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  1. what kind of teammate would do this...
  2. i like thos answer with "CPU BOTTLENECK !" without even knowing the guy CPU it's a question of poor game optimization, thats why we need find the tricky optimal settings between all the graphic options to "low - ultra" to counter balance the actual poor optimization...
  3. Ok then maybe thats why it was not working, the association was wrong, i will try it later, thanks
  4. i tried this version and he says : Unable to download archive, when i associate it with WW3_launcher.exe and i choose DX 10+.
  5. - There is ping indicator already, top left corner "P:100ms" - Change the binding for steam overlay maybe ? - 24 vs 24 is working already, i played some match like this - agree on optimization and snipe
  6. Question about Reshade, doesn't it use some more ressources to run the game ? any FPS looses when used ?
  7. Maybe the points should just grow faster, then the unbalanced games will be faster and the balanced one will be still long and hard fight going all along !
  8. Sharpness is good, i don't understand why developpers don't do this by themself ? Why we need use a third party software for this ? it's allowed to use Reshade at least ?
  9. it's the same problem in every FPS don't worry.
  10. he is a typical discord user, spending more time watching charts than playing and crying about numbers going down and making others depress. i HATE this kind of ppl, just go away and shut the f*ck up.
  11. i can't change it at all, i try save at 150 but it comes back to 100 always
  12. +1 about the Berlin rain, it's FPS killer, i don't know why it happens like this but my game is fine on the other maps, but Berlin rain = -30 FPS
  13. Fuck the snipers ! Nerf them all to the ground !
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