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  1. I wish it would but the leader will respawn in like 5 secs over any of the squad mates. And 5 secs are really not worthy to change what you are doing, because action is quite frantic specially around objectives. More, it sounds like a crybaby that is lost because the leader dies..."What the F* we gonna do?" Answer: "Stay alive and keep firing you idiot! i'll spawn on your back in 5 secs and you whine like a 4 years old left alone in the grocery store! I should shoot you myself damn pussy!"
  2. I like a lot the dissing when you kill someone. Hope it stay! But some of the chat are useless and annoying at the same time... "Squad leader is down! What the F* we gonna do!" is the perfect example. Other should be still in game but much more short (and effective): "Grenade!!!" is enough to alarm you, we don't need stuff like: "hey bro, the damn enemy have just launched a grenade toward us and it can be really harmful is it explodes in our vicinity!". Even the commander voice over should be revisited and be much more clean and short in comms. Usually people will use TS, discord or the new VOIP to communicate. Then we have our char AI chat a bit, then we have teammates AI chat a bit, then enemy AI chat a bit, and the commander too. Is really a lot of stuff. It can be very taxing for our ears while we try to focus on the game sounds like enemy footsteps or gunfire. I really hope you guys will find a good balance!
  3. WW3 is installed on my PC since launch. During the Early Access this game had some low that make me stop and some good that makes me come back in. The core game is solid and i really like it, but i don't want to get bored of playing it before release (i'm already Mayor General). Player count always matter, and WW3 has bad numbers. Still does not means it is dead. At all. There is much else to play out there, and i know a lot of people that does not play since months but always keep an eye of forum and reddit and will be more than happy to jump in again when it will be more polished and complete.
  4. Shotguns are very good and effective weapons in Team Deathmatch, due to the big amount of Close Quarter Combat you experience in that game mode. Never felt Shotguns Op while playing War Zone and i had far better K/D ratio with a different weapon for about 90% of the match.
  5. Describe "many". We have an average of 110 people playing. Could be 111 but i take a break from WW3 due to heli. How many of those 110 love the heli drone? (not when they are piloting it fully equipped, but even when they are cannon fodder on the ground). Did they really love it so much that they will stop playing cause they don't have their 60+ kill-per-game toy anymore? I hope not. Why they really loved it? For the amount of deepness it adds to the game? (obviously not). Or maybe because it is fun to kill dozens of players stuck on the ground? (big chances). For a newbie a skilled enemy heli is so frustrating is not even worthy to keep playing. They can feed their anger looking at the score, because a skilled heli player will finish with 50+ kills 90% of the times. Number he cannot even dream of at early stages. --- That being said, the main issue of the heli imho is that is a primary threat (if not the deadliest one), and it is on the sky. So you have to stop playing WW3, and start playing "hunt the heli": you have to ignore everything that is on ground level and start bird-watching. Since 99% of the action and enemies are at ground level, the chances that "meanwhile" you will be killed by a soldier/tank/sniper/grenade/ground drone/etc. are very high. Hitting a heli drone is not a matter of a couple of seconds: the motion prediction, the fact that the heli has 3 axis of freedom to move, and the skill of the pilot requires you to aim carefully, and often from an uncovered position, cause you need to have line of sight and line of fire. And you have only one weapon with a specific ammo to do that. Too much time considering how quick the action on the ground is. The nail on the coffin is that all it takes for the heli drone to kill you is a LMB click once you are in the crosshair. If the heli will be removed, i really hope people does not stop playing due to that, because WW3 was enjoyable even before this abomination, and have ton of fun to offer even if you have to move on ground.
  6. @TrkyTr8r: For people that keep playing WW3 on regular basis there is quite a debate (6 pages) about the Heli Drone with different views. One thing is for sure: Is the most frustrating thing for new players in WW3. Yesterday i saw a newbie that has like 20 death caused by heli drone. He rage quit the match and told he's not interested in playing anymore. Rants about the heli drone can be seen in general chat almost every match. I know that the answer of someone here would be "git gud or bye bye". But for a game that has less than 200 players average i dunno if it is fine to keep in game a thing that is a complete OP nightmare for every new player in WW3. Maybe temporarely put the heli drone in the freezer, waiting for better days, does not sound like a bad idea imho.
