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  1. I go in the roadmap section and in every MILESTONE after ENGINE UPDATE missing PERFORMANCE UPDATES this make bad impression for the future and there's a lot people raging for the perormance part i think it's not bad idea to put this part somewhere if the plans are to improve the perf. part its even will reduce some % of the panic which has taken most of the comunity . sorry for the wrong section
  2. Majestec your post is deffanatly useful thanks for the reminding but sadly its well cnownw to people with some skills in windows optimzations and will not du big difference ( we need to buy new hardware it's inevitable ) .
  3. Ok realy thanks VValkyr now im shure to do not even thing to lose more money i will stay with my FX 8320 4ghz. no turbo until the game have be finishet all games run almost perfect in W.W.3 is hell does not matter what optimization i du and sacrifice .
  4. Best way to make the best move is to learn from others ( i mean copy the best from all and improve it , develop it and even add new brave ideas ) .
  5. Im ok with that but if it counts only for vehicles ! If you are not big you are not big threat - regular soldiers will not have chance to defending self and this things destroying Battlfield seriels .
  6. Actualy definitely we need some animation for the bipotd and should be act as bipod the recoil part i'm not sure how it's act in real world here Dunabar can destroy any doubt for weapon stats but if i remember right machineguns are weapons for massive killing becuse that in W.W. militery make machine gun nests on strategic spots ( you have plenty boolets,almost perfect stability and serios range and in combination with the cover of the nest you are very hard target for elimination ) . In matter of fact Hitler was so convinced in the value them so he bet so much engineering power and resources on them that they do not have enough man power to construct all nest on time . sorry for my bad english
  7. Actually i always use 80 brightness as in the picture.
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG you or the enemy all models are complete black / dark if i change all settings on ultra same results GAME BUILD ID 4526046 STEPS TO REPRODUCE when staying on close to too powerful light.
  9. OMG you going to be little bit crazy already how much detail info for every weapon vehicle are you rest ever ?
  10. Hypnotic

    leaning ability

    I think may be i propose it before ( sorry for the spam if im ) are you folks considering it before the ability to leaning when you are on the back i mean when you use the maximum angle you can get with the mouse press one time leaning button ( Q or E as i use ) and the character go not on his belly as we du it through double pressing them but in his one site ( left or right ) (\____/) ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)\╭☞ \╭☞ I think it will boost the immersive even further .
  11. DESCRIPTION OF BUG When the round end you cannot write in the chat section and not have even cursor ( its happen to me occasionally i don't know are have players on the server that moment ) . GAME BUILD ID 4526046 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : 1st. finish the round. 2nd. try the button for activating chat ability in the countdown screen .
  12. Do not complain you found secret grenade launcher now use it !
  13. Im with 8320 4ghz. no turbo / rx 580 / 16gb. ddr 3 1066ghz. + ssd and have problems awready and on TDM there is only hope ...
  14. Microsft destroying everything what they touch ( if they come here there will be no more WW3 and plans for the future ) as we know they like to have bare minimum real support and developing team windows 10 is a good example ( at least still we can use it for games ) but in other hand as far i known the Chernobylite team is not part of the team for ww3 .
  15. Can i vote somehow for this Suggestion 2 times its anyoing and for me it's deserve attention .
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