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  1. To contribute with my old topic : I hope this time not be Declined as low up-votes.
  2. Weapon coalition vote with 2 hands and 2 legs if my mother had made me and another limb i will vote and with him . And shooting from the barrel is not bad idea ufcource ...
  3. Only blind man cannot vote for this ( i hope they implemented it somehow ) the immersive part is most important part in any game and the Weapon collision is pretty serious part !
  4. Atway i definitely not like this idea its have no sense in real world the things not stay that way the ww3 have tends to be real in most his part , instead i have better idea for grinding part if you reaaly need it pregression system will be realy long for those who want it you can grind really much and will give you fame + will improve your communication abilities with teamats and squad + this will not make the new ones lives harder its will make your live in game more pleasant + it's completely in the range of reality :
  5. Enigma because the torment you are experiencing and the others people like you i will never upgrade my pc until i see His Majesty the path 1.0 , i not see any reason to du it the only problem for my: Fx 8320 4ghz. no turbo Rx 580 nitro + and 16gb. 1866 ghz. ram SSD ..... is in the world war 3 so it's pointless to even try useless optimizations and reconfiguring registries ( i should mention it i try every stupid idea every smart ass has invented to this day ) even reducing graphical settings make the game even worst the performance and on matter of fact with all the corrections you did never know after the last update are the new problems are from your corrections or from the last update or mix from both ... Only the anointed ones with 1000$+ pc's have the difference .
  6. im go in servers with 30-40 ping max ( they increase dramatically a lot after every player join in so 15vs15 make the game for me to max 80-90 ) but my fx 8320 oc 4ghz. no turbo and RX 580 nitro + are not enough for stable gameplay unfortunately ! ...
  7. As i see another suggestion doomed to die because the people who enter here are severals ( not attractive section ) .
  8. Yes i try it everytime crouch and walking is useless ( you make too much noise and you are too slow ) the current walking system benefit only to as we saying in our country cardboard players ( the whole game is hiding and waiting ) every time the nobs du it and after you approach he hear you and they have even more advantages throws a grenade ofcourse your character start yealing as a furious peasant and the cardboard player already know your exact location and run and gun without any necessary skills you're doomed because you are in crouch mode ( almost immobile ) . Its Declined as low up-votes. its not important for most players i thing all play as rage people with machine guns for who only important thing is the kills ( in their head only one voice hears if i die i will respawn why i should care ) .
  9. im very sure im stuttering and lagg in warzone with 15/15 players in the server and i get 20fps best moments 40 fps. after this i not even imaginate to use sniper rifle every scope after 4x is as comix zone .
  10. That's why i give idea if enough people like it the chance is very high to be implemented or improved ( the game is not finished and nothing is permanent ) my job as idea creator is well done and you not understant me obviously because i say ( on the end moding menu is complete different game in the game least for me ) not its should be or it is right now .
  11. i think if it's possible to add some animations ( your person hold the weapon on some table in shooting room with weapons and vehicles parts around him ... ) on the end moding menu is coumplete different game in the game least for me i easily spending hours in it if you understand me what i mean . For the animation part to be more clear i mean something like this from batman arkham city menu start from 0.46 time : short animations not too hard for the hardware I guess and very immersive after every player intervention . It will be even better if some of the main buttons has been pinned on wall as real things when you press them lead you to different place on the room may be 1st weapons 2nd vehicles 3rt. strikes ... of course i'm glad if i have comment with better ideas below ...
  12. Don't argue everybody should report what he think it is need to be if we start to afraid to report nobody will hunt the shits and only the devs will try to do something ( and this will be really bad ) Xanon86 dont afraid du what you think need to du . 1st. actually half of the things i reported before has been fixed after that 2nd. the devs work and fixing but not everything ( they choose what and when ) awer jobs as members of the community is to give opinions for improvements .
  13. point 7 happen everytime when somebody kill you with headshot and you spawning after that point 9 i believe this will not be fixed in near future it is on all scopes after 1x and too much people report it before !
  14. tynblpb the point is if they remove it the bar and make the icon to filling as the bar ( you will have much larger bar who is filling and remove unother tiny usles icon form the hud ). Sorry my english is not good and i cannot say it more clear hope you understand me as i say Its not somthing game changing but many small things make 1 big change and i fix my title now it's clear i think .
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