  7. Thnx. At first i thought that was a Poly map new thing. Your words reassure me. Maybe the first one was taken down somewhere and the second one i saw was just a new spawn.
  8. Question: how many helidrones can a team deploy at the same time? Because i'm pretty sure i made a game on Poly yesterday with 2 enemy helies around at the same time...
  9. Reducing speed is ok. Still i hope that "light" loadouts will keep all the other advantages compared to heavier loadouts, like having faster weapon swap, less/no damage from high falls, etc, otherwise there will be no good reason at all to chose a lighter loadout.
  10. The end result tells you how the match went. Losing team did zero point. Nothing. Nada. Niente. In 30 minutes. Of course the pace was like that with no rushes forth and back. The winning team has zero need to stay everywhere on the map but around the spawn zone, and the losing team was unable to get out of the spawn zone. I was there when the game game came out (20th october, able to play only since 21th due to...we know). I recall everything was unlocked, wipe was expected. So people tried the gunplay, have fun with weapons, explore the maps, don't really care to play the game to get cash or win. Videos of "October 2018" are not very indicative at all. Now people care. War Zone is a a game mode when you have to move a lot to get rewards. And hope the other team is good as well, so that you can recapture, having fights, and earn cash and exp. That being said, WW3 can be good with another 'less rushy', more slow paced game mode, with something like progressive capture points, or with grace periods after getting a zone, or other stuff that can prevent zones to be captured (or disrupted) so easily by just one soldier. I like the idea and hopefully devs have something like that in mind for the future: can be interesting and i will surely play it. But a game mode like that needs different game mechanics and different reward system, especially for 'defending stuff'. War Zone is all about assault/capture. Challenging and rewarding matches will always see you quite frenzy most of the time.
  11. Saw the video. Looked at final score: 3000 - 0. The "frontline" (more a spawn siege), the slow pace, everything in that video just shows a team of total newbies/demotivated/do not care to win/lost hope versus the other team that has nothing to do other than go get some kills at the enemy spawn point. I would like to see comments if we saw the same match from the point of view of the losing team: "this game sucks, no one care, we lost tons vs absolutely nothing, not even 1 damn point achieved. This game is a spawn camp killing fest!". There was no struggle, no challenge, nothing. I know it's a personal opinion, but i the matches i like to win more (in every videogame or rl sport) are the ones where the final result is uncertain till the end. Finally, the final score of the best squad was less than 18k. Looks like even the game itself is not conceived to reward such kind of easy wins.
  12. Looks like Heli drone will be very hard to balance... Maybe a different approach? Like a "mephisto" for heli drones. When i'm fed up of really good and modded tanks on enemy team i have a strike to delete him from existence: Mephisto. It costs a lot of BP, has high cooldown, but it works as anti-frustration weapon vs any tanks any time, 100% reliability (unless you really screw up or being killed while on display). So maybe a AIM-9 Sidewinder from the F-16. Cost 4k (or more), homing on target, one-hit heli drones. I'll be ok with something like this.
  13. Nerf rocket itself probably will not solve the issue entirely. As Atway rightly said, rockets are so easy to use that if you (let's say a "huge" nerf) half their damage the operator just have to click lmb 2 times instead of one to get the same result. Actually the heli drone has just no purpose, other than kill tons and be annoying. One good solution imho could be to drastically lower the ammo count, paired with longer reload time at base. This way the heli should tactically work like a heavy damage/burst tool, to clear a position for his squad when needed. I can live with actual rocket damage, but give the drone like 6 or 8 total. Enough to kill an entire squad, or a tank (depend on rockets mm). Heli comes, unleash hell and go away, what happen next is a ground - level business. A sort of jdam but way more precise and more versatile. To make it a "burst" weapon, instead of this anarchist "camping the sky harassing everyone for minutes" thing that it is now.
  14. Now is known more than before (at least for me) ! Thnx for the info, even if this workaround does not sound really intuitive (like the thing that soldier do not realod if ADS).
  15. I think that "hold R" should work only if you want to 'swap' ammo. If you have no standard ammo left, soldier should load special ammo in by simply press R as a normal reload. It does not feel natural the way it is now: why a soldier should stop reloading his weapon and be harmless just because the last magazine has different bullets? Same with RPG: If a soldier has something to shot at the enemy, it should keep doing so. ATM it looks like your soldier keeps forgetting he has still ammo, and you have to "hold R" to remind him so...
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