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    Alright Folks Chomp on the video and lets see what we can find. --Items of Interest in the Video-- Map Related Items Warzone Moscow Changes New Deployment Base Locations New Lighting New Capture Point Layout What was A1-A2 now seems to be purely just A2 with the entire area completely remodeled & layout changed. General Map Rework Lenin's Mausoleum or simply The Mausoleum, has been reworked with a large areas of the roof having collapsed inside The Parade Grounds seems to have had their layout completely changed with assets moved, new assets placed in places that were originally open for more cover, and much more. Smolensk Changes New Lighting New Model Assets added to the map A1 Point rework A2 Point moved B1 Point rework - Seems like it's been turned into a proper compound of sorts for the most part. Polyarny Changes New Lighting New Capture Point Layout New Model assets added to the map Some old soft cover Trucks have seemingly been replaced with Hard Shell Trucks Some of the destructible Cars at A2 are now destructible Vans that (seemingly) still provide a degree of cover Berlin Changes Warsaw Changes Team Deathmatch Moscow Changes New Lighting Now set at night time apparently. Berlin Changes New Lighting New Layout Warsaw Changes New Layout Weapon Related Items Weapons will now be unlocked by Rank (?) Weapon Blueprints Smoke Grenades that start to leave smoke behind while in flight will leave a smoke trail all the way down to the ground. Vehicle related Items Can now seemingly Deploy Vehicles at Objectives instead of just at the main Deployment Base AFVs (Assuming Tanks as well) now Automatically destroy small Transport Vehicles like the Quad Bike. Gameplay related Features WW3's metagame campaign seems to be coming back Backpack System for quick Weapon Customization Mounting Weapon Sights on other Weapon Sights UI related Items New Score Board New Squad selection UI that shows current Squad Score & Kill count for the Squad the Player is in New Death Skull Icon New Warzone alert for when sectors are divided between the teams. (E.G West Team owns B1 and East Team owns B2.) New Spotting Icon New Squad Leader Attack/Defend icon marker for Objective Points New Strike call-in touch pad New kill confirmation UI element Bolder Friendly Names for easier Identification Visible Friendly Health bars Vehicle Occupants Counter Kill Cam Ability to change some of your Character's uniform during a game Cleaner live gameplay Map Cosmetic & Loadout Customization related Items General Loadout Weapon & Vehicle configurations are making a return, making for easy out of game loadout changes. Vehicle Can now mix color patterns on Vehicles like you can on your Soldier & Weapons Soldier Our new African Soldier is apparently named John Loadout slots seems to have been expanded from 8 to 12 New Character Slots that you can customize and switch between outside of gameplay. New Bodypaint - This might be a replacement for arm paint New Armored looking clothing (?) New Korea Chest Rig 2 New Camo Patterns (Still trying to ID at this time.) New (American?) Helikon-Tex Gloves Character Slots and ability to change Character cosmetics during live gameplay (?) Sound related Items The M417 seems to have a new firing sound. -- --New Weapon Confirmations-- Assault Rifles --Japanese Type-89-- - No doubts here when it comes the Japanese Type-89 being included in the game..Well, not too many anyways. While the Weapon is the HOWA Type 89, the weapon selection picture actually looks more like the HOWA Type 20, a completely different weapon entirely. So, maybe a hint of another weapon that hasn't been seen yet or possible one for later down the road? A spot by @tynblpb was also noted that apparently the Type-89 is looking like a burst fire only gun. So, we will have to see what comes of that. --South Korean K2C1-- - While it is hard to tell if the gun on the left is indeed the K2C1. We can say for sure say that the South Korean standard Rifle is indeed in the game via the picture on the right. That said however, it is possible for the South Korean K1A Rifle to be converted down to a Submachine Gun while still using the same 5.56x45 NATO ammunition. So, lets just keep that in mind as a possibility with the left hand picture. I say this because the weapon does look a bit more compact than that of the K2C1. --Chinese QBZ-95(1)-- - While it is hard to say for sure at this angle, it seems to be the Chinese QBZ-95/QBZ-95-1 in the picture. So, we have our first Bullpup Rifle chambered in either 5.8x42mm DBP87/DBP10 most likely. Precision Sniper Rifles --American M200 Intervention-- - While this may be a bit hard to see at first glance through the whole video. I suspect this a confirmation that the M200 Intervention has been added to WW3. (Here is a video for those who may not know about the Weapon.) Special Weapons --Polish PPZR Piorun-- - The PPZR Piorun is a Man-portable air-defense system ( or MANPADS) of Poland, used to destroy enemy low-flying aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, it seems in WW3 it's possible to also use it as a direct attack launcher against ground targets as well. Light Machineguns --KAC LMG-- - The KAC LMG was shown off a long time ago prior to radio silence and it's going to be chambered in (to our previous knowledge) in 5.56x45mm NATO and if it's anything like it's real life variant (link) it should be a rather easy LMG to use for those who might have a problem handling recoil. Battle Rifles (None just yet) Shotguns (None just yet) Submachine Guns (None just yet) Pistols (None just yet) Underslung Weapons --The American SIX12 Shotgun-- - The SIX12 underslung Shotgun was the first underslung attachments we saw for WW3 a long time ago on the PTE. However, the weapon at that time was not working correctly and thus it was taken down for further development to avoid having it go to the live servers. That said though, we can confirm the Six12 Underslung is making a return in the new update. --The American M203 Grenade Launcher-- - Hard confirmation that the M203 Grenade launcher will be added in the new update. It's hot to say what all types of Ammunition this 40mm underslung will bring with it, but I imagine each one will generate some salt. Weapon Attachments (Sights) --Trijicon ACOG-- - While it's currently hard to tell the exact magnification of this optic, we can at least confirm the popularly request Trijicon ACOG sight will be added to the game. --NCSTAR GEN 3-- - NCSTAR GEN 3 confirmed, as for how much magnification it will have, that is a bit up in the air right now. I suspect though it's roughly 3-5x territory but no confirmation on that. --ECHO 1 (3x)-- - ECHO 1 confirmed, as for what all it will bring to the table aside from a 3x magnification and top rail mount for smaller optics. We shall have to wait and see. Maybe it will have a built in laser or flashlight on it if I had to take a wild shot in the dark guess as to that bulged out section on the bottom. --Unknown Thermal Holo Sight-- - Currently searching for what sight this is exactly. --Unknown Sight-- - Currently searching for what sight this is exactly. --T21M Off-set Sight-- - The T21M side mounted optic for those who want a Thermal sight, but don't want it as their primary sight. Weapon Attachments (Muzzles) --Carbon Suppressor-- - Currently no details on the difference between it and the other suppressors --Combo Suppressor-- - Currently no details on the difference between it and the other suppressors Weapon Cosmetics --Mak Stock (?)-- - While it is visually hard to tell at the moment, I did take this screenshot long ago prior to the Developers going radio silent. (Link) This could be an entirely different stock, this could be the same stock with a different name. We will just have to wait and see. --New custom Mag Wells (?)-- - It seems players will be able to addon to their Mag Wells for their M4s, M416, and other such similar AR Assault Rifles. But, only time can really tell. --New custom Mag Well & Magazine (?) for Beryl-- - The Beryl 762 is getting a new custom Mag well, perhaps other AK Assault Rifles will be getting the same thing. Only time can tell. As for the Magazine, it seems different compared to what we have seen before, but this might just be the angle the weapon is at making it seem new. Though it does look like a plastic magazine, so maybe another 30 round plastic magazine possibly for AK type weapons? --Shotgun Shell Saddle-- - Looks like a new Shotgun Shell Saddle has been added to the game, maybe our Soldier will be able to pull Shells from it to reload their Shotgun (unlikely, but it would be cool.) Grenades --Anti-Tank Grenades-- - The Anti-Tank Grenade's design seems to be inspired by the Serbian BRK AT-Grenade. (Link) --Poison Grenades-- - The so called "Poison Grenade" is more than likely the old Phosphor Grenade from the PTE servers long ago before the radio silence kicked in. While I'm not entirely sure why it is green when it was originally greyish-white. I suspect it does more with being able to ID it from the regular Smoke Grenade, even though in my opinion that was what made the old design a bit more appealing which was to fool enemies into think it was safe to enter the smoke. But, all the same, happy to see it making a return, green smoke aside. --Mini Frag Grenades (?)-- - It seems the old area denial Grenade is not the only old grenade to be making a return. While it's possible I could be wrong about this, it seems like we will be getting Mini Fragmentation Grenades as well. For those who may not know, these kind of Grenades are usually balanced to have a smaller explosive area, could be tossed further down range than normal Frag Grenades, and usually the Soldier has one to three of these to throw when it's equipped. What it would be like in WW3 though if this indeed confirmed, I have no clue. --New Vehicle Confirmations-- Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) --Chinese ZTZ-99-- - The Chinese ZTZ-99 or Type 99 main battle tank is confirmed to be in the new update. --Japanese Type-X (10)-- - The Japanese Type-X (10) main battle tank is confirmed to be in the new update. Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) --South Korean K21-- -The South Korean K21 AFV is a straight up hard confirmed addition the game in the new update. --American M3 Bradley Turret-- - While it is hard to say for sure if this is indeed going to be the arrival of the whole American M3 Bradley AFV, we can at least confirm the Vehicle's Turret is going to make an arrival (unless something change of course.) Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) --The Japanese Type-16-- - The Japanese Type-16 IFV is confirmed for the next update. Unmanned Vehicles --The American MQ-8 Fire Scout-- - While this was not in the video itself and was actually released in one of the more recent in-game vs. real life pictures the developers have been showing. The American MQ-8 Fire Scout is looking to finally emerge as one of the new Unmanned Vehicles in the game. The main difference between this Light Helicopter Drone vs. It's larger counterpart is that it's suppose to be limited to Machine Guns while costing less to field and is not as tanky apparently. At least this was what we were originally told and that was a long time ago so something could have changed by now. CUAS Drones --Orange Warhead on the Quadropcopter Drone-- - For those who don't know, both the Quadropcopter & Suicide Drone at one time allowed players to change the different Warheads on the front of the Drones. The different Warheads had different things they did...for example Red was best at Anti-Infantry efforts, Black was best at Anti-Vehicle efforts, and Orange (seen in the picture above) is good at both Anti-Infantry & Anti-Vehicle. Now, if it is like that in the new update remains to be seen. --KAC LMG on a Quadropcopter Drone-- - Much like the Light Helicopter Drone, this Quadrocopter Drone carrying a KAC LMG in 5.56x45mm NATO seems to be a new coming strike in the game. Also before anyone says "It's not a Quadrocopter", the thing has four arms moving it around the map just like the Quadrocopter does. So, till we got a name, it's the Quadrocopter feeling especially American for the time being! Transports (None just yet)
