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  1. Below are 2 screenshots showing that i can spawn my APC only on the enemy spawn point area. No idea what happened. I just played like normal and tried to spawn my APC. https://prnt.sc/lifwd0 https://prnt.sc/lifwlv
  2. So i checked out the shotguns and is it only me or does the vespr-12 or whatever its called has 0 bullet travel time? Its like i can snipe with it from across the map. Not only that the damage it does is way too high and the spread way too low. Currently assault rifles are nowhere near that gun. It needs a big nerf and probably a complete redesign on the ballistics such as damage dropoff spread and bullet travel time. Tell me your opinion.
  3. Does anyone else feel like the player count is a bit low on every mode? Even on the 17 vs 17 map size its way too hard too defend more that 2 captured spots. Most of the time capturing 4 spots (A1+A2 , B1+B2) end up in leaving one site empty and ready to be captured. Personally i prefer capturing to be hard. Having to fight and try hard to capture a spot and then having an easier time defending it. Right now its more like trading an objective for another. Also once 2 or more players leave its just game over. Come backs are already hard. Having less people its just impossible. Higher Player counts atleast will give more action and maybe a lit bit higher chance to the team with less players to fightback. Just my opinion. Whats yours?
  4. Hello guys. First things first i love the game. Well i love the core of the game and potential it has. It gives me the same feeling R6 Siege gave me when it launched (http://prntscr.com/l9id8e). But in order to recover and create a big audience there are a lot of things that need to be fixed before EA ends. So lets get started. Below everything is based on priority and significance. Firstly Servers and optimization. Ofc you are already on it but still. Running the game on everything low and not being able to get 100fps+ stable on r9 390 and ryzen5 1600 16gigs ram i think its not ok to put it politely.I am in the EU and playing on EU servers with 100+ PING while i play siege and WoW with 60ms its also a no go. So keep up the good work and fix em asap. After that animation and footsteps sound needs to be fixed. Vaulting and then running or anything that involves jump/vault breaks the whole movement. Fluid movement makes a big difference. Next sync the reload animation of the gun with the UI bullet count. I reload my AR and mid animation the UI updates and i am stuck pressing fire but nothing happens since the animation is still going on.Also i should be able to swap guns mid reload animation.Such as RPG-7.Every time i wont to swap to it and then off it i have to wait for the reload and it is stupid.But that comes into conflict with the realism aspect and so on.I dont have an answer on that. Now on footsteps well its simple. I can only hear most of the time only my own footsteps. I get flanked or rushed and i don't hear anything even if the enemy is less than 5 meters away. I need to be able to at least hear the enemy when he is sprinting. You could also make the sound distance and volume proportional to the weight of the character.Heavy=A lot of sound. Light= Less sound. Next is spawning , match duration and balance. Well the games take too long. Even if a team is dominating and has every or nearly every point on lock down the game still goes on for ~30 minutes. That's too long. Personally i think the duration should be around 15 minutes when dominating and 20-25 when there is a real fight going on. Now on the spawn camping/spawning in general. A simple solution is to place the character that just spawned in an immune state for 5 secs or until he shoots or until he moves 5 meters. The idea is to eliminate the 0.1 sec deaths after spawning and give a fighting chance to those that just spawned. Besides the enemy already knows where they are while the just spawned character is still searching. Also when a team gets behind and starts to lose control of the match it is way too easy to just choke that team off the map. The random(i believe ) third spawn that shows up after you lose every point is a good idea but just one more spawn wont cut it. I would suggest either add one more spawn place or give a tank for every time they are with 0 captured points for more than 2 minutes up to 2 times. Something like a reinforcement system where you think all is lost but you are given a chance to comeback.But only twice.Or you could just shorten or remove the respawn delay when every point is lost for a given time. Like a rallying cry or something. Now on the armor system. I cant say that i love it. Its way too random. From siege i learned to aim for the head or center body mass and thats where the armor is. I have gotten way too many black hitmarkers that i think mean armor plate hit. Now i dont think removing it is the solution. I think that being hit on the armor plates should penalize in a different way in addition to taking damage. I believe i saw sometimes a blurry vision effect when i was shot on the head armor. I am not sure but seems like it. You could also remove the character from sprinting when shot on the chest armor.I mean dealing 20 -30 damage on a headshot feels just wrong and penalizes skill. In customization menu we have AP rounds but we get only 1 mag of it. Just let us have full ammo of that but the balance is the AP rounds deal less average damage on flesh compared to the FMJ. Sorry but getting a headshot should mean 80+% won firefight. Now on the customization menu and attachments. Well the truth is the menu is just bad. Sorry but it is. Its chaos and having everything on scroll makes it hard to find things. Especially when sub menus like non-magnification scopes are on the bottom cause the first tab opened with the mid-range scopes. A tile system should work better. Make the categories tiles and the attachments in there a list if you must. Now on attachments i know you will add the numbers and effects on the differents grips and scopes on a later date. The only thing i would like to add is that every or nearly every different scope should also have a different reticle. Disclaimer. This is my personal opinion. Everyone is welcome to comment and make their own suggestions and comments. Just please be civil. I want the devs to read this and make a good game. Also i will edit/update this post as i find things to add or if i change my mind.
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