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    Do u know what vehicle/strike has the most juicy and good looking explosions? Textron Commando Vehicle and its Grenade launcher. Just look at this "hot-air shock-wave". Devs, plz, add look-alike effect to aaaaall explosions of bomb, artillery, rocket strikes and mb even high caliber shells explosions! Pliiiiz?
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    I wish I could show you gameplays I recorded today from the new anim system playtest... I think you'll like the update once it comes
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    Hello again! This week, we've got some much needed fixes, mainly for the missing packs. Let us know if indeed, everything is ok. There's a lot of other smaller, but also important fixes and it should improve the game overall. Thanks to everyone that helped test the update on the PTE. We strongly suggest installing the PTE, as there is potential for 60 player battles if we get enough of you. Remember, it can only happen on the PTE. Update 0.8.2 Patch Notes [OPTIMIZATION] Asynchronous loading of replicated objects is now working properly (stuttering from loading other players should be reduced), [BUGFIXES] Fix for disappearing packs, and potentially for a lot of other replication issues, Fixed HUDs changing during Kill Screen, Fixed camera cliping while leaning against corner, Partially fixed auto exposure in thermal scopes, Fixed punishing after suicide, Possible bugfix for invisble players, Fixed laser not turning off properly, Fixed pausing Reliable methods when replication is paused, Disabled the ability to fire when interacting with objects using [Default: F], Breakthrough: Fixed a bug with not ending retreat when retreat time ends, Breakthrough: Fixed C2 spawn trap on Smolensk, Fixed detonation timer sometimes not showing up properly on Breakthrough, Fixed the map showing up on top of settings, Fixed wrong vehicle spawned on Warsaw Warzone, [IMPROVEMENTS] Small improvements in the team manager code, Breakthrough game code and replication improvements, Clamped sharpen to 0-1 range instead of 0-3, Added bCanAttachSemtexAndClaymore flag to mark vehicles to which semtex and claymore should not attach, Reduced explosion camera shake for tank shells, Breakthrough: Match timer will now pause during retreat, Fixed other player stutters when coming into player view, Gepard radars are no longer destructible, Gepard Shells + spread improvement, Improved vehicle LMG tracer visuals, Fixed major D3D12 issues (DX12 is still not supported fully and will degrade performance, but some of you insist on running WW3 in DX12 and crashing),
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    I`d suggest to redesign new HUD icons from scratch =\ They are completely unrecognizable. On the screenshotes you can barely recognize what gadget is it. And it becomes worse while moving If we look closer to them, we can notice that only ~20-25% of icon square bring a sense. Only few pixels in the center, while rest 75% are the same for all 3 icons Yeah yeah, you can say "just scale them in settings" but it doesnt help much as long as if you multiply 20 pixels by 2 times, it still will be too small. I suggest to make them as simple as possible where the gadget icon will occupy ~90% of the icons square. Also maybe add different background for each of them to make them clearly recognizible by its "foreground-background template". Like this (paint master is here, but these icons are only to illustrate what i mean):
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    Ludzie myślą, że odpalenie F2P to tak od strzała można. Nie biorą pod uwagę tego, że coś na programistów i całą firmę musi zarobić czyli jakiś system mikropłatności. Taki system musi być dokładnie przemyślany i odpowiednio skonstruowany przed implementacją go do gry, a na to potrzeba masy czasu. Obecnie to szybciej i taniej skończyć grę niż przechodzić na F2P Tfu na F2P.
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    If you have 2 optics on your weapon when reloading in that moment you cannot do anything with your optics when you press ( im use middle mouse button for second scope ) its not registered until you complete the reload animation after that you can change it with the press middle mouse button and press right mouse button to zoom in the desired optics . My suggestion is we should have ability to choose secondary or primary scope on the fly to be active before the end of reloading animations ( or any other animations ) - it's pointless Im feel as robot without brain who can do only one function at time no matter what is the situation .
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    A small, but potentially very important update with a fix for those pesky disappearing packs. Turns out it was an engine error that could in theory break a lot of other things - so there's potentially a lot more fixes in this one than it looks like. We've seen a few DX12 related crashes and we had those fixed internally already, so we decided to also include those fixes in this patch. This doesn't mean DX12 support! We just fixed a few bugs, DX12 is running much worse than DX11 version and it will stay like this for a long time! Thanks for helping us test the game and make it better each update! PTE 0.8.6 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fix for disappearing packs, and potentially for a lot of other replication issues, Fixed detonation timer sometimes not showing up properly on Breakthrough, Fixed the map showing up on top of settings, Fixed wrong vehicle spawned on Warsaw Warzone, [IMPROVEMENTS] Fixed major D3D12 issues (DX12 is still not supported fully and will degrade performance, but some of you insist on running WW3 in DX12 and crashing).