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    Hey Folks So I figured with all the pictures coming out, all the speculating, the reveals, and everything in between. I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate it all into a single post, that way everyone can see what everyone else is seeing. Please note: This post is still being worked on, I'm posting it early to ensure none of the work is possibly lost some how. - Section 1 - Countdown Picture 7 Section 2 - Countdown Picture 6 Section 3 - Countdown Picture 5 Section 4 - Countdown Picture 4 Section 5 - Countdown Picture 3 Section 6 - Countdown Picture 2 Section 7 - Countdown Picture 1 --- Section 1 - Countdown Picture 7 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- Item #1 - Helmet Flashlight is turned on Item #2 - Anglehead Flashlight on Chest Rig is turned on - The Helmet Flashlight & Anglehead flashlights being turned on leaves room for some speculation as to this being possibly just a design choice by the Artist, or if maybe this is a sign of being able to turn these items on in game, maybe even stretching it a bit to possible consider the addition of Night Maps as well as there is a Night Vision Monocular headset later down the post that is also activated. Only time can ultimately tell if this will lead to something more or if it's simply the work of the Artist to make it look more appealing. Item #3 - Trijicon ACOG Sight on the Rifle - Not sure who spotted this sight first, but I personally heard it first when listening to @Tactigamer youtube video covering the encrypted message we first got. But, it's looking like we have a possible confirmation on a highly requested Weapon Attachment People have been wanting in the form of the Trijicon ACOG Sight which might be a 4x sight. I only say possible confirmation as we should keep ourselves grounded with the belief of; believing it when we see it in game directly. But, it doesn't hurt to be a bit confident in it's confirmation either of course! - Item #4 - Unidentified Aircraft - While it's very likely this doesn't truly mean anything as we're use to seeing this general shape of Aircraft coming onto the maps to deliver IFVs, AFVs, & MBTs. It could be a hint at something more, even if nothing really huge. Like say..maybe being able to air drop Vehicles outside of the Deployment Zones on Warzone? We can call Vehicles in practically anywhere in Breakthrough after all, so it's something to think about. But, right now I suspect this is ultimately nothing at the moment. - Item #5 - TOS-1 Rocket Artillery Pod & T-72 Chassis? - Now this is a fun little find to be speculating on the inclusion of it into the picture. The TOS-1 is a Soviet era 220 mm, 30-barrel or 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank chassis. What does this mean? Well, it's pretty much a nasty flamethrower on tracks (A video covering the TOS-1 here) What does this mean though for WW3? Well, it could be a sign of a new strike to be added to the game, a Napalm version of Artillery of sorts where the rockets land on the field, do extreme amounts of damage on impact, and maybe leave behind a burning circle of area denial sort of like the Napalm Airstrike. Is this a possible confirmation though? Very hard to say at the moment. - Item #6 - Strange Scene - I will admit I'm kind of stretching the possibility of what we could be seeing in this scene. We see the Soldiers, we see the 35mm gun. But, what has me curious are these, seemingly, four or three legged things on the ground below the turret gun. Reaching back into the old days of pre-radio silence, one of the Developers had mentioned the team considering the ability for players to build defenses in and or around objective points. Could these legged objects possibly be some sort of lightweight Tank Traps of sort? It's hard to say right now as there hasn't really been any further talks since those days regarding buildable defenses. --- Section 2 - Countdown Picture 6 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- Item #1 - BWS Helmet with German Gas mask - The first major thing I'm sure some People will be talking about is if they can get Gas Masks finally under their helmets (that are not the LWH.) Well, it seems we may have that answer with the picture above that shows the BWS Helmet equipped with a German Gas mask under it. So, I would personally say this is a possible confirmation that all helmets in WW3, or maybe a vast majority of them anyways with open space around the face can have Gas Masks. I say possible confirmation only because we need to see it done with the other helmets before we can safely call it a confirmation - or if a Developer feels like coming in and confirming it for us. - Item #2 - Possible Japanese Flecktarn "Jieitai" Camo - When this camo was first revealed, I immediately pulled up WW3 to see if I could find it anywhere in the camos I purchased long ago, or if maybe it was in one of the quasi-hidden away camos that you only see when trying to paint only certain segments of the clothing. I ultimately don't recall seeing it (I could have just overlooked it entirely). So I think it's safe to say this is entirely brand new camo that will be coming to the game eventually. The Japanese Flecktarn "Jieitai." - The provided link is to a image of the real Camouflage. Item #3 - VEPR-12 lacking a Muzzle - Between the VEPR-12 Shotgun and the soon to be discussed VEPR Assault Rifle. Both weapons have seemed to manage to lose their Muzzle attachments. While I obviously cannot confirm this, I think it's safe to speculate the possibility of being able to run without Muzzles on our weapons. Maybe in exchange for losing out on those certain stats, the weapon becomes a bit lighter, maybe it gains a little ADS bonus because of the reduced weight up front? Hard to say right now what the benefits would be or if this is all just for show. Only time will tell ultimately - that or if a Developer would like to inform us. - Item #4 - Possible new upper rail option for the VEPR-12 Shotgun - Not a whole lot to say here beyond; it looks like the VEPR-12 is going to have a new upper rail to choose from. What it is exactly I'm unsure of, but it does remind me a little bit of the short flip up rails or whatever that the G36 has some what. Granted a much, much smaller version than the Assault Rifle. - Item #5 - Either the Marder AFV with the 35mm Lance Light Turret, or some other Vehicle - While it is kind of hard to tell with the Vehicle tucked away in the black, grey, & dark grey shadows. I suspect that this Vehicle is just the German Marder AFV we're use to seeing. However, I'm not entirely willing to completely dismiss the idea that it could very possibly be the Chassie of another AFV with some similar designs. Till I or someone else finds something though, my speculation falls upon this just being the Marder AFV. - Item #6 - Soldier with a unknown Weapon - Not a whole lot to say here, this Soldier seems to be holding a weapon we haven't seen before in game. But, it's very hard to tell what it is exactly. Trying to make out the shape of the weapon vs. what could just be simple angling being mucky in the dark shades is proving rather challenging. By the positioning of his hands, it might be either an Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, or Shotgun. The Barrel doesn't seem long enough for a Sniper Rifle, nor does the weapon look bulky enough to be some sort of rocket launcher, and it's very easily not a SMG or Pistol. --- Section 3 - Countdown Picture 5 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- Item #1 - Night Vision Activated - Much the same with the Headlamp & Flashlight being turned on in the very first countdown picture, this Soldier's Night Vision Monocular sight has been activated. I cannot think of a reason beyond simply artistic flare for why this Soldier's Night Vision would be activated. One could say he needs to see at night or in the dark, but none of the maps are dark enough to justify it. So, could this be a hint of Night or at the very least darker maps where using these sources of light would be a real asset to players? Only time can really tell Item #2 - Possible Soldier face re-texture or completely new Character face - It's hard to tell at the moment if this is a brand new Soldier head, a re-texture of the old one, or what exactly. But, the Character doesn't really look like the Soldiers we've grown around with in game. This could just be a simple case of the art & lighting in the picture. But, as we're going to see further down- - Item #3 - Ability to lighten & darken camo tones? - This could be a case of simple lighting & shadowing making things seem lighter & darker. But, could we possibly be seeing the option to Lighten or Darken camo tones? Only time can really tell us at this moment. - Item #4 - Two Jets in flight - Jets flying in the sky above the maps really isn't anything all that new, about the only two maps I believe we don't see them in is Polyarny & Smolensk (I may be wrong of course.) But, could it possibly mean something more? Some might speculate that maybe the Developers are hinting at Aircraft that players can pilot. BUT! I don't think this is very likely as introducing Aircraft such as those to the game would require a lot more work to be done with the maps and the Developers have never shown any real interest in adding piloted Jets to the game to begin with. So, I would NOT get my hopes up for that. Does this mean it will never happen? Well, People can always change their mind and if the demand is great enough maybe they will try to implement them. But, right now I don't think it is worth any real emotional investment. So, what else could it possibly mean? Another path could possibly be a Strike that gives one Team Air Superiority over the map for a period of time, maybe making it where certain kinds of strikes cannot be called in by the other team because of the air space simply being too dangerous to risk sending these fictional assets into. Yes, it's a video game, but the Developers have been aiming for "playable realism" for some time, and that means certain degrees of real life military rules can apply to the gameplay in one aspect or another. Item #5 - The Palace of Science & Culture - Now I didn't want to bother linking/posting a picture of the Palace of Science & Culture, mainly because we've seen it plenty of times before, and it's pretty obviously featured in the background adjacent to the Soldier himself. But, going on pure speculation, at one point in time when Warzone large was a thing for a brief period, Players were able to explore deeper in the Palace where they could enter the two side lots outside without going out of bounds, going through some doorways & halls inside to get to the garage in the back where there was a capture point inside surrounded by large containers & Trucks. If there are any map updates happening with Warsaw, particularly with Warzone, maybe we will see an adjustment to the capture zones in this general location of the map. --- Section 4 - Countdown Picture 4 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- Item #1- Possible new eyes or eye textures? Item #2 - Possible new Character Head? - Now I will admit I'm having a hard time telling if the eyes of this Soldier are the stock ones we're use to and they have been updated, or if these are just touched up for the sake of viewing the picture. Either way, I hope this is actually a first sign of deeper character customization options to come. Made only more hopefully possible by the fact that it seems the Soldier's Head/Face seem entirely different even while mostly hidden by the mask. The eye region seems shaped differently compared to the soldier in Countdown Picture 5. Item #3 - VEPR Assault Rifle lacking a Muzzle - We have @tynblpb to thank for spotting that once again, a VEPR weapon in these pictures are apparently bound to have no muzzle attachment what so ever. With two different guns showing no muzzle attachments at all, I'm starting to think we're getting a soft confirmation that leaving Muzzles off of your weapons is entirely possible in the new build of WW3. I cannot confirm it for sure, but I think we have enough proof to contemplate a possible confirmation. - Item #4- 10 Round Metal Magazine for the VEPR Assault Rifle Item #5 - New upper mounting rail for the Rifle Item #6 - High Magnification Scope - Everyone has @nubbitsto thank for spotting these additions to the VEPR Assault Rifle (link to his original post here covering it.) It seems the VEPR will not only be getting a new 10 round metal magazine (link goes to a website to show a 5.45x39 10rd Metal Mag) (and hopefully larger magazines as well to bring it in line with the other Rifles?), it will also be getting a new upper rail to mount optics on, and most importantly we seemingly have a brand new High Magnification scope coming to the game. Nubbits found this off the Nightforce Optics website, it's called the B.E.A.S.T. 5-25x56 F1 and while we may not reach it's actual max range effectiveness. Nubbits expects that we're looking at a possible 10 - 12x High Magnification Scope here potentially. - Item #7 - V-22 Ospreys in flight - Everyone