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  1. Yes sure, hoping to see sth like that. But I would never ever buy again something from Farm 51! WW3 was the biggest let down ever. What a basket full of empty promises and absolutly no remarkable progress in over three years. //Nationality based remarks or stereotypes will not be accepted, watch the swearing
  2. No Updates since three months or so. Hate that they tweaked gunplay, hitreg and ttk to death. Small players numbers, no map rotation, stupid heli drone and almost no teamplay put the nail in the coffin atm. Maybe coming back with the next patch. Depends on performance.
  3. @holyrobbe I will not deny that this thread has some constructive feedback and good critique, but imo its more an exception than regularity. Just look at the overall state, the amount of new threads and replies, here and on steam community. It becomes less and less and the posts that are made come from almost the same people. Even this forum has only like 10-20 active users/ops. Furthermore a couple of weeks/months ago one couldn't even critique the game without getting stoned by shrieking fans that would defend any flaw until death. Its tiresome and many people already moved on with their lives, tired of spending energy into a game that sadly doesnt evolve in a way many players are happy with. (tanks, drone, ammo, hitreg, ping, lag, performance etc) If it would be different we wouldnt have significant shrinking player numbers after the free weekend (>35%), at least it should've stayed the same or numbers should've slightly increased. But it didnt happen and now players and espacially devs should ask themselfs why that is and how to deal with it, which they hopefully will be able to catch up to with the coming update.
  4. It died, just look at the shrinking player numbers after the free weekend. The game lags, hitreg doesnt work properly, ttk got tweaked so often that it actually became worse with every patch, gameplay and squadplay is almost non-existend, Drone is still annoying af when not in a good squad (which doesnt exist outside of friend discord teams), tanks all over the place, no option to choose ammo for anti tank from the start and only one av rocket. And last but not least the forum community got poisened by the stoned mod and ultra biased fanboys. Sad but true. I bet almost anybody unhappy with WW3 will never touch an EA title again. At least a lesson learnt.
  5. Ok, my bad, didnt come to my mind they might have changed that. Ty Atway
  6. Since the latest update the RPG cannot be refilled with ammo and furthermore starts with only 2 rockets and 1 special ammo missile, instead of three and two like it was before the latest patch. Will you leave it like this or will this ammo amount be changed again? Is there any plan to be able to choose ammo type from the start? Espacially equipping rpg, changing rockets and refilling them takes a lot of time, often to long in direct confrontation with vehicles. You also removed the UAV Drones explosive, why did you do that? Have there been a lot complains about it? Furthermore when you remove those kind of stuff, similiar to the removing of the TOR, why dont you compensate players for these changes and their losses?
  7. Since the latest update i cannot refill ammo for rpg. i've also noticed that for now one starts with 2 standart rockets and only 1 special ammo rocket (i.e. tandem) which is imo too underpowered compared to the amount of tanks on maps and vehicles on the maps.
  8. can confirm that, happend to me aswell couple of times.
  9. yesterday i noticed that both teams, besides doing pretty well, had bad k/D ratios. Even the top3 players in both teams hardly managed to stay above a positive ratio. What bothers me is that its almost impossible to build a nice setup with heavy armor. Most of the time you're quickly overload and have to choose light armor plate at least. TTK and Armor doesnt seem to fit properly imo and i hope they somehow rework their concept, because right now some matches become very frustrating due to TTK, sometiimes very bad hitregestration or lag and recently more often unbalanced teams.
  10. This! and only this atm. Cosmetics and further customization should be *implemented when the game runs smooth and most bugs, glitches and errors are fixed. Besides, wear a gas mask or full face helmet and paint your skin green, while there are obv way more important issues to handle.
  11. For sure not, since the game runs smooth af and has barely any other issues. diversity should be one of the primary points to focus on. 100% serious...
  12. Yes thats what we def need right now. Also include women and disabled people, furthermore would be awesome to play as an lgbt lesbian/trans soldier. TY
  13. when will there be any answers for this ama?
  14. a glitch of which textures? do you recongize that this is just a jpg or whatever type of pic? <Removed> /weedtime
  15. so you think those cheats are not getting updated? i guess you prefer, out of sight out of mind. But thats not how it works.
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