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  1. Okay now that i have your attention... listen kid i cracked the code i finally understand the purpose of ww3 and why it takes them so long to update the game and i know some of you migh say "ItS EArLy AcCeSs" but N A H its real purpose its to overthrown the polish government then they will initiate phase 2 and with the help of MY.GAMES they will reestablish the USSR with poland playing vital role after this the whole thing is gonna snowball and after 5 months germany will fall and shortly after europe then it will be africa. All the country flags will be burned and only the WW3 flag will remain to wave above the broken land. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
  2. I belive that the game should have a free weekend and maybe 40-50% sale with every major update similar on how other games do it, this can really help the game to grow and make old players return while also bringing new players in.Also people that participate in the free weekends need to able to play in all of the games maps and not be limited to only one cause this may draw them away. Thats all that i had to say on this topic, would love to hear what other people think. -Catto
  3. Someone in this thread had an idea of deployable defences like heavy mgs,AT and AA stuff,deployable beacons and mortars.This sounds really intresting and i belive it will spice up the gameplay but in my opinion this could only work on some really big maps.Nevertheless i would like to make some suggestions on how this could work,so i belive that deplayable defences should be something similar to strikes but only for squad leaders (excluding the spawn beacon) so i think it would be really intresting for squad play if some of these defences depended on cooperation if you want to really impact the match soo for example the heavy mg could be operated by one player and if he needs to move to another obj he could just pack the whole thing up and move but it will have a speed penalty, the mortar on the other hand would be one of the most expensive ones and it will need two people to carry it on player will cary the tube or whatever its called and the other the bipod so this players will have to cordinate and find a good spot to set up the mortar and then could start firing the drawback to this is that the mortar will be super loud,have limited ammo and if one of the two dies then other will have to set the bipod somewhere and return to where his squadmate died and pick up the tube thus wasting time but also exposing himself to the enemy. Thats all from would really like to see what you guys think. Catto with a batto out. P.s tell your friends to buy ww3
  4. This reminds me the voip that rising storm 2 uses.
  5. Ayeee am back with some more suggestions: 1. Reduce the amount of bp required for the airstrike from 7500 to something like 4000-5000. 2. What if we could actually see the medkits and ammo bags on the player models so we can identify when someone has selected any of this items i belive that this might bring a nice dynamic into the game cause it will give the player to priorotize some targets over the others for example you may want to take out first all the players that carry a medkit so they cant heal their teammates. 3. Now this might be a little crazy and i dont know if this even possible to work in game, so imagine that we could have the option instead of picking a medkit or ammo bag we could have a portable jammer that its actually visible on the players back now its main purpose would be do disturb the optics of drones and tanks so for example if an enemy tank gets inside the radius of the jammer its optics will have a similar effect of what happens to drones when they get to close to mute jammers from r6 this will give players that dont have any AT stuff on them to run away from the threat. 4. When you somebody uses your medpack,ammobag or whatever the other thing called that replinsh armor and gadgets you get some bp so it can be more rewarding. 5. Have some visual cues that indicate enemys are nearby like in smolensk you could be able to spot pressed folliage and in the arctic map footprints. 6. Maybe add a ranger finder (look at the image below) for people who use snipers to take morw accurate shots. Thats all from catto. Stay in school and drink bepis.
  6. Personally i dont like the ATV so it would be nice if we could get some kind of a jeep something similar to a humvee,that way more players can get from point A to point B without dying in the process. Catto with a batto out. Stay in school kids and drink your bepis.
  7. I would like to see proximity voip for a mumber of reassons: 1. It engourages teamplay/squadplay, people will have to stay together and communicate if they want to attack or defend an obj. 2. It will be fun to have proximity chat,just imagine seeing an abrams coming your way and the guy playing fortunate son and you can hear the music becoming louder and louder.Then you better be ready for some FREEDOM.
  8. Daaamn you are quick.How did you even saw my post so quickly.
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