has @tynblpb to thank for this quick spot when the picture was revealed on Discord. We have 3 V-22 Ospreys in flight across the Berlin map. Now, what could this possibly mean? Well, back before the Developers went radio silent. The PTE servers had a very brief window opening that allowed for a very unintentional sneak peak into some of the possible planned Strikes the Developers had in mind. One in particular was called Supply Drop (which I hope I helped inspire with my suggested strike also called Supply Drop.) At that time the Supply Drop was brought in by a clearly unfinished V-22 Osprey (which didn't have it's wings or tail if I recall correctly) and it didn't drop supplies but Bombs that blew me up on the spot...So, I cannot confirm this for sure, but we might be looking at a hint of a Supply Drop strike coming in the new build. - Item #8 - Elevated Pathway revealing layers of Dirt - At first glance this looked like just mere background clutter. But, the more I looked at it, the more confident that I feel we're seeing the result of a section of earth being lifted up from it's original foundation, sort of like a slice of cake about to be served being lifted up from the rest of the cake. Only in this case, what we see looks like the road resting atop of layers of dirt that have been uprooted from their original resting spot. This tells me that it's very possible that the Berlin map got a update, or a possible rework during the radio silence as it doesn't look like one of the bomb craters we're use to seeing on Berlin. No, it looks like a large slab of Earth has broken away from it's very original spot. - Item #9 - Suspected Japanese Type-16 105mm IFV Turret - The reason I suspect this to be the Japanese Type-16 Turret is because of three main reasons. The Type-16's Turret was unintentionally revealed long ago prior to radio silence hitting, players were actually able to use it on their Vehicles for a time before the developers finally unflagged it along with three other Turrets at that time (one of which is the Leo's Gepard SPAAG Turret.) Note the layouts of the possible objects of this picture below. And finally here is a link to a real picture of the Type-16 (link) - Item #10 - Unidentified Vehicle Chassis - While I speculate this is possibly the chassis of the Type-16 itself, the image is a little too murky for me to possibly confirm it. So I don't know if it is indeed the Type-16, or if it is something else as the Type-16 doesn't have that sort of downward pointing triangle that is in the picture. --- Section 5 - Countdown Picture 3 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- New Soldier Model - No need to provide evidence towards this, the new Soldier Character is straight up front & center for everyone to see in the picture. I think we can safely say this a confirmation for the game, but keep the golden rule in mind; Believe it when you see it in game. But we have a new skin tone, new face, new eye color it seems, and so on. Everything generally needed for making a very notable different Character. - Item #1 - New Camo pattern - The camo on the Soldier's helmet seems to be the American Scorpion OCP Multicam (Link), but I cannot confirm this for sure. If anyone has any other possible clues to what camo pattern this might be on the Soldier's helmet, post them so we can add it to the list! - Item #2 - Removed Trigger Guard - With VEPRs losing their Muzzles randomly, it seems the Beryl is now losing it's Trigger Guard randomly. I'm not sure how deep down the customization rabbit hole we're going, but thanks to @Tactigamer for pointing this out, it seems we might be able to remove the Trigger Guards as well from our weapons. Why would anyone want to do this? Well, why would anyone want to make their weapon look like a Rainbow Unicorn puked on it? Answer; It's just what they wanted. So, we will see where this might lead to in time. - Item #3 - Shorter - Short Barrel? - Pure speculation once again and I imagine this might just be because of the angle the Rifle is being held at. But, it seems like the barrel of the Beryl in the picture is actually shorter than what we're use to seeing in game. Could it be a brand new shorter barrel, could it just be a redesign of the current barrel. could it just be the angle of the barrel in the picture? It's all hard to say right now. - Item #4 - New Hand Guard? - Once more with pure speculation, upon closer inspection of the current stock Handguard of the Beryl in the live version of the game, it seems the Beryl in the picture above has a Handguard that sits slightly below the upper rail. This could just be (once again...) the angle the Weapon is being held at in the picture, but it could also be exactly what it looks like in the form of a possible new Handguard. - Possible map expansion? - The picture this week seemed largely focused on the Soldier (and understandably so!) But, the background of the picture is of course a black & grey washed out version of the picture above. What significance does this make? Well, not a whole lot on the surface. However, one thing that has been noted is that each of the Countdown Pictures takes place within one of the current live maps. Picture 7 took place in Smolensk, Picture 6 in Polyarny, Picture 5 in Warsaw, Picture 4 in Berlin, and ideally picture 3 would have taken place in Moscow. But, needless to say it didn't, it actually went down the path away from the Brandenburg gate to go to the downed American Airplane we see the battle raging at above. Could this just simply be a case of the pattern just happened to happen and there was no real intention meant behind it? Of course! But I don't think that is case...looking back on Item 8 of Section 4 where I mentioned that it seemed like part of the ground of Berlin had been lifted up from it's foundation (not by a bomb drop) and adding in the speculation of the Warsaw Warzone map possibly being expanded to include more of the Palace of Science & Culture. I have to wonder if Berlin has actually been reworked and the downed aircraft location might be included as part of that planned rework? I know it seems like a lot of reaching and massive amounts of speculating trying to connect the dots. But, for all of the Backgrounds having little hidden things inside of them, why is this Countdown Picture seemingly so barren of the same background treatments as the others? It's hard to say right now with utter confidence...Maybe they just wanted all the focus on the Soldier, that is very possible. But, maybe they were hinting at something else. Only time can tell though and I could be very wrong about this. Just have to wait and see though. --- Section 6 - Countdown Picture 2 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- Item #1 - Metal VEPR Magazine reappears - We have the return of the Metal Magazine appearing on the VEPR-18 once more, though this one seems a bit different compared to the other one. Though that might just simply be because of the way the Magazine was facing in the picture along with the modifications to the weapon seen in Item 4 in Countdown Picture 4. - Item #2 - VEPR-12 (Shotgun) designation on the VEPR-18 (Assault Rifle) - Now this is a rather strange find that @tynblpb had noticed. If you look at the Weapon just how it is, you would think it is the VEPR-18 (which it possibly is), but then you add in this Russian writing which translates into "VEPR-12." What is the big deal you ask? Well, one (as stated above) is an Assault Rifle while the other is a Shotgun. They perform entirely different from each other in game mechanically even though they're from the same family of weapons. So, this could mean one of two things ultimately. (Most likely scenario) As Tyn basically put it on Discord...There is nothing actually here, the Developers simply needed to use what was ready in the moment, and part of the VEPR-12 was ready well before that section of the VEPR-18 was ready so they used it. Maybe it was just a minor artistic mistake or whatever. In the end it's basically case closed from there. (Least likely scenario) If this indeed the VEPR-12 (and there is no real solid proof to back this up outside of the above picture.) We may have gotten a possible confirmation that some weapons that are closely connected to each other like the VEPR-12 & 18 are, will possibly have more shared cosmetics & attachments between them because they come from the same close family of weaponry (THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, THIS IS SPECULATION.) If this is indeed true, that opens up some more possibilities that we see in the main Countdown Picture. Maybe the VEPR-12 will have access to some cosmetic parts that the VEPR-18 has and visa versa. Maybe the VEPR-12 will gain access to attaching suppressors to it. Whatever this all ultimately entails though, we can only wait to see what comes from it as, once again, this all pure speculation (Also Tyn wanted me to basically not bother with this. But, I gave him credit for the finding and I went nuts trying to figure out if all of this could mean something more.) - Item #3 - A hint of Recon? - Now this was a curious question raised by @RedsharksYT and that is; if this is maybe a hint of the fabled Recon game mode about to get some actual reveal soon? I honestly do not know for sure what it will be. But, the Soldier in the picture does look like he is suited up for a Reconnaissance Mission as the background map this time around was Smolensk near a Helicopter. Will Recon finally get some reveal time? Don't know for sure. - Item #4 - Another new Scope? - @nubbits pointed out that the Scope seen in the picture looks different compared to what have in game currently, upon closer inspection after originally writing it off as one we already had, it's looking pretty clear that this is actually something new for sure. How much magnification the thing offers though is well into the territory of having to wait and see, but we can at least rest assured of the possibility of yet another high magnification scope coming to WW3. --- Section 7 - Countdown Picture 1 --Items of Interest in the Picture-- Item #1 - Possible new Character - Another new possible Character showing up, or at the very least a new set of eyes which are very clearly different from what we're use to seeing in game. However, I'm not sure how much the Developers can break the individual parts of the Character customization down to as at one time they had much more customization options than we currently see in game, but it was causing performance issues so they had to slim the options down, so I'm leaning towards an entirely new character model on this one. Time can only tell! - Item #2 - Possible Spekter-S Camo - Another new possible Camo pattern on our Soldier's chest rig looks to be the Russian Spekter-S ("Summer") pattern camouflage (Link.) It's sort of hard to tell though as the camo is primarily in the shadow of the Character. Given what season we're in currently with these Countdown pictures however, I think we might be able to safely say that this is indeed a possible confirmation of the Spekter-S camo being added to the game. Remember: there is no confirmation like seeing it in game confirmation. - Item #3 - Enhanced Wood Texture? - While this could simply just be the high quality picture itself or the UKM maintaining it's individual hold on the wood texture, it looks like the wood textures may have been enhanced from their current iteration in game. If this is indeed the case, I suspect a lot of Beryl & VEPR-18 users will try to make their weapons look closer to the classic AKM & AK74 looks with the Wood stocks, wooden handguards, and the likes. But, like I said, this could just simply be the picture itself and the wood texture still being exclusive to the UKM Stock. - Item #4 - Website link? - One of our local Discord community members, HelgeoX, had actually spotted this website link. This however, is a rather strange find as this relates to a homemade canned food product in Russisa. Currently this is completely up in the air. ---
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    Hello Soldiers, As 2020 is nearly over, I would like to send you the team's personal wishes to our dearest WW3 community. During 2020, the developers have been working hard to provide us with the best version of WW3 we can possibly get. This can be seen in the closed tests which are under NDA, so make sure you send in your application. Nonetheless, the community has been giving us feedback, bug reports and suggestions, so I hope to see this being put to use as we play and enjoy testing together next year. That said, I wish you health, wealth, many updates, patches and rounds of WW3 in the new year of 2021. Happy New Year, Your WW3 Team.
