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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Anything semi auto will have issues with firing when the frames drop. It's very noticeable when using pistols. Map: Smolensk PTE (before gray box) Framerate: 60fps, drops to sub 30 when in a firefight. GAME BUILD ID 3399480 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Be in a firefight with low framerates while using a low ROF weapon. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS CPU: I7 5820k @4.20GHz Mainboard: Asus X99 Rampage V GPU: MSI GTX 960 4G RAM: 4x4gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 @2600MHz The game is stored in a secondary HDD
  2. I mean, what the fuck happened to this game? The TTK used to be decent on launch. Now that the devs are "balancing" the game, are we going to see another generic BF4-like shooter? My Gripes Bullets don't do much damage (pea shooters srsly?). The recoil on some weapons is way too high. Shotguns and RPG don't do shit to infantry. The pacing feels too fast for a tactical shooter. Muzzle velocity on all weapons shouldn't be dumbed down. HE shells have weak splash damage. The ROF of 50.cal Coaxial and RCWS are too slow. Headglitching. (Bullets/Projectiles should originate from the barrel, not the camera/head) Lack of weapon and barrel collision, especially for turrets. Suppressors should decrease recoil by weight and improve accuracy by giving additional barrel length, and in return increases gas blowback.
  3. //Regarding to T&C your post has been edited to display correct image. - Rozmo
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