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  1. Fix bugs and gameplay, after that start adding more stuff.. we have seen enough games that die cos of bugs and bad gameplay.. yes even the big names. ATM i feel that ww3 would have more players if the game would work nice on every PC(some ppl has a lot of problems) and the movement etc. would be spot on.. i dont play the game anymore cos of the animation and the movement is so retarded(i know, i just can't get over it), but will come back when they are fixed cos i love the hitboxes and netcode in this game.
  2. Sure.. getting bored to Apex already a bit :) SteamID64 : 76561197965657807 Noppa#4278
  3. Ragir Already did see the DMG part of this video, but look at the ammo when reloading / changing weapons at the same time, also you can't stop the reload anyway when you start it.
  4. i7 4790k@4.5ghz, 16gb ddr3 2133mhz cl9, gigabyte GTX 1080 mini itx(stock cos of heat in mitx case). Playing at 1080p with a mix of low and ultra, getting 75fps+ on those BIG games, on lower populated small map games i can play on all ultra and get that 70fps. There is a massive difference on fps if you play on those small maps with 20 players or big map with 30+ player. For the players who says they are out of memory, it is most likely you'r windows.. i have a memoryleak on my WINDOWS 10pro and haven't been able to fix it, if you google it, you see it is pretty common problem, the game it self take's only around 6gb memory.
  5. I'd say tanks are pretty balanced, iv taken tanks out alone with RPG many times, they are deadly as hell but also squishy too. Time_to_die is a big problem yeah, on you'r screen you die instanly even when sometimes you have taken 7 hits before death, that is a server side issue.
  6. So yeah.. first game of the day... makes you really NOT WANT TO PLAY.
  7. So, there is kinda a lot of small bugs in the game, some more annoying than others, but these 2 are the most annoying ones and i think affects most the new players that buy / try this the first couple hours.. so fix these and they actually might not refund the game and make positive review about it. 1. Moving, the biggest one of all.. first it feels pretty much retarded when you first start playing, after a hour or 2 you get used it thought, BUT it still is there and you notice it all the time. You get stuck in so many places, that it ain't even funny, small ruble in a wrong place, jump over an table/counter to get cover and suddenly you are stuck inside of the thing.. And now we get to the most annoying thing, the "jumping/climbing" , what kind of soldier in 2018 can't climb up 20cm to 1.5m edge, most of the time you just need to find correct spot that you can climb up something, that shouldn't be the case, you should be able to climb everywhere where it would be possible in real life. Slide from running isn't also that consistent, sometimes it does it, sometimes it don't and the crouch after it, that was so hard to notice at the start. 2. Sounds, when you first start the game it sounds pretty good, on the starting screen, when you go to play.. naah ok, not bad, but not good ether. After a while you start to notice things, sometimes you hear footsteps that are on the different floor like they was next to you and sometimes you can't hear a guy who is right next to you. You also most of the times can't hear grenade that is thrown next to you even when there is no other noice around, also sounds in general sounds weak, not war like at all. 3. The armor plates / helmet, this kinda ain't a bug but more like this needs to be tuned since most of the players are running as heavy.. im fine with the plates as they are, but as the game is, it kinda is accidentally NOOB friendly, cos bad players shoot lowerbody/crouch area anyway and we more experienced players tend to go upper chest / head where the plates are. SO, extend the plate more down a bit and or / and tune the damage that person takes from crouch / lower stomach area cos atm it is a lot of dmg(even so that in the army we are taught to shoot to the stomach) OR make faceshots 1 shot kill at least on the AR:s / LMG:s. Also leg / arm damages needs to be tuned down, we have 100hp and i think most that iv seen is 70dmg to the leg with lmg, so that is kinda retarded. 4. Graphical bugs, this bug actually has happened to friend many times, but not to me(we both have gtx 1080, so that is kinda weird too), i also have seen it on streams. Arm tends to go in the wrong place when ADS and it covers part of the crosshair. 5. Server balancing / time of matches. There should be some kind of server balancing thing in the game and when other team has all the points, they should get 300% if they have got the points more than 2min, more points so the game end's faster, cos atm it is literally just a fuck fest, sorry farming simulator in most of the games cos ppl start to leave as soon the farming start's and it happen's a lot, around 30-40% of the games i'v played. Also the game needs more spawn points, when enemy is taking the point or there is a fight you need to spawn somewhere far away from em(but still on the point) and not right front of em like it is now, damn most of the times they do not even try to take the point now, they just spawn kill and farm kills cos it is so easy. I am sure there is more to come, these are the bugs/things i think should be fixed first. Oh yeah, sorry for the English, not native English speaker so..
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