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  1. After reading this thread ... How bout splash damage act differently: - at 3-5 meter they kill ! - beyond this range they do certain non lethal damage + they blow players of their feet x meters away from explosion impact (with certain ranges involved accordingly) This might add disorientation (audible & directional) to the RPG footsoldier and perhaps delay on his reloading a new RPG shell after standing up again. The HE shooting tank doesn't perform instant easy kills too easely and the RPG'er doesn't perform quickfiring rockets. This would require some extra work for the dev's ofcours adding blown away animations, but at first thought this mechanic could work and might add some balance to both parties involved. A bit rough generalised suggestion, but you get the geste. What does anyone else thinks bout this ?
  2. Well since it's still alpha i don't think much optimising in that regard is going to happen, unless everybody starts to have problems there. Beta is normally reserved for that.
  3. Just a thought : Did you guys approved your firewall popup ?
  4. wipe means wipe (to me) Don't care if i loose all, i actually want to start fresh. Part of the fun is progression on its own.
  5. Advance with lots of smoke nades and only rush when ur close enough would be my respons in such a situation.
  6. My pistol has come in handy on a couple of occasions, quickswitching instead of reloading, in that moment you're in a 1-on-1 shootout. That moment when you nearly had the kill, yours & his magazine has bin emptied and when you see he retreats for reload, you charge further and finish him with said pistol. Another occasion when ur out of bullets on yr main gun, there's still the pistol for last resort. Being lucky they haven't spot you and you see them advance, the pistol brought forth that kill hitting them in the back. So you never know when ity might come in handy. I'm still on the fence about the LMG, trying different setups. But sometimes being prone guarding an entrypoint they can cause mayhem to advancing opposition. Not vey usefull on the fly sort of speak, due to it's high recoil factor. It is loud and you are spotted easely when spraying bullets, snipers pick you off easely. As usual it has benefits and drawbacks. I'm kinda waiting what they will become once all weapon rebalance has occured.
  7. This probably requires a time cycle and a huge task for the dev's to implement. I'd love to see it aswell but most likely not on the agenda any time soon, if at all.
  8. Hi there, We haven't seen a major patch update yet and i would want to suggest that when you do, to create a single Bug Report Thread of that perticular game build. This would manage the flood of new threads of wich i'm seeing 604 topics allready. Many post similar threads and issues. Do not lock the thread untill you are ready to roll out a new patch and consequently open a new thread with the new game build bug reports. That makes it a bit more orderly both for you developers and testers. A continuous thread can provide oversight wich i've seen done with another early access game. Testers can comment on eachother and provide info amongst eachother about perticular bug reports, make comparisons etcetera. Sure this thread can grow large, but with the current template they are easy to spot for you dev's and gather a list from this 1 thread and work to squash those bugs. It kinda helps the community to interact and keeps them involved. Needless to say posters have to stay on topic and not deviate too much. Also devs can interact with the testers reports to dig deeper in to a certain issue that has bin posted. I thought this formula worked great for both parties and provides the promiss of a good dialogue. It would also be handy if the log could be inserted within the bug post as an attachment, so you dev's can look at it without flooding the pages with ppl copy/pasting their logs. Hope you considder this. Thanks.
  9. Would be interesting to see, i'll give you that. Certainly would want to try it out.
  10. It is not that hard to see why people make comparisons to realism, people like to FEEL they are in a real battle sort of. That doesn't mean exactly, but for the sake of FEELING realism is your standard comparison model. The market is overloaded with twitch shooters pleasing ADHD disorders, making it seemingly "more fun" or pushing the "norm" . Now i respect anyones personal idea of what they deem as "fun", but this trend has bin pushing the bar for a long time now. I too was appealed by the announcements of more "realfeel", as i do not enjoy todays 'standard' of FPS games. Allready i see most people doing nothing but rushing. While this has its purpose in situations, there is too little consequense in deaths as you can instantly respawn ... wich promotes the rush behaviour. It has even come as far that people get 'bored' if that element of instant satisfaction is not being implemented in a FPS. Just look at youngsters these days ... consuming poisonous sugardrinks to push limits wich are promoted as 'energy drinks', talking 100 km/h,ego's blown out of proportion attitudes, etc ... I rest my case. Personally not a fan of Arma neither, too many buttons ( as in not intuitive ) wich where it becomes overtechnical. This is why i'm talking about how it FEELS. It is a balance on its own to find that sweet spot between too much and too little. Finding balances is allways the most difficult to find, yet most easy to get used to in the long run once you've found it. Just like ... in real life.
  11. Anyway, i try to get the interaction flowing wich usually ends up them leaving the squad. All good i think to myself and start giving orders. Then what usually happens is not a single squad member takes notice and scatter as they please. Soon i'm tired of that and join another squad, sticking with that squadleader. A very annoying thing spawning on squadleaders is falling through the map though, usually when they're sticking in a corner or against a wall. Lots of unnessecary respawns for me.
  12. Never seen that happen, the advice part i mean. I thought pointing at a random flagpoint & hitting the spotbutton just reminds the squadleader for a new command. Not so much that perticular flagpoint persé.
  13. 20 seconds timer ? I don't think so. I can get all 3 rockets out within that time limit, none of them connect as they are taken out by this 'APS' (whatever that stands for)
  14. Probably it has bin taken off sale cuz of the rocky launch it had, lots of ppl went for a refund. The Devs are on it according to another thread. @weedtime The game is available again on steam. Thread will be now closed.
  15. I have to disagree on that, TZoningHard. "Vehicle whoring" as you call it is still present with this system. It might even be exagerated with this system since there is no imediate counter except for infantry methods and eventual airstrikes (wich the vehicle will be warned about incoming). On top of that there is extra armor and an anti rocket system, your position is mostly immediatly spotted by the driver and he blows you away with its splash damage. The reason constant tank flood happened in BF was because they almost instant respawned. If one would lower the spawn time, or even a select number of vehicles and no more. Fighting over the ownership of tanks is mere about egotistic individuals, wich we see rampant drawn to the shooter genre.
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