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  1. What are the most important things you would like to see in a Discord server? What kind of community would you join? What is mandatory for you? I'm a member of many of them and I'm trying to help all. Help us improve!
  2. Do you want to find a squad? Discuss the best loadout? See or show some memes? Or just talk about the game? I have something just for you! No matter on what server you play you can join and have fun with us! Just jump right in: https://discord.gg/Z69YFy8GLHF
  3. Once I spawned right in front of an enemy. Once I spawned right behind a tank. Once I spawned in a gunfight. This game needs spawn protection. 3 or 5 seconds of invulnerability after spawn doesn't change anything besides preventing spawnkilling.
  4. I tabbed out during a match cause I had to switch my mouse profile. Guess what happened. I couldn't get back into the game. I don't know is it optimization or what but I don't have this problem with other games. Plz fix.
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