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  1. It´s really about time that the basic terms of software development are taught in school. EA stands for SID/Alpha, so except bugs. Maybe Steam should make it more clear, when you purchase a EA game, most people seem to thing EA is already stable/release version.
  2. OP doesnt ask for help, otherwise the thread title would be different. Thats the reason why he got the rude answers
  3. +1 same here. The first rounds had the same "gimme me more" effect. Rough diamond, but even in this alpha stage far better than Battlefield gameplay. If OP would´ve done the homework before, he knew you´re "investing"/financing/backpacking in a small indie studio, so they can continue to develop the game and get EA/SID/Alpha access to the game for your money.
  4. Proc: Ryzen 2700x ~4,05-4,1GhZ AllcoreBoost Motherboard: Asus ROG X470-F RAM: GSkill FlareX DDR4-3200 16GB GFX: Asus Dual Fan GTX 1060 3GB SSD: 2xPlextor, 1xSamsung Win 10 Pro 1809 No steam launch option Game settings https://imgur.com/a/65eU4t6 Ingame FPS ~60-120 Fps @ 1080p https://imgur.com/a/8OKbcDz
  5. Call a PC technician, something is wrong with your system.
  6. Flakstar

    Crappy FPS

    The 1060gtx 3GB shouldnt be the problem. My fps are ~60-130 fps with a Asus Dualfan 1060gtx 3GB with Ryzen 2700x+16GB DDR4-3200. All set to medium, mesh=high, shadows/effects=low, One frame thread, motion blur disabled, vsync off, no frame cap. The used amount of VRAM is the same as yours 2,8/3GB.
  7. +1 Patch notes are always welcome.
  8. It just doesnt show up the scoreboard at the end of the rounds, wait about 1 minute, then you´re back in main menu and can join a new server.
  9. Same here. I just wait 1-2 minutes, since the scorescreen, which doesnt show up got a timer, then i´m back in the main menu.
  10. Spawned on my squadleader, who seemed to be standing on the first floor (Warsaw, sub station, upper flag). I´m not 100% sure, but it seemed like spawned beside my SqL, but in the air and not on solid ground, fall thru the floor, under the map and died because of suicide.
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