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    MEET THE "X" BUTTON: mark an enemy by 1-tap mark any place by 2-tap ask for gadget by 1-tap on an ally give an order by 1-tap on any point open comm-rose by holding the button Also would be awesome if F51 add some more: softly touch the button to move forward smash it hard to shoot triple tap to exit the game
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    Warsaw near B2 (warzone) invisible object
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    ALL settings were reseted and now are default. When trying to rebind some controls to mouse buttons u'll see that it doesn't work. And when after that u'll press "BACK" button screen like that appears. U need to press 1-2-3 times any button to leave this screen and return to Settings Menu. Upd. If u try to do it while playing, when u'll return to battlefield it'll block ur vision. Only suicide/dying can help.
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    I double this suggestion. Thx, Atway, I was too lazy to make a theme like this by myself.
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    you never know how PC resources you need to play WW3 Maybe NASA super computer is not even enough... )
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    Don't remember it's naming. The one with grenade launcher. Ppl can spawn on it, so, I presume, there was no problems with it on attacker's side. @Ragir, this what I was talking about in game.
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    after one Moscow TDM match against your team I think that you ALL are crazy C4 guys
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    Всем привет! На LIVE-серверы вышел новый патч, в котором мы приготовили некоторые улучшения и исправления, затронувшие проблему с теряющимися пакетами, а также несколько небольших, но важных фиксов, преображающих игру в целом. С нетерпением ждем ваших отзывов, друзья! Еще раз спасибо всем, кто помогает нам тестировать обновления на тестовом клиенте PTE. Мы призываем всех активных игроков устанавливать его и присоединяться к испытаниям грядущих обновлений, включая масштабные бои до 60 игроков на сервере, которые уже доступны, и только на PTE! Итак, что принес в игру сегодняшний апдейт: Обновление 0.8.2 — Список изменений [ОПТИМИЗАЦИЯ] Асинхронная загрузка реплицируемых объектов теперь работает правильно (микрофризов от загрузки других игроков должно быть меньше), [ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ ОШИБОК] Фикс для исчезающих пакетов и, возможно, многих других проблем с репликацией, Исправлен меняющийся HUD во время киллскрина, Исправлен клипинг камеры при прислонении к углу, Частично исправлена автоэкспозиция в тепловых прицелах, Исправлен «punish» после самоубийства, Возможное исправление бага для невидимых игроков, Устранена ошибка, когда лазер не выключался должным образом, Фикс приостановки Reliable methods при паузе репликации, Отключена возможность ведения огня во время взаимодействия с объектами при помощи [по умолчанию: F], Breakthrough: Исправлен баг с не заканчивающимся отступлением по завершению его времени, Breakthrough: Исправлена точка возрождения C2 на Смоленске, Breakthrough: Исправлен таймер детонации, который иногда отображался неправильно, Исправлен вывод карты поверх настроек, Исправлен некорректный спавн транспорта на карте Варшава в режиме Warzone, [УЛУЧШЕНИЯ] Небольшие улучшения в коде менеджера команды, Улучшения игрового кода и репликации в Breakthrough, Изменение настроек резкости изображения на диапазон 0-1 вместо 0-3, Добавлен флаг bCanAttachSemtexAndClaymore для пометки транспорта, к которому не должны прикрепляться semtex и claymore, Уменьшилось «взрывное» дрожание камеры для танковых снарядов, Breakthrough: таймер матча теперь будет останавливаться во время отступления, Исправлены подергивания у других игроков при заходе в поле зрения игрока, Gepard: Радары больше не разрушаются, Gepard: Улучшение снарядов и разброса для них, Улучшены визуальные эффекты трассеров пулемета на технике, Исправлены основные проблемы с D3D12 (DX12 по-прежнему не поддерживается полностью и снижает производительность).
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    This is not a case of choice, it's just a simple lack of time to do this properly - and we wouldn't want this to be half-assed and end up sub-par.
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    A gaming community I'm a part of would like to host some WW3 servers, and if possible we'd like to do it with our own machines since our machines and internet is much better than what local providers can offer. Will we be able to access the server files through steam or some other method without having to go through a 3rd party? If so, will we also be able to host LAN servers?
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    Stormbreaker is now diving silently like it was doing in pre-0.7 patches. Didn't try with other rocket-strikes, but mb they have lost "new" sound too. I'll test it later few times more.
