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  1. No, god no. What is WW3!! about battle royale? This is a global conflict game, a war of factions, armies. Royale is a cancer that needs to be irradiated from team games.
  2. Something that might be related to this is, short time after visible shots not registering, random hit marker appear on screen.
  3. The way it seems on my side is that 30-40% register damage. Controlled accurate aim at chest/shoulder/face&head height, all hits animate a hit: be it blood splat or enemy model twitch, yet only the 30-40% of the hits will show a hit marker or give a damage count. Even after seeing the helmet damage marker the enemy can take multiple hits to the head and not be downed. So it can take 2/3 of a clip to down one enemy. While 50% of the time, i'm down in 1-2 shots, with the same AR's. I didn't have this issue before the 0.3 patch.
  4. There is the steam server browser, just select World War 3, and the servers are listed.
  5. Don't get too carried away with solider uniform customisation, it's called 'uniform' for a reason. The danger is it creates a look of mercenaries instead of armies.
  6. Agree, its a map that creates a great fight, really engaging. Its somewhat linear design promotes this good fight IMO. Certainly love to see a rush style frontline mode on it. Yes, maybe a little more cover between points, but it's ok as it is, it's a fire & manoeuvre, dont go alone, provide cover etc. Maybe just the odd blast crater. Maybe a mid air collision between the choppi's....
  7. So hits are still landing without damage being dealt? because that is kind of what I'm seeing. Or, has damage just been reduced? if that's the case then I have a hit reg issue. I preferred pre update gunplay, it felt more intense, more rewarding, it was a better battle.
  8. Is it just me or are hits just not landing since the recent update? Full clips can be control fired and only 7 shots will register with the marker, and enemy still hasnt been killed? All the while, I remain being taken out in 1-3 shots, instantly.
  9. I enjoy 20 min map length, coupled with map rotation, it keeps maps fresh.
  10. Personally I like the map simplicity, it creates a frontline battle, the Berlin TDM interior is a little too complex for warzone as it just opens up more running around in circles, but in a confined space. Which to me detracts from a "global" conflict of frontlines.
  11. Is this the same game??!! First impact is, wow, yes, so much has happened. With my GFX settings the game almost looks cell shaded, love it. The strike options are endless. and, nice optimisation, alt+tab'ing is fast and stable.
  12. ADS with pistols: The pistol seems to come too close to the screen when ADS. It's as though your solider is holding/hip firing at near arms length(which is good, looks fine), but when aiming it is brought up to their nose. It would be nicer if the pistol remained at normal holding distance, but ADS just brings it to the centre of the screen. Map viewing: Can we have a hold option for viewing the map. I use it very often, and having it with toggle can compromise and stall reactions. Friendly Icon: They are a bit obtrusive due to their size and location on the body mass. Maybe it could be a smaller solid colour icon, and not until you aim at a friendly does it identify what gadget they have health/ammo etc. Maybe even have an option to position the icon above heads, as then the icons dont obscure the battle paths and line of fire. Also sometimes a friendly icon is coloured grey, and it results with blue on blue damage, as its real hard to make it out. Tank player kill feed colour: Both friendly and enemy seem to be coloured black in the kill feed, and that can be really confusing not really knowing who actually has armour alive still. Players kill feed colour: It's a very powerful tool the kill feed, I think the player should be the yellow colour even if you are not squad leader, and every other member of the squad green.
  13. A10, as an airstrike, with strafing run. When target designating, player has the ability to indicate start point and end point of slash. Thus giving scope for compact area of high damage, or stretched out line for low damage, for suppression and wounding.
  14. My favourite "Easter Egg" is the Monty Python Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. With the British voice option on your solider, priming a frag grenade, he shouts "One, Two, Five!" Every time I have to say "Three, sir" upon hearing it.
  15. That's my point, it isn't. It's a dedicated PC game.
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