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  1. for the record, this issnt you right?
  2. Im loving this game because its not like any other fps like siege, bf, squad,etc. It has its own vibe and improvements are needed in time but please stop saying that this game needs to add elemenents from those other shooters Its a game on its own..not a copy paste from all the other fps
  3. Looks great but would be better if its shorter.
  4. i think the capping takes to long or the round is to long. Would be nice if one of those would be a little shorter.
  5. the squadleader can give orders though, but indeed it would be nice if its more visible.
  6. Squad voice would be great. There is a lack of communication at the moment.
  7. You can report them here: hacks@worldwar3.com
  8. My fps is ok but when i join a server it puts me most of the times on a server that gives me terrible ping. I hope that this will be a lot better in time.
  9. Same goes for me..This game is awesome and is going to get another positive review. To bad that a lot of people already gave it a negative review before actually playing the game.
  10. There are already seasoned veterans to WW3? Damn..im falling behind!
  11. I can connect to servers but the problem is that is not servers with a great ping. Its not consistent enough. Sometimes i join a server with 150 ping, other times 60 ping, keeps me bouncing on diffrent servers. But i guess that will be a lot better in the future.
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