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  1. The bug has been reported to the dev team. You can play as intended
  2. Hey, how's it going? TSA leader here. Sandwich isn't a hacker. He might have been shooting you from under the map - but as far as I know those spots have been removed from Warsaw - and thanks to his help finding them I might add. Sometimes after updates those spots become "hot" again. TSA has a reputation in this community for being mistaken as hackers. Simply ask @Ragirand I'm sure he'll kindly let you know how hard we work to find and have exploitable areas in this game removed. I encourage you to follow through with any reports you feel are justified in terms of hackers in WW3. If anyone in TSA is found to be a hacker - F51 should do what it is they feel is appropriate and we'll handle it on our end as well. I'd like to add as a quick side note that hit detection is bugged AFAIK and does not show pin point locations you're hit. Left shoulder, right shoulder, hip and stomach will all register as chest shots on the kill screen. This may have been fixed, but I don't think it has been.
  3. Nobody won. Tournament was canceled because of 1 - player turn out 2 - inability to even play the game due to infinite loading (which more than likely was a heavy cause of low turn out)
  4. I'll build a fort so fast you'd blink and miss it
  5. TSA is hosting its second official WW3 tournament! Do you have what it takes to be king of the trash? Join us on our discord server on August 31st at 8PM CT (North America) for a chance to win a $50 steam card! All you have to do is play three TDM games and have the best K/D at the end! More info and sign ups can be found here ---> https://discord.gg/RmqSdnF Contestants SeaRift [TSA] Big Chocolate [TSA] OnlineHerpes DasNoob { TSA } 1dead Disguise_AU [AP] TactiGamer [MAGA] m0rse [TSA] AIDSMosquito Zen xIWaRcRiMeSIxᵀˢᴬ
  6. That's the thing. He has no proof. By his own words - he believes he is more capable of detecting cheats than the systems designed to do so - and has yet to bust a single hacker in any legit manner despite having the reputation in the community that he does. It's just blowing smoke up peoples arses, as you've put it.
  7. To be fair, if someone calls me a cheater I just think they're stupid and say yes anyway so they'll shut up
  8. That sounds like a great idea!
  9. This one is pretty straight forward! Squads will be randomly assigned the day of the event - The squad with the best total squad score at the end of four full games will each win $25 steam gift cards! Take the next week practicing being the best squad mate or leader that you can be - and see if it all pays off in the end! Link to TSA discord - https://discord.gg/j67fAmP Points will be tallied off the total combined squad score of all four games! Sign ups will be on the TSA discord as it is easiest to ping and communicate there Any questions can be answered easiest on the TSA server! Important note - This event will take place on the NA servers! You sign up on the TSA discord - not the forum! Squad leader 1 - [TSA] Skizix Squad leader 2 - [TSA] RiceLightning Squad leader 3 - xIWaRcRiMeSIxᵀˢᴬ Squad leader 4 - RoKeR420 Squad leader 5 - Unassigned players [GT] TactiGamer [TSA] AIDSMosquito AwesomeDog86 SeaRift (TSA) C_Klein {TSA} LazerShlong NateTheGreat98 NeoOrNeon Obi Gwalbert { TSA } 1dead [TSA]WolfOfSparta SlingRaidz PointShootAction rTr capnh00k NuttyPon Ni?o
  10. I agree with Astro here. I've always known you to claim that you watch someone for multiple games before you report them - the only thing is.... you seem to have forgotten it's a two way street. We've played too many games with you where the hackusations slip from your lips with 20 minutes of someone joining a server and playing with you. I've seen you accuse someone of hacking that had just got the game and hadn't even played an hour. This community is tight and players like yourself quickly build a reputation, and unfortunately, in my eyes at least, you've gotten the rep of not knowing what you're talking about. It may not be fair - but I don't take anything you take serious anymore - and I think it's a shame you've cried wolf so much, because you probably have or at least will actually encounter cheaters in WW3. I can't wait until the report button is put into the game - because then, perhaps tri will keep his/her self proclaimed skills as human cheat detector to a minimum and instead leave it to the professionals and the software of EAC to do it's job.
  11. Seems like a non issue. If you base decisions you make in life, development, business in general around who it may or may not upset, you'll inevitably talk yourself out of things that would otherwise be very cool and accepted by the majority.
  12. We've asked OP to explain why such pairings are OP. We've gotten a response based almost solely on personal distaste. No logic geared towards gameplay balance or legit suggestions to fix the (non existent) issue. We've gotten one guy freak out and start slinging insults and talking about hookers... I think it's safe to say these pairings are not OP. Not sure there is anything more to diacuss here, lol. Gentlemen, we've been trolled.
  13. they take 1 dmg per bullet or something and I use a 75 round drum. if it's disabled with a jammer, it's the easiest kill ever A soid RPG hit should do more damage. Until they fix it, I won't bother with anything besides my rifle. I see the point of high scores being thrown around as justification for nerfs to the heli drone and I can't help but wonder if the real issue isn't the lack of knowledge in the general player has in handling the drone.
  14. Easier to hit them with your rifle than an RPG and with good aim, they're down in less than ten seconds. With the ammo at all the bases now there is less pressure to conserve ammo.
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