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  1. Just drop both if you see a person begging if you have both. Or, you know, memorize words for ammo and health packs in all three languages, six words are not that hard to memorize.
  2. There's a shitstorm in another topic about microtransactions, so go figure
  3. Did not have the scar in any of my loadouts, reset everything manually anyway. Did not help, same thing.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Unable to join any match on any map. Right after initial loading (of the match) the game kicks me back to the main menu. No errors, warnings or crashes. All three server options checked. GAME BUILD ID: 3399480 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Press quick play or try to join a match any other way SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Laptop Asus gl502mv i7-7700HQ @2.8GHz, gtx1060, 8gb
  5. It it always like this for me on any ping. It's also constant and not just spikes. They're also frequent and consistent, i.e. each time I strafe I get this weird position adjustment
  6. I also TK sometimes because friendly tag does not appear. Offtopic, but gotta add my 5cents.
  7. Yeah, but heluva lot more of them. And they're moving too.
  8. Buying a game is buying a large product that demands a lot of work and polish to be made that will be worth its money by giving back to you wonderful (or not really) experience in the form of ablity to do that, which you will probably never get to do IRL (german-made work simulators don't count). When you buy a skin for something that any schoolie can make at their break time I say it's greed. A few years ago you could mod and skin any model in your game yourself by default by drawing textures in paint, today they ask you to pay for it, what are they going to ask you to pay for tomorrow? Every bullet? Cleaning your guns? Ability to move 100 steps in game? It's a slippery slope, I'd rather pay 80$ for a full game with possibilities of 2000s games but modern graphics than this cancer
  9. I mean it's your money and everything, but I can buy a lunch and a dessert cheaper than 2$. Buying pixels instead isn't really (in my opinion) a worthy investment plan
  10. Why not? Nobody makes you play on console.
  11. It isn't a good thing, it's fucking cancer. Instead of concentrating on the game itself, some devs take this shortcut and start selling cosmetic shit while game stays in fetal state (*coughpubgcough*). In ww3 you can barely see the textures anyway, and why would you want a bright skin for anything?
  12. Something is got to be done about loading time though. Reading 12gb of data at exe launch is not ok regardless of how you look at it.
  13. Don't really care about the blood, but the hitmarker is gotta either go altogether or stay as it is because people who have it on will always be at an advantage.
  14. Why is there the new selection: - Play on EU/AF servers - Play on NA/SA servers - Play on AS/OC servers Instead of - Play on EU servers - Play on AF servers - Play on NA servers - ...etc? I choose the EU/AF thingy and somehow my ping is unplayable at 370+, when it should be 110-130? I assume it connects me to african servers for whatever reason. And why is there no option to see the server I am connected to in game (or in menu at least)?
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