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  1. That sounds great! Sorry if you don't like comparing in between games but that approach is similar to battlefield Hardline which lets you buy a few guns (depending which) some attachments and vehicle upgrades after a single game of conquest while the cosmetics (usually camos, player outfit and vehicle color) are extremely highly priced and can take up to hours to unlock. This really would please us players who don't have much time to work for all the gameplay elements and those who just like to grind. Thanks for trying to make up ideas to solve this problem on both sides!
  2. Yea you got the time to spend on the game, I don't. I am performing about slightly above the average player sometimes also reaching top on the scoreboard, yet my maximum amount I got per game was ~3.5k. I want to see a game where you get soooo much of the cash you speak of without putting over 5 hours over multiple matches. Thanks I hope it could be considered to make it easier for players like me with not much time or atleast offer an paid full unlock, so we can enjoy the game like we did previously.
  3. My maximum I got out of a warzone medium match was 3.5k while being the top scorer of the team. (And finally somebody who understands my concern). I got one level up after 3 Days because of my minimum time available to play the game. The level up gave me the ability to one gun I like and a few attachments, what a fast progression /s
  4. This Level up bonus you speak of is just 10k. Wow... so much... I don't feel good when I unlock something having more the feel off "Finally I got this behind me so I can use my favourite gun after hours" Again modern FPS ruin their games with progression system just to keep these "I play for unlocks" players in their game, games like Insurgency (Sandstorm counts in aswell), DOI, CS:GO, Onward, Pavlov, R6S (If you exclude the starter edition and DLCs) and theres more to count have no unlock system and their games are alive and well and players enjoy them. Unlocking something doesn't keep me motivated to play, the gameplay does. The gameplay feels refreshing and feels good every time I jump in because I could just build my class how I felt like I want it today, hop in have some fun for the time I have and hop off again. Now I am being forced to unlock something I want first so I can play how I want, great. Again this is a suggestion for those like me have like an hour or two to spend a day on playing video games and we obviously want to play the games how we just want and not be hindered by some stupid progression system. Or atleast make it available to get an unlock all for a bit of IRL money which I actually would be happy to spend on just to play the game again everyday how I like again.
  5. I have played a few games yesterday, which were 2 times War and the 3 rounds of TDM I spoke of earlier, I got a total of around 20k~ for playing for about 1.5h which is nothing. Stop trying to talk the progression system good, systems like these especially slow ones are really stupid. You are a new player with a good mindset of playing this game and hop into a game where somebody is like about 10 levels higher than you but you have similar skill as them, well guessing who will win about 90% of the time is the guy who is 10 levels higher because of first having more experience in how the game works and also having better gear than them making a first person shooter seems like an MMORPG. If gameplay isn't something that keeps you in interest to keep playing the game and you are only interested by a level/money system that allows you unlock things then maybe you shouldn't go play FPS games afterall and maybe go to a game like "Cookie Clicker" where you also unlock so much stuff by just clicking on a cookie.
  6. Depends on what do you mean by 2 games, I played 3 Games of TDM for example, and wasn't able to afford one of the assault rifles. Playing 2 Games of War is grindy, as these take about an hour together, Me and many people don't have that time to do so I play about 1 maybe 2 hours before hoping off for the day to sleep. I don't want to have something to work for, I already worked for the money that I used to buy this game. And I want to use different guns, not to be more effective as the MSBS does that fine, but to have something look nicer because using the same gun over and over gets boring for me. "Pushed to use different things" No, thats completly wrong. Usually developers put a progression system into games to make it appeal to the "I only play to unlock things" Gamers aka those who play for the progression and not for the gameplay. Progression systems are really one of the worst things added into Modern Multiplayer shooters to keep "these" players in their game to hold up the playerbase.
  7. The progression seriously needs to be changed up. As a person who works full time and wants to play games in enjoyment and not to grind stuff I find it really annoying after a full game not being even able to purchase a new gun. The progression needs to fastened up alot, either in reducing the ingame prices of items or increasing the amount of money gained. In Battlefield Hardline for example (Where the progression system is done right) after a full match you can buy a few guns, vehicle upgrades and some attachments.
  8. Funny enough the HK416 is already in the game as the G38
  9. Once you finished customizing your vehicle you hit back and click on the lower left BP Streak you customized. Usually it should then change the BP requirement meaning your customization has been applied (DO NOT EDIT IT AFTER YOU'VE DONE THAT)
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