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  1. that dude wants the remaining players to play sth else, so he can lie on the floor and shooting players from 100m+ away with his lmg you cant make this shit up...
  2. trigotron and tynblp, do you guys realize that all you do in almost every post of yours is attacking others? you guys are [CENSORED] annoying and i put you on ignore list due to that unbearable bs. /Vulgar weedtime
  3. Miraculously my frames became much better, since the latest patch, but those awfull stutters remain. Besides game crashes once in while every couple of matches.
  4. Get rid of the cash and locked loadout system as long as you keep on reseting the fkn loadouts. This is so dumb and only pleases slightly more than a handfull of hardcore nerds playing this game almost 24/7.
  5. Since my topic got censored, the admin could've just swapped wtf to what instead of simply deleting it, so the topic would still make some sense.... Again we have new stutters, again the profiles got reset, again cosmetics like colors dont apply and again playerbase droped another 10-20%. Good job devs, guess you guys deserve another praise thread for your outstanding work.
  6. I posted some reasons for MY opinions and always stated my critique from my point of view not giving a general lecture for devs or players. But critique makes toxic fanboys like you go into rage mode, without being able to discuss in a neutral way, just throwing words at anybody saything something against their beloved game; as if its your only possession in life, lol.
  7. Okay, that makes somehow sense, but also players back than told you that perfomance is becoming worse and you'd better get rid of the floating particles and unnessacary collision until the game mangages to run smoothly most of the time. Instead you didnt fix those issues, but include new cosmetics and some questionable gameplay changes like grinding for cash or a totally undone new map, to later just remove it completly. Also adding Cash and XP events for an EA with major game problems and only a handfull of players seems totally out of touch, unproffesionell and ridiculous. I honestly dont understand what you guys doin.... The idea of the pte server is also imo a very bad choice, which split the community further apart and made tons of players disappear. Not because its such a bad idea itself, its because its a pain in the ass to download and install pte or going back to normal. Takes ages for downloading and installing.
  8. Maybe it is now, which is sad. But it wasnt an AMD only problem in the beginnig when the game was released. Would be nice if somebody recognize that issue^^ This AMD shit started after patch 0.2
  9. You're making a fool of yourself. This fanboy behavior will be the final quietus for WW3 and that is fkn sad.
  10. Seetings dont affect perfomence so much for me, doenst matter if its on ultra, medium or low, fps jump between <10 and 80. I was using the mixed settings, suggested here couple month ago, but tried out everything on low aswell. Gskill DDR4-3200, Timings: CL16 18-18-38 But we're in 2019, times were you had to tweak your ram settings are in the past for at least a decent gameplay experience. And the needs for an upper high end rig for an EA the almost nobody is playing, also filled with broken game elements, seems to me like crazy fanboy thinking and its absolutly disproportionate. Like mentioned i dont have any major performance issues with any game and i didnt have those problems when WW3 was released, it ran pretty well and gunplay was spot on. Furthermore I could always run PUBG with constant 70+ fps, and that game has since release a very shitty netcode. I wouldnt blame any hardware, the programming is just a messed up chaos. You would've known if you'd been playing WW3 since it got released and players were able to join servers, because you would've experienced performance issues after patches (either good or bad) and definitely some unfortunate changes in gunplay/handling and the hitreg. Forums been filled with that topic. You honestly think thousands of players from europe or america have shitty computers and just imagine those performance issues for whatever reason?? Most people here can afford decent gaming hardware. That hardware arguement its just a very poor excuse. Come on man, you didnt develope or invent the idea of that game, no need to defend its flaws about every circumstances.
  11. stopped reading here.... exactly, but in fact i want to play, but can not due to performance issues, same as thousand of other players. thats some dumb arguement, but i didnt expect any other reaction from some folks. sure, ryzen 5 2600x, rx 580 8gb, 16gb ram, win10 64bit, installed on an ssd hd. running 2560x1080p resolution.
  12. So whats your rig and how much fps do you have, espacially in Moscow on tdm? Can devs show us some vids with smooth and constant high fps gameplay? would be nice to see something from your or devs perspective as you say that performance is so much better now and almost no crashes anymore. Or has this yet to be released in a coming patch? Many players report different experiences performance and stability wise. One game that partly runs worse than new AAA titles on ultra; doesnt make any sense to blame the hardware.
  13. Main issue for me is, it ran pretty well when it was released, despite amd cpu and gpu. Nvidia had its problems aswell back then. So far I didnt experience any major performance issues and imo the hitreg and gunfeeling was very good. Sadly from patch to patch lags, fps, hitreg, gunfeeling etc. became worse and instead of fixing those major issues the devs inculded a broken loot system and an almost undone map. Priorities should've been set on performance and stability instead of pleasing some unrealistic demands.
  14. This is ridiculous, i am not reinstalling my OS because one very bad coded game with a trash load of data is not running properly, when anything else on my computer runs as smooth as butter. As mentioned i didnt have any problems in first month, technically i was one of the very few who were able to play and join pretty smooth from the beginning. It became worse and worse from update to update. I am glad for you that you dont have any performance issues and that the game runs even better, but that doesnt count for the majority of players as it seems., me included.
  15. In case you didnt understand my point, i am complaining about lag of positve development and the game performance. Players are gone because the game is partly unplayble, regardless of good or bad rig and/or ip. And yes of course its eary Access, but its also more than six month since release and nothing really improved, major things became even worse. How is this possible?! If one argues wait till next year, why selling this piece of code for more than 20€? You cant do that shit in any other economic sector.
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