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  1. GAME BUILD ID (3825997): STEPS TO REPRODUCE (just joined a server): SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (dont think its relevant but intel cpu and 1080: CRASH LOG (if any): no crash
  2. Anyone else have this and found a fix?
  3. Nah it wasnt working last night for us NA ppl. But yall seemed to have fixed it. Maps are fun. Polyarny probably my favorite of the two
  4. Yeah the new maps show up on the world map, but on the server browser we only see check boxes for the old maps. I would really like to try them out and poke around but I cant get into a server.
  5. The current system incentivizes turning off the game instead of playing another round. I played Moscow warzone twice wanting to play something else but once Moscow booted up a 3rd time I turned off the game. It's fine if you say you need to fix it but just notice that this is frustrating
  6. Yeah it's bullshit I don't wanna play Moscow 4 times in a row. Still yet to play Warsaw on 0.4 even tho I've been in like 10 games
  7. I am really happy the game now has a polish voiceover for the commander. However I would really like some subtitles for when objectives are taken, or other various ones. I choose polish voiceover for reasons of immersion rather than that of speaking and understanding polish, so it would be nice if I knew what they were saying while also getting the polish commander. Bad company 2 did this really well. Also looking forward to the Russian commander voices! Keep up the good work!
  8. A radial menu would be nice. If it's too similar to battlefield I understand that you want to do something different. Just a thought. @Ragir
  9. ok yeah whatever compare arma3 to popular first person shooters. Not my point. I, speaking for just myself, like realistic milsim games and have a few in my library that I play from time to time. I am aware world war 3 is not one of these games. No need to be a dick
  10. btw we've got tons of milsim games where the majority of the time you just sit around and wait and combat looks pretty similar to this, and theyre super fun. Not what WW3 goes for but we still do want realistic games.
  11. I know what you are coming from but they are suppressing enemies. You can see when they are shooting to kill they are using semi fire.
  12. I know there are more important things in development to deal with but There needs to be more indication that a teammate is asking for something. It should be in my face that a teammate is asking for a hit of the First Aid Kit or Ammo or equipment etc etc. Thanks.
  13. Thats the difference. Now i'm not in the military, but all modern combat films I see and looking at combat footage from Iraq and Afghan, which is urban fighting. Semi auto is to kill. Insurgency source really had this feeling down. Sandstorm got a bit to arcade y. Airsoft is fun for what it is, but its by no means an accurate representation of real life military situations. I for one would love to see more situations where semi auto is the way to go in WW3. Well placed individual shots.
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