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  1. Potwierdzam to co napisał AKATOVSKI. Sprawa się ciągnie już od jakiegoś czasu (chyba nawet przed 0.4). Czasem lepiej czasem gorzej ale na każdej mapie zauważalne niezależnie od tego czy jesteś w drużynie czy solo.
  2. Beside that after you quit the game it is still visible in system processes as the running.
  3. add to it after i end the game i still had it working in my processes (it happened 3 times in row) Bdw. -I checked my files integrity -I restarted PC twice -I restarted Steam everytime before i start the game
  4. First things first, yesterday and before everything was fine or even better with FPS, profile saving etc. on PTE i was so stoked. Today i turned on PTE after back from work and... My profile disapeared and when i joined the matched i had so hard fps spikes down (from 110 to 5-20) that it was tottaly unplayable. But what is most interesting - My loadouts (customization) during game was correct with my saves from yesterday (not the ones from menu)
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