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  1. get 1 shot killed all the time by Vepr 12 from 30-80m , its like a better sniper
  2. I played many hours now, and i can say from my experience.... tanks do what ever they want, try to shoot a tank is a joke, tryed it with a tandem rocket (from front, because there was no chance to come behind him like 99% of the time) and i made 10 damage, it's funny because i make more damage with a fkn sniper.... most tanks just stay at spawn and get kills like hell, and there is nothing that you can do hope you will fix it soon
  3. hm thought more people want somthing like this ?
  4. I really like the idea of the Game, but.... Please add a server list to this game, i really getting bored by pressing the "Quick Join" button because 90% you join on a server that is 0.5 balanced ( 200-3000 Tickets, 12 against 20 player, 15 min left) It's so boring to join on a server like this because, the enemy already captured all points and have Tanks and their Sniper Positions, and (it seams like) you are the only one to try to capure a point, but of course you have no chance alone ( your team / squad is camping somewhere ) Add a Server list that people can see what is going on on the server ( Time remaining, Score, Map etc. ), so that we can decide by our selfs if it's worth to join this or that server. I really like the Game, but if you always join servers like this, you start asking yourself if you really want to start the game because you know how it will end
  5. 30min for one match is perfect, but most of the time do I connect to a server that already is playing for 10-15min, that sucks because the teams on these are to 80% not balanced
  6. I will upload them soon on my website for 100% quality (can't uplode a zip file here) , and will also do some new wallpapers which are not so dark
  7. LoSti's World


    Hey, can somebody tell me where I need to hit a player for a 1 shot kill with a sniper rifle? I always get killed by 1 shot hits from snipers, an they shoot me in the stomach even with the biggest amor, I tryed everything... Headshots stomach, but I can't kill them with only one shot (use AP Munition) . How can they do it with only one shot? Thx
  8. i like how it is right now, people just need to use more the "flying eye"....but most of them just think about their K/D, so they wait until they can buy a tank I don't want a permanent minimap, it's perfect how it is right now
  9. LoSti's World

    EU servers

    i can join the EU server, but it seems like there is more lag as on NA server, i need so much hits to take down a player, and they hit me just 2-3 times/dead.... don't know whats going on but it feels like cod now
  10. Hey everyone, i like to play around with graphics, so i decided to design some simple WW3 wallpapers... Hope you like it, all wallpapers have the size 1920x1080px, feel free to use it for your desktop
  11. ATM? I don't want to see the enemy's uav... I was just asking (if the whole team can see the mini map and not only the squad) why nobody use the flying eye, because I never saw it during a match except I startet it... People should use it more often, or it's because people don't know about it?
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