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  1. I've always been a big fan of proximity VOIP as well and hope to see it in-game next to squad chat and team chat.
  2. Great thread. I love many songs but I'll try not to spam the thread so here's one. The official anthem of the Polish Armed Forces. Beautiful instrumental version: http://www.wojsko-polskie.pl/f/galleries/files/2016/5/02_piesn_reprezentacyjna_wojska_polskiego.mp3
  3. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. ( •ᴗ•)
  4. As a Christian myself, I don't see which particular lines insult Christianity as OP claims, but I do agree that the excessive swearing (at least in the Polish voices) in every single little thing they say is pretty over the top and cringe. I would prefer my soldier sounding as a properly raised and honorable Pole rather than some dumb brute. I don't mind some occasional swearing as I can imagine on the battlefield adrenaline can make you say some rowdy things, but running around swearing 24/7 like some drunk teenager at a pub does not make you sound professional in the least.
  5. Wow this thing looks interesting P90 is Belgian and I'd love to see it in game. Yes, several times: (removed images & videos from quotes)
  6. @Monster Hesh You can't actually join a server like that though, only view them.
  7. This idea has already been mentioned here and there, but I'm making this thread just to make sure it comes to the devs' attention. I'd like to see a loadout system for uniforms that works the same as the loadout system for weapons. That way after loading into a game, you can pick a winter uniform loadout when playing on Moscow, urban when playing on Berlin, woodland camo when in Smoleńsk, etc. (Pls add winter camo for uniforms some day) Related to this I'd also like to ask why there's currently a restriction to only 6 weapon loadouts and if we could see an increase to that amount. Especially since the longer you play, the more weapons you unlock + various kinds of weapon camo for various maps = many loadout possibilities. Cheers
  8. Don't use words you heard on tv once without actually knowing what they mean. It's embarrassing and not an argument. As for the dot and those who see it as a cheat, even if you do remove it from the game, people can put a dot on their monitor for all you know and there's nothing you can do about it.
  9. Yes, this has often been suggested and I too would really like to see this added. I'd like to wear urban camo in Berlin and then change to snow camo in Moscow and woodland in Smoleńsk.
  10. @Shr!ke This game isn't a milsim. Also, a woodland map is about to be released. We obviously won't be playing only on urban maps.
  11. Wtf dude. Could you not spam a million posts and instead keep everything in one post?
  12. How many of the same thread do we need. Obviously the developers are adding DMR later.
  13. @KillPhil One of the reasons why many people are looking forward to this game is to see fresh new nations being represented instead of the boring old America-Britain-France-Germany-Russia trope. The game is called World War 3 afterall. WWII games already suffer from a lack of originality and underrepresentation, always only showing America, Britain, Germany and Russia (as if they're the only countries who fought in WWII) with the only scenarios ever being Normandy, Berlin and Stalingrad (as if those are the only interesting places where the war was fought). Luckily Farm51 isn't EA, Activision, etc ... and this time we're bound to see something original. The devs have already stated that they'll try to add as many countries as they can from all over the globe, although prioritising popular demand. I'll gladly see Norway added as much as any country.
  14. Although it's not out yet, by 2026 it will be SKW308 & SKW338
  15. One of the files in the game folder is actually a picture of Chernobyl, so... ?️ STEAM\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\HTML\img\backgrounds\cities\chernobyl_img
  16. Now that you mention it, the MSBS is getting DMR and Battle Rifle versions in 7.62×51mm NATO called MSBS-7.62N
  17. My very first ones were Doom, Unreal Tournament (1999), Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.5 But I also have very fond memories of the first Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Star Wars: Battlefront and GTA which came out a bit later.
  18. @TrudeBarkhorn There's a Beryl (Mod. 96) chambered in 5,56 x 45 mm NATO but it's not in the game for some reason. It has actually been the main assault rifle in the Polish army for a long time, though it's starting to be replaced by the MSBS.
  19. 750 hours of a horrible game called Rainbow Six Siege ? Hoping WW3 can keep me as far away from it as possible.
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