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  1. Well,i see that you gain credits when you won a battle. But what they are for?,i guess that a shop will be implemented? since everything is unlocked by default now.....
  2. It is funny how in other post people complain for the exact opposite:sniper rifle that one tap even if not an headshot...
  3. Sorry my mistake:i7 2600k was my old CPU,I currently upgraded to i7 8700k
  4. Skyzed

    Winning reward?

    There is planned a winning reward,or you win just for the glory? XD And for the attachments also,they are supposed to be purchased in the future? (i see a not implemented wallet)
  5. Yes i know!...glad that you helped with your settings!,but how the game look with textures set on low?...i will try later out of curiosity ?
  6. That because this game is more CPU side in current state I have I7 2700k,GTX 970 and I can run everything on ULTRA without problem.I get around 130 FPS in all maps ,no stutterings at all
  7. Of course that it boost your FPS,”TEXTURES”(which is the most important thing in GPU load) is set on low....
  8. HI all, I noticed that recoil it is the same when you crouch or go prone,but it should be less like in the real life and many other games ! What are your thoughts about?
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