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  1. I think we can all agree that the information flow lately has been really jacked up. The weekly reports are nice but I'd honestly prefer for a week to be skipped because there's no news then to waste my time reading a report that's been rephrased from earlier in the month. If I saw someone at my job putting out work like that I'd start to think they're running in circles or trying to cover up a lack of progress. I've come to expect F51 to tell us one thing and to then do another. I suppose that's a part of the Early Access roller coaster? I look at the PTE and some of the stuff with recon and I KNOW F51 is working hard and making changes/improvements but the information delivery still feels like it's lacking to me. Part of me wonders if the player base is so low that people are just speculating on why that is, even after updates and fixes, and everyone wants to put their theory out and into the world. Despite there being a decent amount of whining and QQ, once you sort through the ones that are beating the same dead horse and the one's that are completely emotional, there's some really good points being brought up lately Accountability is one of them
  2. I enjoy the new spotting system, I wish it didn't require a click to confirm though. I just want to press and hold X and pull my mouse in the direction of the command I'd like to issue and release X to send the command DMG has some really odd animations right now when you shoot. will test more and post as I discover
  3. I've spent a few hours myself running around solo on PTE and it's actually been a rather productive time, especially before they fixed the Z bug that was letting people pass through some walls. I think I reported 12 walls alone. Many more existed and solo PTE runs are how they were found by many. I'm not happy with the current state of WW3 either - but I think it's best you just leave this one alone. You've clearly got a critical mindset and view on things and I'd hate to see you muted or banned from the forum when your point has already been made. No need to beat a dead horse. Maybe just give it a good smack every other month Come play Div 2 with me! Or Deep Rock Galactic - that game is heaps of fun!
  4. It was removed from the game, it's possible it'll come back soon.
  5. I've been saying this for awhile. The community is so small that leaks spread like wild fire. About two months ago the lead gameplay designer Pawel reached out to me via gmail and we chatted a little about WW3. I brought up to him that it's very confusing when you've got different devs leaking conflicting information on the forum, discord and even on twitch live streams. It's scattered and unorganized information delivery and I really think it causes more issues than anything else. I was told they were considering doing weekly or bi-weekly information drops and those seem to have started here I really hope they continue with the weekly updates and more than that - I hope they give me a reason to want to play this game again. I used to sit down for 4-5 hours at a time and have nothing but fun. Now I get frustrated after an hour of game play. The player base is so low my only options at times are to play on NA with good ping in a warzone with 8 players or switch to EU on a full server and rubber band around with 300 ping. I know a few of my friends that played religiously that have now uninstalled the game entirely. WW3, for me, is quickly turning into a game I'll likely only play when a new patch comes out and I'm not the only one feeling that way. The sad part is that I can see the inherent issue in that mindset - less players means less people to test and make sure it's a solid patch, potentially making for a lower quality patch. The worst part is that I used to care enough to push myself and others to keep playing the game when it was bad, but now, now I don't care...
  6. The game is starting to feel pretty stale for me. NA servers are dead 70% of the time and many people I talk to want to see more content. Just as many want to see stable updates. It's a shame that we're being asked to pick one or the other. If we ask for content, how long will it take to fix game breaking issues? Are we going to get a shoulder shrug and a "You asked for this" if the game takes another month long hit of consistent crashes? If we ask for stables updates and bug fixes and the player count continues to drop because there isn't new content, will the game plan change for F51? Will the focus shift to new content? Is it not possible to get a large content push followed by an equal period of time fixing bugs? Rinse and repeat from there? Just a few questions that come to mind...
  7. I reported this about a month ago I'm glad it's being addressed now A certain number of team kills to be kicked is incredibly easy to abuse. Run in front of a tank... Blow up your ally claymore... Run into an air strike Is a vote to kick system hard to accomplish?
  8. If it's innapropriate I recommend reporting it to steam. In games names come directly from there.
  9. Nemesis would have to be Korny - somehow I know that he's killed me before I even see the results. I can just feel it in my bones! Target would have to be whoever I know on the other team, unless you kill me with a quadcopter. If that happens, I'm looking for you.
