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  1. I recorded some footage of what i'm experiencing. This has got worse and before the past couple of patches, it was not as bad as this. this was recorded externally using my external Game Capture device (Avermedia C285)
  2. Definitely. I feel like the majority of the FPS issues come from the weather affects (Rain in Berlin and snow in Moscow) Maybe these affects should only be rendered in a certain distance around the player, rather then it being rendered across the entire map, bearing in mind this map is 70% CQB based.
  3. I agree, I say focus on already existing issues and fix them first, and the work on developing the game further with new content. Maybe something woodland-ish or a desert-themed map (Silk Road from BF4)
  4. Bump, need more votes ya'll
  5. I agree, they have worked on a Chernobyl environment before and this would be a great idea. Something in the worker's villages with all the abandoned apartment buildings. Maybe even inside the nuclear power station and reactor number 4?
  6. That would be the more logical approach. Once everything else is sorted and working 100%, they have so much freedom to do what they want, and hopefully add some kind of campaign or COOP missions etc.
  7. An expansion on the launchers section: Maybe the FIM-92 Stinger SAM launcher would be a good idea. Very useful to take down any aircraft in the airspace, providing that Aerial Scorestreaks are added: And the FGM-148 Javelin to counter those OP as fuck tanks and IFV's that get the player an easy 20 kills. Also useful for aircraft and can sometimes be free-fired at any target:
  8. Definitely. I feel like its a good feature to have once everything is dealt with and the community is happy with what they have.
  9. I feel like the current amount of score streaks is very strict and definitely something to expand. Here are a few of my suggestions: AC-130 Gunship (manned) V22 Osprey Support (manned) Autonomous Ground support Vehicle (Unmanned UGV) MQ-9 Reaper drone (Manned) EMP blast MH-6 Little bird Support (Manned) Enhanced Ballistic Armour delivered via package Mortar Strike (Significantly less damaging than Artillery Support) Personal GLM-6 Grenade Launcher deliverd via package Incendiary Grenades Portable Mk19 Autonomous turret Portable M2 Browning MG turret (Manned)
  10. Perhaps a score streak that allows the player to use the gun on it (30mm turret on the front of an AH64D etc) Or they can sit on the side and use a Barret 50. Cal with anti-material rounds that basically make the gun op as hell.
  11. I'd prefer them to divert focus on multiplayer and make it a masterpiece and all but a campaign seems like a fairly decent idea. We should enquire about this.
  12. Aswell as maps and different regions in the world where the characters are from (Africa, Asia and North/South America) they need us on their development team lmao
  13. I see, Of course without anything else, they can divert all focus on multiplayer. Which is why I mentioned in the future when the game leaves alpha. They can spend about half a year getting this multiplayer up to an insane level and a superb experience, and then work on a campaign.
  14. Maybe a seasonal thing where theres a story in each season and it covers 3 main characters. (3 series) and each story is different?
  15. something like that would be good. Or a firing range or something alternative to Multiplayer. I was thinking of MW3's and MW2's spec ops missions where players complete missions and compete for positions on a global leaderboard.
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