpha 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Radio Station Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Radio Station How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Radio Station or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new placement for the Radio Station. Prop suggestion changes/additions: One thing I'd personally like see done to this room (aside from having the Radio station placed behind the bar) is the addition of some extra cover/firing positions in the room that make it look like the Defenders were digging in the best they could with what they had. Alpha 2 General location Link Objective Type: Disarmament Objective Target: Demolition Charges Objective: Disarm the Demolition Charges How to Disarm: An Attacker needs to stand at the enemy's primary explosive charge in the Objective room and then upon hitting F they'll begin "disarming" the Demolition charge. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from disarming the bombs. Disarm Timer: 40 Seconds Prop suggestion changes/additions: Aside from making the objective look like a rather large bomb ready to go off, I'd love to see what looks like black det cords running around on the floor, and up the support pillars to smaller Demolition charges that look like they're there to cave the whole place in. Alpha Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Lead armor elements have been destroyed, the western path has been closed!. We cannot go back either because of Western Artillery strikes...and the street south seems closed off...We have no choice but to go north. Eastern Command mentioned noticing Western Forces moving supplies into Subway station and operating out of a place called the Caffe de roya in the area as well... (West - Defending Team) Get ready People, the Eastern spearhead's lead Armor has been taken out, and their only path left is to head this way. Protect the Demolition charges in the subway till Demolition Teams are done getting everything prepared and keep our line of communication open in the Caffe de roya. ---- Bravo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Bravo 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Boomerang Truck - (This link will provide information behind what the Boomerang is exactly. May be something the Devs can get creative with.) Objective: Secure the area around the Boomerang Truck How to Secure: It works just like Warzone's capture points. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zone. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Aside from some cover like Sandbags or concrete arranged into defensive positions near/around the objective area, there really isn't a lot I think is needed in it. Bravo 2 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destroy Objective Target: Artillery Shell Stockpile Objective: Destroy the enemy Artillery Stockpile How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Artillery Stockpile or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new target for destruction. Special note: Should set off a rather large explosion that destroys the Artillery Guns near it and anyone close to the blast area. Prop suggestion changes/additions: This area of the map has a lot of room for potential gameplay. But, the key thing I would really like to see is a few Artillery guns set up (2 - 4 at most) in this general area with a seemingly harden container with Artillery ammunition stored in it that the 'crew' was getting their ammo from. The storage of these shells would of course act as the objective to plant the bomb on. Bravo Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Good job clearing out the Caffe de roya and disarming those Demolition Charges...If our forces had followed the street over the subway, the entire operation may have been in danger of completely falling apart if the West set off those charges. One of our own Demolition Teams moved around us and took out a Artillery crew on their way to their own objective. They don't have any explosives to spare, so it is up to us to finish their job along with capturing a Boomerang Truck that was assisting the Artillery Crew. (West - Defending Team) All squads pull back to Bravo sector! Without out the Radio Station, we cannot get in contact with the Demolition Teams...Apparently while you were fighting some Eastern Soldiers slipped by your lines to kill the Artillery crew of the nearby Artillery guns working with one of our Boomerang trucks. The Boomerang crew said the Vehicle can perform it's task on it's own, we just need to protect it, and the artillery guns while they take away our K.I.A. Stop the Eastern Forces here! ---- Charlie Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Charlie 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Supply Truck Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Supply Truck How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Supply Truck or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new target for destruction. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Aside from maybe a little cover in the area, I just think a simple military truck put in place (preferably to block off line of sight of that entryway to the Yellow Hotel from the collapsed building behind my character in that picture), I can't think of much that really needs or could be added here. Charlie 2 General location Link Objective Type: Demolition Objective Target: Marschallbrücke Bridge Objective: Initiate Demolition Charges and protect the Charges Demolition Charge timer: 40 seconds Prop suggestion changes/additions: This is something special I would really, really love to see. I know the game can handle some destruction and I think it would be really cool if the Attackers could prepare a fully reconstructed version of this bridge to be blown up. Sort of like the Attackers are cutting off a path to keep the "Western Military" from flanking their position there. Charlie Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Great job capturing that Boomerang Truck..Apparently that System was giving away our Movements, firing positions, and more to make life easier for their Artillery crews. Unfortunately our allies that aided us took heavy losses planting demolition charges on the bridge north of here when a western patrol group came through. So, the task falls to us to drop the bridge for them and clear out any patrol Vehicles we find! (West - Defending Team) The loss of the Boomerang Truck and Artillery Guns are going to make things harder on our allies People!..Fall back to Charlie Sector while I get in contact with Western Command over the situation. Apparently one of our patrols killed some members of a Eastern Demolition Team trying to wire the Marschallbrücke Bridge for destruction using some supplies from one of our Trucks. They went to get a crew to handle the charges, so you just have to keep the enemy away from the primary charge till the Demolition crew arrives! ---- Delta Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Delta 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Crashed UAV Objective: Secure the area around the Helicopter Crash site How to Secure: It works just like Warzone's capture points. