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  1. Unfortunately the spawn kill exists in all games but I will have enjoyed another approach to the spawn supplement although it is very useful on the game today if no one camps on the extra spawn.
  2. Hello farm51, In games I notice we have a new spawn available when we have almost more points. It will have been nice parachuting a plane that crosses the map and we chose or jumped, Or a helicopter as in the trailer of the game randomly in the maps and we have a delay to choose this appearances as his serai for the plane with beautiful animation it would be nice. I can understand that such a feature would be hard and time consuming to put in place. Sorry for my English.
  3. I hate the new ammo care system in the capture points, I thought it better to ask the allies. Otherwise no games d equipped if you can heal and take ammo capture area.
  4. I do not understand why, they are not added the D capture points on the maps Warsaw, as there was at the beginning of the games.
  5. I will be able to have the link of the video please thank you.
  6. I was in the little room where there is the hole it may be for her.
  7. Yes the soratnik but I liked a mini tank that goes into the house. We can not have it all
  8. Hello I would like to propose a new type of drone as there is in frontline fuel of war small armored vehicle crawler. I will find his cool to go into the small house to kill the campers and use as support.
  9. I noticed that many use only for them and not to help the teammate. Because he does not know it
  10. Rrrrrrr, thank you for not needing video. To show the bug.
  11. I would like to talk about a smolensk bug on capture points a2 and b2, I came across a Russian player who sent a bombing strike and crossed the B2 bunker and the A2 petrol station to kill us. He killed 4 players on the bunker and we were inside and the same for the station.
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