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    Moscow WZ Large D1-D2 control points. "ГУМ" mall.
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    Yay for bug testing when first waking up! I can confirm this is indeed a issue. Going to need this bug squished with extreme hatred.
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    managed to get a few games in tonight...game is looking good. Movement and shooting felt wonky and stiff to me. Hopefully all that gets fleshed out. Rooting for this game
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    Everyone told DICE their proposed BTK/TTK changes were bad. They didn't listen. They did it anyway, and now they're pulling a "oh, I guess we'll look at your feedback and see if we need to make revisions." That game is one tone-deaf blunder after another. DICE has become a corporate shell of its former self. I'm ready for WW3 time again. I just wish the bigger servers were back. Though, I guess they wouldn't be that populated with current player counts. But hopefully with some marketing and new content we can get back there.
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    I just open the door
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    I don't think that's fair information. You can't see the enemies health why should you see their armor status?
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    Hey Folks Well I double timed it like I said I would in Discord and got this suggestion post for a Berlin Breakthrough rework all completed for the most part. But before I get deep into this, just like to start by saying thanks to @Ragir, @Morp, @Rozmo and everyone for their kind responses over my Polyarny Breakthrough map rework suggestions. All those kind words inspired me to go a extra mile with the post down below. So...sorry ahead of time for the massive wall of text, links, colors, and etc you're about to see. I wanted to do some SketchUp work to go along with all this also, but my Laptop is giving me some issues that need to be resolved first. So, once I get those issues resolved, I will edit this post & the polyarny post to include the SketchUp works. Like I said to Morp; they won't be the most graphically pleasing, but they will be better than me trying to explain stuff in text when I'm just about asleep at my desk. With all that out of the way though, lets begin... Please note: I cannot promise this will improve the gameplay/general Breakthrough experience on Berlin. Without the ability to test these changes myself, it's pure speculation. All suggestions are perfectly welcomed, all I would ever ask for though is criticisms be constructive, not destructive. In the end these are just suggestions, what the developers choose to do or don't do with them is ultimately their choice. ---- Main Goals of this rework. Utilize as much of the map as possible. Find places where Area Spawns can be placed for both Teams that require little to no large scale changes to the map. Make sure the Area Spawns are 100% or near 100% safe to spawn into with little to no changes to the map required. Find places where a variety of Objective Types and Targets can be placed that feels fitting to the map. Give faction friendly Vehicles to the respective teams. Create a light story to go with the Map, Objective Types, and Targets. ---- Starter Vehicles for the Teams. (East - Attacking Team starter Vehicles) Typhoon Command Vehicle Bumerang IFV (West - Defending Team starter Vehicles) VAB Command Vehicle Boxer IFV ---- Berlin Breakthrough Story (East - Attacking Team) After weeks of Strategic Bombing to weaken the City's defenses, Eastern Command gave the order to start the second Battle for Berlin with a combined assault of Airborne, Armored, & Mechanized Infantry. At first the East was gaining ground with little to no resistance. But, as they moved deeper into the city, the resistance became increasingly frequent, and increasingly devastating as time went by. Eastern Airborne Operations had been effectively halted and ground forces were forced into intense street to street fighting without most of their close-air support there to assist them. There is only one path left open to reach the heart of Berlin and that path was through the gates of hell... (West - Defending Team) With Eastern Forces burning a trail into the Heartland of Europe and the lessons from the Battle of Warsaw still fresh in the minds of Western Command. Plans were put into place for the inevitable battle that would be waged in the city of Berlin. Weeks of costly stalling efforts, days of terror under the shadows of Bombers, and hours in waiting for the order to come down from the top. The trap would spring with the mouth of hell opening up to release advance anti-air fire on Eastern Airborne Forces, thunder shaking the earth as precision artillery strikes rained down on Eastern Ground Forces, and every building spewing hot lead upon those unfortunate enough to see it all with their own two eyes... ---- Berlin redesign Concept Map and Markers. Using my Polyarny rework suggestion as a guide, I've developed this rework suggestion for Berlin's Breakthrough map using most of the same ideas from Polyarny with some different spins, I'd like to see the Attacking Team moved to opposite side of the map once again, preferably the Deployment zone for the East Team in Berlin's Warzone map. From this zone the Attacking team will then attempt to capture the Alpha Sector, Bravo Sector, Charlie Sector, Delta Sector, Echo Sector and finally Foxtrot Sector. Defenders will have a choice to either start in Alpha's Spawn Area located in Bravo Sector (aka the Red Star) or spawn in their Deployment Zone in the upper left corner if they wish to