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    Preface: I am not a developer or a staff member of either Farm 51 or My.Games. The info presented in this topic is not a release from or creation by either company, but simply a quick series of explanations thrown together by me to answer questions you may have regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge and will be updated if and when new info is revealed regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. [Last Update: September 25th, 2021] Hey there, all! Excitement is once again bubbling up to the surface for World War 3 in leu of the announcement of the Veteran Alpha Test and it's corollary announcement trailer. This has understandably raised questions from those who have just discovered the game, as well as for veterans rediscovering the game following this announcement. I am writing this post in the hopes of answering some of the most frequent questions that have popped up in one easy to digest article of sorts. If there are any questions you might still have after reading, the World War 3 Discord is a great place to ask any of those burning questions. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Links With the exception of a few topics, all of my source material for this post comes from the links down below. One of these links is a newsletter on Steam from Farm51 and My.Games while the other is a link to the superior 60 FPS Veteran Alpha Test announcement video. While I do boil down the article and video here in this post I would urge you to still take a moment and read them and familiarize yourself with the WW3 news page on Steam, as many major announcements and updates are released via this method with plenty of details that might just answer the questions you have. Veteran Alpha Test Trailer: Steam Newsletter: World War 3 - Veteran Alpha Test Playable from September 30 until October 4 - Steam News (steampowered.com) <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 1. Question: What is the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: The Veteran Alpha Test is an opportunity for veteran players of World War 3 to stress test a portion of the revamped version of WW3 that has been under development by Farm51 with the assistance of their publisher My.Games. 2. Question: Who Has Access to the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: Veterans, or those who purchased World War 3 while it was in Early Access on Steam and did not refund the game prior to it being pulled from Steam, are eligible to participate 3. Question: When Does Veteran Alpha Test Start/End? Answer: The Alpha Veteran Test begins September 30th, 2021 at 12:00 GMT and ends October 4th, 2021 at 12:00 GMT 4. Question: Where do I Access the Veteran Alpha Test From? Answer: Assuming you are a Veteran, the Alpha Test will be accessed via the World War 3 PTE, which can be downloaded from your Steam library. Keep in mind the Veteran Alpha Test does not go live until September 30th at 12:00 GMT so downloading the PTE early will not give you an early peak at the game. 5. Question: Where Will Servers be Located for the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: At this time the locations of servers are unknown as they are provided by My.Games. Server locations will be announced at a later date. 6. Question: Is the Veteran Alpha Test Under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Answer: No, there is no NDA for testing, as such you are allowed to stream and record the test as you please. 7. Question: Can I Stream and/or Record the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: See #6 8. Question: Will Veteran Alpha Testers Have Access to All New Features, Weapons, Maps, ETC? Answer: No. Testers will not be given free reign over everything the game has to offer quite yet. Some customization features, maps, and other elements will not be available to Veteran Alpha Testers. We do not know to what extent the content is limited, but the maps that will be available to play are Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw, and Polyarny. 9. Question: I Did Not Purchase World War 3 During Early Access. Is There Any Way I Can Get Access to Veteran Alpha Testing? Answer: Unfortunately if you did not purchase WW3 while it was in Early Access, or refunded it before it was pulled from Steam, there is no way to get access to the Alpha Veteran Tests. This being said, there are plans to widen the pool of testers beyond Veteran players in the future. 10. Question: Is There Anything for Non-Veteran's Interested in the Game to Look Forward to in the Near Future? Answer: Yes! September 29th, 2021 at 17:00 GMT a live stream hosted by the official World War 3 YouTube channel will give those interested in the game a peak into the ongoing development of the game. 11. Question: How Large is the Update/Download? Answer: For the time being we do not have details regarding the size of the update/download, though they will likely be forthcoming in the near future. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> With any luck this FAQ has answered a few questions you might have regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. That being said FAQ's are never a substitute for questions answered by real human beings, so feel free to stop by the Discord or reply to this post if you want to ask questions! Aside from that, I hope to see you all on the battlefield! Best regards, Citrus
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    Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new stuff in Picture 5 and seems to be light on the hidden stuff. But, possible stuff we have is- Activated Night Vision - Might be a sign of Night Vision to come to the game which could mean Night Maps. Add in the fact that the Soldier in Picture 7 had both his Headlamp & Flashlight on his chest turned on as well. But, might just be purely artistic design and nothing else. Possible new Character face - Last two pictures didn't show the Character's face and this one seems a bit different compared to what we're use to seeing in game. By how much though, that is hard for me to tell personally. Lighter tone Camo on the bicep - Good chance this is purely just the lighting in the picture, but maybe a sign of being able to change the tone of the camo? Only time can tell and the camo this time around seems to be the Polish WZ. 93 Pantera which we already have in game. Overall I suspect this is just the lighting and nothing else (though I'd be happy to be proven wrong.) Jets in the Sky near the WW3 logo - Good chance this is nothing as we've always had Jets flying in the sky over the maps. But, maybe someone notices something different about them? I'm still researching and examining but might have to limit my time for irl matters. Palace of Science & Culture - While there is a good chance this is purely for the background of the art, it could possibly be speculated that the Warzone Warsaw map will be expanded a bit to include even more of the Palace than what is currently able to be explored. At one time on the Large Warzone Warsaw map, players could actually go further inside of the Palace of Science & Culture, back to a garage that housed the capture point inside of it. Overall this picture so far seems to be the lightest one when it comes to possible hints, reveals, and the likes.
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    So far looking over these pictures we can see some of the new stuff possibly coming out. Picture 7 Trijicon ACOG. - Pretty hard to miss as it's on the Soldier's Rifle. TOS-1 Rocket Artillery. - Might be a sign of a new Strike, might be nothing, it's hard to say. The Soldier's Headlamp/Flashlight are turned on - Are we going to be able to turn those lights on in the future some how, or is this just a artistic design for the picture? We'll have to wait and see. Picture 6 VEPR-12 doesn't have a Muzzle - Will we be able to run guns without Muzzles on, or is this just a new art direction for the VEPR-12? Can't really say for sure here. VEPR-12 seems to have a different kind of Upper rail - While I cannot confirm what it is exactly, none of the Upper Rails currently in game look anything like what the soldier has in the picture. If anything, the upper rail almost looks like the G36's short flip sight rails (It's not of course, but almost looks akin to it.) The BWS Helmet now able to have a Gas Mask equipped with it. - Maybe the other Helmets will be able to do the same thing? I know the LWH Helmet you can get a Gas mask under it. Ultimately we will just have to wait and see. Looks like the Soldier has Japanese Flecktarn "Jieitai" on as Camo. - I might be wrong, but the style looks about the same. Hard to tell with the lighting.
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    Hey Folks Took a little break from posting suggestion posts to take care of some important real life matters. But, we're back to Sniper Rifles today with the Hungarian big cat, the GM6 Lynx. A Bullpup, Anti-Material Rifle, that is arguably going to be a challenging AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) to balance because of it's real life characteristics to be translated over to a video game design - especially one where AMRs are looking to possibly be designed around the concept of exclusively only being able to ADS from the prone position. This post was a special request made by @tynblpb and I still have two other special requests posts to be made later. The only reason I haven't gotten to those yet is a combination of real life stuff in general getting in the way and because of something a little more special I want to do with both of them. So, for now, I'm going to honor one of the three special request posts and try to wrap up this round of "Weapons that can enhance WW3" to get started on my new suggestion posts series. If you would like to read other suggestion posts I have made, click the link down below where I keep links to pretty much ALL of my suggestion posts I have made for WW3. Otherwise, lets get started on the GM6 Lynx! ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The GM6 Lynx - Real life information behind the Weapon Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the GM6 Lynx - What the strengths & weaknesses of the Weapon should be. Section 3 - Customization Options - What customization options should be open to the Weapon. ---- Section 1 - The GM6 Lynx Country of Origin: Hungary Manufacturer: Sero Predecessor: None Weapon type: Semi-Automatic, Bullpup, Anti-Material Rifle. Weapon Caliber (Primary): .50 BMG Weapon Calibers (Alternatives): 12.7x108mm Weight: 23.14 LB or 10.49 KG (Empty) - 28.66 LB or 12.99 KG(Full) Capacity: 5 Operators: Hungary (Confirmed) - (Unconfirmed) Canada , India , Turkey , Mali , & Romania . Web Sources Sero-usa Modern Firearms TFB Gun Wiki Video Sources Tactical Imports (More of a Intro Video than a informational one.) (PS: Enjoyable sound at 0:59 - 1:00) Ballistic Magazine (Actual information) Milcomp Arm&Gun Summary: The Hungarian GM6 Lynx is the latest, maybe even the last, in the Gepárd Family of anti-materiel rifles. The design concept was to create a weapon that was lighter weight than most Rifles of it's class, a bullpup design for both easy storage & portability along with it's retractable barrel that can be redeployed with the push of a button, and have the ability for easy caliber changing with a few parts being swapped out. It's meant to help it's operator disable targets ranging from lightly armored Vehicles, armored troops, light shelters, small buildings, and even Helicopters at 600 to 800 meters. The weapon was also designed so the user would experience a lower degree of recoil, allowing for quicker follow up shots with less time needed to adjust for them. Ultimately the weapon is still a .50 caliber AMR, so recoil will still be noticed even if the design of the Lynx has decreased it with a combination of being a bullpup with a reciprocating barrel. Currently it is hard to say what the future of the GM6 Lynx is. The only major drawback of the weapon is a matter of accurate fire and maintaining that accurate fire down range which is a common occurrence with Semi-Automatic weapons. While it is possible for Semi-Automatic Rifles like these to be as accurate as any Bolt-Action rifle, it typically takes some internal work to keep them at a consistent accuracy. But, even with this drawback, the GM6 Lynx still stands as a very capable of weapon when placed in the right hands of someone who knows how to handle this big cat. So, what would the strengths, weaknesses, and stats be of the GM6 Lynx if it was to be added to the game? ---- Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the GM6 Lynx In this section I'm going to cover what I think the Strengths of the GM6 Lynx should be, what Weaknesses it should have, and finally what I think it's basic stats should be upon entering the PTE servers for testing. In regards to the stats, I will be proposing them from a stock weapon perspective (IE: no attachments/modifications.) This is being done both to keep the post relatively on the small side & not give me a headache in the process of making it. Before we get started though I want to make a special note regarding Anti-Material Rifles... Future Anti-Material Rifle changes - The only AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) WW3 has ever had was the TOR and it was disabled long ago to be re-balanced. The only info we have had was that the TOR and future AMRs could only be ADSed when laying in the prone position and that is rather old information that could have very well changed by now. So, we ultimately have no idea what the final version of AMRs will take and really I'm just winging it from here on out while using what is arguably outdated information. So, lets get started... GM6 Lynx Strengths Anti-Material Rifle - The GM6 Lynx is a purpose built AMR and thus should receive the benefits & drawbacks of being a AMR. However, one drawback as an AMR the GM6 Lynx should not have comes in the form of #2... ADS while Standing/Walking - While most AMRs are exceptionally hard to fire from a standing position, the GM6 Lynx seems to have an easier time being fired from the shoulder while standing. So, to mimic it's real life characteristics, the GM6 Lynx (if added to the game) should be one of - if not the only AMR, that can be used like any other PSR generally speaking. HOWEVER, this should come with some unique drawbacks that only the GM6 Lynx (or other AMRs that may get the same general treatment) experiences that others do not, which I will cover in the weaknesses section when we get there. Anti-Infantry - Because the GM6 Lynx is an AMR (which are capable of disabling light armored Vehicles), the GM6 Lynx should naturally be devastating against Infantry regardless of what body armor they have on. After all, the weapon fires a .50BMG.... Anti-Light Vehicle - Naturally because of the weapon being a Anti-Material Rifle, it should be able to deal higher than normal damage to light armored Vehicles like UGVs, the Heli Drone, and IFVs. Cover Buster - Once more playing onto the fact that the GM6 Lynx is a AMR and fires a .50BMG caliber round (or larger if they use the 12.7x108mm round instead), the weapon should be able to penetrate, if not outright destroy some of the cover that is in the game (Depending of course since there isn't Battlefield levels of destruction in WW3) that smaller calibers cannot penetrate/destroy. Example - If a LMG can steadily destroy a large slab of concrete and