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  1. yesterday i noticed that both teams, besides doing pretty well, had bad k/D ratios. Even the top3 players in both teams hardly managed to stay above a positive ratio. What bothers me is that its almost impossible to build a nice setup with heavy armor. Most of the time you're quickly overload and have to choose light armor plate at least. TTK and Armor doesnt seem to fit properly imo and i hope they somehow rework their concept, because right now some matches become very frustrating due to TTK, sometiimes very bad hitregestration or lag and recently more often unbalanced teams.
  2. This! and only this atm. Cosmetics and further customization should be *implemented when the game runs smooth and most bugs, glitches and errors are fixed. Besides, wear a gas mask or full face helmet and paint your skin green, while there are obv way more important issues to handle.
  3. For sure not, since the game runs smooth af and has barely any other issues. diversity should be one of the primary points to focus on. 100% serious...
  4. Yes thats what we def need right now. Also include women and disabled people, furthermore would be awesome to play as an lgbt lesbian/trans soldier. TY
  5. when will there be any answers for this ama?
  6. a glitch of which textures? do you recongize that this is just a jpg or whatever type of pic? <Removed> /weedtime
  7. so you think those cheats are not getting updated? i guess you prefer, out of sight out of mind. But thats not how it works.
  8. devs, pls explain what's the purpose of this those pictures beneath map surface and how it helps game performance and doesnt effect game size?
  9. <Removed> weedtime nearly three month old video, not many of this kind to find online, but those cheats definitly exist. To me it also occurs that the amount of cheaters increased within the past weeks.
  10. Yesterday i got stuck beneath the ground yet again. I noticed something strange and took some screenshots. There seems to be a whole screenshoted landscape beneath the map; devs whats the prurpose of this? How much of this stuff is included into the maps? Pls explain how this does not effect overall game size (which i couple of time ago ranted about) and performance.
  11. 1. Will there be an option to choose ammo type to start with, especially for rpgs being able to start with tandem projectiles? And what is the point of normal RPG rockets anyways, since its pretty useless against vehicles and infantry since the last update? 2. When will servers include map rotation? 3. Any plans to rework the squad management. Would be nice to be able to see the names of the teammates on map while in squad menu or to see where each specific teammate is located on the map. Atm you can only see the dots on the map, without knowing who is who.
  12. Reduced Ammo and new refill amount sucks very much. Hope they change it to sth better and change the amount of ammo one starts with, cause right now almost everybody is running around with an ammo pack.
  13. 100gb of diskspace for PTE and main... what are they thinking??!
  14. 100GB for PTE and Main in EA Status is too much and the reason why so less people are playing PTE. SSD diskspace is still limited and WW3 folders are poluted with useless files, jpgs etc Are you devs planning on fixing these tremendous space issues or will it simply further blow up to 200gb+? Can a mod pls move this topic to international/general section?
  15. -Ammo Amount is now too small and refilling is too slowly. Some Weapons like SIG or 9Mil start with much too little ammo in stock. -RPG seems kind of powerless with standart ammounition since latest patch. Also you start with only two rockets, but you can refill up to three. Before the latest patch its been four rockets. -Flickering on Scopes, espacially 8x still exists. No matter if inside or outsides of buildings, but happens almost always when looking up. -Spawn system still broken, players may still spawn right next to the enemy or the other way round. To me the ammonition changes are somehow gamebreaking, because most weapons now start short on ammo and you have to refill soon after spawning, which takes a lot of pace and forces you to equip an ammo pack.
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