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  1. Heyo everyone, been a while since i was here last!. I've been loving the way WW3 has been growing over the last few months, especially with the addition of TDM. I only have a singular concern pertaining to the mode: Spawns. How do they work?. Is there a "Spawn flip" mechanic?. ALSO: I've tried to reach out to some folks about more audio work that i can apply myself to for TDM in general. It's quite plain, cut and dry without some sort of announcements going off for the players. Love the game!, So do all my friends!. Keep up the great work everyone!
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Crash to Desktop GAME BUILD ID : 3428619 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Random SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : Hardware: Ryzen 7 2700 - GTX 1060 3gb - 16gb HyperX 2666 DDR4 - Kingston SSD - WIN10 CRASH LOG UE4Minidump-51771.dmp UE4Minidump-51771.dmp
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