eventually be able to attack the player on the opposite side of it. The AMR should be able to easily penetrate said slab of concrete and either severely injure, if not outright kill the enemy player behind it. Low Vertical Recoil - The real life counterpart of the GM6 Lynx has very little in the way of vertical recoil even for being a AMR. Should there still be some? Of course! It isn't shooting 2mm rounds, it's firing .50BMG rounds of ammunition, so there is still going to be some vertical recoil. Should it be really noticeable though? No, not really. Follow up shots should not be a problem for this weapon. Now we move on to weaknesses to help balance out this Rifle and maybe make some People less "ZOMG OP!" with it. GM6 Lynx Weaknesses Heavy Sniper Rifle - A loaded GM6 Lynx weighs in at nearly 30 pounds, making it a rather heavy precision sniper rifle (which makes sense given the caliber of ammunition it's firing.) So, naturally the GM6 Lynx should also be a heavy PSR (Though maybe one of the lightest if not -THE- lightest of the AMRs...?) So of course the GM6 Lynx should be a weapon that cannot be used with heavy body armor and probably should only be used with certain lightweight pistols. Small Ammunition Pool - The GM6 Lynx should be limited to either 2-3 magazines with Special Ammunition taking up one whole Magazine. Which means GM6 Lynx users at (generally speaking) any time should have a total of 10-15 rounds of Ammunition to use at max. I know some may not like this, but keep in mind AMRs that do use Magazines typically have very large magazines compared to a standard Assault Rifle. Deployment/Redeployment Animation & Sound - Much like the RPG, GM6 Lynx should go through an animation when switching between the Lynx & Sidearm. This could also double as an excuse to have the GM6's "deployment sound" being heard by everyone close to the user. Meaning for the enemy team, they get an audio warning (when close enough to hear it of course) that someone is switching to or from the Lynx. (Unique) Higher than average sight sway across ALL SIGHTS when Standing & Crouching - Playing on the fact that the GM6 Lynx is a heavy weapon all things considered, this AMR should have higher than average sight sway across all possible sights. I know some People would not like this. But, playing a bit into realism again, the weapon weighs nearly 30 pounds. In WW3 there is sight sway for weapons that would (without question) weigh far less than the Lynx. So, in my personal opinion for both realism & balance, the GM6 Lynx should have noticeably more sight sway when the user is either Standing or Crouching. Poor long range accuracy - Compared to bolt action weapons currently in the game, the GM6 Lynx should have a harder time landing those really long range kills. The justification being that it's a semi-automatic (which are typically less accurate than Bolt-Actions right out of the box without work being done on them), the Lynx apparently already has a bit of a accuracy problem (not sure of the cause, it's just something I read which could be a lie also), it could also be given a slower muzzle velocity (more for balance reasons than realistic reasons.) Combine this with the higher than average sight sway and the GM6 Lynx will have a harder time at those longer ranges. Making it more ideal to play the Close - Medium range game with the weapon. (Unique) Slower ADS Speed - Playing once more on the Weapon's weight, the GM6 Lynx should have a slower ADS speed compared to other weapons of it's class (excluding other AMRs.) I know some People won't like this. But, it is mostly for balance reasons and really (once again) this weapon factually weighs in at nearly 30 pounds...this isn't something you just snap up and start quick scoping People. Hip-fire Accuracy of a AK -Suggestion made by @tynblpb With both Strengths & Weaknesses out of the way, I think the PTE stats for the GM6 Lynx should look something like this- GM6 Lynx basic PTE stats proposal GM6 Lynx Effective ranges: 110m (135 damage.) Damage decreases at 109m - 171m (100 damage.) Damage decreases at 172m+ (85 damage.) GM6 Lynx Weight: 28.66 GM6 Lynx Recoil: 2.5 GM6 Lynx Spread: 0.25 GM6 Lynx Reload time: 4,5 Seconds GM6 Lynx Rate of Fire: 125 GM6 Lynx Caliber: .50 BMG GM6 Lynx Muzzle Velocity: 400 m/s GM6 Lynx Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 1 / PTLN: 1 / Cer: 1 / STL: 1 ---- Section 3 - Customization Options This part will be pretty quick because I won't be covering stats, just what modifications & cosmetics the GM6 Lynx should have access to.. Modifications Primary Sights All Primary Sights optional Secondary Sights All Secondary Sights optional Barrels Standard PSR Barrel Muzzles All Muzzles optional Side All Side Mounts optional Magazines 5 Rounds Ammunition FMJ HP AP Cosmetics The GM6 Lynx is for the most part a pretty specialized weapon, so there really isn't any special customization out on the market that I have found. That said though, if the Developers want to get a bit creative, I certainly wouldn't mind. ---- And with all of that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone really likes the idea of seeing the GM6 Lynx added to the game, even if maybe not exactly how I pitched it. I know some People may not like this idea, some may even remember the days of the TOR when it was tearing People up. But, I honestly did try to find some ways to balance out the weapon as a one hit kill weapon at almost every range, An AMR that players could actually be mobile with instead of always being forced to be prone on the ground just to aim down sights. Because that whole "Prone only ADS" really doesn't fit the real life characteristics of the Lynx and while I know the Devs are not going for 1:1 accuracy with the game...I really don't like the idea of weapons acting exceptionally uncharacteristically, especially when it makes no logical sense. But, that is ultimately not for me to decided in the end. Till the next suggestion post however, where I will be covering a Machine Gun next... Have a good one folks! PS: I will do a typo/clean up fixes later. Burning the late night oils on this one...
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    Dear WW3 Community, As 2020 comes to an end in mere hours, you may have noticed Herulf has already handled our official announcement with our wishes as a team. However, I would like to take this chance to reach out my personal wishes to our dearest WW3 community, with my own message. These are my personal wishes, therefore it is a regular thread, and I shall leave it unlocked if you wish to share your own messages with the community too. 2020, a year riddled with memes of how horrible it was, has gone by in a flash. I hope that during this period, you and your families were safe of all troubles going on in the world. During this time, the developers have been hard at work, working on (and reworking) many aspects of the game, some of which we already know, such as the animations, sounds and, to an unknown degree, maps. The fruits of their work may be seen in the closed testing version of the game, of which wave one was completed this month. Wave two will be coming shortly, so make sure to sign up. I hope to see you all there, to play, enjoy and help refine the game we've been waiting for this year which just passed. Coming back to familiar faces here, as well as the discord, has me impatiently awaiting these same faces (But also new ones) being able to try out new and improved versions of the game as they appear before our expected 2021 final version. The devs have been hard at work, but the community has been making their own strides too. We have received many bug reports, from people with great intentions of moving the game forward in the right direction. Numerous detailed suggestions and feedback, which are valued in gold, have also been received, and I would like to extend my own personal thanks to those who spare their valuable time in their hope to mould the game into a better state. Recognition goes out to dedicated Content Creators, who covered all the big, but also the little, bits of news that have popped up across 2020, driving them into further areas of our communities, expanding the reach of these news by vast numbers. It is with a community like this, like our World War 3 community, that I have the best of hopes and expectations out of next year, given the opportunities and events which are to happen in 2021. That said, I wish the best of not only health, wealth, luck and fulfillment of your dreams, but also many updates, patches, and rounds of WW3 to our fantastic community in the new year of 2021. Happy New Year, Polak
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    Bonjour Soldat ! Je vous souhaite de passer de bonnes fêtes. Il est important de garder la santé en ces moments compliqués. Bonnes fêtes à vous ! Sincèrement Hérulf
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    Strongly recommended. F51 might decide to give a damage bonus to players with a short barrel.
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    Hi, @Secretcodrin I can see that tynblpb (thanks man:) ) has you more or less sorted out, but just to put in some more detail into the picture. Q: What's happening with the game? A: The game is currently being developed as normal at the moment. I believe the only bit of confusion involved may be COVID, but regardless, the developers work from home if need be and have the ability to do so. The game is currently being developed, refined and polished until 1.0 which is expected in 2021. Q: How's the migration to my.games going? A: There is currently no public plan to migrate to MyGames. It is most likely the game will stay on steam regardless, but there is a plan for MyGames to provide servers for WW3 in the future instead of Zeuz. Q: What are the devs doing (are they good? are they still working on the game) ? A: The developers are fine and healthy given the current climate, and they are working on the game as in a normal working week. We will begin seeing the effects of this work in the infamous SoonTM time period, however it will come in 2021 in the form of 1.0, or in an update between now and then which the co-founder of The Farm51 wishes to provide. Q: When will the game be playable on my.games so that we get players once again? A: The latest date we have at the moment is some time in 2021, however as answered above, we will possibly receive an update between now and then. However, most likely still steam but there is no explicit statement in this regard. Q: Are pickles still relevant? A: I like to think so, I throw them into my burgers from time to time. Q: Will it be free to play? A: At the current time there is no confirmation or denial of F2P. There are however clearly plans for both, as they mentioned some plans "regardless of distribution model". Q: Will it have lootboxes? A: Given the lack of their information on the distribution model, it's not a clear time to be able to answer this question. At this moment, there was no response to this question. Q: Will it have paid skins? A: It could be possible if they decide to go F2P. They have mentioned in the past that (with the old game plan) they would only opt in for cosmetic micro transactions if the community agreed after 1.0. Plans have changed, obviously, but they don't seem to have a mindset set against cosmetics. Q: Will it have paid weapons with better stats? A: No. Any kind of P2W has been excluded out of their deal with MyGames. They do not wish to monetize the game this way, and this question has not been danced around at all. Always a solid no. Q: What happens to the people that bought the game? A: Regardless of distribution model, those who already bought the game will have a veteran status within the game, and whatever bonus that status may give. It was not explained yet, but those who owned the game so far will be given something 100%. However, if it goes F2P, players who owned it before will receive veteran status. They have also said they are considering giving people an in game currency in equal value to what they spent on the game. If it continues to be a pay per copy system, the players who owned it before receive the veteran status. Welcome back, and feel free to ask more questions, I check and answer daily.
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    Dajcie od razu Gackowi i po temacie XD
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    Hey, the update will be published to PTE. You will know ahead of time when it will happen. All available info right now is here. There still are more plans for testing (not just this one) open to everyone, which will expand in content with each one. For this one, it's mainly for server infrastructure tests, gameplay tests, performance tests as well as access for veterans as one of the bonuses available to them.
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    Enjoy the video! --Things of Interest in the Video-- Face options New Face options With our old Soldier friend making their appearance with our new Soldier John being seen again, we also have two new faces joining the party in the form of Xin & Rafal it seems. Uniform options New Country Identification Tags on Uniform options While this is a very small addition to the game admittedly, this is a very welcome one to someone like me who attempts to (9 times out of 10) keep their Soldier as visually accurate to their real life counterparts as much as possible. Sure some were very obvious like the Bundswehr, Spartan Vest, Polish Combat Pants, and etc etc...It's still nice to have that extra layer of confirmation. New Uniform Descriptions Seems the different uniform parts will also be getting some deeper descriptions as well, that way you could really take some things into consideration when making your Soldier. Want your Soldier to look like they've been in a Mountain patrol unit? OLV might be your ideal pick. New Uniform parts with Jackets, Pants, & Gloves from Korea, Japan, & Poland. (Possible) New Camo Patterns New Veteran Beret(?) Map Stuff Brief glimpse of the DMZ Map? A small glimpse of what looks like a new map coming to the game, possibly the DMZ map based in Korea seen long, long, looong ago. Weapon Stuff K2C1 A possible glimpse of the South Korean K2C1 with a 20 round Magazine PBS-4 Suppressor in Development(?) A glimpse of a possible new Russian Suppressor in the works. New AK Alpha Magazine It seems the Alpha has gotten a new Magazine and it seems like it's the same one as the VEPR-18. The only thing really strange though is that the Alpha shoots a 7.62x39 round and the VEPR-18 shoots the 5.45x39 round of ammunition. It might just be a new magazine for the Alpha, but it might be a sign of possible Caliber Conversion coming to WW3. Only time can tell ultimately. UI Stuff Shop & Battle Pass --- Think I found everything of major note. The video was kind of short, but lots of neat little things to be found in it.
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    Hey World War 3 community! This is Muflex your Community Manager!
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    They should release a beta version to the existing Steam customers first IMO so we can take it though the paces and squash any remaining bugs before 1.0 release. Waiting for winter may lose the momentum brought on by the recent development update video.
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    We need this game to live again there is nothing that compares on the horizon. Please release soon.
