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  1. Let the Taiwanese people just have fun here. China doesn’t care. Taiwan is only an island
  2. You mean the low damage is a bug? Is it for 120mm only? Also what is burst fire?
  3. I am playing Leo 120mm, but I can’t find a way to fight t72 30mm. He just rush onto me and fired all his rounds and I got damaged quickly. The problem is my 120 he and ap rounds did like 14 damage to him. Any ideas?
  4. Do you know whete the optics are? I am really confused... also will mines do friendly damage?
  5. I just played a few games in Berlin and it seems like devs did make the spawn time shorter, it seems to be around 5 secs now? What do you people think about this change? For me I feel like it becomes too meat grinding and people get back after being killed pretty quickly, especially in the area between A1 and A2. Perhaps a little bit longer?
  6. I feel like this is the only choice as it doesn't give advantage to anyone. Immuning the spawner is not a good choice at all as it is unfair for the players in the point.
  7. For example, a choice will be to spawn somewhere far away from enemies but close to (not in) the point. (agains this is what bf 1 does)
  8. I feel like there are already so many camping snipers... There are many good sniping spots...
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG In Berlin I have dropped out of the map three times. Twice (consecutive) when spawning onto C1 and once when spawning onto my squad leader at about A2. When I spawned, I went under the map and started falling. And then it started the countdown to let me get back to the battle area and killed me after 10 seconds. GAME BUILD ID 3235427
  10. I have several times spawned onto a point but right in front of an enemy or seen an enemy spawn right in front of me. Bf1 makes spawning onto point safe but spawning onto squadmate not safe, which is a possible choice.
  11. Also the capture reward isn't good enough to keep me capturing. Bf 1 for example gives me 650 points(correct me if I am wrong) for each capture in total. And it gives you about 400 points in the process of capturing. However in WW3 the capture reward at the end is much better than the process reward, and that really makes me go away to kill people and then come back to the capture point to get the 200 points capture reward when it is 90% captured.
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