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  1. +1 lovely device !! It is really a shame that it is discontinued now ?
  2. +1 for capturing mode. Would be really nice to have !!! And I would like to have some "hardcore" option (infantry only, without vehicles, perks, ...)
  3. +1 with what being said. A small update 2-3 x / week would be really appreciated instead of copy/pasting the same thing over and over. More communication is needed !!
  4. Hello, First of all, thank you for this great new game and your quick response to server problems. It is really nice to have such a nice game to play !! > Concerning the ammo, how do I know how much ammo I will have ingame ? I don't see this information before going into a game, where it is too late to change the loadouts. Depending of my loadout, I sometime have very few bullets (specially with some AR), which is quite low. On the contrary, the MG have a lot of bullets. Should we rely on ammo bags to fill this gap? > It would be nice to see what perk (medic bag / ammo bag) the other players in squad and around the player have chosen.
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