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    I'm purely just not interested in seeing it added. I already feel players are given far more information than they deserve just because they died (short of who their killer was & if it's a Teammate that needs to be punished.) This new one is taking the extra step by showing Players where their Attacker is, the direction they're currently facing, and where exactly they're moving to (if at all.) It's being pitched as a learning tool for players and apparently as a mean countering Hackusations. Players have adapted just fine without this sort of kill cam and Hackusations will continue no matter what sort of information is given. Some Players just get overly salty and call Hacks as a means of not accepting they either did something dumb or they got bested in the moment. Another reason I have a problem with this coming Kill Cam is that it completely counters one of the core design philosophies of the game and that is the belief of superior positioning on the map. (EG: The person on the high ground is in a more advantageous position to engage enemies on the hill on the opposing side compared to their teammate who is down in the gully between the hills.) The Kill Cam revealing your position actually endangers your superior positioning to the enemy because the People you killed can report your exact location. Now that superior position you were using has become compromised and it's because you killed a Player in it. It's not because they spotted you before they died, it's not because a UAV/Barracuda/whatever was in the area revealing it. No, your position is revealed because you killed a player and they took that information (that they only got because they died) to give it to their team to expose your flank on them. But, if there is no choice but to accept further undeserved information being given, then I will just accept that I will need to try to rally Community support for a "Hardcore", "Authentic", or whatever sub-game mode for Warzone, Breakthrough, TDM, and whatever other future game modes are added.
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    Ok then. I hope the re-release is imminent. The fact that servers aren't working now might turn some folks off who were reconsidering this game.
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    For me, I don't like kill cams at all. It takes away too much of the fog of war and becomes too COD-ish. We currently have hit direction which is a perfect compromise IMO.
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    Imagine it how you will. It's a drop from run - prone. NOT a literal jump. Your altitude does not raise, it's a movement that simply allows you to get on the ground ASAP, while from an animation POV, it's an effective way to execute the animation and movement as quick as possible. It's not like the videos you see lol. Yes, it does block ADSing. Yes, it does block shooting. No, it's not more effective to jump off a height than normally, standing upright.
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    So, I was today years old when I found out World War 3 was going the free-to-play route. That's all well and good, but I've been a bit under a rock in terms of keeping up with news while playing it on and off as I still have it on Steam. Free-to-play sounds like there will be a lot of paid content down the road, such as cosmetics (and god forbid) progression shortcuts. I was one of the people who actually paid for/bought the game early on when it was first available. Since all the other new players will be playing for free, and I playing the game after purchasing it, players who have bought the game years ago (or still have it on Steam) should have full access to all future paid content. It is only fair for the early purchasers and supporters, who have--like myself--not only put their money, but our time into an unfinished and dying game. Even on the days when there are only 3-5 people on Team Deathmatch I would play, because I believed in what the game could achieve and its potential. I would come back months after being frustrated that there is nobody playing the larger modes, still checking in, still having fun and helping keep the game alive. For us, the few; the ones who'd roam the ruins of that blocked off building in Moscow, running around in pairs, or that town square in Warsaw, writing in the forums or giving feedback on Steam--don't we deserve this for not only playing the game when most considered it dead, but paying for it? Maybe have X number of hours in the game as a minimum requirement like 20 or 30. Please consider.
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    Alright we actually seem to have some new stuff in Picture 4 today. 3 V-22 Ospreys just under the WW3 logo - Long ago prior to the Developers going radio silent, there was a Strike on the PTE servers called Supply Drop (and to pat my own ego a bit) which used unfinished V-22 Ospreys, and rather than dropping Supplies it actually dropped bombs which I suspect was just the early design simply being a early design (or the Bombs were the Supply Drop and the Aircrew absolutely botched that drop when they dropped them on me...) We'll have to see where this goes, maybe I managed in a round about way to get a Strike added to the game. VEPR lacks a Muzzle - Once more we have a weapon that lacks a Muzzle and while last time it was the VEPR-12, this time it's just the VEPR itself. So, are we actually going to be able to take the Muzzles off completely from our weapons? Again, only time will tell. Seemingly uplifted ground around the Brandenburg Gate - One thing that has me very, very curious looking at this picture is the fact that between the 4 (near the bottom where it shapes like a L turned around and layed down) & Vehicle, a section of the street under or behind the gate looks like it has been lifted up. Not blown up, but actually lifted up to reveal layers of dirt under the pathway. Did Berlin get updated, remade, or something in the closed Build? We will have to wait and see. Soldier's eyes seem different - It's possible this is simply a re-texture change, but as I looked at the Soldier's eyes in the picture, they actually looked different compared to what we have in game. Maybe in the future we will be able to change our Character's eye color to give them more of that personal touch? We'll have to wait and see. Soldier's head/face shape seems different - There is a good chance this is simply just me seeing things, but it seems like the Soldier's head & face might be shaped differently compared to what we see in game currently. Are we finally getting closer to making our Character physically different enough compared to other Player Soldiers? Only time can tell. Possible confirmation of the Japanese Type-16 Wheeled IFV (or at least it's Turret.) - I originally thought the picture had shown the Leopard 120MM A4 turret on a T-72 chassis. But, after going back to the image (again), I feel confident that the Vehicle we're seeing under the number 4 is actually the Japanese Type-16 IFV. After comparing the countdown image with real images of the Type-16 and adding in the fact that the Type-16's turret was allowed to be used on the live version of the game for for awhile accidentally. I feel 100% confident that we now have at the very least, possible confirmation that the Type-16 IFV's Turret is coming to the game, which means of course we could very well have the whole IFV coming as it would not make sense to only bring the turret itself. Only time can tell though. Add in the fact that we possibly have the Japanese Flecktarn camo in Picture 6 and of course heading into Asia as part of expanding WW3's War, I think it's pretty safe to say the Japanese are coming. Artillery Gun spotted - While I was looking along the left side of the image, I noticed an Artillery gun rather close the Gate & (possible) IFV. We've seen Artillery guns before in one of the reveal trailers and of course when we're selecting our Artillery Strikes. So, this could be nothing more than artistic design for the image, what it could be though (aside from Artillery) if it isn't just part of the art though, I have no clue. Only time can really tell what is going on with this odd, lonely Artillery Gun. (Still looking for more stuff)
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    BUT ONLY FOR SQUADMEMBERS! The only use the CP icons have for them: asking SL to give u order. IF the latter is good enough, he knows that himself, that he must give orders. If SL is bad - okay, 1 min later he will be that particular squadmember that has absolutely no need in CP icons on his screen, because, u know, he isn't using them. So, suggestion is: full course menu of CP icons is only on SL's HUD. He is the leader, he needs info, he has to react, so having CP icons on the screen is mandatory. While his squadmembers need to know only 2 things: what order to perform and where is CP they need to go to perform orders. And nothing else. All other CP icons are visual garbage that blocks the view, ESPECIALLY, if we will remember that average player doesn't even know he can adjust HUD elements size. So, this is how will look screen when squadmember is staying in the base. This is how it will look like when he'll receive order. There will appear ordered CP icon and arrow on the compass, that will show him where to turn if he is looking away. When entering CP zone, there will be only one icon in the upper middle part of the screen where he'll be able to see capturing progress. And the current screen that will be SL's only. And if player will apply for SL position, the moment he'll become one he will not miss it as the on-screen info will change drastically.
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    Sorry, I figured our talks on discord have figured this one out. In case one of these ends up being related to the NDA, I avoid talking about it across the board. I will give you a blanket statement that I am watching all that you post, and investigate the problems you find myself, or send to QA, whichever is more convenient. It is really hard for me to be any less vague because of the nature of the NDA, and continued and unique statements will eventually run me into a corner that is simply not something I can escape from without sounding weird. You'll have the guarantee that I investigate your bug reports though. We can chat after the NDA is lifted as to what the conclusions of your bug reports are/were
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    Hey Folks Time for a Machine Gun to get the spot light this time around and we make a return to Russian Weaponry for a new prototype LMG. I figured I suggested a prototype Assault Rifle in the form of the American () RM277, so why not a Russian prototype LMG in a caliber that we do not have a LMG in? It's almost as if I'm stretching the differences of weapons to find a justification for these weapon suggestion posts (which I kind of am. When variety is lacking/just isn't there on offer...it's just lacking/isn't there on offer...) But! All the same, today we will talk about the RPL-20! If you would like to read other suggestion posts I have made, click the link down below where I keep links to pretty much ALL of my suggestion posts I have made for WW3. Otherwise, lets get started on the RPL-20! ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The RPL-20 - Real life information behind the Weapon Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the RPL-20 - What the strengths & weaknesses of the Weapon should be. Section 3 - Customization Options - What customization options should be open to the Weapon. ---- Section 1 - The RPL-20 Country of Origin: Russia Manufacturer: Kalashnikov Concern Predecessor: None Weapon type: Light Machine Gun Weapon Caliber (Primary): 5.45x39mm Weapon Calibers (Alternatives): None Weight: 12 LB or 5.44 KG Capacity: 100 Operators: None - Prototype Weapon targeted at unofficially replacing the RPK-74(M) of Russia Web Sources Modern Firearms TFB Gun Wiki MilitaryLeak Wiki Video Sources Kalashnikov Group (Intro Video, not a informational one.) Kalashnikov Group (Little more Info than Demo) Lazarev Tactical (It's in Russian, so you will need to turn on the translation feature if you don't speak Russian - and pray it's not translated wrong...) Summary: The RPL-20 was created by Kalashnikov concerns as a means of providing the Russian Military, a belt-fed weapon that could fire the standard 5.45x39 Russian intermediate caliber round at a more practical rate of fire compared the RPK Weapons, and supplement (NOT REPLACE) current heavier PK Machine Guns used to provide suppressing fire. It was also designed to provide Russia a intermediate, light machine gun to rival the likes of the venerable, Belgian FN MInimi using an entirely different design rather than the ubiquitous Kalashnikov-pattern rifle formula. Outside of the intermediate caliber, the RPL-20 fires at a estimated 600 RPMs, weighs 11-12 pounds or 4.98 - 5.44 kilograms, and apparently has two different length quick-change barrels ranging from a confirmed short barrel to a unconfirmed, but most likely, medium length barrel. Overall there isn't too much the say about the RPL-20, Kalashnikov Concerns have not released all that much information behind the weapon, and suspect the weapon will stay in development for another 2-3 years. So, what would the strengths, weaknesses, and stats be of the RPL-20 if it was to be added to the game? ---- Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the RPL-20 In this section I'm going to cover what I think the Strengths of the RPL-20 should be, what Weaknesses it should have, and finally what I think it's basic stats should be upon entering the PTE servers for testing. In regards to the stats, I will be proposing them from a stock weapon perspective (IE: no attachments/modifications.) This is being done both to keep the post relatively on the small side & not give me a headache in the process of making it. Much like the RM277 post I did however, the RPL-20 is indeed a prototype weapon, and thus a lot of things could change between today & 2-3 years from now. So, I'm largely going to be winging it from here on out. RPL-20 Strengths Lightweight LMG - One of the major selling points of the RPL-20 is it's lightweight design, so the weapon should be on the lighter weight side of the LMG spectrum. 