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  1. If we can make serves the community will grow noticeable .
  2. This is some joke right ? WW3 is far far away from the R.I.P. part yes she have some serious problems right now but they are nothing in comparison of the launch moment , it's not possible to complain for anything right now - everything is in under construction we can only hope for better development in the future and what I have seen so far i'm sure it will be .
  3. For now for me 2 things are realy bad they destroying very good the game and should be fixed soon as possible : 1 - User performance ( more wide range of hardware to be supported i mean more hardware should get playable fps ) with the new engine im skeptical it will be something serious on that area . 2 - The supported stations should be placed only on the invincible bases so they can support blocked defending team ( they will have little more advantage to assaulting the battlefield and the rampaging team will get little bit more fear to go close and destroy the game balance ) .
  4. Yes o yes same reason as Taurus Model 44 and Desert Eagle ( fun , fun and of course fun again ) - its depends of the developers how they will implement realistically,easy or hard ( personally it's should be hard here we get the fun part of it ) to use these guns i like to have options to play with what i want as like most players in any game if i'm on real world on real world war 3 with limited resources this is another beer . I will develop the idea because we touch the sensitive words ( 70+years old gun , Desert eagle is not used as military weapon .... ) . Ok lets forget for good old fashioned classics who have proven themselves over years with preferably i will write for new manufactured 44 mag revolver gun see here : if it's so hard to put in such a classic try this i will be happy and with this ( but if i get deeper im sure i can get many new manufactured and developed options ) https://www.taurususa.com/firearms/revolvers/raging-hunter/ if need to dig more ( here the the things get really crazy , here a lot from opposing side may be will change the color of his side ) - https://www.magnumresearch.com/ On the end all who want to be part of this coferstion read carefully the part ( Why Choose .44 Magnum? here ) https://www.pewpewtactical.com/best-44-magnum-revolvers-rifles/ and without too much digging for people who are ok with the history part and are for further balancing and ideas - https://www.snipercountry.com/best-44-magnum-revolver/ .
  5. Whenever you mark an objective on the map, every other squad leader gets an information about it in the form of text under the point - this is straight on the right direction the other stuff for me are not new and can't be good game without them again good work F51 ! Please share and these secrets in loading screen in abbreviated form .
  6. Okay tynblpb, you literally fucked up the game - now the devs need to fix this really fast the heli drone will be dangerous and annoying as flea in comparison of this .
  7. tynblpb i was laughing until I shit myself ( i watched all 3 videos ) ArhyBES rulls .
  8. I think it's not bad idea but w.w.3 will become just another Bf hell again ( everybody will start to running around as crazy as in bf and here the game become fast acting fps and this is not reaistic and tactical bf 3/4/5 ....... failed here with thunder and crash ) now most of the owners who hate this rampaging craziness never come back again in bf series ( this is typical for call of dutty series and this free f.p.s. d.m. games ) .
  9. I personally will be really happy to make some shots with the Taurus Model 44 I had a very good time in BF 4 with it. Heiii on the end the game is for fun - we are all here for the fun factor in realistic tactical f.p.s. game .
  10. realy ? Ok you gain more easy the points - you have more points to spend and spamming more strikes and the game start to be more boring , starting to not care much how spend your BP .
  11. ou for vehicle only will be nice idea actually i strongly agree it
  12. I think the idea for Emergency Spawn is reaallly realy good but may be nead some improvments : 1 this flying vehicle should be not been noticing may be flying above the clouds ( out of the radar ) and the part with the little animation is realy noticeable you doing something special right now definitely need to have before the parachute jump and its will delaying some part of the assaulting moment . 2 should be spawn on random location ( a small element of intrigue it will make some crazy last moments of the war not complete advantage on the end it's emergency ) until one point is captured 3 only squad leaders can chose this special point we not need all team to spawn behind enemy lines and close the pocket too easy . With these things we will fix really big % of the unbalanced part im with 2 hands and 2 legs for this .
  13. The 4) If you kill enemy by headshot, you receive additional 25 BP. is nice idea but i think it will hurt the strike system so i don't want it .
  14. I like it but if i have the option to choose it with or without it .
  15. After this comment i just can't write anymore .
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