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  1. Thx, it is, but It adds a little bit of input lag
  2. For me it was the huge performance drop in 0.7. I'm was doing fine in 0.6, medium graphic setting, was getting 45-80 fps no problem. With 0.7 even if I set EVERYTHING to Low I have 25-45 fps on average. That was the "Ok, I'm done" moment for me. Sad, I'm with the game from the very first day, playing almost everyday. Waiting for the next patch, finders crossed.
  3. Also huge performance drop for me 0.6 was OKish, but 0.7 is terrible, everything on LOW and still getting 35-45 fps ultrawide: 3440x1440 AMD Ryzen 2600X, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM
  4. Verified files... endless Connecting to WW3 network...
  5. @Ragir Sooooo what does it really do ? "helps with CPU usage" ? how? if I have 6 core CPU with 12 threads should I enable it or disable ?
  6. OMG Yes, more and more people are exploiting this, please FIX !
  7. Same here, I was getting 30-50 fps on LOW and ULTRA, it didn't matter, GPU utilization war at about 25-35%. Now, it's 100% and I'm getting 70-120 fps easily (Warsaw map, haven't played any other map yep ) Spec: AMD Ryzen 2600X@Stock, GTX 1080@2Ghz, 16GB RAM@3Ghz
  8. aaaaaand it looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxdT5vTei7s
  9. Ok, update - "Verify integrity of game files" and the problem is gone.
  10. Mam to samo (Unreal Engine crashed), wywala mnie i z gry i czasem z menu glownego nawet.
  11. Me too it's great event at this stage. Gives way more options and fun then BF4 I was playing for years now.
  12. Ten sam problem. Mam 30-50 fps niezależnie od ustawień jakości grafiki, prawie to samo jak wszystko na ULTRA i jak wszystko na LOW. My spec: AMD Ryzen 2600X, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM
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