5.45x39mm Ammunition - The RPL-20 (currently) only fires the 5.45x39mm Ammunition and so far we do not have any LMGs in this caliber. Low Recoil - From the demonstration video provided by Kalashnikov Concerns, the RPL-20 seems to have very low recoil. (Benefit) Low Rate of Fire - By having a lower rate of fire, the RPL-20 would ideally be much easier to handle for players that are not very good at reeling in the higher RPM weapons. (Situational) Quick Change Barrels - If LMGs ever have to change barrels in WW3 after shooting a certain amount of ammunition, the RPL-20 would be one of those guns that needs it. But, it could be one the faster barrel changes as it doesn't seem to have a lot getting in the way of making that change. Now we move on to weaknesses to help balance out this LMG. RPL-20 Weaknesses (Drawback) Low Rate of Fire - By having a lower rate of fire, weapons that are more accurate, faster, and even possibly stronger will easily be able to outpace the RPL-20 Weaker than the average LMG - By shooting the smaller caliber of ammunition, the RPL-20 will of course naturally be a less powerful LMG in terms of damage per hit. Low long range Precision - While a Low Recoil and a Lower Rate of Fire can help improve a weapon's accuracy, there is a lot of different elements involved in making a weapon have great precision capability. So, the one area where I think the RPL-20 can be balanced out is in it's long range game where it should struggle through the sheer fact it's not a deliberate precision weapon like a PSR. That said though...with low recoil, low rate of fire, and good trigger discipline...A player may be able to overcome the lack of precision. Limited Barrel Lengths - The RPL-20 should be limited to only a Short Barrel & Medium Barrel with the Medium Barrel of course being the stock barrel. Fully Automatic only - Like most LMGs the RPL-20 has only one fire mode and that is fully automatic (And no "Safe" is not a fire mode option, that's a Anti-Darwin Award Feature.) Terrible Hip-Fire - It's a LMG...LMGs are not suppose to have good hip-fire. (Situational) Quick Change Barrels - If LMGs ever have to change barrels in WW3 after shooting a certain amount of ammunition, the RPL-20 is one of those guns that will need to change barrels at some point. With both Strengths & Weaknesses out of the way, I think the PTE stats for the RPL-20 should look something like this- RPL-20 basic PTE stats proposal RPL-20 Effective ranges: 0 - 105m (32 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (29 damage) RPL-20 Weight: 14.8 RPL-20 Recoil: 0.42 RPL-20 Spread: 0.40 RPL-20 Reload time: 6.4 Seconds RPL-20 Rate of Fire: 600 RPL-20 Caliber: 5,45x39mm RPL-20 Muzzle Velocity: 880 m/s RPL-20 Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 4 / PTLN: 5 / Cer: 7 / STL: 8 ---- Section 3 - Customization Options This part will be pretty quick because I won't be covering stats, just what modifications & cosmetics the RPL-20 should have access to.. Modifications Primary Sights All Sights optional Secondary Sights All Secondary Sights optional Barrels Medium Barrel (Stock) Short Barrel Muzzles All Muzzles optional Side All Side Mounts optional Magazines 100 Round Soft Pouch Ammunition FMJ HP AP Cosmetics The RPL-20 is a new weapon still in development, so no aftermarket parts currently. That said of course as usual, if the Developers want to get creative, they're welcome to do so. Though I don't think being able to change the Pistol grip at the very least would be all that big of a deal, just saying. :) ---- And with all of that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone really likes the idea of seeing the RPL-20 added to the game, even if maybe not exactly how I pitched it. This was a bit of a easy/lazy pick since it was both new and we didn't have a 5.45x39mm firing LMG in the game. But, honestly, if it wasn't for someone posting a video in the WW3 Discord, I wouldn't have even known about this weapon. So, props to Ezraslac on Discord for posting the video that brought this to my attention. Anyways, I probably didn't do all that well in the "balance" department on this weapon suggestion post. Buuut...in my defense the Weapon is still in development (kind of the price to pay for suggesting prototype weapons) and I'm not actually in charge of making sure weapons are balanced to begin with. So, till the next suggestion post where I will either cover a Battle Rifle or Special weapon next (haven't made up my mind on it...) Have a good one folks!
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    Hey Folks Time for another Assault Rifle to get the "Weapons that could enhance WW3" spotlight and today I will be covering the RM277. A prototype 6.8mm caliber, bullpup rifle that is currently one of three next generation weapons taking part in the U.S Army's NGSW program. Of the three top runners in the current bid, the RM277 & the MCX-Spear have the best chances of succeeding in the bid to replace the M4 in the U.S Army (ignoring larger implications mind you and that this is just a Civilian's non-expert opinion.) However, of the three, it seems the RM277 has the least amount of public information available currently, so this post was a little bit of a pain to approach. After this round of weapon suggestions, I'm going to actually go back to my old posts that haven't been forwarded to the developers, update their layouts, see if any new information has been provided for them, and overall just update them. But, that is later down the road, for now- If you would like to read other suggestion posts I have made, click the link down below where I keep links to pretty much ALL of my suggestion posts I have made for WW3. Otherwise, lets get started on the RM277! ---- Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive" ---- Contents of this post Section 1 - The RM277 - Real life information behind the Weapon Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the RM277- What the strengths & weaknesses of the Weapon should be. Section 3 - Customization Options - What customization options should be open to the Weapon. ---- Section 1 - The RM277 Country of Origin: United States Manufacturer: General Dynamics Predecessor: None Weapon type: Bullpup Rifle Weapon Caliber (Primary): 6.8mm (277 TVCM) Weapon Calibers (Alternatives): None Weight: N/A Capacity: 20+1 Operators: None - Prototype Weapon to possibly be adopted by the United States Web Sources TFB RM277 Modern Firearms RM277 Video Sources General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (More for show than info) Task & Purpose Summary: With a few Nations in the World stepping away from Bullpup weapons to adopt more standard weapon layouts, the developers at General Dynamics have taken a bold step to submit the RM277, a 6.8mm firing Bullpup Rifle, designed to serve in both a Riflemen role & Automatic Riflemen role for the U.S Army's NGSW program designed to replace both the M4 & M249 SAW. The company developed a new 6.8mm round of ammunition that uses a combination of polymer casing along with a steel bullet, ensuring that the ammunition would be 30-40% lighter for the users that carry it around. The RM277 also features a completely 3D printed Suppressor that uses multiple material to keep it lightweight & efficient with full intention to use it on every rifle regardless if it's in the Riflemen or Automatic Riflemen configuration. Overall General Dynamics has been fairly tight lip in regards to allowing more information out to the public, though it has been slipped out apparently that the weapon only fires at around 550 RPMs. it is hard to say which Rifle the U.S Army will ultimately choose, because much like the Sig Sauer entry, the future of the RM277 of General Dynamics is uncertain at this time when it still has many hurdles to get over. So, what would the strengths, weaknesses, and stats be of the RM277 if it was to be added to the game? ---- Section 2 - Strengths & Weaknesses of the RM277 In this section I'm going to cover what I think the Strengths of the RM277 should be, what Weaknesses it should have, and finally what I think it's basic stats should be upon entering the PTE servers for testing. In regards to the stats, I will be proposing them from a stock weapon perspective (IE: no attachments/modifications.) This is being done both to keep the post relatively on the small side & not give me a headache in the process of making it. Because there is so little information provided to the public in regards to RM277, I'm largely going to be winging it from here on out. But, lets get started. RM277 Strengths Bullpup bonuses - With the RM277 obviously being a Bullpup, it should naturally get the bonuses that come with being a Bullpup. Lightweight Ammunition - The RM277's Ammunition is one of it's largest selling points of the Weapon as reduced ammo weight usually leads to soldiers being allowed to carry more ammunition. The best way I think this can be translated into WW3 is to give the RM277, 1 - 3 additional magazines than is normal for an Assault Rifle to have (I personally lean towards 2 additional Magazines.) 6.8mm Caliber - The 6.8mm caliber Ammunition on request by the U.S Army is to give Soldiers greater Lethality at longer ranges (so higher damage at range) and offers greater muzzle velocity of roughly 3000 fps or 915 m/s. Overall this means the RM277 would definitely be more of a long range bullpup rifle compared to the others currently in the game. Special Suppressor(s) - The RM277 Suppressors for both the Rifle Pattern and Automatic Rifle pattern were specially tailored for this weapon platform. Without these suppressors the weapon would be rather loud, registering sound levels within the "magnum" range apparently, and would have greater recoil than what it has currently. So, since these suppressors are tailor made to this weapon platform, I would say that the weapon should be quieter than the average assault rifle (not by a lot, maybe just a Medium rating of sound suppression), having some of the recoil trimmed off of it, and the suppressors should not be too heavy even for looking like a Soda Can on the end of the barrel. The Devs could get away with making just one Suppressor for the RM277 if they wanted to do so. But, if they choose to add two suppressors for it, then those Suppressors should have some altering effects to give players at least a little muzzle variety in the weapon's customization. Now we move on to weaknesses to help balance out the gun a bit more. RM277 Weaknesses Bullpup Drawbacks - With the RM277 obviously being a Bullpup, it should naturally get the drawbacks that come with being a Bullpup. Slow Rate of Fire - While there is very little information to back this claim, the RM277's rate of fire is estimated to be roughly 550 RPMs. If this is indeed true, the RM277 (if added to WW3) should have a rather slow rate of fire and thus really not be all that good for CQC unless the player has good aim/gets the drop on the enemy first. Limited Muzzle Options - Since the RM277 was designed around using it's special suppressors, the weapon should NOT have access to any other Muzzle options. Limited Barrel Options - The RM277 seems to currently have only two barrel lengths on offer which is Medium & Long. No 3-Round Burst Fire - The RM277 seems to not have the fire selection option for 3-Round burst. Which I see as more of a benefit for WW3 than a negative (less is more at times folks!) With both Strengths & Weaknesses out of the way, I think the PTE stats for the RM277 should look something like this- RM277 basic PTE stats proposal RM277 Effective ranges: 0 - 105m (33 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (28 damage) RM277 Weight: 16.2 RM277 Recoil: 0.64 RM277 Spread: 0.21 RM277 Reload time: 3.4 Seconds RM277 Rate of Fire: 550 RPMs RM277 Caliber: 6.8mm TVCM RM277 Muzzle Velocity: 915 m/s RM277 Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 4 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 5 / STL: 6 ---- Section 3 - Customization Options This part will be pretty quick because I won't be covering stats, just what modifications & cosmetics the RM277 should have access to.. Modifications Primary Sights All Primary Sights optional Secondary Sights All Secondary Sights optional Barrels Long Barrel Medium Barrel (Stock) Muzzles RM277 Suppressor(s) Lowers All Grips & Bipods optional Side All Side Mounts optional Magazines 10 Rounds 20 Rounds (Stock) Ammunition FMJ HP AP Cosmetics The RM277 is only a Prototype Bullpup Rifle at this time, so no aftermarket parts are available for it currently. That said however, I think the Devs could work some creative magic at least with the pistol grip to add some options if they desire to. ---- And with all of that out of the way, we bring this post to an end. I hope everyone likes the idea of seeing RM277 added to the game, even if maybe not exactly how I proposed it. I've now proposed two of the three NGSW Rifles currently looking to replace the M4 with the U.S Army. I have one more of them I could propose. But, I'm not sure if I want to propose it next as I've already suggested two American Assault Rifles back to back. We'll see though later down the road. For now I achieved what I really wanted; which was to propose the RM277 & MCX-Spear. They're both 6.8mm Weapons (which we don't have any), they're actually different from one another for the most part with the MCX-Spear having a standard layout vs. the RM277's Bullpup design, and overall variety is the spice of life. But, for now sleep calls for me and I have another Weapon Suggestion post to work on...I just don't know if it's going to be a Light Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, or Sniper Rifle I cover next...We'll see though! Till the next suggestion post... Have a good one folks!
