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  1. yeah strange, i have the same issue aswell, idon't know if it's a steam or WW3 issue though
  2. thats easy kills, i've killed so many of them camper sniper. I mostly get killed by AR not snipers, so i guess you go out in the middle without any cover or fire suppression of you squad mate
  3. depends of the distance i guess, if you shot from a cal 0.50 that fired at 1500m, you may survive since there much less kinetic energy. Also due the weapon dimension/weight, you can only use it in prone posotion, right now, you can run with a rabbit and aiming very accurately while standing up which is very unrealistic
  4. please dont balance thing regarding balistic and weapon behaviour, we don't want things like BF with unrealistic slower velocity, exagerated bullet drop...
  5. there is already bullet drop and way too much compared to real life it seems. it this game you can only sniper at 150m, so 150m with a 0.50cal, thats like what -10 inches of drop ?
  6. even in real life soldier use 0.50cal against infantry so i don't agree
  7. The main issue is that lots of player don't understand what early access games are and haven't played much of them. I think that it is normal at early stage of the EA having player drops. These last years, i've played games like Squad, Escape from tarkov and hell let loose. I always noticed that player base will drop, then increase, so on and forth. This can be explained by the fact that when an patch is available, players will jump in again to test it, then will slowly drop as they will be waiting for the next patch that would bring more corrections and features. Same happened with squad for example, lots of players was waiting for new factions and vehicules to be added, once it was done, the player base increased. you can see here, drops of player and increase of players mainly due to when patch was released. Squad is working on huge patch V12 that i'm sure will bring back again the player that left.
  8. no damage is not hardcore hardcore damage would be like squad ( 2 torso hit = dead or RS vietnam where even 1 hit in the torso (lung/heart/liver = kill) the damage are way too arcadey, you can hit 4 times in the torso (without hitting the armor) and still be alive, the damage system is more like BF where an assault rifle kills in 4-7 bullets
  9. recoil are quite realistic atm ( quite low like in real life) but that foster lots of spray and spray. It would be nice to have much recoil in full auto to make it ineffective past 20m and promote semi auto, because soldiers in real life bearly fires in full auto except in movies... In my opinion, the gunplay is very much like COD, you see a target, just spray and pray and 95% of the time, you'll get the kill even at 100m
  10. Squad recoil on full auto is unrealistic as hell but its done on purpose to promote semi fire just like in real life as soldiers almost never fire in full auto except in video games and movies
  11. yeah but it's realistic just look at my video above, the barrel barely goes up. Of course you gonna have dispersion but not to a point you end up aimaing to the moon
  12. are you shitting me, i said it is in semi but not in full auto, do you really think that irl, when full autoing an m4 the muzzle points toward the moon ??? Hell no
  13. I was wondering we could see if each bullet fired ? (like if they all add yellow tracer) you shouldn't be able to see bullet fired except with tracer round. Also it seems that the muzzle velocity is quite low. looks like BF where assault rifle velocity is like in the 500m/s although, irl, a 5.56 round has a muzzle velocity of around 900m/s. Devs said they were keen on implementing realistic balistic ( not like arma). So do rounds being fired have realistic muzzle velocity or it reduces significantly ?
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