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zone. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Now admittedly this area will be extremely hard to make really interesting/fun, but the idea of two sides fighting for control of this UAV (Which capturing enemy equipment can be a big deal in real War) is just far too tempting to ignore. So, if both possible on a technical front and of interest to the Devs, I'd love to see that left side wall in the screenshot provided be largely modeled after Berlins' TDM version excluding the large open rooms on the western outside wall. Primarily just to open path in the far left corner up those small concrete stairs and the windows opened up so players can see down onto the UAV. This would make controlling this upstairs location highly important to both teams. Aside from that, maybe some stacked crates or whatever to use as light cover would also be good down in this little corner yard. Delta 2 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Radar Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Radar How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Radar or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new target for destruction. Prop suggestion changes/additions: This is far more simple. I suggest moving the Radar you see in the linked image over to where the Truck, Trees, Shipping container are primarily to spread the two objectives apart from each other a little more. Then where the Radar is currently, add either a truck or two, maybe a shipping container, or whatever form of heavy cover in it's place. As for ideally where the Radar would then be, I would suggest adding a mixture of light & heavy cover in the form of Sandbags, concrete slabs, walls, maybe a couple tank traps for visual appeal, and whatever other form of cover to make up for the removal of so much just to move the Radar. Delta Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Great work taking care of that bridge and the supply truck. Eastern Command reports of a motorized group trapped on the other side that were coming to assist their allies.. Our new mission is to push deeper into the area to secure a crashed UAV we had lost during the opening Western Ambush and destroy a Radar station that our Artillery can't reach without getting in range of the Western Artillery. (West - Defending Team) You people need to get your heads on straight and stop letting the enemy have their way through Berlin! Fallback to Delta Sector to protect our Radar and the Eastern UAV that crash landed in the courtyard. If our Engineers can salvage anything from that UAV to help us push the East out of Berlin, than we might be able to end the East's offensive in Central Europe! ---- Echo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Echo 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Crashed Helicopter Objective: Secure the area around the Helicopter Crash site How to Secure: It works just like Warzone's capture points. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zone. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Not much needs to be done in this area that I can see. Plenty of cover around, just need to make sure the capture zone is large enough to not have everyone out in the open space. Echo 2 General location Link Objective Type: Disarmament Objective Target: NBS MANTIS System (This Link will show what the NBS MANTIS is) Objective: Disarm the NBS MANTIS System How to Disarm: An Attacker needs to stand at the enemy's Operational Radar in the Objective area and then upon hitting F they'll begin "disarming" the Anti-Air System. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from disarming the bombs. Disarmament timer: 40 Seconds Prop suggestion changes/additions: I know I've already suggested some big changes and I'm going to suggest just one more big change (maybe 2 depending on some stuff,) I'd love to see this section of the map near the Brandenburg Gate changed a bit to look more like a medium sized Military check point with various size sandbag walls, the Anti-Air NBS MANTIS System with it's guns as a feature piece of the area, and some other stuff to make it look like the Western Military was really serious about posting people at this spot. Echo Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) With the UAV secured we can have a recovery team come in to take it away and the loss of the radar has apparently allowed more of our guided munitions to support our allies elsewhere in the city. So, fine work team! We now need to secure one of our crashed Helicopters in the Pariser Platz so a recover team can recover it along with our dead. The West also apparently has some Advance Anti-Air system near by as well that is responsible for downing the Helicopter. (West - Defending Team) Fallback to the Brandenburg Gate and Pariser Platz Team! We're losing too much ground and it is vital we do not lose anymore! Keep the Eastern Forces from getting anything from the down Helicopter of theirs and most importantly protect our MANTIS System. That Anti-Air System has been keeping Eastern Airborne out of the sky around us and the worse of the enemy's artillery off of us! ---- Foxtrot Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Foxtrot 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Cargo Container Objective: Secure the Cargo Container How to Secure: It works pretty much like Warzone's capture zones. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zones. Foxtrot 2 General location Link Objective Type: Secure & Extract Objective Target: C-130 Black Box Objective: Secure & Extract the Black Box from the downed C-130 How to Secure: It works pretty much like Warzone's capture zones. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zones. Once the Area is secured a Helicopter Drone will fly down and pick up the Black Box. