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  1. It's somewhat known - I've told people a couple times but having its own thread for recognition isn't a bad thing
  2. I am unsure of what you're getting at. Are these your findings of what each graphical setting does to your system when playing WW3?
  3. So now it's about alienating a majority of the community for a select few who have a background in the military or law enforcement? That comes across as very elitist. This is the main concern and issue, at first you never said anything about a public suggestion channel and suggested that the majority of the community can only read, but not post. And reserve the right to post for those who are "(verified military, law enforcement, Wiki, industry members, etc)" That whole thing leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. If there are such people with military, law, industry or even wiki members, then allow them to get into contact with ww3 via the appropriate channels and leave the rights of the majority unchanged.
  4. What we have currently seen in the Discord is only due to a shaky launch where players were not able to play, over the past couple days now that the majority can play it has got a lot better. Given time, server issues completely sorted and the devs focusing on content & optimization. I'm sure the Discord will become better over time.
  5. And yet anyone who has used the internet before, can still see how that can come across badly. Trolly discord members who try to cause controversy by saying they're oppressing their discord community who would rather not use the forums and be able to openly talk about their suggestions and opinions freely in discord. Solution to "mods are busy" is much simpler. Ask new members to mod the discord in different timezones who are dedicated to solely moderating the discord.
  6. Taking away the right for people to express their opinions is a very bad idea, even if the person is not being civil or polite. That's why there are mods. Streamer role is cool and all but it can end up demoralizing the smaller guys if they're not able to obtain the role, I personally would like to see the role added and to see which of the bigger streamers start playing WW3 as their main game I'm sure a lot of new guns, countries etc will be added with time, this is the very start of WW3 and I'm sure once they fix their servers completely and give us the roadmap they've spoken about, we'll see their plans and intent
  7. Heavily relies on the decisions you make and I'm going to be blunt, if 99/100 situations you're being beaten by an AR, you're making the wrong decisions. I've had absolutely no issue sniping, but I do setup myself for success and there's many different ways to do this. First up your class, AR primary and a sniper rifle secondary. You're now good to go for close-mid and long range fights. Secondly, what decisions are you making where an AR is beating you? Are you trying to snipe at close-mid range? If so then an AR is going to have you beat the majority of the time.
  8. Leaving the squad and joining it again seems to fix the issue of not being able to spawn on squad leader for me.
  9. I just posted my 2nd episode of "The World War 3 Report" in where I showcase a weapon, talk briefly about some of its history and a tip or so
  10. No worries, appreciate the feedback! And aye, I assume it's part of the "if you have 4gb of VRAM or lower" on gpu's it can cause issues, textures (admittedly I should have checked this) most likely add on to the VRAM usage. Can't wait for some optimization
  11. Games have been known to run more stable/gain FPS once the GPU/CPU have got more load put onto them, the harder they work the better the outcome. People have said that with everything on low their GPU/CPU is only running around 20-30%. With these settings it helps maximize FPS and put some load onto GPU/CPU. Settings work as intended.
  12. Verify game files and try a different server, I connect with no problems now.
  13. Go to Settings > Gameplay > Advanced > Network Status > Enable In the top left you will see "P: (number)", that will be your ping.
  14. Zacapa

    GPU Question...

    Most likely it's due to the cards VRAM, even though it has a green tick, the game has issues with cards with less than 4GB VRAM, the devs know about this already.
  15. "We've disabled customization and loadout saving until we can completely resolve the server issues. Our amazing programmers are working overtime to make sure this happens. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the wait."
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