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  1. there will be a compensation for a wipe
  2. thats wrong, there will be atleast 2 wipes
  3. thats wayyyy too long.. you kill your game with this
  4. i for myself refuse to play without any progression, and im think im not alone with this thinking
  5. my plan on the weekend is to do some stuff for the new house, going to the gym, and play some games
  6. they are active on twitter, but they just write the same over and over again.. with other words. that they apologize, they are on it and so on some news on the current phase / whats going on would be nice.
  7. North American servers. this advise with check data at steam is especially for this game.
  8. the first one i really remember is half life
  9. thats normal that there are 8 files missing, thats why you should do it. but it should download them
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