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  1. He posted something as recent as three days ago and its been a week since he was pinged here and apparently asked directly by weedtime for some clarity. I'm not saying drop everything and come rushing to the forum. But he's certainly been around and hasn't offered any insight. Damn shame that only one developer seems to be able to answer the question.
  2. Because it's not a feature that's working properly if it's showing as a VAC ban for toxic behavior. @weedtimehas the point I made been addressed? I see that you've tagged @Ragiras well asking for clarity and it's radio silence. The report very clearly reads that consecutive issues with behavior will result in a ban that appears as VAC on steam profiles. Am I reading it wrong? "We will be applying permanent bans that will show up as VAC bans on the Steam profile" The whole thing gets even more confusing with the part highlighted in red that says THIS FORM IS NOT FOR REPORTING CHEATERS and then it's followed up by saying repeat offenses result in a VAC ban on steam. I'll say it again VAC is for players found to be using outside software to cheat. I am totally okay with F51 issuing game bans although I think aspects of the current system could be improved on. I believe that issuing VAC bans for behavior is complete BS and abusive. Seeking clarity on this ASAP and an update to the weekly news if the original post, did in fact, speak wrong.
  3. Thanks for clarifying This needs to be clarified as well. "We will be applying permanent bans that will show up as VAC bans on the Steam profile"
  4. He's literally said they've banned people for toxic behavior. You may not recall any times but they've happened. I know of a few myself. I hadn't seen this article but it still does not justify F51 putting a flag on someone's steam account that is commonly recognized as a brand given to cheaters and hackers, when the offense is toxic behavior. That's like me telling ragir his feet smell, then calling him a racial slur, then talking about his mom and my punishment being a tattoo on my forehead that says "thief" My issues specifically is with the VAC ban "VAC banned accounts can still play single-player games, local LAN games, and multiplayer on non VAC-secured game servers. To find non VAC-secured servers, from the Steam main menu click on View, select Servers, then select Not secure in the Anti-cheat dropdown" My point here is that once VAC banned on steam, your ability to play ALL GAMES ON STEAM is impacted. The above quote spells out that once vac banned, your choice when playing multi player games online is to connect to a server that has no protection against cheaters. Does toxic behavior in WW3 really seem like something that should impact a players overall steam experience, and damn near force them to play multi player games in lobbies basically set aside for cheaters? Again, I repeat myself. That's like me telling ragir his feet smell, then calling him a racial slur, then talking about his mom and my punishment being a tattoo on my forehead that says "thief" Toxic behavior is not cheating, hacking or using outside software. Cheating, hacking and using outside software is what VAC bans are for.
  5. Wasn't there already issues in the past with players being banned by your previous system (and this, by your own words is just a streamlined version) wrongly, because whoever was elected to review the report wasn't able to understand what was going on due to language barrier? Does Farm 51 have any plans of ensuring quality reviews for reports? What are those plans? Will first language, native English speaking review teams be placed in charge of NA reports? What about EU? China? How is this going to be handled? Why was the decision made to add VAC bans to steam accounts for behavior? Does farm 51 believe calling somones mom a fat lard, team killing them and tea-bagging akin to cheating? Tell me exactly how any of those things are similar to installing software that gives you an unfair advantage in game. Does F51 believe removing players from their game for toxic messages in chat a better solution than say, removing their ability to chat in game? Were any alternative options to team killing discussed or considered before implementing a system that bans players for doing so? For example - a very popular modern shooter on the market right now has reflective damage after 2-3 team kills in a match. Surely designing a similar system is better than permanently removing players from your game? If you don't think it's better, I think the community deserves to know why. Alternatively - if you've got another solution to team killing, I'd like to hear it. And I don't think resources or man power are acceptable answers at this point in decision making. You clearly are dedicating resources and man power to the manual review process you've just set up. For reference material pulled straight from steam support page. How can I ensure I don't get VAC banned? To ensure your account does not get VAC banned, use only trusted machines to play on VAC-Secured servers. If you are not sure whether or not the machine you are using to connect to Steam may have cheats installed, do not play on VAC-Secured servers. Use caution when installing any game modifications like scripts or custom skins, and only download custom content from trusted sources. Hackers may maliciously disguise their cheats to cause others to get banned. For more information on how you can protect yourself and your account, please refer to our Account Security Recommendations FAQ. Additional information on Valve's policies can be found in our Steam Subscriber Agreement. Does Farm 51 plan to have steam update their information on VAC bans to include language and in game behavior?
  6. Hey, how's it going? TSA leader here. Sandwich isn't a hacker. He might have been shooting you from under the map - but as far as I know those spots have been removed from Warsaw - and thanks to his help finding them I might add. Sometimes after updates those spots become "hot" again. TSA has a reputation in this community for being mistaken as hackers. Simply ask @Ragirand I'm sure he'll kindly let you know how hard we work to find and have exploitable areas in this game removed. I encourage you to follow through with any reports you feel are justified in terms of hackers in WW3. If anyone in TSA is found to be a hacker - F51 should do what it is they feel is appropriate and we'll handle it on our end as well. I'd like to add as a quick side note that hit detection is bugged AFAIK and does not show pin point locations you're hit. Left shoulder, right shoulder, hip and stomach will all register as chest shots on the kill screen. This may have been fixed, but I don't think it has been.
  7. Nobody won. Tournament was canceled because of 1 - player turn out 2 - inability to even play the game due to infinite loading (which more than likely was a heavy cause of low turn out)
  8. I'll build a fort so fast you'd blink and miss it
  9. TSA is hosting its second official WW3 tournament! Do you have what it takes to be king of the trash? Join us on our discord server on August 31st at 8PM CT (North America) for a chance to win a $50 steam card! All you have to do is play three TDM games and have the best K/D at the end! More info and sign ups can be found here ---> https://discord.gg/RmqSdnF Contestants SeaRift [TSA] Big Chocolate [TSA] OnlineHerpes DasNoob { TSA } 1dead Disguise_AU [AP] TactiGamer [MAGA] m0rse [TSA] AIDSMosquito Zen xIWaRcRiMeSIxᵀˢᴬ
  10. That's the thing. He has no proof. By his own words - he believes he is more capable of detecting cheats than the systems designed to do so - and has yet to bust a single hacker in any legit manner despite having the reputation in the community that he does. It's just blowing smoke up peoples arses, as you've put it.
  11. To be fair, if someone calls me a cheater I just think they're stupid and say yes anyway so they'll shut up
  12. That sounds like a great idea!
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