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  1. @tomciomalina what i have to copy in engine.ini and how ? Can u upload a screen of your engine.ini please ?
  2. @Tassili i selected dx10 and i'm using last version of reshade without problems
  3. @JiggyJinjo where i have to copy preset file for reshade ? What i have to choose dx10 or opengl ?
  4. @VoodooGaming In customize before joining a match i choose thermal optical (on default turret) then i go back, after to see my custom tank i select it and optical is none with gray cross, it is like the game saved my custom setting for tank
  5. Every time i select thermal vision in tank observation it resets to none. I can't use any observation on vehicles.
  6. After the new patch of november 0.2 i got the same connection problem of day one, i'm stuck in conneting to ww3 network. Have you got the same problem ?
  7. @Gemini899 video settings in advanced and quality for the game after your guide ?
  8. Here a video on youtube where a player is using cheats. Esp, aimbot, no recoil
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