bring Vehicles up to the frontline. Should the Defenders get pushed back to Delta Sector however, they will instead need to use the bottom Deployment Zone to bring their respawned Vehicles back to the frontline of the game. This is primarily to make traveling between objectives a bit shorter for them since I envision Vehicles to play a larger roll on this map. Inside each of these sectors you will notice one or more markings in them. The markings are as followed- White Star in a Black Circle - Attacking Team Spawn Area. Colored Star in a Black Circle - Defending Team Spawn Area. A1/A2 - F1/F2 - The general location of the Objective Points in the Sector. (Assuming People didn't read my Polyarny suggestion post) The Spawn Areas above are a suggestion to replace the Objective Spawn System currently in Breakthrough. The Objective Spawning System is (in my personal opinion) extremely unfit for this game mode and is too easily abused against the Defending Team since their spawn zones can be camped to the point that Defenders are almost instantly killed upon spawning in. However, Spawning Areas do come with their own problems and these problems can already be experienced by the Attacking Team on (current) Berlin Breakthrough where they can be pinned into their starter deplyoment area by the Defending team. So, having experienced life on both sides of the fence, I think I may have found a good balance of Distance & Security for Spawning Areas for both Teams. However, without actually getting to test this, it's pure speculation. But, with a mixture of trial & error and some prop additions or movement, I believe the Spawn Area can work for both teams just fine. Here are a list of screenshots of the areas I suggest for the Area Spawns if they're to be added. (East - Attacking) Deployment Zone - Will need to clear out the Tank Traps so the Vehicles can get through or place the Vehicles on the opposite side of the deployment zone straight ahead in the picture. Alpha Sector Area Spawn after capturing Alpha Bravo Sector Area Spawn after capturing Bravo Charlie Sector Area Spawn after capturing Charlie Delta Sector Area Spawn after capturing Delta Echo Sector Area Spawn after capturing Echo (West - Defending) Alpha Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Alpha Bravo Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Bravo Charlie Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Charlie Delta Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Delta Echo Sector Area Spawn during Defense of Echo Foxtrot Sector Area Spawn - Given how close Foxtrot was to the southern Deployment Zone and the layout of the map. I figured it would be too easy for the Defenders to return to Foxtrot if they had a closer dedicated Area Spawn. I can think of a place that might be a fair enough distance, but it would require a large amount of prop placement. Deployment Zone (North) Deployment Zone (South) Unlike Polyarny however, both Attackers & Defenders will be pretty reliant on keeping their Vehicles safe as much as possible. While they should not be critical to success, they should at least be a major supporting element to either team in my concept of Berlin Breakthrough. ---- Non-Objective based Prop suggestion changes/additions. Double Stack Hesco Barrier between Alpha Sector & Echo Sector - Now the main reasons why I would like to see this tall double stack hesco barrier wall between the two objectives sectors is- It gives the map a visual look to go with the concept that Western Forces are entrenching/have entrenched themselves in Berlin. It's to prevent the Defending team from moving their Command Vehicle or IFV into position to shoot over the wall while maintaining a low-risk defensive position. It prevents the Attacking Team from moving their Command Vehicle or IFV into position to shoot into the Defending Team's Delta Area Spawn. Destroyed Tanks blocking the road to push through the barrier wall ahead - The reason for this barrier of destruction is primarily to keep the Attackers from having Snipers waiting in their Attack Deployment Zone and picking off Defenders spawning in their southern deployment zone and visa versa. This way neither side can shoot at the other between these deployment zones. ---- Alpha Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Alpha 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Radio Station Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Radio Station How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Radio Station or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new placement for the Radio Station. Prop suggestion changes/additions: One thing I'd personally like see done to this room (aside from having the Radio station placed behind the bar) is the addition of some extra cover/firing positions in the room that make it look like the Defenders were digging in the best they could with what they had. Alpha 2 General location Link Objective Type: Disarmament Objective Target: Demolition Charges Objective: Disarm the Demolition Charges How to Disarm: An Attacker needs to stand at the enemy's primary explosive charge in the Objective room and then upon hitting F they'll begin "disarming" the Demolition charge. