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  1. but by then you will have some currency so you can unlock what you like!
  2. i think it is , it replaces the crosshair to have more immersion perhaps ?
  3. with the server issues from launch day they decided to remove it and unlock evrything for evryone untill the servers are fully fixed then they will push it on
  4. i think we should have a stamina system just to prevent people from just running around all the time with 2 heavy guns and level 4 steel etc , no way can a soldier run that long lol but thats just my suggestion ^^
  5. i found that theres a big difference between light and med/heavy but not so much from med to heavy , a bit weird , you can have 2 ar's etc lol and still be able to run at a decent speed with unlimited stamina basicly
  6. Allright , so when im in the menus of WW3 , my gpu just heats like crazy ( about 65-70 C ) , then when im in game in the middle of evrything , its at about 50 C , does anyone else have that problem ? Edit : My Gpu Is a GTX 1080
  7. Daydreaming

    Best weapon?

    I think its all really balanced , for my side i really like the alpha , ak15 and g38 for accuracy when i need mid-range engagements , but definatly keep trying them its all pretty balanced
  8. I think evryone has that for now untill the issue is fixed
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