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  1. that fixed it, he says its better now.
  2. ahh yeah, i run afterburner he doesnt have it setup.
  3. Yes, I know about that thread and yes I have used search. He didn't want edit the registry.
  4. i mean the hardware is top notch, honestly just a set up from mine.
  5. Any ideas why my buddies game stutters? 8700k 1080 Ti @ 1440p 16 GB RAM My build is a 6700k with a 1080 @ 1440p and get better FPS no sutter? Any ideas? We have tried everything........
  6. My game was working perfectly but I decided well let just make sure it's good to go. Found 7 bad files. So as FYI - check your files before you start playing for a long duration or between sessions of playing, especially if there is a patch. For the record, my game has always worked great, verify your files
  7. Source that they will add VOIP?
  8. Simple updates. Take a page from Battle state Games / Escape from Tarkov. Patch notes great, even the smallest item gets recognized. Also people rely on patches notes to gauge whether it has actually fixed settings for them. It takes almost a week to fix a master server? New Server Company? Maybe they should do a live stream and update everyone? Patches Notes: "Server Improvements" - it's that easy. At the very least everyone who had paid for this game, deserves more then we are fixing the master server for a over a week. ETA?
  9. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
  10. Maybe a corrupt video driver or audio.
  11. Seems like hardware.. hate to say it. Sure seems like thermals. Monitor your temps Other games work ok?
  12. hmm v-sync off? did you enable the one frame option?
  13. Specs: i7 6700 @ 4.2ghz GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid 16GB DDR4 3400mhz 1440p on DELL S2716DG Settings: All High, Shadows Medium, View Distance Ultra. The rest default. Performance: 80-120fps with the occasionally drop below 80, but never past 60.
  14. Go update your reviews, it will help this game grow.
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