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    Приветствую, бойцы. 2020 год подходит к концу и я хотел бы переслать пожелания и поздравления от всей команды нашему дорогому сообществу WW3. Это делаю я, как ВрИО модератора RU-сегмента, но говорю от лица всех. В течение всего 2020 года разработчики не покладая рук трудились над тем чтобы сделать WW3 настолько хорошей, насколько это вообще возможно. Плоды их трудов в данный момент можно увидеть только в закрытом тестировании и все бойцы, участвующие в нём, находятся под подпиской о неразглашении(NDA). Заявки от тех, кто хочет присоединиться, принимаются здесь. Независимо от этого, сообщество не переставало давать нам обратную связь, отправлять сообщения об ошибках и делать предложения, и я надеюсь, что мы увидим результаты этого, все вместе получая удовольствие играя и тестируя игру в следующем году. Подводя итог, я желаю вам здоровья, процветания и многих обновлений, патчей и матчей в WW3 в наступающем новом 2021-м году. Счастливого Нового Года, Ваша Команда WW3
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    Bonjour Soldat ! L'année 2020 s'achève, elle n'a pas été facile pour tout le monde. Je suis heureux d'avoir partagé une année supplémentaire à vos côtés, j'espère profondément vous revoir durant l'année qui se profile. World War 3 revient en force avec la compagne de teste. J'espère vous y croiser afin de partager un bon moment. Je vous souhaite une belle réussite estudiantine et professionnelle, une bonne santé, et surtout une bonne et belle année 2021. Sincèrement Hérulf.
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    Hi nubbits, 1. The rough release window is currently unknown, we are told by MyGames' financial report the 2021 release window. It seems developers themselves seem shy on this information, however it is fair game to call it official and publicly available. Unfortunately due to the nature of MyGames and Farm's agreements, they both have to decide what information they wish to provide and when, therefore both of their reports regarding WW3 are becoming more centered around money and vague info on projects, as they are intended for investors. I'd like to give a quarter, but the flow of information is being put through a narrow bottle neck, which is as a result of both a new company coming into the mix as well as restructuring of plans for WW3 in the future. 2. There are plans for an update, and/or testing for those who played prior, between now and 1.0 however this will come whenever MyGames and Farm51 both decide that the update is 100% ready in content, polish and refinement and can be received positively. Quoting Kamil Bilczynski, co-founder of Farm51 and the man in charge of the WW3 project, "New patches will enter the game when Farm and MyGames will be satisfied with their quality. This is the only parameter which we follow in regards to updates". So it is possible, likely even, however I'm afraid we'll only know about dates closer to when those things are supposed to happen respectively. I understand the responses may be very corporate, but I am not in charge of information. I'm here to help out the community and therefore I just answer whatever deepest buried bit of information there is about the game that someone who doesn't know, wishes to know. There is a good bit of sources in Polish, inaccessible to most English speakers or anyone else from a different country. Most of my responses will not be new, and I've been in the same boat as everyone here, asking, but not often getting answered so I know what it is like. Added the recent developments, it's not easy to receive ground breaking news, but I will try my best to provide anything out there that is relevant to your questions. Therefore I hope it is at least understood that this is more of a preparation for something big, the developers are working to provide us a version of WW3 we hoped for, but it cannot be done overnight. Therefore, unlike the mistakes of the past, they have switched to announcements whenever something is ready to be done, I think we can all agree there was a lot of early calls done in this game's history, it's not easy to win this game. It might be ready next month, it might be ready in twelve, but we will eventually get what developers have envisioned since 2016.
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    I'm not gonna lie, I lol'd at this one
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    Personally, I'm not in support of Maps costing players money. Mainly because it divides up the community as only players who paid for those maps will be able to play on them. Thus if a large amount of the player base doesn't pay for the new maps, the maps will go to waste, Development resources would go to waste, and the money of those who actually did pay for them will go to waste.
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    "If people purchased the Early Access version of World War 3 on Steam, will they receive anything when the game switches to a free-to-play model? Early Access players will be recognised as ‘veterans’ and receive in-game content worth at least the price they paid for World War 3, if not more, regardless of our distribution model. Any in-game purchases made during the Early Access period will either be transferred to the final release or compensated as in-game currency." (from thei redevelopment note) Yeah, if they price a pink Glock skin at 20$ tho...
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    They learned their lesson to not give out dates that may not be met.
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    Long ago I've created a theme about no-magnification scopes "not giving" no-recoil to weapons. Now I think I was wrong. Partially. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/9916-about-no-magnification-scopes-giving-no-recoil/&tab=comments#comment-47625 I don't know which scopes recoil is "right" and which is "wrong". Too high or too low, but basically there are few cases with how high/low magnification scopes are working. First. IF u have High(5+) magnification scopes as primary and no magnification as secondary and start shooting with single-fire - u will see identical high recoil uprising bullet traces. But if u will do the same with the identical weapon's loadout with that exception that this time we will use no-magnification scopes u will see that ur crosshair is returning to initial aiming point that fast that u can hit almost the same spot on ¬100m distance(affected by sway, ofc). And it will look like it's on pic below. And we will see that weapon behavior is based on what scope is used as a Primary. And Secondary sight suffers the most. I'll repeat: FOR SINGLE FIRE. And then appears 2nd "problem". In WW3 gun's behavior is often transferred to ur next weapon in use. If u were using weapon with high-magnification scope and then switch to weapon with no-magnification scope there is a high chance that the latter will have high recoil that belongs to the first weapon. And vice versa. And then u can have weapon with high-magnification that literally has no recoil. Luckily reloading usually fixes this problem, but if it was 60 rounds drum? Or M417 sometimes can do it for 3 magazines in a row. It works even for MG5 as it has single-fire mode ATM. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11305-ultimate-battle-rifle/&tab=comments#comment-53407 All u need is to have any weapon with no-magnification scope/sight as secondary(even a pistol), switch to it, make few shots(better when ADS), switch back to ur primary weapon and voila! - u have ur no-recoil weapon. For MG5, for example it works for both ADS and hip-firing. And even reloading/switching to alternate ammo is not interrupting it. Don't remember it being reported. Below is the video. First part about difference in recoils. Second how we create "no-recoil" rifle.
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    zamykam temat, brakowało mi pliku gry , po weryfikacji działa
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    Something like this has been suggested a long time ago already. So devs definitely know about community's yearning to see the changes.
  42. 1 point
    Well, if we talk about content, gameplay decisions, etc devs are actually silent since the February. When 3 months have passed since them going silent and ppl were already tired of asking "WTF, where are devs?" there was an announcement in May that they are now starting partnership with My.Games. And this partnership means that all the interaction with community is now on the My.Games's shoulders. With them being rly big company it means that there will be no talk with ordinary ppl until "it's time to promote". So, don't expect anything. Only small leaks/news that our polish comrades find in dev's interviews with polish media/bloggers and kindly share them with us.
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    Let me add one point to what @tynblpb said about the use of the light weight kit in combination with barracuda and so on: I think the lightweight kit is sometimes too fast for the server. Using the tactic tyblpb described above, you have no chance to react on the receiving end because often you are dead before you see your enemy on screen when he is coming around a corner, or you cannot hit really hit them on the move, because the players are not where you see them - I believe that was or is one of the main reasons why there were complaints about the laggy servers.
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    OPIS BLEDU - Mapa Warszawa - drzwi na Dworcu Centralnym - z jednej strony szare, z drugiej przezroczyste - granat się odbija ale pociski przechodzą (co widać na screenshot 3) GAME BUILD ID - najnowszy dostępny i zdjęty juz ze Steama z EA KROKI DO POWTÓRZENIA BLEDU(wymagane): Przejść na drugą stronę drzwi na około po gzymsie
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    W takim razie czekamy cierpliwie. Mam nadzieję że jest to cisza przed potężną burzą, bo konkurencja dla WW3 jest nie mała. Gdzieś w głębi przeczuwam, że żarty się skończyły i finalnie otrzymamy produkt, z którego będziemy zadowoleni i dumni. Ciężka praca, cierpliwość i zbieranie doświadczenia - na chwilę obecną najpotrzebniejsze dla wydawców i The farm. Dziękuję Ci bardzo za wszelkie odpowiedzi, nie są one bogate w informacje jakich my gracze/społeczność oczekujemy, ale wszystko jest zrozumiałe. Odwalasz również kawał dobrej roboty na forum i oby tak dalej! Pozdrawiam i życzę wszystkiego dobrego
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    Tak, dobrze zrozumiałeś, ale prawdę mówiąc, nadal nie do końca wiemy jakie są ich obowiązki. Farma wciąż może ogłaszać, ale (z mojego własnego wniosku) po konsultacji z MyGames, to w końcu ich gra. Chodziło mi po prostu o to, że gdybyśmy oczekiwali, że Farma otworzy się nagle w 100%, moglibyśmy być rozczarowani. Ale jeśli chodzi o ten rok to jedyne, co wiemy na pewno, to to, że jeśli jakość aktualizacji spełnia wymagania zarówno Farmy, jak i MyGames, otrzymamy tę aktualizację między teraz a 1.0
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    This one is mostly focused on bugfixing and small improvements, mainly in the game stability. We've done some work with streaming data and it seems to help with both crashing and stuttering, but we'd prefer to test it first. PTE 0.8.10 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed crashes related to streaming, Fixed Quad and Buggy map limits, Fixed not gaining XP for repairing friendly vehicles, Fixed some minimap markers staying on the map after parent object is destroyed, Fixed canted red dot reticle not appearing after switching from main one, Fixed no punishment points for destroying friendly BCV/VAB, Fixed Battle Robot max speed, Fixed Zuni HE rockets not dealing damage to UAV, Fixed TPP/FPP HUD for Drones, Fixed overlapping HUD when in vehicle, [IMRPOVEMENTS] Compass widget improvements, Gadget refill progress bar will now autohide when not updating, Improvements to air vehicle HUDs, Improved kill list.
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    Yeah I remember one of the Devs bringing up a minimum arming range for RPGs and whatever else may come in the future that requires such a thing. I fully support that for realistic reasons.
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    Error 10011 is typically caused by the antivirus falsely blocking Easy Anti-Cheat as a threat. To fix this start by performing a full-system scan and then temporarily uninstalling the antivirus and any similar software. Proceed to repair the service by running EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe located in the game's installation folder as administrator. After the repairing procedure verify that the service is not disabled. To do that open the command prompt and execute the following command: services.msc. In the opened window locate Easy Anti-Cheat, double-click it and set the Startup type to 'Manual' if it's set to anything else. Launch the game to verify that it starts properly. If it does, you can install your antivirus software back and add the game directory to the exception list. If the game does not start, perform a 'cold reboot' by running the following command in the command-line as administrator: shutdown /s /f /t 0 After the restart close all programs not related to Windows that are running in the background before launching the game again. If the error persists after that, please collect a process monitor log and send it to us for analysis. The necessary instructions can be found here: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/ww3/guides/logs/ Please uninstall your antivirus software for the duration of the recording.
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