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  1. I feel like some changes needs to be done with how you purchase in the customization menu. its "Too easy" to buy things atm since a single click anywhere on the icon (even on the Info icon) will end up buying the item. And its also no possible to view or see what changes an attachment will add on the weapon (or how it will look with it on) without buying it. It should be changed to a system where you can select an item (which will let you see it and what changes it would make on your weapon etc) and then buy it. Or a system where you select things during building the loadout but you dont "buy" the items untill you finish the loadout. And either way there needs to be atleast a 2 click process when buying things.
  2. As said APS has a cooldown so its not at all OP. (the Cheap APS has 4 shots not two though even though it might look like just 2 visually). Many people forget about ERA though as im pretty sure it works as it should again RPGs etc (more or less totally negating them) as i have im pretty immune to RPG hits to areas where i have RPG nets or ERA armor. (One reason why im generally more scared of the TOR then i am RPG fire) so i think Garack might confuse APS with hits negated by ERA or armor. (and also with the APS charges they can be refilled by going back to base to re-arm/Repair) Also there is the fact that the APS "alarm" will signal against any RPG fired at you even if it does not hit you so near misses might seem like they are destroyed by the APS when in reality they are not. Tanks can be extremely powerfull when used correctly against people who dont know how to counter them. They are good if used correctly and carefully against people who know how to counter them (against good players a tank driver cant just rush into an area but needs to be more carefull and should stay on the edges unless there is friendly infantry around to cover his flanks etc) And then lastly tanks can be very easily killed if used incorrectly against people who know how to counter them.(Tank drivers who just rush into an area thinking he cant be killed and who is then has is optics destroyed,gets shot in the rear by Tandem warheads or is simply chipped away at with TORs). So all in all i do not think tanks are OP at all. If anything they are a bit weak in regard to how OP the TOR is against tanks etc. (Though there is still plenty of tweaking needed but that is to be expected with a game in this early a stage)
  3. Yea i also hate when people run infront of your vehicle and then punish and try to take the vehicle. Ive even come across squads doing it. 2-3 people that surrounded my vehicle and ran into my path when i tried to move and if one of them was killed the others would try to steal the vehicle. They did this for an entire game any time they came across a tank/IFV...
  4. What i really hope they add is a Magnifier that you can use together with red dot sites (Atleast some of them) to give them mid-range zoom. They could put it under the side sight slot and use the same keybind even. This is something that is very commonly done in militaries and some of the World war 3 Art even shows a Holo Sight on a AK with a magnifier. If they added a magnifier that would instantly add so many additional options for mid-range sights.
  5. This is not a bug. In order to cause less stress to the server they turned off the save function (in addition to turning off the progression and unlocking everything etc). They did this so more people could get on the servers etc. When they have solved the Server issues they will turn progression and the Save function back on again. (This way its also a fresh start when everything is fixed so we all start from 0)
  6. The pistols are bugged in that they are not lined up properly. So you are unable to look through the sights correctly (and the round still hits where the sights are looking) here are examples from each of the Pistols As you can see the Ragun is worst off but all 3 are affected to a noticable degree. This makes it hard to be accurate with the ironsights and hopefully this will be fixed soon. Though i understand it might not be as cricital as some other things atm ^.^ Build ID 3235427
  7. If you mean Progression then that is currently turned off due to the server issues. One of the ways they could reduce stress on the server (that prevented people form playing) was to turn of the Progression & Saving customization and changes etc and make everything available But as soon as the server issues are fully fixed they will turn Progression back on and we will have to earn credits and buy / unlock the stuff we want just as intended. This is just a temporary thing done to make sure more people could get into the game untill the servers are fixed.
  8. Like Versedi and p3rf04t0r said this problem is caused by the FPS being unlimiting. So setting a FPS cap either ingame using Vsync or the FPS cap option or by doing it outside the game using drivers will fix the issue. And then hopefully they will fix the problem soon but untill then the problem can be avoided by limiting the FPS using one of these methods.
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