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  1. D0PPLER

    War Map?

    Yeah it was a really cool concept and I think if done right with good devs which these guys are looking like they might be it would be way fun.
  2. D0PPLER

    War Map?

    I am confused on what the war map entirely is and what function that it serves besides a glorified matchmaking system. I noticed the ability to drop in supplies or something it just isn't functional as of right now. Is it going to work similarly to Heroes and Generals where you can drop in and help your side win that section of the map and gain bonuses? If not I think that might be a really cool idea.
  3. as great as this sounds I think that the cost of the development of switching their servers. (which they just got working recently) to an entirely new structure is out of the picture. It is a cool idea though and I hope that someone capitalizes on the idea sometime
  4. I love this game the gunplay is great however the sound is not good. In my opinion the guns are really lacking in sound it sounds like I’m shooting a bb-gun not a Ak-15 I also think that the I game music needs to go while it gives it good atmosphere I think that it is just in there to fill in the lack of sound in game. I love the communication between the soldiers and think that it is great. The 3D sound scape could be improved with better positional based audio. I think that it would also be cool if the devs added not only voice chat but VO-IP similar to games like PUBG and Insurgency
  5. I was just wondering if the devs had plans for some skins to be only unlocked through doing challenges and so forth. ex(gold in cod) I have always enjoyed pushing through these progression trees. I don't have a problem with being able to buy others either i think that that is a good idea.
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