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from disarming the bombs. Disarm Timer: 40 Seconds Prop suggestion changes/additions: Aside from making the objective look like a rather large bomb ready to go off, I'd love to see what looks like black det cords running around on the floor, and up the support pillars to smaller Demolition charges that look like they're there to cave the whole place in. Alpha Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Lead armor elements have been destroyed, the western path has been closed!. We cannot go back either because of Western Artillery strikes...and the street south seems closed off...We have no choice but to go north. Eastern Command mentioned noticing Western Forces moving supplies into Subway station and operating out of a place called the Caffe de roya in the area as well... (West - Defending Team) Get ready People, the Eastern spearhead's lead Armor has been taken out, and their only path left is to head this way. Protect the Demolition charges in the subway till Demolition Teams are done getting everything prepared and keep our line of communication open in the Caffe de roya. ---- Bravo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Bravo 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Boomerang Truck - (This link will provide information behind what the Boomerang is exactly. May be something the Devs can get creative with.) Objective: Secure the area around the Boomerang Truck How to Secure: It works just like Warzone's capture points. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zone. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Aside from some cover like Sandbags or concrete arranged into defensive positions near/around the objective area, there really isn't a lot I think is needed in it. Bravo 2 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destroy Objective Target: Artillery Shell Stockpile Objective: Destroy the enemy Artillery Stockpile How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Artillery Stockpile or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new target for destruction. Special note: Should set off a rather large explosion that destroys the Artillery Guns near it and anyone close to the blast area. Prop suggestion changes/additions: This area of the map has a lot of room for potential gameplay. But, the key thing I would really like to see is a few Artillery guns set up (2 - 4 at most) in this general area with a seemingly harden container with Artillery ammunition stored in it that the 'crew' was getting their ammo from. The storage of these shells would of course act as the objective to plant the bomb on. Bravo Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Good job clearing out the Caffe de roya and disarming those Demolition Charges...If our forces had followed the street over the subway, the entire operation may have been in danger of completely falling apart if the West set off those charges. One of our own Demolition Teams moved around us and took out a Artillery crew on their way to their own objective. They don't have any explosives to spare, so it is up to us to finish their job along with capturing a Boomerang Truck that was assisting the Artillery Crew. (West - Defending Team) All squads pull back to Bravo sector! Without out the Radio Station, we cannot get in contact with the Demolition Teams...Apparently while you were fighting some Eastern Soldiers slipped by your lines to kill the Artillery crew of the nearby Artillery guns working with one of our Boomerang trucks. The Boomerang crew said the Vehicle can perform it's task on it's own, we just need to protect it, and the artillery guns while they take away our K.I.A. Stop the Eastern Forces here! ---- Charlie Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Charlie 1 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Supply Truck Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Supply Truck How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Supply Truck or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new target for destruction. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Aside from maybe a little cover in the area, I just think a simple military truck put in place (preferably to block off line of sight of that entryway to the Yellow Hotel from the collapsed building behind my character in that picture), I can't think of much that really needs or could be added here. Charlie 2 General location Link Objective Type: Demolition Objective Target: Marschallbrücke Bridge Objective: Initiate Demolition Charges and protect the Charges Demolition Charge timer: 40 seconds Prop suggestion changes/additions: This is something special I would really, really love to see. I know the game can handle some destruction and I think it would be really cool if the Attackers could prepare a fully reconstructed version of this bridge to be blown up. Sort of like the Attackers are cutting off a path to keep the "Western Military" from flanking their position there. Charlie Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Great job capturing that Boomerang Truck..Apparently that System was giving away our Movements, firing positions, and more to make life easier for their Artillery crews. Unfortunately our allies that aided us took heavy losses planting demolition charges on the bridge north of here when a western patrol group came through. So, the task falls to us to drop the bridge for them and clear out any patrol Vehicles we find! (West - Defending Team) The loss of the Boomerang Truck and Artillery Guns are going to make things harder on our allies People!..Fall back to Charlie Sector while I get in contact with Western Command over the situation. Apparently one of our patrols killed some members of a Eastern Demolition Team trying to wire the Marschallbrücke Bridge for destruction using some supplies from one of our Trucks. They went to get a crew to handle the charges, so you just have to keep the enemy away from the primary charge till the Demolition crew arrives! ---- Delta Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Delta 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Crashed UAV Objective: Secure the area around the Helicopter Crash site How to Secure: It works just like Warzone's capture points. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zone. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Now admittedly this area will be extremely hard to make really interesting/fun, but the idea of two sides fighting for control of this UAV (Which capturing enemy equipment can be a big deal in real War) is just far too tempting to ignore. So, if both possible on a technical front and of interest to the Devs, I'd love to see that left side wall in the screenshot provided be largely modeled after Berlins' TDM version excluding the large open rooms on the western outside wall. Primarily just to open path in the far left corner up those small concrete stairs and the windows opened up so players can see down onto the UAV. This would make controlling this upstairs location highly important to both teams. Aside from that, maybe some stacked crates or whatever to use as light cover would also be good down in this little corner yard. Delta 2 General location Link Objective Type: Target Destruction Objective Target: Radar Objective: Destroy the enemy Team's Radar How to destroy: Plant a Bomb on the Radar or Use Explosive based weapons & gadgets to destroy it. Bomb Timer: 40 Seconds Note: It's what we have going on right now in Breakthrough, it's just a new target for destruction. Prop suggestion changes/additions: This is far more simple. I suggest moving the Radar you see in the linked image over to where the Truck, Trees, Shipping container are primarily to spread the two objectives apart from each other a little more. Then where the Radar is currently, add either a truck or two, maybe a shipping container, or whatever form of heavy cover in it's place. As for ideally where the Radar would then be, I would suggest adding a mixture of light & heavy cover in the form of Sandbags, concrete slabs, walls, maybe a couple tank traps for visual appeal, and whatever other form of cover to make up for the removal of so much just to move the Radar. Delta Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) Great work taking care of that bridge and the supply truck. Eastern Command reports of a motorized group trapped on the other side that were coming to assist their allies.. Our new mission is to push deeper into the area to secure a crashed UAV we had lost during the opening Western Ambush and destroy a Radar station that our Artillery can't reach without getting in range of the Western Artillery. (West - Defending Team) You people need to get your heads on straight and stop letting the enemy have their way through Berlin! Fallback to Delta Sector to protect our Radar and the Eastern UAV that crash landed in the courtyard. If our Engineers can salvage anything from that UAV to help us push the East out of Berlin, than we might be able to end the East's offensive in Central Europe! ---- Echo Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Echo 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Crashed Helicopter Objective: Secure the area around the Helicopter Crash site How to Secure: It works just like Warzone's capture points. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zone. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Not much needs to be done in this area that I can see. Plenty of cover around, just need to make sure the capture zone is large enough to not have everyone out in the open space. Echo 2 General location Link Objective Type: Disarmament Objective Target: NBS MANTIS System (This Link will show what the NBS MANTIS is) Objective: Disarm the NBS MANTIS System How to Disarm: An Attacker needs to stand at the enemy's Operational Radar in the Objective area and then upon hitting F they'll begin "disarming" the Anti-Air System. During this time their Teammates will need to protect them while the Defenders try to stop them from disarming the bombs. Disarmament timer: 40 Seconds Prop suggestion changes/additions: I know I've already suggested some big changes and I'm going to suggest just one more big change (maybe 2 depending on some stuff,) I'd love to see this section of the map near the Brandenburg Gate changed a bit to look more like a medium sized Military check point with various size sandbag walls, the Anti-Air NBS MANTIS System with it's guns as a feature piece of the area, and some other stuff to make it look like the Western Military was really serious about posting people at this spot. Echo Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) With the UAV secured we can have a recovery team come in to take it away and the loss of the radar has apparently allowed more of our guided munitions to support our allies elsewhere in the city. So, fine work team! We now need to secure one of our crashed Helicopters in the Pariser Platz so a recover team can recover it along with our dead. The West also apparently has some Advance Anti-Air system near by as well that is responsible for downing the Helicopter. (West - Defending Team) Fallback to the Brandenburg Gate and Pariser Platz Team! We're losing too much ground and it is vital we do not lose anymore! Keep the Eastern Forces from getting anything from the down Helicopter of theirs and most importantly protect our MANTIS System. That Anti-Air System has been keeping Eastern Airborne out of the sky around us and the worse of the enemy's artillery off of us! ---- Foxtrot Sector Objective Types, Targets, & Stories. Foxtrot 1 General location Link Objective Type: Secure Area Objective Target: Cargo Container Objective: Secure the Cargo Container How to Secure: It works pretty much like Warzone's capture zones. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zones. Foxtrot 2 General location Link Objective Type: Secure & Extract Objective Target: C-130 Black Box Objective: Secure & Extract the Black Box from the downed C-130 How to Secure: It works pretty much like Warzone's capture zones. Capture time: 40 Seconds for one person and is faster the more People there are in the Capture zones. Once the Area is secured a Helicopter Drone will fly down and pick up the Black Box. Prop suggestion changes/additions: Overall in this little section I would just add more cover like large stones rolled out of the ground, Military trucks pulled up like the crew was going to load the cargo into the back of them, and maybe some scattered debris around for light/small size cover in spots. Foxtrot Sector Story (East - Attacking Team) The recovery of our fallen allies from the Helicopter will be a moral boost in our fight against the West here in Berlin. The destruction of that Anti-Air System as well puts us one step closer to clearing the skies over Berlin for our Airborne forces...Eastern Command has a final task for us; they want us to secure the area around a downed Western Aircraft near the Steppengarten that was carrying some large cargo and they want the black box from the airplane to see what information we may be able to recover from it. Make it happen Team! (West - Defending Team) Fallback to our downed Aircraft, I will radio command to see about getting some armored support to our position to push their advance back. Let them escape with nothing from our plane and kill them all before they kill all of you! ---- Berlin End Story (East - Attacking Team Victory) The heart of Berlin falls under the control of the East once more thanks to you! Through your efforts we have opened a narrow pathway for our Air support & Airborne Forces to come through and begin supporting our allies. You've made the East proud this day and if all continues to plan we will have Berlin fully secured in a matter of months! (West - Defending Team Defeat) We have failed...all our planning, all our sacrifices...all for nothing. The Shadow of the East falls over Berlin once more and if Western Command cannot find a way to salvage this situation, Berlin will inevitably fall out of western control along with whatever Technology is here...You may have very well handed the East the keys to our defeat in this war! (East - Attacking Team Defeat) No...I cannot believe we failed! All forces pull back to our Forward Operating base before the west surrounds us and pins us in- *The Officer's radio is cut off by the sound of a Artillery round exploding at their position.* (West - Defending Team Victory) Great work Team! Western Command wants us to exploit this situation while Eastern Forces are in turmoil. They're sending us aid in the form of Tanks & Attack Helicopters to clean out what resistance we may stumble across in our efforts to break Berlin free from the hands of the East...Hell, maybe push them out of Germany all together! And with all that wall of text completed, we bring this post to an end. I hope you all liked the ideas I've put forward for this Berlin Breakthrough rework, or at the very least just like the idea of Berlin getting a rework at some point. I know I put a lot forward in both this and my Polyarny suggestion post, and I know most of this could not be completed before 1.0. But, I do it to show what I think could possibly be done to make WW3's Breakthrough more unique when compared to it's Battlefield counterpart. The next map I will cover will be Smolensk which will be the halfway point for this little series of suggestion posts and till I give you another wall of text to read in that post... Have a good one folks! PS: I'm in the process of flipping my sleep schedule, so if anything came off confusing, odd, or whatever. Feel free to post a question and I will shoot for a more clear answer once I have some sleep in me. ---- WW3 Meta Game enhancement Series (Still in Planning) Vehicle enhancements for WW3 Series Turrets Chapter (Still to come) Main Gun Ammunition Chapter (More to come) RWCs Chapter (Still to come) RWCs Ammunition Chapter (Still to come) Active Armor Chapter (Still to come) Optics Chapter (Still to come) Current IFVs Chapter (Still to come) Current AFVs Chapter (Still to come) Current MBTs Chapter (Still to come) Vehicles that could enhance WW3 Series IFVs Chapter (Still to come) AFVs Chapter CV90 MBTs Chapter (Still to come) Strikes that could enhance WW3 Series Support Strikes Chapter Supply Drop Mission Master UGV-C Scanner Strikes Chapter Mission Master UGV-S to come... UGV Strikes Chapter Mission Master UGV-P to come... CUAS Drones Switchblade Weapons that could enhance WW3 Series Assault Rifles Chapter Zastava M17 Precision Sniper Rifles Chapter K14 Special Weapons Chapter GM-94 Submachine Guns Chapter APC45 Battle Rifles Chapter BREN 2 BR Shotguns Chapter AA-12 Light Machine Guns Chapter LWMMG Pistols Chapter OTs-38 Stetchki Breakthrough Suggestion posts Suggestions to enhance Breakthrough - Small changes <- Pre-Live Launch Suggestions to enhance Breakthrough - Large changes <- Pre-Live Launch Polyarny Breakthrough Map Rework Suggestions Smolensk Breakthrough Map Rework Suggestions -> Still to come. Moscow Breakthrough Map Rework Suggestions -> Still to come. Warsaw Breakthrough Map Rework Suggestions -> Still to come.
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    I remember, when you pressing X on the enemy, your character says, is the enemy "heavy" or "light".
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    Let them differ not only by weight and protection but with some minor, but unique properties too. HDPE - faster stance changing (from standing to crouching ). Poyethyelene - faster plate replenish time. Ceramic - less flinch from hits. Steel - less damage from explosives.
