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  1. I got the same prob, I tried every step but still the same....It happen right after the recent patch, it was fine before
  2. Same problem, no solution yet...It happend after I got the hot fix patch
  3. I hope the Devs can add this feature in the game like changing the HUDs location on the screen and size of each section. Cuz for me right the HUDs are too small to look in (cant see the letter on the scorestreak) and it may suit other players on where they want to focus to look in.
  4. Should make it like CSGO. Match Making and Comminity Server at the same time
  5. ducpro1998

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    HOLA, this is ur friendly asian guy. Please call me LMAOEZ
  6. I have 35-56 on all low setting with GTX950m while i got 62 with CODBO4 same setting. I hope the devs can make the optimization patch soon
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