  10. Especially if we could also put smoke grenades in it! Or flash bangs!!! Or all three lmao! Frag Smoke Flash Frag Smoke Flash reload
  11. Do you plan on making more video's like these?
  12. That's a pretty good point - Especially since jammers cover an area much larger than artillery and some of the strikes. If there's already a way to stop the cheesy strikes, as stated above, does it need to be balanced? It has a counter that costs a fraction of the cost and covers an area greater than potentially impacted by strikes. What needs to be balanced? Maybe raise the cost of jammers?
  13. Well there's always time for this to change down the road. I was fine with 0.3 and averaging a pretty high K/D keeping boots on the ground (not playing in vehicles all game) I don't think 0.4 is bad but I understand what you're getting at about having a better reaction time not being as rewarding. I'm just not sure that its true. My reaction time is pretty dang good and I'm still wrecking games in TDM at the top of the scoreboard. Doing even better in warzone. This tells me that a skilled player is still rewarded for their reaction time, map awareness, and decision making. What I like now is that if I get shot - I die. I don't have time to use my reactions to whip around and gun down the player that had the jump on me and should have killed me. Perhaps armor needs a revisit? They seem to be considering it but want to test the 0.4 a little bit more before making any decision. If anything, with the lowered TTK, I've been slowing down while moving around maps. I'm using the flash grenades a lot more so I don't get dropped in tight rooms/hallways. I communicate and work with my squad a lot more because I'm able to feel the benefit of it, and more importantly, I'm able to feel the drawback of trying to run and gun by myself. 0.4 gets a thumbs up from me. I wouldn't be upset if they went back to 0.3. but really I'm hyped for 0.5
  14. I warned you about this Tzoning. From the day you and I disagreed about the game needing server browser. Your response to me was that my opinion didn't matter because there's a logical way to do things (btw, everyone seems to enjoy the server browser tyvm) and I thought you were just in a mood. But here I see it again. You actually believe that your opinion is better and that mostly everything else that is not your opinion is inferior. I told you that it would help if you learned that you've just got to agree to disagree on some things. In case its not clear - this game was brought into early access so that it could be built around what the community wants. Not what you want. WW3 is not a game that will ever be catered to what you alone want. WW3 is not Tzonings side project.
  15. TTK feels great right now. We had a lot of people together last night and that seemed to be the general consensus. A few people pointed out that it felt a step closer to COD - I personally agree but also don't mind. I'm glad a lot of bugs were fixed, especially the z-bug. I haven't tried all of the spots yet but the ones I have tried, I can't access anymore. Crashing is still occurring but it's getting a whole lot better. I mainly heard people complaining about the rubber banding issues from servers - But I believe y'all are aware of that. I don't mind that the game is getting more "casual" but I enjoy playing with groups of people that want to have fun and know how to get serious when it's clutch time. Dedicated "Alpha Bravo, flank from the west - flush em out with flash bangs" type of players I don't understand and can't have fun with. It's just personal preference though. I've enjoyed every step this game has taken and y'all only seem to be moving forward besides the obvious stumbles. The new sounds are really nice but I do wish there was a slightly higher cost on artillery. I love the way it functions now but at some points in the game - it's just non-stop. 2-3 minutes straight. Maybe that's okay if its how people choose to spend their points...Perhaps something to look a little closer at though? The Buggy is freaking awesome! We did notice that if you try to shoot out of the passenger seat, you sometimes hit the car and blow it up instead? That's rough and hope it gets fixed. I'd also like the option to access the i-pad and call in strikes or UAV while riding in the passenger seat of the buggy. I'm glad the flying vehicles got fixed but I'm also going to miss it a lot. So many funny moments! Footsteps still seem to be a little off. If someone is a floor below you it sounds like they're next to you. We noticed yesterday that quads don't seem to insta-kill your team if you bump into them, which is great, but we also noticed that if you hit your team with a quad it doesn't show that you did any damage to them. It would be nice if it did. Overall I'm very happy with 0.4 - the game feels and plays better than it's ever before.
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