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    I know people have suggested this before, so I'm going to put a bit more detail into how I think this system should work. In the customisation screen, players should be able to change how many extra magazines/ammo boxes their soldier carries, with each magazine added or removed changing the weight of the loadout. Rather than separate "ammo type" and "magazine type" screens, both should be united into the one section. First players will choose what type of magazine they want (e.g. drum mag, rifle size mag etc). Then they will choose what primary ammo type they want. Even though all guns are currently locked to FMJ as their only primary ammo, this will allow for things like shotguns to have more interesting ammo types available. Once a primary ammo type has been chosen, a player will then have to choose how many extra magazines of primary ammo they want. Each extra magazine added adds a set amount of weight to the loadout for the magazine type, so moving from one to two extra drum magazines will add more weight than moving from two to three thirty rounders. Once players are done with this they can choose if they want to carry secondary ammunition of any kind. Secondary ammunition can then be added in increments of additional magazines of the same type, with the same bearing on weight. Hopefully this helps sketch out this idea for people
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    no no no! Dont feed them with ideas! Or sooner or later we gonna play with X button only!
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    Once we fix the HUD scaling, it will work much better for those that don't like the look, it is a bit too heavy for my taste as well, but when it's at 50% scale it works much better.
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    There are always people working on the optimization, on bugs and new stuff, with optimization being more and more important the more we close in on the release. Problem is, that very, very frequently, optimizing the game before the content is done results in having to optimize again after it is done, so we can't really dig into the optimization before most of the game is finished. We try to make it better each day, but the real optimization is scheduled for later (this is all devs working on it full time).
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    https://worldwar3.com/en/articles/# tu sobie raporty poczytaj to nadrobisz zaległości optymalizacja powoli, ale do przodu, konkretnie to pewnie pójdzie bliżej finalnej wersji, jakieś 0.9 czy coś, tak obstawiam.
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    What I'm suggesting is nothing extraordinary and one way or another was tested by almost everyone. For example, watch the video below. The idea is to add programmator that would allow SH rounds to explode on the designated distance. I'm asking about it because now there are situations, when vehicles simply can't attack some CPs because their weapon can't deal dmg to defending infantrymen. Look at the pics below. This situation is appearing on all the maps, but here on Berlin B1 it can be displayed most easily. It's happens for both East and West vehicles. The have almost no chances to attack and capture the B1 if they are alone or their infantry is idling/camping. It is the flat map and vehicle have close to zero chances to land the shot right behind the cover, so the explosion splash would deal dmg to infantry behind that cover. It's especially clear with shell craters. Even if u did hit the far side of the crater, infantry on the near side right behind the edge take almost no dmg. And in the same time they non-stop shoot at u with RPGs. With programmable primer of SH rounds driver would be able to: 1. Measure the distance and with pressing some button lock it. 2. Using for example mouse scroll add or reduce the locked distance so the shell could explode behind/ahead of the target. 3. Attack the enemies that are behind the covers. 4. Pressing the same button as in p.2 would unlock the primmer programmator so the SH shells now would be again exploding on the impact. IMO, this feature would add the depth to vehicle customization mechanics, shooting mechanics and also increase the anti-infantry efficiency that now, again IMO, with indestructible environment is often rly lacking. And it's pretty much modern era technologies so it would not be inappropriate if it would be implemented for all SH round from 30 to 120 mm.
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    That's the main problem IMO, the short range is kinda long, and I agree it needs balancing. I think it's now set to 60m, and that's basically most of the engagements in the game, I'd say 20m is even too much.
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    Wałkowane wielokrotnie. WW3 nie będzie grą F2P
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    Co to za głupie pytanie? Grę we wczesnym dostępie chcesz na f2p zamienić bo mało ludzi gra?
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    This my friends is a copy paste from the internet guide ! All the settings are affecting nothing and using cleaners in 2018 is a funny way to start. Setting a process to high priority is never a good idea to begin with imho... CPU parking issues are gone for years but hey it's still valid if you use Windows 7 32 bit ! UE4 has it's problems at the root with AMD hardware ... the only thing for people having issues (mostly AMD users) is waiting for UE4 to get updates and for the devs to implement them here in their engine. I play on a Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4.2 GHz with 16GB ram and a measly RX580 8GB and I get a decent 60-100 fps. And thrust me I hate UE4 but it's the cheapest and best game engine an idie company would use ! Look @ Funcom with Conan Exiles the frame rate is ALL OVER the place and vegetation is killing it hard ! These game devs made a MUCH better implementation of UE4 in their game !
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    @AtwayI moved this topic around fourth times, he edits and creates a new one... @makrumsa1987 What's your full PC specification?
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