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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : the deploy button on spawn menu after death. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): 1. press the deploy button before the countdown end 2. you not spowning (does not matter player or point) 3. nead to preess it agane. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : its happen on all maps for me exept Polyarny map.
  2. yes i'm with 16gb. 1866ghz. and it realy help but the C.P.U. is most big power for this game.
  3. Ok i don't know what optimizations you du but before i duing overclocking,trying every setting,registry modifying,everything on more than low and my GPU and CPU often on 100% but now the game runing almost perfect and i'm on ultra everything , my hardware is not gething on max ( you are gods farm 51 you are gods ! keep doing what you doing ) and even we are not get the end of the year officially i deinstalling my Battlefield 4 from my second SSD and WW3 occupy it thank you again thank you .
  4. Ok Tweak see here my post if you really need a change in your desperation :
  5. Ok i found what you need to do to have a chance to play WW3 if you stuck as me with great ( Multitasking CPU ) and low ghz. in my case 4ghz. no turbo ! In my case i have c.p.u. who contains 8 physical cores - however these are 2 cores per module & share certain resources that mean i'm fucked in this game and i enable the function in bios 1 core pear unit this mean i will use my core with no any shares and can overclock realy much more and i reach 4.400ghz. now i can play the game almost smooth and i can now react adequately in most cases. My thoughts after all suffering thoughts and tests - if developers want bigger community they need to make their game playable and from multitasking c.p.u. players with big number cores my be to select some function as c.p.u. performance boost lets say (c.p.u. core boost) in future as i see number cores getting bigger and bigger. weedtime you can lock the the topic if you want i have nothing more to add I solved the problem completely sorry if i was not clear in some way i don't mean it i use google translate constantly.
  6. As i say before its not option in my case
  7. Ok i understand only hope stayed here .
  8. Good RX 580 Saphire Nitro + I know it is old i need to know are i can use it in future for this game because i need change the whole platform for one game .
  9. Where is the problem when come more players after ( 6 vs 6 ) i can't use my peripherals its a few times more worst and hard and are players like me with F.X. 8320,8350.. class c.p.u. have future in W.W.3 .
  10. Nobody want a nice game which he can not play (it's a game not movie),the game already won title "Battlefield killer" for me and much more others there is no options only 1 Slow down, fix bugs and optimize - to be from best game to legendary game.
  11. Is there any plant in future to make client performance optimization update/patch (C.P.U. or overall improvement) or the game cannot be optimize much more in this part already ?
  12. Omg i make for example Heat movie on every game with potential for sound and for map design , we gathered here only sirius people this game will change game industry if we continue on this way.
  13. it's not something new on steam there is thousands people on the world with this problem no matter for what game refers but it's very tiring thing. STEPS TO REPRODUCE The problem is where you play the game 100% you are shure will get this message 1-8-9 files are failed to validate if you check for integrity the local files before play the game next time. GAME BUILD ID 3343723 I don't know if it is possible to be fixed but if you can it's will be very good even my friends checking the game every time (same procedure) i think steam is too rough with the game files somehow and messing up with them every time and if i'm not with ssd i don't know are i can do it every time with HDD. I try it to run everything with admin privileges - STEAM/GAMEFILS (WW3_launcher,EasyAntiCheat_Setup,WW3-Win64-Shipping) nothing helps . DESCRIPTION OF BUG
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG GAME BUILD ID 3334720 STEPS TO REPRODUCE When changing from 1st weapon to second the position of the camera going down and right or backward the position of the camera going on previous position up and left watch the center point for better view !!! (note that field of view (soldier) is 60 otherwise it's impossible to react adequately vs real players "steady flowing gameplay impossible" but with 60 fov is somehow acceptable ).
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