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  1. If it's directed to me, I don't dislike game itself. I dislike constant fps drops making it sometimes unplayable and player count not letting me play the game against actual enemies I just asked for opinions because why not since I can't play for now If they'll fix performance and other stuff I will come back, that's for sure, I'm just not sure if others will. They didn't in Post Scriptum which gives me bad feeling Also, I don't know if we can compare this game to titles like Battlefield, which is being made by big studio that for sure has enough manpower and skill to handle problems like bad connection, lack of FPS etc. I am not saying they can't fix this game, I just don't know and I'm concerned
  2. Can I ask what this Recon thing actually is? I couldn't find anything bout that on the internet
  3. Today I tried to play at least one match in ww3 but we didn't get a single game with anyone in enemy team on Moscow for like an hour On Steam Charts atm game has about 650 people playing(17:00 in Poland) so I feel like my money is wasted and the game is going same road as Post Scriptum for example. Is it only?
  4. Is it a bug that I can't reload this thing? Driving Leviathan I just couldn't shoot anymore after 15 shells, I think it's supposed to reload itself right? There's even loading bar at the bottom but after it loads nothing ever happens
  5. Hello, today I come to you with very important question. I know they will optimize this game some day, but did anyone figure out any fixes for overall game performance? I mostly suffer due to freezes and super FPS drops, for the first minute game is literally 2-5 fps so unplayable And after that time game still freezes for second or so every 30-50 seconds + fps drops. This seems to be random, it happens more frequently when there's a lot going on, but sometimes I get huge freezes while standing on empty point almost licking the wall i5 4590 GTX 1070 In case you wonder
  6. It depends on prices, from what I remember testers said you need around 8-10 hours to unlock one gun Well I guess we'd have to deal with it at some point anyway
  7. Oh, that's actually bad for me
  8. Hello! I have very simple question because I couldn't find answer anywhere, why is there no progression system in game now? I know there is supposed to be one
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