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Overall in this little section I would just add more cover like large stones rolled out of the ground, Military trucks pulled up like the crew was going to load the cargo into the back of them, and maybe some scattered debris around for light/small size cover in spots. Foxtrot Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) The recovery of our fallen allies from the Helicopter will be a moral boost in our fight against the West here in Berlin. The destruction of that Anti-Air System as well puts us one step closer to clearing the skies over Berlin for our Airborne forces...Eastern Command has a final task for us; they want us to secure the area around a downed Western Aircraft near the Steppengarten that was carrying some large cargo and they want the black box from the airplane to see what information we may be able to recover from it. Make it happen Team! (West - Defending Team) Fallback to our downed Aircraft, I will radio command to see about getting some armored support to our position to push their advance back. Let them escape with nothing from our plane and kill them all before they kill all of you! ---- Berlin End Story (East - Attacking Team Victory) The heart of Berlin falls under the control of the East once more thanks to you! Through your efforts we have opened a narrow pathway for our Air support & Airborne Forces to come through and begin supporting our allies. You've made the East proud this day and if all continues to plan we will have Berlin fully secured in a matter of months! (West - Defending Team Defeat) We have failed...all our planning, all our sacrifices...all for nothing. The Shadow of the East falls over Berlin once more and if Western Command cannot find a way to salvage this situation, Berlin will inevitably fall out of western control along with whatever Technology is here...You may have very well handed the East the keys to our defeat in this war! (East - Attacking Team Defeat) No...I cannot believe we failed! All forces pull back to our Forward Operating base before the west surrounds us and pins us in- *The Officer's radio is cut off by the sound of a Artillery round exploding at their position.* (West - Defending Team Victory) Great work Team! Western Command wants us to exploit this situation while Eastern Forces are in turmoil. They're sending us aid in the form of Tanks & Attack Helicopters to clean out what resistance we may stumble across in our efforts to break Berlin free from the hands of the East...Hell, maybe push them out of Germany all together! And with all that wall of text completed, we bring this post to an end. I hope you all liked the ideas I've put forward for this Berlin Breakthrough rework, or at the very least just like the idea of Berlin getting a rework at some point. I know I put a lot forward in both this and my Polyarny suggestion post, and I know most of this could not be completed before 1.0. But, I do it to show what I think could possibly be done to make WW3's Breakthrough more unique when compared to it's Battlefield counterpart. The next map I will cover will be Smolensk which will be the halfway point for this little series of suggestion posts and till I give you another wall of text to read in that post... Have a good one folks!
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    Hi, comrades! I do not know about you, but sometimes I want to pin down some of my teammates. Some of them, instead of capturing objects and carrying out orders, rush at the other end of the map and hide in the bushes. And very often it is the lack of a well-coordinated game that influences the final result of the whole match - we lose on points. Many tactically-oriented games lack centralized control. That someone helped the troops in choosing a priority goal. I propose to add to the game «Сommander screen». The idea is not new, but it is always relevant in games like the WW3 genre. I must say that I have prepared the concept of «Сommander screen» and tried to do it in the style of the game the pics will be below. But first, I would like to draw attention to the role selection screen that appears in front of the deployment screen. Role selection Icons of different styles, if you have a shield for the defenders, it means that the attackers must have swords. Or, if you have a rifle, then there must be a means of protection, for example, body armor. I propose to start from the classic and understandable identity of all - whoever comes to us with a sword, he will die by the sword. That is, use a sword and shield. {deploy-screen1.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/9khxrhw6vfn9oud/deploy-screen1.jpg?dl=0 I also propose to remove the information about the percentage of "attackers" and "defender". It seems to me that this is unnecessary information that does not affect the gameplay. Role selection screen - Commander. Not everyone can become a commander. To do this, you must be quite an experienced fighter and understand the tactical and strategic features of the world of WW3. Well, or just to reach the level of "Colonel" {deploy-screen.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/zq8xwfmmzvgywjh/deploy-screen.jpg?dl=0 Commander Opportunities A commander may provide various support to all Troops on the battlefield: to send out supplies and equipment, to cause artillery on the area and conduct optical-electronic reconnaissance of the area, and also perform tasks for the electronic suppression of the enemy. Tactical capabilities for units The squad commander may request from the commander: to explore a specific area of the drone; request the dumping of heavy equipment, supplies and medical care; specify the target for the artillery strike; {WIP-section} As long as the Commander has his supply points, he can send various support to his fighters, including heavy vehicles. If Commanders play on the server, then the cost of equipment for other players increases: if there are two Commanders, then the cost increases N times; if the Commander is one (second bot), then the cost increases 2N times; if there are no Commanders, then the cost does not change. Accordingly, for Commanders, the cost is reduced by X if one and 2X if two. Thus, the importance of the Commander and the obligation to fulfill his orders will be justified - if you want to get a tank, then follow the orders! Salaga … {/WIP-section} Information and disinformation When one of the Commanders tries to reset his team’s support, the other will have a chance to interrupt it by trying to guess the square where help will be dropped. Before dropping support, both Commanders will receive a notice of intelligence interception. If the Commander guesses the square, then the other, optional: «Received intelligence information is correct» — the dump area is highlighted by the reconnaissance drone. You can, for example, cause an artillery strike or a bomber to prevent the enemy’s supply and / or destroy. «The enemy misinformed us» — the guessed area was false, the enemy Commander wanted to distract us (for example, from dumping heavy equipment elsewhere). Two times in a row in one and the same area can not reset support. However, if misinformation was used and the trick was over, then you can once again try to send support to the same square. {war-map.jpg} → https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq7cmvzwps0lgny/war-map.jpg?dl=0 Commander position The commander must every N-minute to change its deployment, so that the enemy could not detect it and destroy or drown. Why is that? Because the battery of your portable command module was filled with coffee and you had to redirect all the power to a short-range antenna, and to always receive an operational report from the battlefield, you need to be almost on the front line. So it goes
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