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  1. Im 34 and planning is main reason to win vs outnumbered enemy and in ww3 is even more important part .
  2. So to clarify it - in every advanced tactical game we have serious and rich player awareness as here in ww3 i mean : - when somebody throw grenade to you start screaming - omg grande .... - when somebody from your team is close to you and die or enemy shoot you you screaming - he is die , somebody help we hit and etc. I think we need some special class lets say - spec ops class who not bawl as somebody hick or a first-class soldier ... we nead to have more personal touch on the character with something like this we can plan and execute ours plans as its should be the only sounds your person should emit are groaning and wailing i thing . This class can be chosen lets say with the emblems ( on the end they are for designate from what military part you are ) or in different menu ..... ofcourse this advantage should have his and disadvantages ( may be restricted to not have level 1 and 2 armor or and different and limited radio sounds ) . I think it to suggest it from very long time and now i gathered enough passion to du it just before go to bed so i can sleep calmly i hope the content not full with errors .
  3. Ok Dunabar you should be part of f51 the creative team you are really good with that stuff i just cant dispute with anything here .
  4. C.P.U. - F.X. 8320 4ghz. no turbo ( this part right now is not for this game i hope one day will be ) . G.P.U. - R.X. 580 Nitro + . R.A.M. - 16gb. 1866ghz. Geil Evo Potenza . S.S.D. 256. for windows 10 Pro. S.S.D 111gb. ( real spec ) only for the game. On low settings - most bad possible performance in ww3 not worth to even try it anymore . On Ultra best performance ( and its really bad im shure its becuse my c.p.u. i have bad single thread perf. ) i thing still not good optimizet game from 30 to 90-100 max when nobody use strikes in game and not make big explosions i not try last update ( i'm little frustrated and I'm waiting with hope to see in update section row add. support for multicore slow c.p.u. or may be F.X. c.p.u. ) .
  5. and UCAS-D is usles specialy vs remote controlled helicopter he can escape in any minute by going on high altitude .
  6. Sorry i not played insurgency and i'm forget arma its last long ago and i not play it much but i think ready or not will have something similar .
  7. Yes my English is not good i use Google translator constantly .
  8. I don't know why but the game decide after 5-6 rounds to start count real fps this is the fix obviously .
  9. What you mean with anti aliasing ?
  10. I decide from countless attempts to run the game in acceptable levels again and turn on the counter and I don't know what happened with my FPS counter i ruined something in game or is something else the counter can't go over 60 fps does not matter are im using everything on ultra or everything on low its extreme precise stable 59-60hz. on fight of course going down crazy low . My monitor is - 144hz. Full HD ( and run it with this settings ). fx 8329 overcloked to 4ghz. no turbo - (unfortunately not possible to get better) RX 580 Nitro + 16gb. ram 1866hz. SSD this is my pics in game and Ati settings : i disable and frame rate lock no change !
  11. From my experience the blur function only gimmicks ( masquerade ) the imperfection of the motions ( stuttering,tearing....) also degrease your accuracy,range and orientation in 3D space i hope i not sound too much scientifically .
  12. ahhh the Jinjer is not surprise me I know her she is a men in woman skin metaphorically speaking
  13. I thing this idea need little bit more attention from everyone and may be if it's possible to realize it is better to take serious test damage from vote system because maybe not all players will happy to see the bullets by real hard way . So the idea if not awready you guessed what is it. We need to minimize as much as possible useless and not realistic infos from the screen ( you get fun if you make it personal ) first and most noticeable is to see exactly how much bullets you have on your clip - to see that you should press lets say ( R ) or ( B ) button fast 3 times or press different button in that moment you will see are you have bullets on clip with appropriate animation (and this will depends of what type of clip you choose to have ) for better understant all of you see the pics below - on last one lets say we have standart type clip you can see the bullet only if detach the mag from the weapon :
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