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  1. Im for fully blind effect when you are blind you are blind ( and the duration should be serious ) we are not a machines . For smoke grenades in the real world exist smoke grenades with metal particles in it ( this block IR scopes ) so i see here opportunity for another kind grenade let's say with lower range of effect easy peasy and everybody are happy .
  2. When im waching the movies for the new animations when player runing i don't feel enough staggering same as the ferst animations ( i'm feel im some kind of cyborg or im on vehicle on rails ) and only the weapon staggering the body almost not - it's not bring any immersion in the game . Almost good staggering is the moment when the player change his weapon ( at least we should have the same when runing if not much more ) .
  3. I think it's even better if you lying down should be not detectable at all because the experience soldier will avoid the wires slowly ( if he is not blind ) . Crouching one will have most time to react , heavy less , medium less and light no any reaction in the range .
  4. Its pane for my fingers all day holding W button in such big maps .
  5. Lets say i want to have 1 concussion , 1 smoke and 1 symtek or smoke grenade as in real world i will use different types it will be much more fun and wise as in weapon and strike customization we can do so much bizarre things we should have and this option . Postscript - and if somebody think this will destroy the balance think about the helicopter strike first ( the fps part need variety to feel it as real thing as the new animated will up some % ) .
  6. Sure it's very depressing even from green color the games supposed to be fun .
  7. Yes the balance come first but definitely this problem deserve to mention - for me most annoying thing every time is the scar because of this low rpm sound im feel im use something broken but if begin to ruin the game fluidity ( as BF 4 is from the beginning all sounds are perfect for me but hit detection and net code are shit and this leading to big dissapoint and boring in such modern game ) please don't touch right now most core things working fine .
  8. Yes sir it's iconic weapon need to have it ufcource this weapon or Barrett M82 or the U.S M107 .50 BMG they all make the eye happy .
  9. Enigma i not think anybody in the world are survive after throwing C4 this was a fantasy far from reality .
  10. for me the advantages is simple 1x2x.. are for cqc and 5x6x... are for sniping ofcourse i have disadvantage with high scope on cqc and low scopes on hight range .... ( its just how big you see the target and everything around him and lets not forget the f51 already balanced the good parts with time to aim if i remember right ) its same and on real world i think the only bad balance in the game for now is the fluctuation in the fps .
  11. I hope it's not too hard to make but i think this will be really good extra if you can adjust the place of the optics you chose on the rail in customization menu near the eye or farther away even better if you can place on exactly where you want with the mouse not to choose from 2 or 3 places on the weapon let's say i want to place my 4x optic close to my eye and my f.o.v. is increased tru my optic now i not have the peripheral vision around me and if i make it even close ( if the rail allows it ) it can cut off some of the the outside unit of the optic and vice versa .
  12. The point here is to make more coordinate work with Most Valuable Person the - leader so arrow with automatically adjustable size depending on how far is squad leader from you if hi is too far should disappear ( less unnecessary icons and will make the experience more realistic in that moment when the arrow appears will get the feeling something serious happens ) or be realy small and not change the size also this arrow should change position on the screen based on his direction real time . With this you can have more real perception wheare hi is ( the perception exists only in reality but not in game this need to be changed ) of course this is not a mandatory option should player have option to disabled it from option/gameplay menu and should be really noticeable when players are too close to each other almost disturbing to get desired effect .
  13. I feel somehow you don't know if they decide to implement the map will be not as in the pics - the map will be in ruins .
  14. Best way for me to balance it is to block enough peripheral view as it's on real life and reduce some level the stamina ( reduce or increase something as aim time as in call of duty warzone is unrealistic and annoying ) .
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