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  1. Same its really weird. Some friends I have can reach 60fps fine and they have a gtx 970 whilst I am getting worse. I feel like its random for everyone, like a 50/50 chance to get good or bad performance
  2. I have 16gbs of corsair rgb vengeance ram. I5 8400, 1070, Got the game on an SSD and am using latest drivers
  3. I don't understand when I see youtubers playing the game with the same specs I have getting 60-100fps
  4. Hey guys! I was wondering why this game isn't yet registered on Nvidia. I open GeForce experience to try and get some optimization but the game isn't listed. I was wondering why on earth Jurassic Park sim gets support from Nvidia with day 1 updates but not you? I ask this because I am currently only getting 40% usage with my 1070 meaning I only get around 35fps
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