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  1. use them for flanking and moving fast, it will work better than just running head first into everything
  2. No thermal, never thermal it just ruins games. Tanks will never miss anyone clever enough to hide, snipers will always see anybody trying to take cover from them. Night vision could be ok but only if its a face accessory and not a scope.
  3. what is saying is, Git Gud
  4. Im not saying repack mags or inspect them for info on your count, they could use a colour system green for full then fade to red for depleted.
  5. I would like to see magazines replace ammo count but the hud really seems quite minimal already besides the health bar.
  6. I mean, you could just use the camo and uniform pieces available to you. The boonie hat while not providing protection(I hope), Covers a wider area that the helmets and with being able to change its camouflage could help the same way a ghillie does to change your silhouette, it would also cover more of your face to hide the pale feature of the face. I think ghillie suits are a little much, and wouldn't work everywhere making them a bit shit. But perhaps a drape for the character or some netting could be better suited. The image below could be fitted with camouflage and things to help break the sniper's shape.
  7. I have yet to play a match with bad hit detection I believe, I can see exactly when I hit a enemy plate due to the sparks that appear and I do not feel as though any deaths or kills I have receieved was becasue of bad hit detection or lag. This may be diffrent for others as not all the servers are smooth and will hopefully change in time. The damage model is great, the armour system is really intresting and people should remember but one thing. Your not guranteed to get hit in the plate, play as though it doesnt exist and be thankful for when it comes into play and you might find yourself dying less.
  8. They still are regardless of position or if using bipod, obviously bipod is best but its just down to how you play and your preferance
  9. Could it possibly be the way the soldier is to hold the pistol?
  10. Havent heard that suggestion before, maybe reduced health until dead?
  11. they did say they want to work with the community so i guess so. Its also what I do best.
  12. Moar verticality yes I only found 1 building with numerous floors
  13. I agree but it could be abused just placing areas that grand points whereever, what about spawn killing
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