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  1. My favourite war movie... 13 hours (beghazi) . My favourite war series is SIX on history.
  2. I played arma 3 too. I thought that ww3 could be a more dynamic replacement
  3. Hey soldiers, I would like to know what you played before ww3. What are your hopes and what are you expecting? Do you like a dynamic game with rushing and shooting the enemy or something like going in tactical and destroy the enemy from behind?
  4. Yeah, its a tactical game based on teamplay. Tempo is perfect, shouldnt be changed.
  5. This one is for the future. I would like to see a naval warfare dlc, with ships, naval units, boarding operations etc. There are nearly no games with this scenarios.
  6. This one is more detail. But it would be nice if the uniforms would look more like the real ones. Multicam, flecktarn, tropemtarn, woodland etc. And more unit patches. German KSM, German, units, polish infantry units, US units etc
  7. Yeah, its not realistic. Shooting an rpg round on a target at 10 or 15 meters, that thing would not explode. In most cases... This should be fixed
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