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  1. Thanks for the update. But to be honest, the physical servers might be there and all but its broken AF. When i have a look at the WW3 server my lowest ping server is 160- EU
  2. Okay so EU is best where the ping can be anything from 160 - 250 but with the new SACS connection they say that Ping to South America will be anywhere from 120 - 200 so things are getting there. I know of 1 local ISP that is on the SACS cable but im quoting this from a news article so im not sure. Best is always local but at this point my interest in the game has come and gone. Ill probably give this a go again when the game does a full release next year but not getting my hopes up.
  3. the devs said "should be soon" about 500 times too much already since this game launched. Im afraid to say but the lack of communication from the dev side and promises of a local server that would "be up within 2 weeks after launch" has left me playing other games.
  4. If this is the South African Servers then there is a big issue. DAT PING! If this is the South American Servers then im sad.
  5. yea i hear you but the thing is many of us bought the game based on that info that the devs gave us.
  6. Can a dev PLEASE reply on the ETA for the south african servers? FFS we are asking and posing and tweeting and it just gets ignored. PLEASE, the initial answer as that the OTHER server will be up within 2 weeks. its now been more than two weeks and still not south african servers.
  7. I respectfully disagree, if you are dead then you are dead. its a very temporary punishment for playing "wreclessly and dying" it they enable this feature then there will be no downside to being killed. Run in and get as many kills as possible, die and do an airstrike, rinse and repeat.
  8. OH GOSH, PLEASE dont remove friendly fire... that will absolutely ruin the immersion. Maybe get like a strike system in place where as you kill three team mates you get kicked or something but in my 20 hours of play i only killed one team mate by accident - came around a corner. Removing friendly fire wont only make a few normies happy.
  9. @ Devs - ETA on AFRICAN SERVERS ?
  10. I did not know that. because im not getting any XP or money.... you guys must be on the next patch already or something. HAHA apologies then. I thought you referred to the mods being locked.
  11. So just because you wont have the same setup after the reset then there is no point for you to enjoy the game now? Do you not drive your car when its clean because there is no point, it will just get dirty again... get fkn real man
  12. Well the reality is that it probably wont take 1000h do unlock every thing BUT if you think back to the biggest FPS multiplayer game probably of all time Battlefield 2, that game only have 1 gun for every class to unlock and after my 500 plus hours I still didnt have it unlocked yet that game was one if the greats.. so look its something to work for but its not all there is... So im sure they will find a good balance.
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